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Evenin’, ladies!

So, the other day, Zveka was sharin’ a completed fic community she’d created on FFN with me by email…hell’n I was snaggin’ the ones I hadn’t read as fast as possible LMAO!

Today’s rec caught my eye enough that I’m still readin’ as we speak! It seemed familiar yet it wasn’t the same as I remembered.

That’s when I made the mistake of checkin’ the comments! Woo boy! That poor kid was bein’ accused of all kinds of plagarism and it wasn’t pretty!

Well, I went into full blown detective mode and didn’t find the fic everyone thought she’d stolen anywhere. However, what I did find was this:


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Joined Feb 19, 2009, id: 1843522, Profile Updated: Oct 8, 2010

Anyone who wishes to use any ideas from my story Changing the Future is welcome to do so. You do not even need to give me credit for them. I am making all of my ideas from that story public domain. Thanks.

Ah ha! This explained a lot!

Personally, since Changing the Future has disappeared, I’m glad this author saved it for posterity in its current form ’cause I’ve been laughin’ my ass off!

Rob Attack


What happens when Bella and Edward receive the Twilight books from a Psychic-also known as Stephenie Meyer? What happens if the Cullens befriend the Quileutes before it’s too late? The Cullens and Quileutes work together to save a damsel in distress AND a Quileute from being attacked in the mall. Read the story to find out. Disclaimer: I don’t Own Twilight :(

Rated: Fiction T – English – Fantasy/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 31 – Words: 189,496 – Reviews: 110 – Favs: 203 – Follows: 149 – Updated: Oct 25, 2014 – Published: Sep 15, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9689645

Now that Edward and Bella have changed the future with their foreknowledge, they assume Tyler doesn’t hit Bella with his van…wrong! He just totals Edward’s Volvo instead and she still gets hurt! Guess some things were meant to be no matter what LOL!

But it was the aftermath that cracked me the fuck up LMAO!

Rose and Alice stopped by after school to keep me entertained. Rose took over the phone, screening all my calls and deflecting all the nosy gossips.

“Frankly, Jessica if we wanted you to know, we’d tell you. If you were supposed to know, you would have been there at the time. Since you weren’t and we don’t, you’re just going to have to wait for the memo like everybody else,” Rose snapped into the phone. “Bella’s not your friend, she’s not your sister, and she’s certainly not your rival, as that would imply you actually had a chance, so really, you’re just not on the ‘need to know’ list. Actually, you’re on the LIMP list, for Least Important People. So, get a life and stop trying to live vicariously through everyone else’s.” She slammed down the phone, glaring at it irritably.

A few seconds later it rang again.

“Hello, Swan Residence, Bella Swan’s Answering Service. How may I help you?”

“Uh, this is Mike Newton. I was calling to check on Bella?”

“She’s fine. Goodbye.”



“Can I talk to her?”

“I’m sorry Newton but she’s busy right now. The love of her life and soul mate, Edward Cullen, is feeding her grapes with his fingers while she is curled up in his lap. He’s been waiting on her hand and foot all day like a lovesick slave, and, honestly, one lovesick puppy is enough for any girl. Since she already has someone stronger, smarter, and better looking filling that role, you need to give up and apply for that role with some other chick, got it?”

“Uhhh… Who is this again?”

“This is Bella’s sister. I’m going to do you a favor and let you in on a little secret. Bella does not want to go out with you. She will never want to go out with you. Even if you were the only boy in the entire town of Forks, she still would not date you. So go find another girl to be the object of your obsession, because this one is already taken. I don’t think there is a man alive who is more obsessive than Eddie here, so he’s even got you beat there. Do yourself a favor and focus on Jessica instead. At least then you’ll probably finally get some.” She laughed evilly and hung up briskly.

“Did it work? Will he finally give up on asking me out?” I asked Alice hopefully. She went into her vision trance and came out again shortly thereafter giggling. She shook her head and laughed.

“Nope! That boy’s head is harder than ours! I’m not sure there’s anything strong enough to knock some sense into him,” she professed.

The phone rang again, for the twenty-fifth time since school let out.

“Hello, Swan Residence, how can I help you?” Rose answered sarcastically.

“Rose? Is that you?”

“Oh, hi, Angela. Would you like to talk to Bella?”

“Sure, if she’s up to it.”

“Well, let me see if I can sneak you past her resident bodyguard,” Rose quipped. She tossed the phone over to Bella and Edward promptly caught it, handing it to me.

And when the wolves realize Alice can’t see them comin’?

A light bulb went off in my head. A slow, mischievous grin started spreading across my wolfy face, baring my teeth. It probably would have scared the crap out of a human looking at it, but my companions all recognized it for what it was.

You do realize, my dear friends, that we werewolves are the only ones who can actually surprise Alice. Can you think of the pranks Emmett and Jasper would be able to pull if we work together? They’ve both been so busy whining about how they can never do it that none of us have even considered the implications of our involvement before. We could all play games and stuff together and she won’t automatically know who’s going to win or what cards her opponents have. We can help level the playing field for them, and then they’re going to owe us.

Embry let out a barking laugh. You are so bad, Jake, but I like the way you think.

So let’s go surprise them already. What are we waiting for? Leah asked.

We started running again, following the scent deep into the forest. I reminded them to keep calm, to try and minimize their emotions, so we wouldn’t alert Jasper through his gift. We came to a hot spring with a waterfall. It was gorgeous. I wanted to come back sometime when I could be alone to truly enjoy it. The two vampires were naked and embracing in the water. They were so occupied that we were able to surround them with ease.

Okay, on my signal, we’re all going to bark. Hearing it come unexpectedly from all four directions should scare the crap out of them, not that vampires have normal bodily functions or anything, but you know what I mean.

One, Two, Three, RAORWF! The simultaneous barks echoed off the trees. Their reaction was everything we could have hoped. Jasper sprang about fifteen feet straight up into the air, with Alice wrapped tightly around his body.

His eyes made a rapid assessment of the situation the moment he became airborne. I saw the recognition in his eyes before he even hit the height of his jump. The four of us fell to the ground laughing hysterically. How many people could say they sneaked up on and startled a vampire? How many could say the same about a psychic vampire? We were so cool.

We were all rolling on our backs, kicking our paws in excess merriment. I watched Jasper on his way back down into the water. I saw our waves of laughter pass over and through him. He struggled to hold back his own laughter in response to ours. But it was his eyes that scared me as his body started sinking back into the water. His mouth might be smiling, but his eyes promised revenge.

Uh, guys. I think it would be best if we leave now. Jasper’s not too happy with us at the moment.

Yeah, that’s why I’ll be burnin’ the midnight oil tonight LMAO!

Now, what have you been readin’ this week?

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

Wet Rob Avi

Evenin’ ladies!

Seems I’ve reached the tippin’ point where I’m followin’ so many WIP’s, I have no time to tackle a complete story *sigh!*

But how can you blame me when I keep runnin’ into new fics that leave my jaw on the floor in utter shock and awe!

Take a peek at these two and see if you can ignore their lure!

Rob Attack


It took thirty three minutes for help to come. Thirty three minutes for that monster and his redheaded partner to completely obliterate her and her family. Now she’s going back home with her brother Emmett, her Dad, and reuniting with her childhood friends as she heals. Recovering takes it’s time, but it’s harder when she knows the people responsible escaped police custody.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Crime – Chapters: 2 – Words: 11,333 – Reviews: 11 – Favs: 9 – Follows: 11 – Published: 21h ago – id: 11431228

Came across this author on FB the other day. Another of her stories was bein’ rec’d but then this one started postin’ and I was helpless to resist!

Someone’s awake.

Two words. Innocuous enough.

Except when it’s 3 in the morning and the words are from the mouth of a total stranger right outside the door.

A stranger in my house.

“Just wait ’til they come out then we’ll start the fun.”

Where the first stranger had been female. The second was male.

