What Would You Say?

Hello Everybody *waves*


I’ve been feeling very down-hearted this weekend. It’s been too quiet both at home and on the net. It’s been down-right lonely in fact.

As I’ve come to realize alot in the past few months Rob is, if not the cure then definately a comfort for the blues. There were times when he made laugh out loud…
WTF is he doing?


 but then the blues came back eventually.
There were times when he made me smile the most ridiculously Huge smile…

Yes those are the sexspenders. Gah!

when I stumbled into 400 pics of him I didn’t already have.
And he made me cry with his sweet as honey, soft as silk voice. There was several pictures of him with screaming fans and as we know, he is so patient and kind with everyone, trying to make sure they all get an autograph, a picture with him, and he tries to hear and answer all their Questions, (such a sweetie).
Yeah Baby!!!

OH MY! *fans self, faints*


So Sweet!

*Not too high there Rob Heh heh heh*

I continued on with my search and found a site that professed to have the address where you could write to Rob. (as if he’d ever get to read any of them). It got me to wondering though, SRSLY, if you had the chance to write to him, If you knew he would get just one letter and that it would be your letter, what would you say to him?
Tybert, I want one!

Rob, Put that smutty letter down and WRITE ME BACK! LOL


What would you say to steal his heart away and make him want to know you better? I mean, that’s the whole point of wanting to get near him right? Or, if you had just twenty minutes to talk to him, What would you say? How would you act? Could you speak at all? Would you just stand there and drool? LOL It’d be hard not to. I thought about this for several hours as I worked on my site and when I thought I had it all figured out I sat out to put it all down on paper just to see how it sounded and what it looked like. I wrote for three and a half hours ( I said I Thought I had it figured out. lol) It’s not as easy as it sounds, when you’re trying to talk to someone like Rob (what the hell am I saying, there is NO ONE like ROB) and tell them what an effect he’s had on your life and how much he means to you without sounding like an idiot and scaring him off.
Tybert in Remember Me

Don't Run Away! I'll Protect you BB!! hee hee hee


LOL Think about, give it a try and let me know what you come up with.  :)
P.S. Lets be Honest, IF any of us were to meet him face to face, we all know that there is only one TRUE reaction we would all have and it would be this one…
Freakin' Kitty

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