Does He Know?

Hello Everybody *waves*


As I mentioned in an earlier Blog, A video about Rob came to my attention last week (see RoBasket case below) and I went to several different blogs to hear what people were saying about it. The one thing that really caught my attention was several comments made about the way Rob looks directly into the camera and the effect it has on his fans. Someone asked, and I quote, “Do you think he knows what he’s doing when he looks directly into the camera like that? Do you think he realizes what it does to us? The effect he has on us when he does that?” The replies were instantaneous, absolute and abundantly to the positive that, “YES he knows exactly what he’s doing and he does it intentionally just to drive us wild.” end quote.
It made me smile to think that he did so intentionally but I instantly disagreed with everyone else. I didn’t think so then and I still don’t.
Pattinson Perfection

"How You Doin'?"

Many things have fascinated me over the years, among them handwriting analysis, discerning body language and basically the way the mind works in extreme circumstances. Since I don’t have a sample of his handwriting to examine (my preference of the three) that leaves me with the other two. Rob is self effacing, respectful, courteous, kind, and patient. It’s pretty obvious to everyone that Rob is easily embarrassed, bashful and shy. Yet he’s found himself, quite unexpectedly, not only in the lime-light but the very heart of a massive fan base. Not just a teenage fan base brought on by the popularity of a teen novel made into an award winning movie series but girls as young as three and, I know for a fact, women into their seventies. His fan base far exceeds anyone’s expectations or even wildest imaginations.
 Rob has been quoted as saying that he’s thought about giving up acting, that the screaming fans are frightening and sound like the gates of hell! LMAO@ that.
 I imagine 6,000 + Squeeeeing women and girls would be quite frightening. He’s also admitted he doesn’t understand the fuss over him.
Anyway, (*deep breath* *Try to concentrate* he’s so Adorable and sexy) If you watch the multitude of interviews and appearances that I have where Rob is just being himself, you see little tell-tale signs that give him away. The thumb biting, nervous and self-conscience. Blushing, Duh, embarrassed. Wringing or fidgeting with his hands, again nervous. Sucking in his cheeks trying not to laugh is a sign of his disbelief that all this is happening to him. I think as well that running his hands constantly through his hair is not Just a means to keep his hair out of his eyes (because he does it with short hair too) but an unconcious habit of protecting himself, the equivalent of crossing your arms over your chest in an uncomfortable situation.

Embarrassed and Self protective.

I wanna be that thumb!!!

Sexy? Definitely. nervous habit? more than likely.

Oh my! *help!*
Again, very sexy but intentional? Don’ think so…
The fact that he stares directly at the camera, I think, comes from his modeling. I mean in some cases that is a requirement of the shoot, right?
There are other things, believe me, I could go on and on but I won’t. In short it’s simple observation and comes down to one very simple fact: For someone to have the effect on the female population in the way that Rob does and Intentionally do something to egg them on they would have to be pretty friggin’ arrogant to do so. We all know Rob is too shy, humble and bashful to even consider that he could have that effect on people. (I’m sure he’s aware of it but he doesn’t accept it as being because of Him.) As he said in the video (he still believes) it’s the Edward character they are reacting to and not Rob Pattinson. Oh how wrong you are on that one Rob!

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