There were two strangers in my house. They know I’m awake. They’re waiting for me to come out. Then they’ll start the fun.

I want to cry.

I’m literally paralyzed with fear.

What fun?

Oh God, what do I do?

Whatever you do, do NOT start readin’ this at night when you are all alone!!!!

This is a nightmare we’ve all dreamed at one time or another and, if you’ve ever lived through a home invasion for realz, you should probably give this one a miss and bless your heart!


Rob Attack


Edward had always warned Bella that the pack were dangerous. Hostile, volatile and aggressive in nature. She ignored him, testing even Edward’s own vampire instinct by staying friends with his enemy, Jacob. One event will change them all, Bella never truly understood the supernatural world, the reality of a vampire protecting his mate. WARNING: Character Deaths, Violence.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 13 – Words: 119,426 – Reviews: 220 – Favs: 150 – Follows: 231 – Updated: 9h ago – Published: Jun 12 – id: 11308157

First heard of Red Dawn from TrillionSchiffer when she updated HORIZON on July 30th. I checked to see if it was anywhere near complete and I was hit in the face with this message:


READ Red Dawn by JAM11, READ Red Dawn by JAM11, READ Red Dawn By JAM11, READ Red Dawn by JAM11, READ Red Dawn by JAM11, READ Red Dawn By JAM11, READ Red Dawn by JAM11, READ Red Dawn by JAM11, READ Red Dawn By JAM11, READ Red Dawn by JAM11, READ Red Dawn by JAM11, READ Red Dawn By JAM11.

Get all that? Good!

Well, what was I to do, I ask you? I started readin’ as mentioned in a comment to Kay last week LOL! Here’s the kind of Edward circumstancs have created:

“I will sink as low as my family needs me too Carlisle” Edward roared at his father pointing at him as if accusing him of some wrong doing his anger in his own mind was completely justified.

“I will dirty my hands. I will carry the sins I commit and I will do it with a smile if it means we live. You consider him defenceless and yet you know he’d have offered you no mercy if the roles were reversed” Edward spat as Jasper pressed his palm to Edward’s chest to try and prevent him from closing the distance. Jasper believing that to let him go now would end in Carlisle and Edward coming to actual physical blows.

 Curious? Start readin’!

Got fics to share this week? Maybe some complete ones LOL!?!

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fic!

Wet Rob Avi

Sorry, peeps!

No time to present a full fledged post…emergency editin’ job, BUT I have wonderful news!!!

Imagine my surprise when I received the following PM from Tropical Sorbet today:

“Hi Rita01tx,

 Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Edroar. I FINALLY finished chapter 17 last night. He’s with his beloved beta Happymess right now. I know it’s been an insane amount of time. I’m not sure if you’re still interested, but I thought I’d let you know. Hope all is well for you. Thanks again. :)
Rob Attack
Edroar the Angry Lion frightens all the girls and boys at Cullen Publishing with his loud roar. Will his new massage therapist Bella Swan run away like all the rest, or can she tame this savage beast? AH/AU OOC

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 16 – Words: 121,973 – Reviews: 3,931 – Favs: 3,394 – Follows: 4,545 – Updated: Jun 1, 2013 – Published: Jun 9, 2010 – id: 6037621

Woo hoo! *Muppet flails!*
And, to refresh your memories…

“Good luck Bella!” Angela called out to me, nervously, as I closed the door to our apartment.

I was headed to my first day on the job, as Edward Cullen’s personal massage therapist. Apparently, that was something I was going to need lots of luck with. I heard the countless stories about Mr. Cullen, though most of his employees called him Edroar the Angry Lion, behind his back of course.

That was the name of a children’s book a group of authors at Cullen Publishing anonymously wrote about him…with a poison pen.

It was the story of an angry lion, named Edroar, who used his mighty roar to frighten everyone away, leaving him sad and alone in the jungle. The underground story was a favorite amongst his employees.

According to Angela, the book was practically biographical, since Mr. Cullen would literally roar at his staff when angered, causing all the girls and boys at Cullen Publishing to scamper off  shivering in fear.

From what I’d been told he caused at least two girls to flee his office in tears each week.

* * *

I loved the feeling of massage oil; I let it slip through my fingers slowly. I enjoyed its silky texture as I spread it across his back. I felt myself slipping into the zone.

Whether I was singing, writing lyrics or giving a massage, I would lose myself deeply and end up in a creative zone.

My hands were gliding over the smooth skin on his back. Oddly enough our skin color was nearly identical, it was hard to tell where my skin ended and his began.

I watched as my fingertips slid up and down his spine, I warmed out the area by creating circular friction with my palms.

He laid there still as a statue.

After warming and kneading his muscles, I noticed his breathing had gotten louder. It actually knocked me out of my zone, which was really tough to do.

I cautiously peered over at his face. His mouth hung slightly open. His eyes were darting around beneath his eyelids. I heard the faintest snore.

The mighty Edroar had fallen asleep.

* * *

And where did we leave off at chapter 16?

A vile slew of obscenities burst from my lips, followed by a praise to God, then some very ungodly moaning. A few flashes of light and my entire body tensed in the most powerful release I ever felt. I nearly passed out from the force of it.

My body went limp, falling against his.

“Jesus Christ!” I panted.

“I prefer if you call me Edward,” he replied coolly.

Ha! Who says dreams don’t come true LMAO!

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fic!

Wet Rob Avi

Evenin’ ladies!

Oh, wow!

Didn’t think I was gonna make it today…been so lost in today’s rec LOL!

This author has 2 complete fics and 1 WIP on her profile, only the WIP hasn’t updated in a year. Still, when I started lookin’ for a somewhat dark…but not too dark, Vampward, the summary invited me in *gigglesnort!*

Rob Attackhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/5761975/1/My-Blood-my-Conscience-and-your-Soul

Twenty-four year old Bella is forced into Edward’s life for a mysterious reason. Will she still fall for him when she finds out he is a vampire who drinks human blood? Rated M for dark themes & lemons to follow. COMPLETE

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 20 – Words: 111,485 – Reviews: 165 – Favs: 261 – Follows: 133 – Updated: Sep 8, 2012 – Published: Feb 20, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 5761975

Although Bella never met any of the Cullens, she did see Alice and Jasper while she attended college with Angela, Jessica and Mike.  She never gave them a second thought until she and her friends run into Alice in a restaurant in Port Angeles!

“And who is the gorgeous guy with her?”

I mechanically try to peek but Mike is blocking my sight. He shifts in his chair and turns around just in time for me to see the man standing up to leave. That is not Jasper. And if I’m being honest, he is gorgeous. Tall, slender but visibly strong, with bronze disheveled hair and the face of a Greek statue: hard and expressionless. He’s looking down, hurrying toward the exit, and within two seconds he’s out the door.

Alice is still at her table, typing frantically on her cell phone.

We finished our meal and we are about to leave when I see her standing up and walking gracefully to the restroom.

I need to follow her. I don’t know why; I don’t have anything to say to her. I just need to.

I excuse myself and walk down the same hallway Alice had a few seconds ago. I open the door to the restroom and she’s there standing in front of me, as if she were waiting for me. I take two steps forward and close the door behind me.

“Bella, I need to talk to you about something, and you’re going to have to listen and accept what I’m about to say, even though you won’t understand.”

I just nod. For a second I regret following her.

“I thought I saw something, but everything is still wrong. It is not supposed to be like this. I’ve waited for a long time and now I’m afraid I might lose him forever.” She pauses for a second. Her face is impassive but in her eyes I see the suffering. She’s terrified.

“The man who was with you earlier?”

“Yes. Edward.” Her voice sweetening as she says his name.

I am completely lost. None of this makes any sense.

“Alice, I don’t think your family problems are any of my business, really. I’m sorry, but –”

“Bella, you don’t understand – I knew you wouldn’t – and I can’t explain. I’m not allowed to explain. Just listen to what I can tell you, the rest you’re going to have to figure out by yourself. I’ve tried to stay away until the time was right but I can’t wait any longer. This is killing me. He needs to come home. When the time to make a decision comes, just remember that sometimes the right choice isn’t the safer one.”

