Fan Fiction and Friends

Hello Everybody *waves*


My one woman PR/fan club/fanfic pimp/and Friend, Cared ( she has the right name cause she really does care alot!!!) has been Pimping my two little fics Waiting in the Twilight and The Songs of Angels everywhere she can think of. (God Bless her!) As well as doing endless work for Georgialion and Pure Revelations. She has single handedly gotten a review for Waiting in the Twilight (posted yesterday) On Southeren FanFiction and is also working towards getting a review for WIT on

Not only that but she has also worked tirelessly and endlessly and has gotten both WIT and SofA nominated for several awards which are as follows:

Award Nominations:
The Shimmer Awards…

Waiting In The Twilight: Adonis Award (Best Use of Edward) & Fragile Award (Best All Human)

Songs of Angels: Feather Award ( Best Fluff).
(These nominations are not showing yet)

 Everlasting Twilight Awards:

Waiting in the Twilight, for the Best Humor Award

Eternity Awards:
Waiting in the Twilight: The Emmitt Award for best humor
The Songs of Angels: The Forks Award for best bella moment
The Songs of Angels: The Monterry Award for best Jasper and Alice

She has also nominated georgialion and Pure Revelations for
The Volturi award for best Volturi 
The Alaska Award for Best Bella/Tanya Stand Off
The Sunset Award for Best Collaboration

Now several months ago I said I would not do any self pimping… however, After all of Cared’s hard work, in getting these stories noticed, read and reviewed, and nominatied against Huge Stories, her Love for fan Fiction and Our stories imparticular and all the many things she has done I think she needs a HUGE round of Applause and HUGS from her sistas and Please  Don’t let her hard work and love of Fan Fiction go unnoticed leave her some Love. Go, check out these sites and (even if you don’t vote for my stories) vote for the Fic that YOU love!
Thank You Cared!!! For all that you have done for me! and Thanks too for being such a Great Friend!!! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}



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20 responses to “Fan Fiction and Friends

  1. rita01tx

    Way to go, Cared! *whistles* *applause* – are you a PR manager in RL? If not, maybe you should be!

    • WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA…..HOLD THE PHONE!!! You got nommed (haha)?!! BOUT BLOODY TIME!!! WAY TO GO CARED!!!…..sorry for the shouty caps but it’s just SO EXCITING!!! You deserve it love!!! xxx

      • Yes I did thanks to my Buddy up there!! Of Course I’d settle to let Rob Nom Nom NOm on me all he wants instead! LOL but since that is highly unlikely … Vote for Me BBEz!!!LOl I’m shameless I know! It’s all Rob’s Fault!!! Thanks Darlin’!! Mwah!xxx

  2. dazzledbyrp

    Whoot! Whoot! Whoot!

  3. ilovealion

    I’m a little late getting over here, but I can’t agree with you more. Cared IS a one woman PR firm for both our fics… (and I mean PR as in Public Relations, not Pure Revelations).

    She is one awesome lady and I heart her hard. I teasingly call her my Twific Twin. We are separated by thousands of miles (and the Atlantic Ocean), but we have formed a friendship that I truly cherish. I don’t have a blog of my own to toot a horn for her, so I’m glad you have done it here. I always recognize her in my A/Ns, but I’m not sure if people actually read those 😉

    Thanks DDD/RobsFantasy for recognizing Cared AND for supporting Pure Revelations. Our story would not be as successful as it is without the wonderful words/reviews/recs of our fanfic friends.

    You ROCK–and I can’t wait for the next chapter of Waiting in the Twilight.

    *holds up a glass of brew* Here’s to cared. She’s one awesome Twichick.

    Deanna (ilovealion) EPOV of Pure Revelations by georgialion

    • Oh It was my Pleasure! Cared Totes Deseres this and More!! Sorry I missed this b4! Dang I’m falling behind everywhere. Thanks for the lovely compliment BB! YOU and Your fic have not been forgotten! (Ask TMM, It may take me awhile but I WILL be there eventually to finish your story!! imma stubborn that way. RL gets in my way but it NEVER stops me!)

  4. Thank you ladies for saying such nice things about me. You know I love your stories and am delighted when I find the opportunity to pimp your work. I derive great pleasure from reading fanfic and am more than happy to help promote some love for my favourite authors. It is I who should be thanking you instead.
    Ritao1tx I am not in PR lol.
    My user name is a combination of my name and that of my favourite fictional man. I wonder who?
    Cared X

  5. Wow, that is incredible news RF! Congrats hun, you know I flove you hard & will support these Nominations all the way!! xo MC

  6. robsfuturemate

    Congrats you guys! That is awesome news 🙂 You guys ROCK!!

    Sorry I’m a little late in the well wishes but I’ve been on a mini vacay from Hell!

  7. Hi all! Just thought I’d drop by today and see how you are – been busy staring at RobPorn and eating cake since it’s my birthday LOL so all in all not a bad day ;D Hope everyone has a good day! xxx

  8. Haha! Oh woman you are a real hoot! :’D x

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