Helloooo Mr. Packer!

I’ll admit I was getting ready to bunker down for the upcoming Robdrought that was to be sure to come after the WFE extravaganza. I had Rob videos, Rob movies, pretzel M&M’s (thanks for that Rob. I’m addicted now!) and a two liter of Pepsi all ready to settle in. Buuut it looks like this Cosmopolis still was the start of another Robsplosion! This is no Twi movie and it certainly isn’t Summit Entertainment.

What a profile!

I have not read Cosmopolis. I tried but couldn’t get into it, British Chick Lit sounded much more appealing. I read novels, I just finished Jane Austen’s Persuasion, but this book was not my cuppa tea. Then I saw these…

Packinson knows how to smoulder

Lovin the lips!

And they just keep on coming!

I’m a little more interested in what goes on inside that limo now! I’m going to try it again. For some reason these Robvisuals always make for much more pleasant reading! Hopefully I’ll make it past the first few pages this time!


Did you guys read Cosmopolis? What did you think of it? What unspoilerish(?) things are you looking forward to?


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One response to “Helloooo Mr. Packer!

  1. robsfuturemate

    Author’s Update: I have now resorted to eating both Pretzel and Peanutbutter M&M’s at the same time! The pretzel ones were okay but the added PB is just sooo much better! (you should try it, Rob)

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