Rome Rob! There is No Cure!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Well, once again I’m asking, “Am I nuts or is it just Rob’s innate ability to be so F**k Hawt awesome that it’s driving me crazy? I mean SRSLY, What is it about Rome Rob? Can you explain it? Cause I sure as hell can’t! I didn’t even like Rome Rob at first. I know right? WTF was I thinking? Even after I admitted I was Robsessed, they were my least favorite pics of him. Now, I cannot look at a picture of Rome Rob and not stare at him for long periods of time. I can’t look at a picture of Rome Rob and not smile so big that my eyes disappear! I can’t look at a pic of Rome Rob without Having to take a deep shuddering breath (always assuming of course that I remember to breathe at all!) I can’t look at a picture of Rome Rob and not bite my lip to keep the *squueee* from escaping. I cannot look at a picture of Rome Rob and not trip into the deepest part of the Robgutter! Why? Can you explain it?
Robearto!!! *Drools*

From Adorkable to Mr. Sex~on~Legs in 2.5 seconds!!

 I mean compare those Rome Rob pictures to the WFE pics, He’s Stunningly gorgeous in WFE, Short hair, clean cut, clean shaven, well dressed (for the time period) and despite having worked around animals all day you can just imagine that he probably smells *sigh* Wonderful. Those beautiful blue-gray eyes just suck you in and hold you captivated. All that combined makes him Hawt as hell. Then, there’s Rome Rob (damn him!) Wildly, messy, grungy hair, unshaven, clothes all rumply and askew, kinda looks like he’s been on a three day sex orgy/drunk. He has this look in his eyes like he’s about to devour you or like he is thinking about doing things that would make a ho blush and STILL manages to come off at times as adorkable and vulnerable!
Sexy Eyes and Short hair.

Lord Help Me!!!

 Come on Rob, WTF? Just weeks before Rome you looked like a very nice, handsome, polite, innocent, bashful, (and yet somehow still incredibly sexy) young man on his way to the top with the approval of every mother on earth and then you hit Rome. What did you do step off the plane and into a puddle of puberty and sex appeal? Suddenly you’ve got every woman on the planet, (whether they want to admit it or not) fantasizing about what she would like to do to you and with you. Even if they were fantasizing about you Before Rome I can pretty much guarantee those fantasies went into maximum over-drive the moment you landed in Rome. In three days you went from handsome young star to sexiest man alive! Or Mr. Sex on legs as I’ve heard just recently.
 Even when you left Rome and your appearance changed yet again, you somehow managed to keep that very alluring, sex eyes, sexy pout, (full of forbidden promises) sex appeal and you’ve carried it with you ever since. The really Terriffic and amazing part about the whole damn scenario is that you seem completely unaware of it, still bashful and disbelieving when people mention it to you. Which in turn makes you all that much more appealing to the masses. You are without a doubt the most confusing, mind-boggling, nerve-racking, incredibly talented, always inspiring, undeniably sexy, continuously thrilling, stunningly, inhumanly, Beautiful man (inside and out) that I have ever encountered in my entire life. Whatever you do Rob, Don’t ever change!
Always Yours,

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