“Alice, wh -?

She walks past me and when I turn around she’s already gone.

Despite her better judgement, Bella is intrigued!

Angela and I say goodbye to Jessica and Mike and we get in the car. She turns the ignition and pulls out of her spot.

That’s when I notice a silver Volvo near the exit of the parking lot…and a tall man with bronze hair is leaning against it.

I recognize him.


He’s staring right at me and my stomach clenches. As we drive right by him I get a glimpse of his face, and the feral expression on it. His eyes seem so dark, black, and the light of the street lamps makes them appear almost red. At this very second he looks like a wild animal, a predator ready to pounce on his prey.

Angela doesn’t stop and drives away before I can comprehend what I just saw. I don’t know if she saw it too, or what she thinks of it. I can’t ask her, either. If I do I’ll have to explain the whole story and I can’t.

Hell, intrigued isn’t a strong enough word for what Bella’s feelin’ after such a strange encounter, especially when she meets Edward again and becomes completely enamoured with him. The feelin’ is mutual, of course. She knows there’s something different about him but she doesn’t know exactly what…until an even stranger, more frightenin’ encounter occurs while she’s on an errand in Seattle for her employer!

One of them pulls at my arm and drags me back to my car, hidden in the darkness of the narrow, deserted street. My heart is beating so fast in my chest, the pounding resonates in my ears. His friends follow us and gather around us as he pushes me against the door, one of his hands holding my wrists behind my back and the other sliding inside my coat and under my sweater.

Suddenly I hear a loud growl echo in the shadows and he stops, looking around frantically. I remain completely motionless, my eyes wide open in shock as I see his accomplices being lifted off the ground one by one by something I can’t distinguish, and thrown against the concrete wall on the opposite sidewalk before falling on the ground, knocked out. It all happens so fast, mere seconds, I don’t understand what is occurring before my eyes. Another growl erupts in the darkness as the man still holding me is violently pulled away from me. He’s not thrown against the wall like the others, but forced to kneel in the middle of the street, held by what attacked them.

I can see it now. My heart gallops even faster and I sink down on my knees, my legs too weak to carry me. I’m beyond shocked by the sight in front of me.

It’s Edward.

His face is contorted in an aggressive expression, more threatening than I’ve ever seen him. He looks like a feral, vicious animal, a predator. He’s crouching behind my aggressor, one arm across his chest, holding him in place; the other hand fisted in his hair and pulling to the side, exposing his neck. Edward has his mouth on this man’s jugular, and I don’t comprehend what he’s doing until I see blood escaping from under his lips and rolling slowly down the neck of his…prey.

I lift my gaze to meet Edward’s stare and my heart stops. He’s looking at me as he’s… drinking… , his eyes locked on mine, and even in the semi-darkness I can see clearly the rich, burning red in them, dancing and flowing… just like blood.

I inhale sharply and it all goes black.

Sorry, I’m gettin’ carried away…don’t wanna give away the whole story but it’s an emotional rollercoaster that leaves you breathless as you watch Bella battle to stand her ground against Edward’s choice to feed off humans, even if they are criminals, and Edward’s desperate attempts to reason with her!

Also, I found myself in good company readin’ this fic…Camilla10 is also a huge fan LOL!  Now, ladies…this fic should have far more reviews so let’s see what we can do about that, shall we?

What fic(s) are you readin’ this week?

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

Wet Rob Avi

Evenin, ladies!

In case none of you noticed the note I left in last post’s comments section, the summer has not been kind to those of us without airco!

Damn heat done sucked all the joy outta readin’ and, except for some thrillin’ WIP’s I’m waitin’ to see complete, nothin’ from my TBR got me excited enough to rec…well, until now!

Excited is an understatement when it comes to…

Rob Attack


Edward is a hit-man with one rule; he doesn’t do women. When he learns his next target is Bella, he makes a decision that ends up changing his life – and hers.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 25 – Words: 89,662 – Reviews: 684 – Favs: 669 – Follows: 410 – Updated: Jun 2, 2012 – Published: Dec 11, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7625549

“Now, as part of our cartel’s transformation, my colleagues and I are under instructions to clean up loose ends, as it were.”

“Loose ends?”

“Yes – any unfinished business that could look bad in the near future. Problems we don’t want to touch ourselves. I have only one such problem, and that’s why I called you. But there’s a catch: it’s a woman.”

Now I understood why he’d had me come down here before giving me the details; I wouldn’t have come otherwise.

“And if I refuse?”

“Then I’m afraid you become a loose end yourself, Edward.”

“Tell me about the job.”

“Here’s what you need to know. She’s a prostitute, a nobody, like I said.” He reached into his shirt pocket and handed me a photograph. Oh, fuck no. This couldn’t be happening, I thought as I looked into the same brown eyes I’d torn myself away from this morning. “She works at the brothel in Medina, do you know it?”


“Good. I want the job done tonight, and most importantly, I don’t want a body. Got that?”

“No body.”

“Nothing that can be identified, anyway. And there’s another catch – this time I need proof.”

“Proof? What are you talking about?”

“I need proof that she’s dead.”

Well, it wouldn’t be much of a story if he actually killed Bella, now would it? But what’s she doin’ in a brothel? Why does this creep really want her dead? Most importantly, how does Edward get them the hell out of this mess?

“Should my eyes be open?”

“Were they open when I shot you?”


“Then no, they’d stay closed.” I stood up and looked down at her. “That’s perfect. Try to hold that while I make a puddle under your head.” I gently lifted her head a couple inches off the ground and poured out some corn syrup. It wasn’t quite as red as blood, but I was hoping that in the fading light of evening, the camera wouldn’t catch the slightly off color. “You’re going to get some in your hair.”

“That’s okay. It’ll wash out.”

I eased her head back down onto the puddle and added a little more syrup for good measure. Then I looked at her bullet wound again. If I’d shot her in the back of the head and the bullet had left through her forehead, there would be blood trickling down her face. I crouched down again and used the edge of the knife to drip corn syrup onto her forehead, watching it slowly slide down into the dust.

She opened her eyes to watch me, and then cast her gaze toward the horizon. “So the bullet would have gone in to the ravine?”

We seemed to be thinking alike. “Yeah. There’s no reason for me to pretend to find it.”

I stood and took the picture. It wasn’t perfect but she definitely looked dead. Only a forensics expert would catch the mistakes we’d made, and I highly doubted Mala would be sending these photos off to a crime lab.

Just so you know, Bella is no shrinkin’ violet in this fic! She’s clever, intuitive and turns Edward’s world upside down LMAO!

This fic is one you won’t soon forget nor will you be able to resist rereadin’ it every now and then for years to come!


Rob Attack


I would always remember him as a dangerously beautiful twenty-two-year-old, a sensual and affectionate lover who could put a gun to a man’s head and pull the trigger. Why I couldn’t forget him was no mystery. I was still in love with him.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie – Chapters: 2 – Words: 8,943 – Reviews: 86 – Favs: 145 – Follows: 282 – Updated: 17h ago – Published: Jul 10 – id: 11370259

Bella and Rose are workin’ at a tropical island resort for six months to pay for a long planned trip to Europe.

The word is that Edward can get you anything you want. He regularly leaves the island, returning with illicit drugs, available for sale to both staff and guests. He also takes orders for life’s necessities, so he provides an essential service. A good bottle of shampoo is like gold around here.

No one asks where he goes, but he always catches an early boat and doesn’t return until late.

He does most of his business here late on Friday nights when management allows us to join the guests in the main bar, as long as we are dressed appropriately and represent the resort professionally.

There are rumors about female employees making extra money keeping male guests company on “Island Night,” as the staff refer to it, and that Edward supplies them with whatever they want to enhance the experience.

