Random Rita ~ When Bella Gets Lost in the Shuffle!

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Evenin’ ladies!

I’m a little late today, I know!

It’s been such a scorcher where I’m at, my get up ‘n go done got up and went!

Now that it’s cooled off some, lemme show you what I found for you today!

Rob Attack


Three families blend together to make one, but Bella feels like an ingredient that’s been left out, and she wonders if she’ll ever feel loved or happy again. Will she ever be accepted by her stepsiblings? To her family, will she ever be treated as something more than an outsider? All BPOV, AH

Rated: Fiction T – English – Family/Romance – Chapters: 20 – Words: 60,462 – Reviews: 556 – Favs: 139 – Follows: 194 – Updated: 13h ago – Published: Jul 8 – id: 10519591

“Oh, honey! Your kids and my kids are fighting with our kids!” 

Not a quote from the story but you get the idea where this fic is goin’ LOL!

Don’t ask me how Savannavansmutsmut managed to make the pairin’s  in this fic so believable, but she did! Let me TRY to explain *gigglesnort!*

Family Unit #1: Renee Swan, Bella’s mother, marries Edward Anthony Masen Sr. (Tony), father to Emmett, Alice and Edward. Together, they have three-year-old Esryl and Renee is currently pregnant with a bouncin’ baby boy.

Family Unit #2: Charlie Swan marries Sue Hale, mother to Jasper and Rosalie

Family Unit #3: Esme Masen (Tony’s sister) married Carlisle Cullen…no kids but Esme is especially supportive of Bella in carin’ for Esryl while Renee concentrates on her career. That precious baby is more Bella’s than her own mother’s LOL!

All three sets of adults are great friends and everyone lives on the same street in Seattle!

The kids, on the other hand, have all been less than friendly to Bella. Now, in their final year of High School, things are finally changin’…for the better! With the help of her best friends, the SHAGNICS {Stanford High Apes, Geeks, Nerds and Intellects Club}, Bella blossoms into a lovely, formidable young lady!

Yes, this is a WIP but Savannavansmutsmut, author of 34 stories, many of which are complete multi-chapter fics, won’t let you down! You will enjoy the hell outta Something More, I guarandamntee you!

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ When Edward Hatches a Nefarious Plan!

Wet Rob Avi

Good afternoon, ladies!

If there’s anything in a fic that’s guaranteed to grab my attention, it’s a BAD BOY!

You know the kind I mean…all the girls WANT him, all the boys want to BE him, and he knows it LMAO!

Rob Attack


Bella has hated Edward for years, but thanks to a recent head injury, she doesn’t seem to remember who he is let alone her feelings of intense hatred. Meanwhile, Edward decides to have some fun with his favorite adversary when the opportunity arises. What’s a girl who can’t remember supposed to do when her sworn enemy claims they’ve secretly been friends with benefits for months?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 6 – Words: 13,059 – Reviews: 437 – Favs: 406 – Follows: 911 – Updated: Jul 10 – Published: Jun 8 – id: 10428183

The summary pretty much gives the whole plot away but that’s OK…the devil is in the details LOL!

“You really don’t know who I am?” It sounded like he was talking more to himself than to me so I didn’t answer. He was staring off intently, lips parted.

“You’re not my boyfriend are you?”Nice, Swan! The words tumbled out before I could stop them. My eyes widened as his gaze fell upon me again, but I couldn’t seem to stop. “Rosalie never said anything about a boyfriend… and I’m sure she would have…” This time I was the one laughed uneasily. “I mean something like that is a pretty big detail to leave out…but you called me Bellarina and that sounds like a term of endearment sooo…unless of course we broke up. Are we exes? No that can’t be it… you’d probably avoid me if that were true…”

“Well at least now I know you’re not faking. You always were a shit actress.” I couldn’t be offended. I was. He must know me fairly well. “You’re uh… right though,” he finally said. “We’re not dating, but we’re also not exes.”

“Oh. Okay… friends then?” I tried.

