Just for Shizz and Giggles

Hello Everybody *waves*


Last night as I was browsing the net, I stumbled across a pic of Rob that I had seen different versions of but I hadn’t seen this exact one. I saved it and went on surfing but that pic got me to thinking about a blog I read some where. (sorry can’t remember who, when or where. It was quite awhile ago.) In this blog, a woman had gone to some event somewhere in London Rob was appearing at. She didn’t have tickets to get in but she stood near the “red carpet’ (Gosh, sorry I just can’t remember..) just in the hopes of getting a glimpse or a pic of him. Any way she got more than she had expected and got to shake hands with Rob. *faint*  One of her blog buddies asked if his hands were exceptionally large and were his fingers exceptionally long, after all they’d HAVE to be in order to play the piano the way he does right?
Loooongg Fingers

*Nose dives into the RobGutter*


Then I got to thinking about how many blogs and videos etc. there are about our Wonderful Rob’s hands, Which in turn brought me back to this other pic I had found. So many people want to know how large his hands Really are. Being the curious type I got to thinking and pulled the pic up out of my files and sat there looking at it, wondering…  “if he’s six foot one…and I’m….then that would mean…”  yadda yadda yadda.
 I admit I’m no mathmatical wizard but looking at it on my screen it appeared to be Alomst of life size but not quite. I was like, “Well, crap! If it was just slightly larger I could tell. Then it occurred to me…Enlarge ya dope! So i did…and well, * SNICKERS* by my calculations it’s gotta be in my “Professional Opinion,”  *rolling my eyes*  Pretty Freakin’ accurate!!! *LOL*
You know the drill, click the link, enlarge to 125% center his hand on your screen and compare his hand to your hand…I bet you once you do you’ll be grinning like an idiot!! I did. I admit it!!



See, you are grinning Like and idiot and your mind is going crazy with all kinds of WILD thoughts Right?

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