Are all these rumors true? If they are, will it make any difference to Bella?

You’ll be as spellbound as me watchin’ her try to resist him LOL!


Rob Attack


It’s the summer before college, and what better way to spend it than with friends on the beach. Love, sand, and the ocean is what awaits them. Can two people with difficult pasts move on? A birthday fic for Kyla713

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 10 – Words: 16,073 – Reviews: 263 – Favs: 166 – Follows: 272 – Updated: 1h ago – Published: Jul 13 – id: 11377834

Bikinis √

Sarongs to cover said bikinis √

Cut offs √

Shorts √

Romper √

Dress √

Flip flops √


Bella, staying a beach house with a good friend before starting college, one big fat check. She was packed and ready to go minutes before her best friend since preschool drove up to the curb of the house. The high-pitched beeps made her yelp, causing her mother to laugh down the hall.

“Better get a move on, or Angela is likely to leave without you.”

Not likely…the girls on their way to Cayucos Beach, California!!!

“You need to see this, Angela.” The near breathless quality of her voice had her friend running to join her by the window.

The sight before Angela made her nearly swoon. “I think I’m really going to like it here.”

Three boys, not much older than Bella and Angela, were tossing a football around on the beach. A dog ran around them, barking with its tail wagging. One of them had a guitar along one side of his body as he tossed the ball high into the air, seemingly laughing as the dog tried to intercept. He knelt to rub the dog’s ear and say something to his friend. A few more guys joined them within seconds, and the scene looked more like a photoshoot rather than real life. There were a lot of board shorts, backward caps, and lean muscled abs.

Bella smiled as the guitar-holding boy shielded his eyes as one of his friends pointed toward their house and waved. “I say summer is looking very promising.” She waved back, but before she had a chance to go outside, Alice called out for them from the front of the house. Bella and Angela shared a look. “I’m suddenly not feeling so tired. You?”


Super fun summer readin’…we should all be so lucky LOL!


Rob Attack

{banner by Christag Banners}


Homeless Bella seeks shelter from a storm in an abandoned warehouse. But while she is there, she witnesses something she should never have seen. It was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After discovering her, the gunman realizes he has no choice but to protect her from what she’s seen. He has to save her—even if she fights him—even if she hates him.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Words: 1,947 – Reviews: 275 – Favs: 598 – Follows: 954 – Published: Jul 15 – id: 11382261

Two gunshots rang out, hitting Blond guy in the chest. He jerked once, his body spasming and arching and then he sagged to the right, the weight of him toppling over the chair. Silence filled the room, none of the men moving. I covered my mouth with both hands, trying to stop the screams that were threatening. I was freezing cold—long shivers running through my body at the shock of what I had just witnessed. Silent tears ran down my cheeks as I bit my knuckles; trying not to make any sounds.

I buried my face into my knees, desperately wishing I had never found that hole in the fence. I needed them to leave. Then I could run. Run far away and scream. Footsteps faded away and I could hear the two remaining men speaking in low tones.

Gunman cleared his throat. “Come out.”

My body locked down. Who was he talking to?

“I said, come out of there. Now.”

I didn’t move. I couldn’t move. Blind fear kept me immobile.

Footsteps approached, and before I could blink, a large hand wrapped around my bicep and I was pulled out of my little dark corner, and tossed into the center of the room.

Cold metal pressed hard against my forehead. “And what have we here?”

OMFG! This fic has me bitin’ my nails and it’s only one chapter in *DIED!*

What fics have you so excited, you can’t wait to share????

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

Wet Rob Avi

Evenin’, ladies!

Little did I know the journey I’d be takin’ by followin’ up on Zveka’s Camilla10 recs…with an endorsement of the author by Raum herself, no less!

Wooeee! Talk about total immersion! By the time I finally came up for air, I’d missed two Friday Feature Fics posts!

So, to make it up, I’m gonna do my best talk y’all into takin’ the same journey Zveka, Kay, Donna and I made…at your own risk, of course, with a couple juicy WIP’s thrown in!

Rob Attack


It is 1943 and WW II is devastating Europe. The young American parachutist Edward Masen is sent by the OSS on a secret mission in Northern Italy. There he meets a girl concealing a terrible secret. They fall passionately in love and plan to marry when the war ends. However, while returning to the Allied lines, Edward meets two Volturi warriors…

Rated: Fiction M – English – Adventure/Drama – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 34 – Words: 71,463 – Reviews: 881 – Favs: 328 – Follows: 107 – Updated: Jul 26, 2011 – Published: Feb 9, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 5732101

Needless to say, once Edward woke up from the eternal burnin’ and realized what had been done to him, he politely declined their kind offer to join the Volturi!

Newborn strength and combat training make me unstoppable. I tear at his neck with my teeth, while with my hands I twist his head with all my might. I pull and it is wrenched from the neck. Then I proceed to rip off his arms and his legs.

The harsh tearing sounds I produce fill me with glee, while I notice some silver gray fluid oozing from the pieces. With detached interest I see that the body parts I let fall on the ground are moving. At a snail pace they are trying to re connect.

No, this will not do at all. I take Damon’s head with me and run uphill. I let it fall under a bush and approach the house cautiously. Guido is on the threshold. He does not know exactly what has happened, but he senses the danger. When he sees me, he crouches in a defensive position, snarling, ready to fight. So am I.

But what’s the poor boy to do now? He can’t go back for Bella, now he’s a vampire! Hell’n he can’t even go back to his unit!

So what the partisans do is mostly sabotage, and I am helping with it. Information is the key and I am very good at gathering that. I can listen behind walls, I can perch unseen behind closed windows and I can read minds. I have even recruited some people myself. And then, when a sabotage action is decided, I do advance scouting and rearguard protection. I cannot fight alongside them, though. If I did, I could only use human weapons. The damn secret must be kept.

Maybe it was the WW II settin’ that put me off readin’ The Parachutist for so long ’cause those were dark days no one wants to revisit, right?  But addin’ vampires to the mix provided a whole new level to the heroes and villains of those days!

Since we know there’s a sequel, I can tell you Edward did eventually make it back to Bella, saving her life in an heroic action that will leave you tremblin’ from the adrenaline rush LOL!

I can’t thank Camilla10 enough for writin’ The Parachutist or Zveka for singin’ its praises until we listened *YAY!*

Rob Attack


Rob Attack


1945. WWII has ended and Edward Masen, the parachutist turned vampire, brings his human bride to the US, to live with Carlisle’s family. What new dangers will they face, will the Volturi discover them? NOMINATED FOR THE EMERGING SWAN AWARDS 2011

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 24 – Words: 59,772 – Reviews: 467 – Favs: 151 – Follows: 96 – Updated: Dec 18, 2011 – Published: Jul 26, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7219449

To me, one of the most beautiful things about the sequel was the way Edward and Bella bonded with Carlisle’s family!

Esme takes a dirt road under the trees and parks. The other car joins us and Emmett comes out with a picnic basket. From it he takes out a Coke and a wrapped sandwich.

“Bella, this is for you, in case you are hungry. The sandwich is pastrami.” Bella thanks him warmly and looks at the bottle. I realize that she has never seen a Coca Cola before, as it is not sold in Italy yet. I wonder what she will make of it, while I uncap the soda for her with a simple flick of my hard nail. She drinks, sneezes a little because of the bubbles, and comments:

“Nice, like chinotto, but… better, I think.” And she digs happily into her sandwich. The unfazed way Bella is reacting to five vampires is marvelous.

Emmett has not finished. Now he has taken out a big steel thermos, which he offers to me.

“We went hunting before getting to the airport,” he says, “and we thought you could be a little peaked, after such a long journey, so maybe you’ll like something to drink…”

Christ, is this what I think it is? I see his mind, and indeed it is.

“Sorry, it is only deer, but when we’ll hunt in the Porcupine mountains you will be amazed at what you can find there,” he adds.

I am amazed now, embarrassed, and at the same time moved.