He opened his mouth only to close it a few times in hesitation. He visibly relaxed as a slow grin crept its way onto his face. His perfect smile almost swept away my train of thought completely, but I somehow managed to remain focused on the current goal: Figuring out who this gorgeous guy was.

When he looked at me again, his eyes held something I couldn’t quite understand. He took a single step forward and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear, instantly invading all of my senses with that single touch and his close proximity. And trust me when I tell you, he was close. Whatever body-wash he used was threatening my focus almost as much as his smile had.

He leaned into my ear and spoke quietly.

“We’re a little more than friends.”

Uh oh! I can see the wheels turnin’ in Edward’s gorgeous head…that boy is definitely up to no good!

Give it a shot and leave her some love…it’s CH’s first and only fic, so far.


And just because youz all my homies, I went’n found another Bad Boy Edward to round out today’s post and it’s COMPLETE!

Rob Attack


Bella Swan would like to think she truly hates Edward Cullen. Of course, that’s what makes sex with him so damn fun. E/B, All Human, AU. Rated a hard M for Lemons. Complete.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 16 – Words: 53,981 – Reviews: 1,497 – Favs: 2,087 – Follows: 897 – Updated: Jan 26, 2010 – Published: Oct 16, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 5445513

These are the fateful words that got me hooked:

I hate Edward Cullen. I absolutely loathe and despise him.

I hate the way he talks. He’s pretentious. He talks down to people, and makes them feel like they’re somehow unworthy of being in his presence.

I hate the way he walks. He has a swagger that makes the girls swoon, but not me.

To me he just looks like he’s seen a few too many bad music videos, and is attempting to walk like a pimped up celebrity… and failing.

I hate the way he smells. His scent lingers, and all it does is remind you that he was just there, invading your space with his massive ego. He smells like sex and bar soap, a combination that he knows makes it look like he doesn’t try too hard. He’s just ‘got it’. Please.

I hate his completely untouchable confidence, and the fact that even though he knows I loathe him with such intensity, he’s completely unfazed. It doesn’t make one ounce of difference to him what people think of him. I really hate that.

So if you were to ask me- seeing as I hate Edward Cullen with such vigour-why I spent earlier tonight scaling the tree outside his bedroom with every intention of fucking him until he was begging for release, well… I suppose I’d just have to tell you the truth.

I fucking hate Edward Cullen, and that’s what makes fucking him so damn good.

What makes it even better, is that he really hates me too.

You can all thank me after you’ve read it ROTFLMAO!

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ When Edward is Disadvantaged!

Wet Rob Avi

Good afternoon, ladies!

Wherever possible, I like to bring new stories to your attention that have great potential, with storylines that leave you gaspin’ and wantin’ MORE!

So, when a story by one of our favorite authors is THIS good, it’s my great pleasure to sing its praises to the heavens LOL!

No doubt many of you are already followin’ this story but, for those new to Counselor’s fics, this one is a MUST READ!

Rob Attack


Starts out in summer of 1963. Sweet little ten-year-old Catholic school girl, Bella Christine, meets eleven-year-old smoker with armpit hair who really does live on the wrong side of the tracks, Easy. She and Alice May are mystery solvers in their spare time and Easy (E. C.) and his brother Jap (Jasper) will keep these two little ladies on their sleuthing toes. Warning: Might get hairy.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 38 – Words: 61,633 – Reviews: 2,802 – Favs: 432 – Follows: 563 – Updated: 1h ago – Published: Jun 2 – id: 10398693

A quick shout out to Jarkin for the beautiful banner…this is just how I see Easy in my mind!

If there’s anything I love more’n vamp fics, it’s comin’ of age fics! Stories where Edward and Bella meet as young children are so endearin’! When Bella befriends Easy, wantin’ to keep him around so she can feed him as often as possible…and boy, does he need it, poor kid, her grandma tells her she can’t adopt him like a stray puppy!

