How I Became “Robsessed”


Yes, I was born, “normal” as they say but my Robsession came about in an unusual way. This is about how I became Robsessed, cuz Girrrl, That man rocks my world! It’s all my Mother’s and mostly my Niece’s fault!! And you know who I mean Pee-Boo!! :PBut it’s not what you think, She does not like Rob and especially not Edward. (I know, I know, there’s no accounting for taste. She obviously does not have my Impeccable taste! LOL)
Any way, I wanted to buy Twilight but couldn’t afford it at the time. Several weeks later my Mother (Whom you should know is disabled and has alot of difficulty getting around,) bought the book for herself. I swear I have never seen her read for that long at one time and I’ve Never, Ever seen her laugh and smile while Reading. Whenever she wasn’t reading Twilight it was always saying…”Edward this” and “Edward and Bella that” and, “you gotta read this book WHEN I’M DONE.” I was getting sick of the name and I often had to ask “Who’s Edward?” or “Who/What are you talking about?” She rented the movie on three seperate occasions and frankly, I didn’t get it. You could tell it was a low budget film, it was pretty dark and kinda hard to see. Edward was kinda creepy white, Rude and a little mean.
Then late one night Mom finally finished the book and did something else I never expected her to do…the woman, who hates to drive at night and avoids it at all costs, drug me out of bed (While I was reading a book of my own) to go to the store to buy New Moon!!! Hmmph! Had she lost her mind? Then she did the same thing For Eclipse only by now it was winter and (I DESPISE the cold) I had to get out in the cold and go with her!!! I was really starting not to like this “Twilight” and would be glad when all the books were done.
I finally finished the book I was reading and mom lit-trah-ly forced Twilight on me. “Ok fine! I’ll read the stupid book,” I said as I rolled my eyes. (By now I had lost intrest in wanting to read the Twilight Saga and was into a completely different fiction series that wasn’t completely finished,) I devoured the damn thing in one night. I went to work that morning completely Zonked from lack of sleep but happy as I could be. I thought Edward was soooo cool. On my way home I rented Twilight and watched it like 4 times that night. But no, this is not where my Robsession begins, not yet. I too devoured all the books the moment they came into my hands.
My mom carried on so about Edward that I bought a poster for her (and yes, ok, a little bit for me too,) and hung it up on the front enclosed porch where we spent most of our time. My niece was like, “Ewww, Just Ewww,” so I got her a Jacob poster and hung it Under Edwards, next to the floor, just for her. The thing is that the Edward poster could be seen from the road, Jacob could not. The neighborhood girls began stopping my sister when she was out walking the dog to say, and I Quote, “Thank you for hanging Edward up on your porch, I get to see him everyday when I get off the school bus now!” end quote. I got the biggest kick out of that. It drove my niece nuts. She just hated it that Edward was there, always watching over everything with his Beautiful amber eyes. She had to look down to see Jacob, I always told her, “That’s where dogs belong, on the floor.” And thus insued nearly a year of dog vs. vampire insults we playfully threw at each other just to egg the other one on. Not long after new Moon was released at theaters, we moved and Edward and Jacob came off my wall and never went back up. Edward was all but forgotten…
Until my niece and her much younger sister came to spend the night ( this was early this past spring) and out of the blue the little one said, “I Lub Edward!” She was 3 at the time.
MY Niece, Pee-Boo, (She’s 11 now) freaked out the way girls at that age do, “Eww how could you! He’s dead and cold! He drinks blood! EEEWWWWW!”
Well the 3 yr old didn’t understand all that, she just thought he was “Purdy” and her sister acted so silly when HIS name was mentioned. So, needless to say his name got mentioned alot! I conspired with my youngest niece to totally drive her sister crazy. I began to search for wall papers of Edward to put on my sister’s computer. Pee-Boo always replaced them. So then I collected Pictures of Edward to run a slide show while no one was online. That’s when it started. We all know you can’t look for Pics of Edward and not find pics of Rob.
Suddenly this Previously scruffy “Kid” who looked pretty good as Edward but kinda rough and grungy as himself was starting to stare at me with a smile that was contagious, and then there was a pic where his hair was just gorgeous! I wanted to touch it. Then, how the hell did he get that strong jaw? I didn’t see that before. Wow, He’s got nice hands….actually he’s got REEALLY nice hands. Huh, I never noticed how attractive his eyes were without those Stupid amber contacts. Hhmmm, he’s not so pale after all… and so it went all summer.
Next thing I knew my “Edward File” I had been using to Torture my niece with was suddenly full of Pictures of Rob. WTF?? How’d that happen? Oh well, I’ll just delete them right? WRONG! I opened the files and enlarged the pics so I could distinguish Edward from Rob and There he was in all of his glory! (damn him.) He was Staring at me…That, that look, OMG! (click) He’s got Sexeyes! (click) and, WOW! (click) he’s biting that lower lip and…(click) He don’t look like a “kid” any more…(click) he’s got the sexiest pout…(click)…*Computer crash*
NNNOOOOOoooo!!! *Insert multiple profanities here*
It happened every time I tried to log on after that. One or two clicks and then he was gone! It’d take 40 minutes to get my Sister’s ancient computer running again only for it to crash 5 minutes later. Damn it! I was like a junkie whose supplier had been imprisoned! I was suffering from withdrawls!!! I needed a Rob-fix. I needed…I needed…A NEW LAPTOP!
Christmas Morning, Tah-DAH! Laptop! Yeeessss!! ROB WAS MINE!!!!  *LOL* and I’ve been here ever since…surfing, lurking, reading, collecting Pics, videos, animations, sound bites…Anything that has Rob (NOT Edward…yet.) on it or in it. 2,000 pics and growing. I maybe a little late to the Par-tee but I’m catching up quick!
I’m completely, Robsessed and at last, I’m Home!!     

My Brand Of Heroin

There it is Ladies, that’s my story. Drop me a comment line and leave me some love. How did you become Obsessed with Rob? Was it Edward who caught your eye Or was it Rob? Have you been Robstalking since HP~GOF or since Twilight or was it even later?

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  1. I can’t wait to hear your comments about KStew cheating on The Precious. How could she?? I’ve never thought she was worthy of all his hotness–and I guess this proves it! Special Edition of RobAttack, maybe???

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