“Family,” Carlisle had said, “we are a family, loving each other, taking care of each other…” he was not joking.

Ain’t givin’ away the good stuff *coughfuckhawtlemonscough*…you’ll just have to read The Parachutist and Parachutist 2 Our New World for yourselves and see what life had in store for Edward, Bella and the rest of the Cullens!


Rob Attack

{banner by Raum}
It starts with a tragedy: a desperate immortal is seeking his own death, horrified by the outcome of his last, deadly mission. But suicide isn’t easy for vampires, and this applies to Edward Anthony Masen, the Volturi’s Inquisitor, until Death challenges him… what must he do to get what he really desires? AU. COMPLETE

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 23 – Words: 53,108 – Reviews: 1,015 – Favs: 220 – Follows: 265 – Updated: May 6, 2014 – Published: Nov 27, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9879538

I’d a perfect recall of what had happened when we Volturi enforcers confronted the Cullen Coven and – unable to accept the tragic outcome – I’d decided to run. Then, believing escape was impossible, I had sought my own end, or tried to. However, I had been stopped and, at least for a while, I had to continue living.

Maybe… maybe I could try to understand better what humanity was. Psychology must have found some answers, and I too could benefit from the knowledge.

Today I was considering Dyson College in Pleasantville, one of the campuses of Pace University, scattered in and around New York City. Their BA programs offered, among others, courses in experimental psychology, social psychology, and the history of psychology. It was what I wanted, but I still debated if one of the colleges inside Manhattan wouldn’t be a better choice.

I was sitting inside a coffee shop with my untouched cup in front of me, and lazily looking outside the shop’s windows. I tried to ascertain if the sun was going to make an apparition and if I would need to don my helmet before going outside, when I saw a girl in the street.

She was the same girl I’d seen in Alice Cullen’s thoughts, the human who was her friend against all rules, and whose existence she had desperately tried to conceal from me. My eyes widened as I recalled Alice’s memories. I again saw the two of them laughing, walking arm in arm. What was it about her that had inspired Alice’s devotion? Why was she so special as to make vampires risk extermination just to befriend her? I had pried open the little vampire’s mind, but I’d not betrayed her secret – otherwise the human would have been dead by now.

I tried to read the girl’s mind and know more, but to my shock, I heard nothing. It couldn’t be the glass that deflected me, so what was it? And why was she here now, so far from the Olympic Peninsula? Did she know what had befallen the Cullens? I needed answers; they were more important to me than studying

Yes, I’m afraid none of the Cullens will be makin’ an appearance in this fic…or will they?

This angsty goodness is for those brave enough, so enjoy! You’re gonna be blown away by the endin’ *Heh heh heh heh!* {wicked evil Rob cackle!}


Rob Attack


They all loved her. One of them killed her. AH/AU

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Mystery – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 14 – Words: 17,592 – Reviews: 250 – Favs: 123 – Follows: 266 – Updated: Jun 22 – Published: Mar 26 – id: 11139132

The double ring signified an outside call. Jasper answered the phone and a woman started speaking quickly. She was breathless, so he had to ask her to repeat a lot of information. Then he heard the words “scarf” and “bloody.”

The ride to the high school was quick. The cars pulled up on the verges and the officers poured out of them. The parents met them there, flanked by a group of family members and friends who wanted to aid in the search. A sergeant fanned the officers and volunteers out across the front of the woods and ordered them to walk forward in a straight line.

Jasper stood next to volunteer who clutched a school picture in her hands. He glanced at it surreptitiously to ensure he knew what the girl looked like, then he mocked himself. He knew her and how many brown haired girls were lost in the woods?

It was quiet and cold. Leaves crunched under feet and twigs snapped occasionally. He ducked beneath branches and skirted around dormant wild baneberry bushes. The volunteers fell farther and farther behind as he pushed forward. So he was alone when he stumbled into the clearing where she lay. And he was alone when he stumbled out of it and vomited into the bushes.

OMFG! Ain’t nothin’ light an fluffy about this fic! This heinous crime is currently a cold case and I’m anxiously waitin’ to see who solves it and how!

The palpable angst this author captures in words is absolutely brilliant and you won’t be sorry to sign on, either to read along with me or put on alert until it completes!


Rob Attack


Her sexual experience is limited, at best. She’s never found pleasure in it, so what’s the point? Now, though, she wants what he’s giving. Seeing the women fall apart against his window has her yearning and wanting to the point she almost combusts sitting on the ledge, merely an observer. What would it be like if she were one of them?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 3 – Words: 6,014 – Reviews: 309 – Favs: 334 – Follows: 581 – Updated: 3h ago – Published: Jun 22 – id: 11331150

Oooh, you’re gonna love this last one! Voyeur + exhibitionist = perfect smut storm!!!

After walking back over to the window sill with my carton of ice cream, I curl my legs under me and pick the binoculars back up.

Suddenly, he stands up, tossing her over his shoulder, her bare ass up in the air for all to see. Or me. Just me. Because being four stories up, I’m sure it seems as if they’re hidden… alone. But I have to wonder if he gets off from doing this stuff in front of the large windows. He always fucks them in the window.

While she’s still over his shoulder, he pulls her shoes off and yanks the remains of her stockings off, tossing them to the floor before he places her in front of the window and spreads her legs apart. From this position, I have the best vantage point. Although, I can’t see all of him, I can see her, and her expressions tell me everything I need to know.

It’s good.

It’s so good she wants to cry.

It’s so good she probably doesn’t even know where she is. She probably doesn’t even remember her name.

For the time she’s in that window, she’s his. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Her medium-sized breasts push up against the window, and her mouth drops open as he pushes himself inside her.

For a moment, his eyes gaze out the window, and I freeze, tensing up. I know he can’t see me. I know that, but the smirk that forms on his lips makes me think that he hopes someone sees them. He wants someone to see them. He gets off knowing it’s a possibility. That thought makes my heart beat even faster, and I swallow hard.

Now, if all that don’t make up for a little dead air, I don’t know what will LMAO!

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

Wet Rob Avi

Evenin’, ladies!

…or mornin’ since I’m way too late postin’ today LOL!

As much as I’ve enjoyed our recent spate of sweet, sweet AH fics, the irresistable lure of  darker fare has brought me to the realms of a couple of baaad ass Vampwards!

Let me warn you now that these fics are NOT SAFE TO READ AT WORK!  Also, you younguns who ain’t reached your 18th birthday need to be movin’ along…ain’t nothin’ to see here!

Might have a few more chapters to read of my first rec but I wasn’t gonna let that stop me bringin’ it to your attention!

Rob Attack


Edward, a nomad vampire, alone for more than three centuries, comes upon his next prey in the form of talk back radio psychologist, Bella Swan.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Horror/Supernatural – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 34 – Words: 110,123 – Reviews: 1,192 – Favs: 542 – Follows: 558 – Updated: Apr 15, 2013 – Published: Jul 23, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7209045

“This is Doctor Marie, and I’m listening,” she said, her voice causing me to pant into the phone. “Is anyone there, or do I need to wait for you to come?” she added with a dark laugh. I slowed my pace down to even out my breathing. Wouldn’t want her hanging up on me before I came now, would we?

“I wish to be tied up and whipped, Doctor,” I stated in a near hiss as the words left my mouth, and if I wasn’t so aroused I would be hard pressed to hide my mirth. Instead, I was shocked to discover that my already building lust suddenly jolted through my body and increased a thousand fold…my elongating fangs evidence of my need as they scraped over my chin and threatened to pierce my flesh. Why did the idea of what I had just stated make me feel this suddenly urgent, burning need within?

“You need to find someone willing to dominate you, don’t you, Edward?” she said, her voice so deep, so commanding that I knew I was about to come undone. “You need someone to tie you to her bench and whip you, don’t you? You have always been the aggressor, the person who takes charge, and now you want someone else to do that for you, don’t you?