The fun here is watchin’ Bella manipulate her grandma into doin’ just that, along with Alice’s Aunt May, their nextdoor neighbor, and some other ladies on Darnay Road who could benefit from havin’ a strong boy around to do chores, since most all of them are without handy husbands.

I’m havin’ the best time wonderin’ where Counselor is gonna take this story…school’s about to start, bringin’ an end to the long, hot, lazy days of summer and havin’ Easy underfoot all the time!

With 13 completed fics and this WIP that updates often, you don’t have to worry about Counselor leavin’ you high and dry, so dive on in…the water is fine LOL!


Okay, I got one more I just can’t resist…well, there sure wasn’t any resistin’ it last night LOL!

Rob Attack


The blue hour is the period of twilight each morning and evening when indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue hue. That afternoon, in the forest, Bella sees through Edward’s act and so he stays. He was never likely to get very far anyway, the shy human girl owned him body and soul. That was a few years ago now and that shy human girl has just graduated college . . . .

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Family – Bella – Chapters: 2 – Words: 4,291 – Reviews: 64 – Favs: 53 – Follows: 96 – Updated: 20h ago – Published: Jul 1 – id: 10500426

I hadn’t planned on readin’ this until it was complete but The Blue Hour grabbed me and wouldn’t let go and that was within the first 2 chapters. It’s not that anything untoward has or is happenin’, it’s the heart clenchin’ anticipation that somethin’ is about to change and it might not be for the better!

Mortissues has 9 other complete stories to keep you occupied if you’d rather wait!

What are you ladies readin’ this week?

Rob Attack

 Happy Friday, Fourth of July, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ When Edward Just Isn’t Himself!



Wet Rob Avi

Good evenin’, ladies!

Friday didn’t get away from me this time LMAO!

I have two great COMPLETE fics to rec today so let’s get this party started!

While I love pretty much every genre in the Twilight fanfic fandom, vamp stories will always hold a special place in my heart, especially when they’re as well written, excitin’ and movin’ as The Keepsake by Windchymes!

Rob Attack


Some things you never forget, they just hurt too much to remember.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 20 – Words: 165,561 – Reviews: 5,046 – Favs: 2,831 – Follows: 3,128 – Updated: Apr 16 – Published: Nov 19, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7562914

In this story, Edward never came back after leavin’ Bella in the woods. She fought her way back to a semblence of normalcy and is now goin’ to college.

One night, as she’s about to leave the library….

It’s almost seven o’clock and the library is almost deserted. They’ll be closing in ten minutes. Alex clears his stuff, offers to walk me out but I want to borrow one of the books so I tell him to go ahead without me.

I sling my bag over my shoulder, grab the book and flick through the pages as I walk, head down, between the stacks towards the Loans Desk. In the distance I can hear the Librarian’s voice; she’s giggling and even after just six weeks here I know that’s unusual, but before I can look up to see what’s caught her fancy my attention is drawn to the carpet and I stop.

My bookmark is lying on the floor.

I stare at it for a moment, knowing it can’t really be mine. There are probably hundreds like it.

I bend and pick up the strip of tan leather with its Celtic patterns of black dye. Some of the black is missing from the border around the edges, just like mine. Bewildered and confused I look absently at my bag. Had it been in there all along, only to fall out now? I shake my head, no; I’ve only had this bag since Christmas. I decide the bookmark probably isn’t mine. I turn it over and in the bottom corner see the tiny, faded single letter drawn in pen…B

It is mine.

My brain doesn’t know what to make of this. I try to build a connection, find a coincidence, something, anything that would explain it being here. I rub my thumb over the ridges of the pattern, making sure it’s real and not something I’m imagining.

Freaky, right? It gets even freakier!

“There it is,” his voice is as it always was – smooth, velvet. His eyes flicker down to my hand and back again to my face. “I think you’ve found my bookmark. I was hoping I’d left it here.”

He’s still smiling, politely, like we’re strangers. Like I’m a stranger. He holds out his hand, his long, pale fingers just inches from mine, but I can’t move. I’m like a deer in headlights. After a moment he reaches out and takes the leather strip from me, picking it up from the end so he doesn’t touch my skin, and then grasps it in his hand. “Thank you very much,” he says and turns to walk away.

