One. More. Birthday.

Apparently yesterday was Edward Cullen’s birthday. I’m not usually one to celebrate a fictional character’s birthday (unless it gets me something. Like being able to see Eclipse in the theaters again because it’s Bella Swan’s birthday.) But since we’re on a birthday roll here at Rob Attack I figured, why not! And oh yeah, the main reason to celebrate a fictional vampire’s 110th birthday…more time to ogle Rob!!! And since this is how  most of us fell for Rob  in the first place, let’s go back and relive some of our fondest Edward Cullen moments.

First up is this amazing video of all my favorite Robward moments by the lovely and talented Biel.

Are you still alive? Was anyone else turned on by the last bit? (Yes, I managed to keep it Edward/Bella ,NOT R/K!!)

Here’s Robward playing the piano..GAH, the fingers!! Yes, this is more Rob than Edward which is why it’s my favorite version but he’s wearing Edward’s clothes. So it works for today 😉

And people are still making birthday videos for his 110th birthday! How long do you think that will last…FOREVER??

This isn’t the best video but it has a little of everything and the music montage ROCKS!!

So Happy Birthday Edward Cullen!

and thanks for giving us some more Rob time!

Love, all of us at Rob Attack

What were some of your favorite Robward moments? The slo-mo walk, the delicious smirk, the fight training, the baseball scene, the piano playing…SOMEBODY STOP ME, I could go on and on!!



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10 responses to “One. More. Birthday.

  1. I fell for Edward/Rob during the high school lab scene. His violent reaction to Bella’s odor was both ridiculous and endearing. I knew then and there that Rob and Edward were one, but not the same, and fell for both of them. Realized later that Edward was not my type. Rob on the other hand…too much my type. And here I am now.

    • robsfuturemate

      That Bio scene always makes me laugh! I can see Cougwicke saying “Gives us more Rob. Take a bigger breath! Feel her scent coming towards you.” I bet now Rob would be like ” no way. I feel like Edward would be more like this…”

  2. rita01tx

    Oh yeah! That black GLARE got me too BA darlin’. What got my curious up in the first place was the first movie poster. I was all WTF? Red eyes? Who is that gorgeous guy and what the hell is Twilight. Bought the books – read ’em all ’bout a zillion times – and THEN….*gasp*…Rob (uh, I mean Edward) walks in smirking his Edward smirk – then the lab glare…GAH! I had to watch the DVD a few times before I saw anything but Rob (uh, damnit, I mean Edward).

    Anyhoo, happy birthday to Edward and pleased ta meet cha!!

  3. dazzledbyrp

    Oh Edward, my Edward. Before Rob there was Edward. No fictional character has ever rocked my world like Edward. So many scenes race through my mind: The slo-mo strut. The cafeteria scene was life altering. The slow kiss on Bella’s bed in Twilight. The New Moon “kiss-off”. Biology lab. His eyes at the car crash. If I must pick only one scene, though, it has to be the striptease in Volterra. Beautiful, hot Edward…. Beautiful, hot Rob.

    • robsfuturemate

      Robward strip teases’ are alwyas a WIN!! Can’t wait for BD!!!

    • Now, I’d have to say the Kiss in the bed room when he looses it and practically throws her back against the wall!!! Epic Hawtness that is/was. Totally curled my toes and warmed a few other places Too *snickers*

      and I have to agree with ilovealion as well, that slomo walk in New Moon should come with a spontaneous panty combution warning.

  4. robsfuturemate

    Guess what I’m watching!! Well, it’s on in the background while I’m doing my homework. 🙂

    • dazzledbyrp

      Is there a hot british guy doing a striptease in a old doorway?

      • robsfuturemate

        I wish there was a hot british guy doing a striptease in MY doorway!! But no, I went with the orginial. And also realized that Rob has a big head!! Or maybe it’s just that boufant! Not that I’m complaining!!

  5. ilovealion

    If I had to choose one “Edward mooment,” it would have to be the slow-mo walk across the parkingl lot in NM. My panties melt every time i see it. fact.

    Thanks for the great videos. I need to just set it on repeat 🙂

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