Those words did me in. Suddenly, I wanted to confess to her…tell her my every secret. My body burned with need…with anticipation as I stared at her picture and took in every detail of her face from her penetrating eyes to her pouty, red lips, which were quirked into a knowing smile.

“Yes…oh hell yes!” I answered, as I worked myself into a blinding frenzy.

“Now doesn’t that feel better?”


As I pressed the end button on my phone and placed it on the table, my breaths hard and fast, chest heaving, my body tingled as the shock and elation of what had just occurred overcame me.

“Fuck!” I cried as I slowed my breathing, my mind trying to catch up with what had just happened to my body. “Well we are going to have such fun, Doctor Marie.And I intend playing with you as long as possible.”

And though I knew it was wrong, and that this woman was not my usual prey of choice, I also knew, without a shadow of doubt, there was no choice in the matter…I knew who my next victim would be…

Above excerpt has been heavily edited on account of I’m afraid the young stock I told to move along…didn’t!!!

Oh, and one more thing…


Rob Attack


Next up is a fic that will take you down roads you never thought you’d go with Edward, Bella and even Charlie!

Rob Attack

{banner by DeeBelleOneFic}


“Why’d you have to kill him?” she screamed. “What did he ever do to you?” The man scooped her into his arms and headed for the door. “I killed him,” he said, “because I was hungry.” AU/Vampward

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 36 – Words: 76,104 – Reviews: 2,105 – Favs: 841 – Follows: 1,129 – Updated: Mar 24 – Published: Dec 11, 2012 – Status: Complete – id: 8784992

If the summary alone isn’t enough to entice you, try one of Edward’s first conversations with Charlie!

“January 1991. It sticks in your mind, doesn’t it Charlie? You can’t stop thinking about what you saw.”

Charlie said nothing.

“Your unit was in Kuwait. It was a few days after the American invasion. You’d performed well. Defeated an entire Iraqi platoon. Mostly, though, they surrendered. You kept them prisoner. Waited for directions from command.

“But they never came, did they? Not before every one of your prisoners was slaughtered.

“An animal, you told yourselves. Nothing else could have done it. Nothing else could move that fast. No human could do what you saw being done. A single figure, alone, massacring dozens of prisoners.

“You were right in one respect. It wasn’t a human. It was a vampire, Charlie.”

“How? How can you possibly know about that? It’s classified. All of it. Officially, the Army never acknowledged that we’d even taken prisoners, let alone what happened to them.”

The two men sat in silence.

What if he’s telling the truth, Charlie thought.

“I am,” Edward said.

“You are what?”

“Telling the truth.”

This is one fic I absolutely wish had never finished but to find out why, you’ll have to read The Man in the Long Black Coat!


Gonna leave you with a WIP that’s well on its way to bein’ complete in the near future!

In this story, it’s Bella who suffers the torment of the damned!

Rob Attack


After terrible loss, Bella returns to Forks to tie up loose ends. What she finds, though, is a new beginning she never could have imagined. Vampire AU, Edward/Bella.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 11 – Words: 46,400 – Reviews: 643 – Favs: 328 – Follows: 645 – Updated: 27m ago – Published: Mar 5 – id: 11092949

No one tells you that what grief actually is is a terrible, bottomless wanting. The things you had, the way things were, it all leaves a space inside that just sucks you inside out with its wanting to be filled.

Bella curled up on the bare mattress of the bed she’d slept in during her teenage years and wept for the insatiable wanting inside her. At some point she stopped crying, and at some point after that, she fell asleep.

She dreamed of golden eyes watching her from the darkness. In her dream, she knew that she should be frightened, but somehow was not.

Whether or not Bella finds peace in those golden eyes remains to be seen and I for one will be right there when it happens…or not!

Okay, those are my recs for this week! What you got for me?

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ Friday Fic Recs!

Wet Rob Avi

Evenin’ ladies!

You’ll be happy to hear I’ve actually got a COMPLETED fic for you today LOL!

Oh, and a brand new, hot off the press WIP…of course!

Red Strings of Fate is a unique fic written entirely using texts, emails and conversations on a particular message board recommended to Edward by Emmett which is always a recipe for disaster LMAO!

Rob Attack


AH AU When Edward finally gets the chance at getting the girl, he has no idea what to do, so he turns to a message board called The Red Strings of Fate. A story told in technology.

Rated: Fiction T – English – Humor/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 17 – Words: 40,376 – Reviews: 1,043 – Favs: 764 – Follows: 426 – Updated: Mar 10, 2010 – Published: Jun 18, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 5147873

See, there’s this girl who rides the bus to college with Edward every mornin’ but he’s too damn shy to talk to her until…


that_boy posted:

But there was something different about this morning. There was an unfamiliar rider that apparently decided to start the weekend (very) early. He reeked of alcohol and staggered onto the bus. I don’t know how he paid his fare, or why the driver let him on, but there you go.

He began leering at all the women on the bus, and honed in on my pretty girl. He stumbled over to her and began addressing her very loudly, calling her disgusting terms, and using foul language.

I was cowering against the window, with my fists clenched – I didn’t know what to do! This guy was drunk, and twice my size!

But when he began pawing at her, something in me snapped and I couldn’t watch anymore. I stood and walked down the aisle. I could feel everyone watching me. I grabbed the man’s shoulder and turned him around so he wasn’t facing her anymore. I told him to leave her alone. He laughed at me and stepped forward to fight back. I held up my hands, forgetting my phone was in one of them, and he shoved me, making the phone drop with a sickening clatter as I could hear it break. He stepped forward again, at exactly the time the bus took a wide turn, and he lost his balance and fell, hitting his head hard against the metal pole on the way down. It was hard enough to make a loud clang and I’d be surprised if he didn’t have a huge bruise tomorrow.

The girl had been hiding behind her book and finally looked up at me, those big, brown eyes shining with thanks. I could barely speak to her, but she gave me her number on a torn sheet of loose-leaf and said she wanted to thank me for what I did by taking me to dinner. I mumbled that I’d like that, and then we were at her stop. She smiled and told me to call her to set up a time, and then disappeared in the crowd.

I reclaimed my poor phone, and the rest is history.

So my question is: what do I do now? Call her? Text her? What do I say?

OMG! Watchin’ poor Edward wrestle with all the well meant advice will leave you breathless with laughter LMAO!

Read Red Strings of Fate to see if he got the girl!!!


Rob Attack


Bella’s childhood life isn’t a happy affair, and Edward’s is even worse. They’re best friends, though the only interaction they can have is through a small hole in the fence separating their houses. As Edward’s situation deteriorates in his teenage years, Bella wants nothing more than to ease his suffering. But first she has to deal with the struggles in her own life…

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Tragedy – Bella, Edward – Words: 527 – Reviews: 13 – Favs: 14 – Follows: 33 – Published: 1h ago – id: 11279553

If you know me at all, you’ll know baby Edwards and Bellas are my Achilles Heel!

Today I’m drawing a bird. It’s a blue one with a yellow beak and orange legs. Mama’s asleep in the house, so I tell my friend all about the blue bird.

“This is a magical bird. It’s five years old, just like me ‘n you. It’s magical ’cause it’s very big and very strong. It can talk,and kids can climb on its back. We should give it a name. What should we call it?”

“Um, how ’bout ‘George’?”

I stop coloring and look around my small space. Sometimes I talk to my friend, but she’s never talked back to me before.

“No, ‘George’ isn’t magical enough,” I say.

“‘Kay, what about, um…’Abracadabra’?”

I frown because my friend doesn’t sound right. I look around again.

“How come you sound like a boy?”

“Um, ’cause I’m a boy.”

“But you’re supposed to be a girl. And you can’t talk because you’re not real.”


The boy voice sounds very sad all of the sudden. I don’t know what’s happening, but I don’t anyone to be sad.

“Okay, you can be real. What’s your name?”

“Edward.” He still sounds sad.