What the everlovin’ fuck, you may well ask?

Read The Keepsake to find out *gigglesnort!*


Oh, and a huge shout out to Kitt {Tongue-Twied} for turnin’ me on to Sacrifices last Sunday in her comments!

Holy crap! I’m so lovin’ this fic and the last few nights have been loooong! I absolutely didn’t wanna shut down my computer and go to bed LMAO!

Rob Attack


When Edward left Bella, he did so in the hopes that she would have a happy, human life. What would happen if she did just that, but it turned out that things didn’t go as either of them planned? Edward & Bella AU

Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 59 – Words: 322,466 – Reviews: 5,884 – Favs: 3,820 – Follows: 2,869 – Updated: Dec 22, 2013 – Published: Dec 11, 2007 – Status: Complete – id: 3940174

So, it’s been ten years since Bella last saw Edward and the Cullens. She’s teachin’ English Lit and Creative Writing in college.  Imagine her surprise when three new students suddenly show up to take her classes!

While I crossed the registration barrier to head to the front desk and requested the most recent class rosters assigned to me, I had, for a fleeting moment, felt that I was being watched. It’s possible that someone did have their eyes fixed on me. There were literally more than 200 people in the commons area of the registration office. Every someone had to be looking somewhere. However, it was an eerie feeling, one that wouldn’t let go. Just then, I caught a whiff of someone that I hadn’t seen or heard from in some time. I thought to myself, this isn’t happening. You’re just not focusing. Get a grip on yourself!

I thanked the student employee who handed me my paperwork and was about to turn and head to my office when I saw a small, raven-haired beauty rush at me with almost Olympic speed. She grabbed me ever so gently before enveloping me into an almost rib-crushing hug. She released me, only to place a small kiss on my cheek. She had the biggest grin on her face, looking so happy, but then, just as quickly, her smile faded. A mixture of sadness and confusion spread to her beautiful, pixie-like features. She stood in front of me, looking exactly as she had when I had last seen her almost ten years earlier. Not since that horrible but fateful night…no phone calls, emails; no visits to let me know what had happened. She hadn’t even said goodbye. Still, I couldn’t help but look at her and mutter,

 “Hello, Alice.”

Intrigued? I certainly was!

= = = = = =

What fics have got y’all burnin’ the midnight oil?

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ When There’s Somethin’ Different About Edward


Wet Rob Avi

Sunday Edition…’cause I forgot what day it was *DOH!*

Good afternoon, ladies!

I ain’t even kiddin’…thought today was Saturday and y’all wouldn’t even be mad I made you wait one extra day! Now, makin’ y’all wait TWO extra days is a cryin’ shame so I’m gonna make it up to you with one of the most fun fics I ever read!

But, before I get to that one, I have to explain how I lost a day…maybe two *facepalm!*  See, I was cruisin’ my TBR and this summary caught my eye:

It has been 8 long years since Edward left Bella on their wedding day. Bella has finally come back to Forks to visit Charlie, only to find that Edward has also returned, and he has been keeping a big secret from her.

“Big secret” was the kicker, so I dived in feet first! The name of the fic was Eight Years Later by JMeyer. Only problem is she’s long gone and so is the fic…lucky for me, I had it on pdf!

Edward looked different. Edward, the vampire, who remained unchanged for almost one hundred years, looked different. His hair had always been windblown and soft. I had run my hands through his bronze, silky hair countless times. Even now my fingertips tingled with memory. Looking at his hair now, it was nothing like I remember. It was much shorter, and darker.

Rob Attack

His skin had always been the palest of pale. Yet now, it was softened by a light tan. His cheeks and forehead were slightly pink, as if they were sunburned. And his eyes! His eyes had alternated between deep onyx and golden amber. But now they were a shining, brilliant emerald green.

“I, I don’t understand,” I finally spoke.

