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Last week or so the Vanity Fair article came out complete with great photos of Rob. The article was very disturbing and had most fans upset and worried about Rob’s well-being. With all the upset over the treatment of Rob and celebrities in general by the paparazzi and the crazed fans who stalk him/them I was reminded of Princess Diana’s death and the way the paps surrounded and hounded her the night she died. Specifically the way they had followed the princess into the tunnel taking pictures and blinding them with the flash from the cameras.
I went off on a rant about how this treatment just wasn’t right and that something needed to be done about it. Trust me, if you think I’m exagerating the issue look up some clips on YouTube about how Robert gets mauled or mobbed by fans and Paparazzi in airports, film sets, hotel rooms. Check out the VF article for yourself. Please Don’t just take my word for it (or just doubt me on it either.) These videos and articles could say it in seconds better than I could in months. The videos are shocking and painful to watch if you care at all about Rob or any other celebrity. (I’ll post some links to them at the end of this blog.)Well, I’ve already had my rant over this topic (I’ll spare you from going over it again). You can find a copy of my rant in the blog before this one called “For Rob” Or you can see the original
At any rate I said in my rant I was looking into writing a petition to stop the paparazzi from being able to hound and stalk, loiter, lie in wait for, and otherwise harass any and all Celebrities. The same thing should also apply to the fans. They should not be allowed to stand outside of film sets, hotel rooms, airports or restaurants etc. and scream continuously. The only time these actions should be allowed or tolerated is during Scheduled public events held “In The Light of Day,” such as red carpet event, news conferences, awards shows, Premier etc.
Well, if I am nothing else, I am a woman who stands by her word. I not only looked into writing the petition, I have written it and published it. I never claimed to be a petition writer and if you see a problem with the way it is written I can edit it still. I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to check it out and sign it. I’m sure Rob and all celebrities in general would thank you as well. If you have a site of your own, a Facebook page, twitter account, link’d in account, or blog, whatever, Please post a link to The Pattinson Petition and help us achieve our goal of making a new law against the stalking and harassment of celebrities.
Under Assault

Show Some Respect!!!

Being accosted

Back off!!

 You really have to adore Robert at this point. Surely all these screaming, overzealous, pushy fans are over whelming, Dean and the other Bodyguards wind up screaming at and pushing these “fans” *coughlunaticscough* away because they get dangerously over eager and what does Rob do? He keeps walking and tries to keep smiling but you can tell it is starting to stress him out. (see video link below) The Pattinson Petition. Maggie was Kind enough to make a video For the petition and you can find that video on the bottom of the Petition, Please check it out!! Peace For Rob Corps blog site

Stalking: This has to STOP!
Being Followed.
This should be AGAINST THE LAW!!!
There are thousands more videos. If you doubt The Pattinson Petition’s need then please research this for yourself and give it some thought. I’m sure you’ll see for yourself these acts should be considered stalking and harassing with the intent to cause Physical, mental and/or emotional harm. These acts should be considered illegal and punishable by law.
Thank you for reading this and *hopefully* Signing the Petition.

P.S. I’d like to thank the other two-thirds of the “trifecta” of sanity that day for getting us this far, Maggie and TheMissMod. Mwah Girls! :)



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  1. ❤ Sadly the sigs haven't moved all that much, so I'm thinking we should do the rounds again on FB. Where there's a will, there's a way! Speaking of ways…LOVE the new site by the way! ;D xxx

    • Peek a Boo! You Found Me! LOL Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Just pop a link out once a month or so. But I don’t expect it will move much unless Rob starts having troubles again. (God forbid) But we will know it’s there and pass it around whenn we need to.

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