“I’m Bella. Are you five like me?”


“Um, are you invisible?”


“Then how come I can’t see you?”

“‘Cause I’m on the other side of the fence.”

Damn! I just wanna grab poor, sad little Edward and run like hell!

This one’s gonna break my heart, I just know it *sigh!* Then again, those stories that touch your heart in any way are the best!!!

What fics have your hearts thumpin’?

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

Wet Rob Avi

Evenin’ ladies!

I was appalled to realize I hadn’t read one single complete fic this week *FACEPALM!*

Anyone would think I’d become a complete WIP junkie LMAO!

It’s just that there are some stories goin’ on right now that are so damn gooood and I get so excited every time they update!

So WIPs are what you’re gettin’ today LOL!

Rob Attack


Bella decides she wants a baby and her biological clock ticks like a time bomb. She won’t try a sperm bank; she wants to meet a man, talk and check out his genes and then roll him over in the clover for a one-night Lo-ver. Can it happen that way?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 7 – Words: 14,502 – Reviews: 277 – Favs: 186 – Follows: 370 – Updated: May 20 – Published: Apr 1 – id: 11154986

The bar starts to quiet down as most of the people clear out. Joe grabs all the receipts and asks if I wouldn’t mind staying until closing. I can’t say no to the old guy, so I grab a few beers and sit next to Bronze Boy.

He tells me about the horrific accident near the diner, involving a young couple with a three-year-old little boy. Their car hit an oil slick, losing control and rolling them over an embankment behind the diner. He could do nothing to revive the man and woman.

With a shaky voice, he continues, “I tried everything, but there was internal bleeding. He never had a chance … Fuck … Only three years old.”

I hold his hand. “You did all that you could. I can’t imagine your grief, but you can’t blame yourself.” I kiss his hair to comfort him. “I’m so sorry,” I chant over and over.

He leans forward and grabs hold of me tightly. He sobs into the crick of my neck and I wrap my arms around his shoulders, running a hand through his soft hair. “It’s all right, it’s all right.”

The buzz of the beer…

His masculine scent …

Our closeness …

I break from our embrace and kiss his cheek.

He watches me with blurred eyes.

Another soft kiss. “It’s all right.” I rub my nose against his and slightly graze his lips with mine.

“Let me make you feel better, make you forget.”

And that’s really all she wanted to do but things got out of hand and you’ll have to read it to find out what happened next!


Rob Attack


Access Hollywood thinks he’s gay. Extra thinks he’s secretly married. In reality, Hollywood Hot Shot Edward Cullen is just busy. The literary world recognizes M. Dwyer as one of the most prolific writers of this generation. The business world knows Isabella Swan as a philanthropic real estate mogul. What happens when all of this comes crashing together? Canon Couples. Adult lang

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 7 – Words: 19,906 – Reviews: 120 – Favs: 104 – Follows: 210 – Updated: 12m ago – Published: May 19 – id: 11259139

And crash they do…

“Why do I have to be here for this fitting, Ali? I will wear whatever you tell me to wear. You know my size, so why can’t I have an afternoon to myself?”

“Stop pouting, Edward,” Alice said. “Besides, I can tell just by looking at you that you ate a whole pepperoni pizza last night. My guess is you also had a couple beers and a couple Cherry Cokes with that. Your face is all bloated. You’re also looking a little pudgy. You better call your trainer if you want to really look the part for your WWI role.”

Edward ran his hands through his hair and said, “What is with everyone telling me I’m fat lately? Do I really look like I’ve put on weight?”

He walked to the bathroom to look in the mirror and just as he was about to pull the door open it was pushed from the inside and out tumbled a mass of brown hair. Acting on instinct, Edward’s arms shot out and he caught the softest, warmest body against his.

Time froze for a second when a small hand reached up and pushed the hair out of the way, and he was met with the most beautiful brown eyes he’d ever seen.

The rose colored, bow shaped lips that had formed a surprised O started moving, and he heard the most sexy voice say, “Oh shit!”

This story is definitely a MUST READ!!!


Rob Attack

{don’t know who made the pretty banner!}


Isabella Swan, an executive under a great deal of stress, has the sudden need to get out of the office. Driving aimlessly, she finds her way to a country market and meets the charismatic stock boy, Edward. But is there more to Edward than meets the eye? Can he help Bella figure out there is more to life than money and business?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 4 – Words: 7,120 – Reviews: 875 – Favs: 768 – Follows: 1,097 – Updated: May 20 – Published: May 10 – id: 11238756

“You’re not a stock boy, are you?”

He shrugged sheepishly. “No. I’m…a little more than that.”

“Will you tell me?”

He pulled some more potatoes and handed them to me. I brushed the dirt off them as he grabbed a bottle of water and sat beside me on the warm earth, drinking deeply. He offered me the bottle, and I took a sip, liking the fact his lips had just been on the same bottle.

“My family runs the farm. My dad’s been a farmer all his life. Besides running my dad, my mom bakes all the bread and helps at the restaurant. My sister, Alice, does most of the cooking and overseeing. Her husband, Jasper, handles all the livestock with my brother, Emmett.”

He kept talking. “Em’s wife, Rose, makes the cheeses we use, and she and my mom do all the preserves, pickles, and jams we sell at the store. We’re all equal partners—we each bring our own strengths to the mix.”

“Wow! It is a family affair.”

“It is. Our cousins run the fruit farm and winery. We sell our produce through them as well as here, and we sell their fruit. Our wine comes from them. Anything we can’t produce, we get through other certified organic farms—not that there is much. We’re pretty self-sufficient.”

“Farm to table.”

Another masterpiece in the makin’ by the wonderful Edward’s Eternal!


Rob Attack

{banner by Christag}


In an instant your life can take a sharp left turn. Can you find the strength to lose it all and gain the unknown? Lives will be shattered, including your own.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Bella, Edward – Words: 2,650 – Reviews: 73 – Favs: 125 – Follows: 237 – Published: May 19 – id: 11258538

I’ll never forget how scary it was trying to find the right daycare for my six-week-old son. I interviewed countless centers and was almost to my wits end, when Angela Webber suggested Esme.

Meeting Esme Cullen literally changed my life, in more ways than one. First, she put me at ease instantly and I knew right away that her place is where Jake would be staying. It wasn’t much later down the road when my younger sister, Alice, met Esme’s son, Jasper, while picking Jake up for me. Their connection was instantaneous and they married just six months ago. The Cullens had become like family to me over the years, and now they actually are.

I pick up the phone and press to connect the call.

“Esme, how is everything?” It’s not unheard of for her to call me at the office, so I don’t think anything of it until I hear her next words.

“Bella, I need you to stay calm.”

I immediately tense. “What do you mean stay calm …Has something happened?”

I’m met by silence.

“Esme, you’re scaring me. What is it, please, tell me,” I almost scream into the phone.

I’ve already jumped from my seat and am pacing around my office, my mind going a million miles a minute.

“Bella,” she says finally. “It’s Jake.”

Only one chapter posted and I’m already blown away!

See? One of these days, I’ll seduce all you WIP wussies LMAO!

Happy Friday, y’all!


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Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

Wet Rob Avi

Evenin’ ladies!

Fell in love with the cutest Edward this week! Bella was pretty darn sweet, too!

However, if hot lemons are all you’re after, this one is not for you…well, there IS an M rated outtake you have to do handstands to find and it’s well worth the trip but the story itself is a T!

Apparently, there were two separate stories at one time but are now pulled together into one, which might explain the low number of reviews! Let’s do something about that, shall we?

Rob Attack


Both POVs of Sticky Sweet and Sugar combined in one story. City Girl Bella meets Class Clown Edward when she moves to small-town Tennessee. He’s gorgeous, flirtatious, and possibly downright nuts. Can she hold onto her heart around a guy who flirts with anything that breathes? So much fluff.

Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 45 – Words: 31,713 – Reviews: 97 – Favs: 161 – Follows: 79 – Updated: Feb 11, 2014 – Published: Jul 14, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9489074

My new friends invited me to sit with them at lunch, which was a relief. I’d had nightmares about eating at my own table or even hiding away in the library to avoid the stares. I still got a lot of stares, but they were easier to handle with Jasper and Alice as a buffer. It wasn’t long before we were joined by a boy even taller than Jasper and a quiet, pretty blonde. They introduced themselves as Emmett and Rosalie before jumping into comfortable conversation.

An empty seat sat across from me, and I wondered why they would leave it in the middle of the group rather than sitting closer together, but the question was answered before I could ask when another beautiful boy dropped into the chair with an impish grin.

“Principal Letner again?” Alice asked in a bored tone.

“Yep. He loves me. He wants to have my babies.”

I wanted to laugh, but my vocal cords were frozen. He was truly the best looking guy I’d ever seen up close, and he beat a lot of the guys on television, too. My gaze wandered over him, taking in his riotous red-gold hair, twinkling green eyes, devilish smirk, well-formed shoulders, and dirty T-shirt stretched across a broad chest.

His eyes widened when he finally noticed me seated on one side of Jasper, and he glanced over at Alice with even more mischief.

“Jasper, are you hoggin’ all the girls again? If you’re claiming the new girl, can I finally have Alice?”

Emmett and Rosalie both cracked up, letting out loud guffaws of laughter, but Alice reached across the table to smack the top of the beautiful boy’s head.

“Gross, Edward! You’re my cousin.”

My stomach twisted in revulsion as the boy waggled his eyebrows first at Alice and then at me.

“What? The closer kin, the deeper in, right, New Girl? Too bad she’s not my sister.”

I just stared. I had no words to give.

He turned his attention back to Jasper. “Well, if you’re going to be selfish, I’ll go look elsewhere. New Girl, if you get tired of sharing his attention, look me up.”

Without another word, he was gone, leaving me staring after him with my jaw unhinged.

“And that’s Edward,” Jasper informed me.

“He flirts with anything that breathes, but don’t take it to heart. He doesn’t have a serious bone in his body.” These were the first words Rosalie spoke directly to me.

“Even his cousin?” I breathed, watching Edward’s gorgeous backside as he shoved through the cafeteria doors.

“Especially his cousin,” Emmett assured me. “Welcome to Cedar Ridge, where you’re the only person who doesn’t share genes with the rest of the school.”

“Not true!” Alice shouted indignantly when I eyed Jasper’s arm around her shoulder. “We’ve had a few new people before you. Jasper and Rose moved here two years ago.”

“We called dibs,” Emmett whispered.

The line about Principal Letner wantin’ to have Edward’s babies sold me on readin’ every spare minute I had right through to the end LMAO!

His love/hate relationship with Charlie is very entertainin’, too *gigglesnort!*

I stopped at the creek to find some small pebbles since the ones in Bella’s driveway would shatter the glass. Asking for forgiveness would be hard enough without also apologizing for property damage.

I managed to get two launched before Charlie Swan opened the door, wearing his Dad Face. Still, he didn’t have his gun, and he didn’t look like he was itching to grab it, either.

“Get in here and leave her alone.”

Those were the nicest words he’d ever said to me.

“Look, I knew this whole dating thing would have to happen sooner or later, and I can’t deny you’re a damn sight better than any other dumb shit in this town. You’re going places, Edward. None of the other kids around here seem to have any ambition. That’s good enough for me. You make this right, you hear me? I don’t want her taking up with some other idiot and settling down here instead of going to college.”

Somewhere in there he’d called me an idiot, but I didn’t mind. He’d also pretty much given me his blessing.

Rob Attack

Oh, and I tracked down the lemon for you in a collection by DirtyCheekyMonkeys…SunKing’s lemon is chapter 100:



Another Edward I wish was battin’ on my team is both a math teacher and a rabid basefall fan…and gay *damnit!* Now, I’m not a huge fan of drabble fics UNLESS they’re written by Bornonhalloween and Benched is one of her best!

Rob Attack


6th-grade teacher Edward Cullen has done his homework on coaching tee-ball. His confidence evaporates when he takes the field for his team’s first practice and sees none other than Emmett McCarty, World Champion Mariners pitcher, on the sidelines. Can Edward manage his 5-year-olds, his fanboy crush, AND the arrogant asshole who insists on getting in his way at every turn?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor – Edward, Emmett – Chapters: 80 – Words: 12,929 – Reviews: 2,497 – Favs: 122 – Follows: 178 – Updated: Mar 28 – Published: Dec 9, 2014 – Status: Complete – id: 10879668

I read this as a WIP and because Born posts faaast, I got all excited and missed the most essential clue of the whole damn story! Boy, was my face red and don’t expect me to give it away here LOL!

Rob Attack

But, to get the whole experince of the most romantic Edward and Emmett ever, you HAVE to read Benched first before goin’ straight to Wild Pitch!

Rob Attack


Superstar Emmett (“Big Mac”) McCarty is a genius on the mound, but fame forces his true desires deep into the shadows. When a certain fan with a knack for numbers catches Emmett’s attention, life gets a little bit wild. This NON-drabble story is a prequel to “Benched.” M/M Emmett POV. Rated M for major league Edward/Emmett loving.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Chapters: 9 – Words: 18,866 – Reviews: 430 – Favs: 100 – Follows: 165 – Updated: 9h ago – Published: Mar 28 – id: 11144889

Emmett’s first sight of Edward…

He couldn’t discern much more than tall, lean figures from across the room, two caps turning left and right, scanning for Emmett. As he stepped out of the shadows and walked toward his guests, Emmett could distinguish the younger man’s features from the proud father angled behind him, taking a back seat to his son’s special moment.

Damn…Did that crazy hair poking out from under his cap have a reddish tint to it? Every step brought new details into focus, and by God, Emmett needed the whole damn picture. He picked up speed, jogging toward the Cullens with his heart in his throat.

Turn this way and show me your eyes, Emmett willed him, but as he drew closer, Emmett realized that Edward Cullen was taking his sweet, damn time surveying the locker room. In fact, the guy didn’t seem all that interested in finding anyone in particular.

What did you expect from the gay man with a locker room fetish? Emmett chuckled in pure amusement as he closed in on Edward’s unconcealed glee; the guy had a grin about a mile wide. Fucking hell, he is adorable!

The doctor spotted Emmett first, smiled, and pointed Edward’s shoulders head-on for Emmett. Edward’s eyes popped wide open as they landed on Emmett for the first time, giving Emmett a clear view and good, long look at the face he’d only seen in his imagination. Warm, gold-splattered hazel eyes sat deep beneath a pair of bushy, dark auburn brows, while a long, broad nose cut a separation between the warring almond-shaped eye on one side and wispy, hooded feather on the other. The only symmetry to be found was the picture-perfect set of slightly bowed, delicate lips sitting above a chin that could have been squared off with a ruler. Who gave all those random parts the right to align into a devastatingly gorgeous face?

As he closed the distance between them, Emmett extended his right hand, ignoring the twinge in his shoulder. He unleashed his smile and shot his victim with it right between those mismatched eyes. “You must be Edward.”

Bobbling his hat and program—and dear Lord, the man had a mitt!—into his left hand, Edward clasped Emmett’s hand.

“Yes.” He barely managed to force out the word but continued after clearing his throat. “Wow, I can’t . . .” Edward shook his head and chuckled at himself. “I apologize for acting like a star-struck idiot. I didn’t want to be ‘fan boy.’ It’s just . . . I’m shaking hands with the best pitcher in the league . . . I mean, I’m shaking the actual hand that throws the pitches!”

Awww, they’re both so smitten *le sigh!* I’m always excited to see an update of Wild Pitch in my inbox and you will too if you’re readin’…

Rob Attack

Enjoy all these wonderful stories and share the ones you’ve been readin’ this week!

Happy Friday, y’all!


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