“Bella, we need to talk,” Edward said.

So begins the mystery of how Edward came to leave Bella on their weddin’ day but why did he stay away so long and what did the future hold for them?

Those were the questions that had me readin’ into the wee hours, forgettin’ everything! As is always the case, humans are more fragile and ephemeral than vampires, so I was a blubberin’ mess by the time I shut down my computer last night *sigh!*

Which brings us to the fun fic rec LMAO!

‘Cause after all the drama, you GOTS to have a good comedy, right? Otherwise, there’s no balance in our fanfiction universe!

Dirt Roads by Winehoes!

Rob Attack


Trucker hats, possums, and dirt roads. Shenanigans ensue. Is there really less trouble in the country, or are the kids just better at not getting caught? ExB, AH. Story contains mature themes.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 22 – Words: 149,850 – Reviews: 1,366 – Favs: 1,013 – Follows: 742 – Updated: Jan 4, 2012 – Published: Aug 19, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7303130

Seventeen-year-old Bella enjoys the night life of New York City a little too much causin’ Charlie to drag her off to the backwoods of Alabama to a little town called Intercourse, of all things!

Bella is sure she’s landed in Hell until she meets…

…the boy with the craziest hair I’d ever seen sticking out from underneath his truckers hat made me want to straddle the railing on the porch and scream “yeehaw, giddy up boy!”.

When life throws you a situation so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not unreasonable to be a little pissed about it.

The Trucker Hat Dude smiled in a friendly way as he sauntered forward with what seemed like every intention of killing me with southern charm. I had other ideas…

 Of course, the rest of the gang show up as well and it doesn’t take long for Bella to figure out the advantages of partyin’ in the privacy of the deep woods surroundin’ Intercourse, Alabama!

Dirt Roads was my introduction to Livie79 and Iambeagle way back in 2011 and you know anything these crazy girls write is gonna be gooood…but together, they are fuckin’ awesome!

What fics have got you readin’ into the wee hours?

Happy Sunday, y’all!

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Random Rita ~ Let’s Talk About Slash, Baby!

Wet Rob Avi

Evenin’, ladies!

I’ve actually been dyin’ for Friday to finally get here so I could tell you about the fic that’s had me rivited all freakin’ week!

Up to now, I haven’t tested your delicate sensibilities by introducin’ a slash story but it’s time to put on your big girl panties and dive into the…

Rob Attack


Jasper Whitlock went to college. He took a job at the bookstore on campus as part of his work/study program. He didn’t expect to meet his old swim coach at that bookstore, and he had no idea how his college life would play out. Seeing Edward Cullen again sent him into a riptide he never expected. Swimming against it might take him down, but if he swam with it?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Edward, Jasper – Chapters: 33 – Words: 102,546 – Reviews: 302 – Favs: 76 – Follows: 123 – Updated: 14h ago – Published: May 14 – id: 10347809

Rob Attack

Let me repeat the warnin’ she posts at the very beginnin’!

Slash…this is a slash story with non-canon couples. Rated NC-17 for the reasons of language, adult situations, violence, rape, and heartbreak. You’ve been warned. Jasper/Edward. JPOV.

 Now, if you take all the warnin’s into consideration and still start readin’, you will be confronted with a harsh situation. However, it doesn’t drive the story…it merely brings all the protagonists together for an absolutely beautiful love story!!!

As Jasper has said in another of my favorite slash fics, “Love is love!” and our boys in Riptide will bring happy tears to your eyes!

Although it is presently a WIP, SK informs us the story is complete and she’s postin’ at least one chapter a day, if not more!

Brave enough to give it a try? Great! Let me know what you think and don’t forget to leave SK some well deserved love!

Anybody else a slash fan? What are your favorites?

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ When Edward Falls Asleep on the Job!



Wet Rob Avi

Good afternoon, ladies!

I’ll bet you’ve all been so busy lickin’ ‘n savin’ RobPorn you didn’t even miss me LMAO!

