Curing the Wednesday Blues

Hello Ladies! Sorry for the late posting but I just got back from my mini vacay from Hell, I mean Vegas. I originally was going to write a cute little story about my road trip and add in some Brit Pack road trip antics. But after spending over 12 hours sitting in the sun, wind and heat when our car broke down yet again, I don’t really feel like doing that.

So what to post when you feel like crap, had an exhausting day and just want to veg all day in front of the computer? Well, I tried to catch up on what Robstuff  I missed in three days and this is what I found. The red pants made a comeback, along with the beanie. Rob gets pied in the face on the set of Cosmopolis. Some lucky, lucky bit  girls get to meet Rob himself (yep, still bitter about my WFE set adventure, Rob.) And some leaked BD pics that I never saw appeared. But what to post? I opened my email and was treated with a lovely surprise…a video made especially for me!! Over on one of our favorite sites Letters to Rob, natteringyeahrobber and I talked about starting a Rob preschool and she came up with a wonderful Rob Alphabet. Once again, the very talented Maggie took that idea and created a wonderful educational video to go along with it.

So here it is. Enjoy! You may have to watch it a few times to get the entire alphabet, oh darn! (I think I may have blacked out somewhere during the second set! 😉 )


Well that made my day a WHOLE lot better! Hope it helps yours!




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5 responses to “Curing the Wednesday Blues

  1. OMG! ROTFLMAO!!!! Super Hawt Pics guys!!! Woot woot!! You guys slay me!!!
    Thanks for the heads Up Maggie LOL I’ve been super busy the last 4 days!

  2. kristensbestie

    I am still enjoying watching this video! It needed to be shared with the world. And as far as Vegas goes, well I’ll just say that it is not my vacation choice. I have to go every year for a conference. Once is enough.

  3. dazzledbyrp

    Thanks for posting the video here. I had so much fun thinking up adjectives about The Pretty and matching them with hot photos. I swear, that man should have his own (sex) dictionary.

    Sorry Vegas wasn’t so much fun. At least you got out of Dodge!!!

  4. robsfuturemate

    The one thing I did learn (or remember) is that Vegas is not my destination choice. I hate watching my money go down the drain. I just keep thinking what I could do with that money! But I had good friends there that helped make it better 🙂

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