Complete ROBasket Case!!

Hello Everybody *waves*


After my blogger friend Maggie was sweet enough to post a link to the awesomest (is that a word? It is now.) video in the world of Rob, and after I watched it 50 times, (Sooo NOT exaggerating) I went to see what others had to say about it.
 But first, The Video!!! “Oh la la la”
 Some things people had to say were no surprise to me. They commented on the crotch shots, on the shot where he’s taking off his jacket. They commented on Rome Rob with his thumb in his mouth, and the “follow me” nod that he gives. They talked about how he knows exactly what he’s doing to us when he looks directly into the camera with “THAT” (sexeyes) look. (I wonder about that though,  but that’s another blog on another day.)
Of course there were comments about the “irresistable” smile and the “always sexy” hands in the hair moments. But here’s the thing, there are things in that video that Rob does, subtle, little things that just “curl my toes” for lack of a better expression, that were not mentioned anywhere. I just wondered if it was just me? Do other women find these thing sexy too? or is it that no one else has noticed these things? Or is it simply that there is sooo much awesomness rolled up into this one man it simply is impossible to mention them all? (I’m leaning toward the latter of course *with a hopeful expression that I haven’t totally lost my mind*)
 Doesn’t anyone else notice these things? Do these things drive anyone else wild? The “things that just curl my toes” are things like, the growl at the very beginning, the one raised eyebrow and the lip bite at 0:19-0:21, the trying not to laugh and sucking in his cheeks to prevent it 1:04 and the wave that follows immediately after, the f**k hawt look at 1:12-1:20. that face at 2:08-2:10, when he takes his thumb out of his mouth and then sucks in his lower lip, the tongue in the cheek followed by the mouth open look, the biting his lower lip and raising both eyebrows, and whatever he’s doing at 2:32 is just f**k Hawt!
 The little dance move he does at 2:42 thru 2:46 (God help me, imagining Rob dancing is just WAY TOO MUCH)  and the look at 3:06 and the look and the hand rub from 3:15 to 3:20, Oh God! I’ve completely dissected this video. I need help!
 Ya know what, *head in my hands and shaking it in defeat* I give up! Just F**king forget it, cuz I’m a Robasket case! Everything he does is F**K HAWT and I’m completely Robsessed, Drowning in all that is Robert Pattinson and absolutely helpless to stop it, nor do I want to. It’s a fabulous way to go! If this is insanity then bring it on baby!
Rome Rob

Day_UM!!! Shamwow anyone???

Resigned to my fate,
 So what subtle little things does Rob do to curl your toes and make you squeal? Let me know and leave us some love in the comment section!

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