Well, you weren’t the only ones gettin’ hand cramps from all the mouse clickin *gigglesnort!*

I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t get completely lost in such epicness as…THIS!

Rob Attack

Do NOT get me started or we’ll never get to the fic rec LMAO!

Today, it’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Dead Man Walking by TrueEnglishRose! Normally, drabbles aren’t exactly up my alley but, in this case, I’ll make an exception, especially as it is fuckin’ hilarious AND it updates multiple times daily!

Rob Attack


She’s alive, he’s . . . well he’s not so much. Edward and Bella have one hell of a twisted relationship, right from the very beginning. A story of strange relationships that’s written purely for laughs.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 88 – Words: 15,627 – Reviews: 1,232 – Favs: 112 – Follows: 178 – Updated: 5h ago – Published: May 21 – id: 10366414

Following in her grandfather’s footsteps as the Medical Examiner for the City of Port Angeles, Bella prepares to do an autopsy on the most beautiful man she’s ever seen, dead or alive!

“Right to left, diagonally from collarbone to sternum,” I whispered and let the scalpel glide into the skin.

It was tougher than I was expecting, but he had been sat on the table for a while now and rigor mortis was setting in.

A small amount of blood seeped out from the cut and I still felt bad that I had marred his flawless skin.

“That really fucking hurts, you know,” a voice whispered huskily.

All I remember after that was that I let out a blood curdling scream before everything went black.

The fun really begins when she wakes from her faintin’ spell only to find she’s not where she expected to be!

I had no idea what to expect when I first woke up, but it certainly wasn’t having the dead man, who apparently was no longer dead, lying next to me.

And get this, he fainted, too!

Yeah, I found it hard to be scared when pretty boy fainted alongside me.

If that’s not enough to make you curious enough to give this story a shot, I don’t know what will LMAO!

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ When It’s All About the Man Fur!

Wet Rob Avi

Afternoon, ladies!

Everybody ready to OD on Cannes RobPorn? Stupid question, I know LMAO!

Well, we know for a fact, he’s on his way. Hell’n he’s probably landin’ as we speak!

Tweets from the source, Rachel Clarke: “He was super sweet. :) Wished him luck at Cannes and got a big smile and a thank you. #Swoon it was amazing… not ONE pap!! I was so happy for him!” Thanks RClarke423!

Rob Attack

In the meantime, I have one completed fic and one WIP for you!

Rob Attack


He smelled nice, I noticed, not that I was blatantly breathing him in, even though I totally was – blatantly. All soap and sawdust from a slab of freshly cut lumber. All man. AH Complete

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 22 – Words: 81,312 – Reviews: 2,559 – Favs: 1,526 – Follows: 2,261 – Updated: May 15 – Published: May 13, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9288819

In this fic, Edward and Bella are both war weary…she from a broken relationship and he from actual war. Each seeks peace, which is hard to come by. They might not have been lookin’ for love but it’s what they find when they meet and, ultimately, it’s what heals their poor, battered hearts!

The fact that Edward has a beard all through the story is a major turn on for me ’cause I loves me a thick, soft beard on a man! Rob’s mountain man beard? Puddle of goo, here! What I wouldn’t give to nuzzle and sniff my way around his neck and cheeks *sigh!*

ps: JonesN has pulled all her fics but this one (which I suspect won’t be up for long) with a view to publishin’! There’s a link on her profile if you’re lookin’ for pdf’s!


Rob Attack


A tortured professor consumed by a secret. A quiet student who catches his eye. He’s barely existing. She’s young and innocent. When she enters his hellish world, it shifts…again. AH. Short drabblish chapters from WitFit prompts.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 44 – Words: 20,972 – Reviews: 3,854 – Favs: 584 – Follows: 1,005 – Updated: 7h ago – Published: Apr 4 – id: 10241842

Chocaholic brings some angsty goodness to the table in Barely Breathing! It’s love/hate at first sight for Edward, whereas Bella isn’t so ambiguous…she’s hooked from the get go! This is one of those “drop everything and read” WIPs and, at this point,  I will only add that I’m not likin’ Alice in this fic…at all!

