Rob being, well…Rob!

Howdy Ya'll


The Ellen Show ~April 20, 2011

While in his dressing room, Robert Pattinson grabbed a camera and recorded himself enjoying a quick snack.

Why did I post this, you might ask?  It just popped into my head today and I decided it should not be lost among the gazillion photos and videos made during the world wide WFE promo tour.

This is Rob being, well…Rob!  He filmed himself!  I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before (if you have, I wanna see it).

Doesn’t he have the prettiest eyes?

Don’t you just love those soft, twisty lips?

Isn’t that the most adorkable little grunt at the end?

Don’t get me wrong.  I f*ckin’ LOVE Rob on the red carpet, in photo shoots, on film, or just out and about.  Dressed up or dressed down, makes no difference to me.  I love it all.

But this?  This is 100% natural Rob – what’s not to love?

Hope you liked my very first post!




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18 responses to “Rob being, well…Rob!

  1. My honest opinion? Best 17 seconds of my life 😛 And dat’s de truf *maniacal giggle*
    He actually is stupefyingly handsome <—- I don't think that's even a word! Oh well, it is now, because I said so! XD
    Golly, gee, damn I could watch that all day! But I won't………..*shifty eyes*
    The man is just pure WIN. FACT xxx

    • Congratulations on your first post RITA Darlin!!! woo hooo!!! You Not a VIRG any more!!!!

      IT IS A WORD, IT IS!! lol you’ll be watching this for hours!! go on, fess up!!! *snicker*
      The MAN is just Inspiring all the way around.

      *whispers* (2,200 words and counting) *runs away*

      • I have a confession to make…..I showed Mama Mod and she was like “………huh?” So I just huddled up here with the laptop, turned the old headphones up to maximum volume and indulged in the audiovisual delights of this video for the third time hehe :’D

  2. I love that clip. It sounds as though he is eating a breakfast cereal!

  3. dazzledbyrp

    I FLOVE, FLOVE, FLOVE this video. It’s one of my favorite things that I’ve ever seen about Rob. I could watch it forever. I especially love that he made it. I always picture him actually doing it. It’s hilarious. It makes him SO REAL. And his eyes look stunning in it. The sound effects, yummm. Hell, I say Acadamy Award nomination for best documentary short.

    Great idea for your first post, bb. BRAVA!!!

  4. rita01tx

    You guuys! *blushing*
    You know, you really shouldn’t encourage me – no telllin’ what I’m liable to post next *snicker*

    • BWAHAHAHA!!! Get her girls!!! i’ve been a tellin her and tellin her she was good and funny…now maybe she’ll listen to me!!! (she’s also pretty damn pervy!!!) Welcome Home Darlin’!!!

      • dazzledbyrp

        Funny AND pervy??? Well, my dear Rita, you have found your soulsisters at Rob Attack!. The funniet, perviest women I know (especially when it’s about the deliciious Mr. RP.)

  5. dazzledbyrp

    pssst – moderators: I still can’t see what I’m typing here. (Note all the typos in my last post). I’m still looking at dark gray on black. Justsoyaknow!

    • Psst….not sure if we can do anything about that one BB! i think it’s a change that’s been made by WordPress it’s self. Go to RAoR and see if it’s the same for you there cause it is for me!!!! try to lighten your screen by holding down the “Fn” button on your keyboard and pushing your right arrow. It works for me!!!

    • I can’t find anything to change the font color for the comments, but, for me, this is in white, so I can see everything fine – I wonder if anyone else is having this problem?! I’ll keep looking though….

      • robsfuturemate

        When I type my comments it’s in a gray box with a lighter gray font. Also hard to see. I’m using IE, maybe I’ll try Firefox and see if there’s a difference.

  6. robsfuturemate

    Congrats Rita!!!! That was a beautiful first post! Of course it’s beautiful, it has an upclose and personal and uninhibited ROB in it!!!

    The eyes, the eyelashes, the chin, the lips (can’t see em but the chin movement tells you something goodsgoing on there), the noises…IT IS A TOTAL WIN!!!!

  7. Yeah rita, so excited to see that you finally popped your RA Post Cherry! 😉 A perfect first post! I flove that video, I LMFAO again & again; he is just so damn adorkable!

  8. robsfuturemate

    Aha! Firefox has white font in the gray box…much better!!

    Mags, what internet server are you using? (if that’s not the correct lingo, whatev, you know what I mean!)

  9. dazzledbyrp

    I think internet explorer. Where do I look to find out? I’m at home now and it’s white on gray. I was at work before when I was having the problem.

  10. ilovealion

    I’m a little late to the party…but I love love love this little snippet of our adorkable Precious. I may or may not have watched it repeatedly 😉

    First time–couldn’t take my eyes off of his beautiful eyes.

    Second time–couldn’t take my eyes off of his bendy thumb.

    Third time—bendy thumb again.

    Fourth, Fifth, Sixth–lips lips lips

    Seventh–chewing and grunt.

    Feel free to post more. Loved it, sweets.

    • rita01tx

      Well hey there ilovealion darlin’, it’s never too late to join the fun on RFT’s fab new website. Glad you liked our Rob being his sweet, adorkable self.

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