Let’s hear what fics are keepin’ you up all night!

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ When You Can’t Choose Between the Light and the Dark!

Wet Rob Avi

Good mornin’, ladies!

Sometimes my poor bwainz just need a little vacation from all the drama and angsty goodness dished up by our favorite authors…not that I can stay away long, you understand LOL!

So, it was the summary that drew me to a fic completed in 2009 by an author I’d never read before. OMG! What a wonderful surprise awaited me in the lighthearted, super sexy romp that is…

Rob Attack


Bella is an art student at Phoenix University when she meets Edward Cullen, also an art major. What happens when they are paired together and assigned to do NUDE MODELING for each other? All human & TONS OF LEMONEY FUN! Over 100,000 hits!

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 15 – Words: 66,144 – Reviews: 930 – Favs: 1,502 – Follows: 614 – Updated: Apr 3, 2009 – Published: Jan 25, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 4815442

In fact, Edward is absent from Bella’s first day in art class, meanin’ she has no idea what he looks like when the professor tells her he will be her partner for the nude modelin’ art project.

In the meantime, she, Alice and Rose are busily oglin’ the hot lifeguards struttin’ their stuff at the local swimmin’ pool. When Bella finally  puts two and two together and comes up with OMFG!!! It’s YOU! sparks fly in every direction!

If you can pick youself up off the floor once you’re done readin’, leave that woman some love for a job well done LMAO!


It’s not often I’d rec a brand, spankin’ new WIP after readin’ only the first chapter but, after this story had me peekin’ at the words on my screen from between my fingers from the first word until the last, there’s no way I’m gonna wait to turn you on to…

Rob Attack


His reality was made of nightmares. She was plagued by them. Will she conquer her fears in time? Can he protect her?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Supernatural/Mystery – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 9 – Words: 15,623 – Reviews: 627 – Favs: 261 – Follows: 440 – Updated: 12h ago – Published: May 2 – id: 10317577

Buried is one of those “drop everything when it updates” stories that will haunt you from chapter to chapter! I won’t say anything more without givin’ away any important clues but just READ THE FIRST CHAPTER and tell me you think!!!

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ When Bella has Serious Competition!

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Good mornin’, ladies!

It’s not that I’m a fan of fics where Edward or Bella, or both, are with different people when they damn well ought to be together, together…it’s the way Miss Baby immerses her readers into Bella’s shock, anger, depression, anguish…you name it, that makes this read such a treat!

Rob Attack



Bella’s plan seemed so simple: be a fabulous mom, make a great career for herself doing what she loves, and win Edward back. Piece of cake! But just when the final ingredients were coming together, life whipped up another recipe. Now, instead of getting to enjoy her happily ever after, she has to adapt to a whole new set of circumstances.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 15 – Words: 49,269 – Reviews: 1,042 – Favs: 290 – Follows: 516 – Updated: Apr 29 – Published: Jan 14 – id: 10021891

Rob Attack

Findin’ themselves the parents of a baby daughter at the tender age of 16, Bella and Edward struggle to follow their dreams. Lucky for them, both sets of grandparents step up to help make it happen!

Ten years later, Bella has her own successful bakery while Edward has completed med school out of state. They have remained friends with strong bonds and, the whole time they’ve been apart, Bella has patiently waited for the right time to present itself for them to reconnect permanently!

Unfortunately, Edward is on his way back home with an unexpected girlfriend/fiance and he’s asked for Bella’s help introducin’ her to their tomboy daughter, Charlotte, aka Charlie!

Oh, boy! That does NOT go over well and, although Bella does her best to handle the situation without traumatizin’ Charlie, she sees no way to compete with Miss Perfect!

Is it a question of fightin’ fire with fire? Read and find out whether our girl gets the HEA she deserves…and with whom!

For those of you who don’t follow WIP’s, Miss Baby has 14 COMPLETE fics on her profile…you won’t be disappointed!

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