Just for Shizz and Giggles…

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies! 🙂
We are doing our best to keep you ladies Distracted, … err entertained while we work the bugs out of the system here.
One day while surfing for my daily dose of Rob Porn, I accidentally hit the zoom button and only saw a portion of Robs head when the page loaded. Even though I only saw a small amount of his hair I recognized the picture instantly. This gave me an idea for something fun to do.

So I thought We could play a little game for now that I like to call “Pick the Pic!”  This is a great way for everyone to share their personal collections of the pretty.

I’ll give you a glimpse of a specific photo of Rob and all you have to do is try to find The EXACT Picture and post it down below… I am the ONLY person who knows EXACTLY which pic I am using and I have it tucked away in a folder to add into the post once the correct picture has been found by you lovely ladies. I will also add in the winners name on the post as soon as I see the correct picture posted.
I will Not use manips. I will only use actual photos taken of The Pretty from Public appearances or photo shoots or stills from his movies. Since all comments are dated and time stamped, the first person to guess it correctly wins! What do you Win? Well, Bragging rights for being the Biggest Pattin Picture hOOr of all time (?) *LOL*
And maybe if you guys enjoy this and find it challenging enough (and if you don’t that’s ok too!) I will see if I can get one of our very talented Pattin~artist to make up a special prize for the first person to correctly guess 10 pictures. (any artist/blinkie makers/wallpapermakers out there willing to take me up on this and provide the prize?)
Now, due to my limited know-how of PS I can only crop the photo and paste it as whatever size it  happens to be after croping so the picture will be very small but this should only make it a little more interesting.
 We will start with an easy one for the first time.
Ok are you ready? Here we go…Pick the Pic…
Find the rest of me!

Where have I seen this face before?

Enjoy digging through your “Porn Portfolios” and feel free to post any particularly HAWT photos that strike your fancy even if it has nothing to do with the above picture.
Much Love to you all,

Update!! Maggie / dazzledbyRP  Wins!!!!



OH Maggie, I KNEW you'd find me!!!



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52 responses to “Just for Shizz and Giggles…

    • rita01tx

      Holy shit, Maggie! First comment and you get it right? You so totally rock! I never would have got it and I thought I had every photo of The Pretty burned into my bwainz!!

  1. dazzledbyrp

    Well, I found it, now if I can just figure out how to correctly post it. I don’t think it came through. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. YES Maggie YOU Win This ROUND!!!! LOL Damn girl You is Fast!!!!

  3. Congratulations MAGGIE!!! You RAWK!!!

    Since Maggie just blew this post right out of the water…. *Cheers Loudly for your picture hOOring perfection!!!* and since i thought this would last much longer…
    I have a question Ladies….
    1) if I post more of these at Random (so maggie doesn’t win them all *Snickers*) would you want to do this some more?

  4. dazzledbyrp

    LOL! I’m usually not so fast. It was just a fluke that I found that picture so fast. I FLOVE this idea and hope all the HooRs will be playing!!! It’s always fun to have a reason to journey through the RobPorn files!!

    And I’d love to add cropped pics, but I am totes computer challenged!!!

  5. Yes Girls It is from the remember me Premeier!! Sofa King Hawt!!! Tybert *SIGH*

  6. ilovealion

    I would not have gotten that! You guys continue to amaze me with your hot pics of the Precious that I have never seen. thanks for keeping me up up to my ears in Robporn.

    Congrats, Maggie.

  7. Good morning ladies! I was busy yesterday enhancing photos of Rob at the WFE premiere in London…OMG he was so so so hot that night… so many wonderful photos…WFE RobLondon will go down in history as one of my favorites… example below…
    WARNING…your heart may stop beating for a while… js

  8. *Cries* I’M LATE!!! *Shifty eyes* maybe I’m pregnant with Rob’s child. Oh that was a crap joke. Such a cheap shot *slaps self* I would LOVE to do more of these!!! Give us a chance, eh Maggie?! ;P

  9. Oh it would have taken me awhile on that one. It was not a fav premier of mine. But I will post a few of that time, I did lick and save.

    Congrats speed demon…. 🙂



    lord help me…the manfur…in HQ

  10. haystackhair

    LMAO tmm!! I’m late too! The puzzle was solved before I even read the post!

  11. haystackhair

    BTW, did you guys see Fold Your Wings updated yesterday? it’s epic as always.

    • Yes I read it last night. A month of waiting and another cliffy….

      • haystackhair

        IKR??? I’m dying to see where this is going and what happened to Edward and his daughter!!!! She needs to update more often!!!!Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssseeeee?IKR??? I’m dying to see where this is going and what happened to Edward and his daughter!!!! She needs to update more often!!!!Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssseeeee?

  12. haystackhair

    OK rdm, you have killed me DED.

    • Yes – cause you are responding to my pics and it says my comment is waiting for moderation still after 5-6 hrs. can you see the 7 pics I posted?

      • haystackhair

        yes I can see them, and I thank you profusely for them!!!!

      • *throws a gremlin she found in the mechanics out through the back door and gives him the boot!*

        Sorry BBez. We’s still trying to get at all those gremlins in the back roomtossed out on their back sides but they is sneaky little buggers. The comment was moderated and approved by me but i don’t know why it didn’t appear for so long!

  13. haystackhair

    Hey, that post up there was supposed to be down here after the pics.

  14. haystackhair

    WTF??? LOL

  15. jolori54

    well that was quick I didn’t even make it here on time to play and I knew the photo too!!! LOL I would love to play this game it entertains me 🙂 and I love closeups and guessin where they came from!! In fact I’m gonna share one and see if you all could figure it out I’ll try and start easy…..

    • rita01tx

      OK, I don’t have the EXACT photo but it’s got to be from the Twilight Mexico City Tour 2008. The curl of hair on his forehead matches – this is the closest I can come (twss)!

    • Hi Jolori! I think I found it. Am I right? 🙂 ❤

      • jolori54

        rita yeah bb you were in the right time frame, but you RCC got the photo!!! and it’s great to see you here! {{hugs}} to you both and thanks for guessing! 🙂

  16. Hi RF! What a great & fun post idea! 🙂 I can imagine future posts! Identify the scruff, hair … soooo many possibilities. RobBodyPorn FTW! ❤

    I was going to guess it was from the RM UK premiere because of the lighting. I remembered how Rob's face was brighter in most pics. That was the clue for me.

    @ Maggie / dazzledbyRP … Congrats! You sure know your RobPorn! LOL 🙂

    • dazzledbyrp

      Thanks. I do know my stuff (Or, should I say Rob’s Stuff). It’s just that I have so much of it, I can’t always find it when I need it!!! And I’m ALWAYS in need of Rob’s Stuff {{wink, wink}}

      • LOL 🙂 I have over 6,900 pics (excluding the WFE promo ones … behind on my RC+S) in 152 folders/sub-folders #normal

        • dazzledbyrp

          Totally normal.

          I’m afraid to add up how many pics I have . I started making some sub-folders a few months ago and now that’s getting out of control. PLUS, I like to make enhancements, so, on top of everthing else, there will be like pic “2117” and then “2117a” then 2117b”, etc./

          Totally normal. I’m sure of it.

  17. roxiesmom2009

    *waves* at all the hoors!! I haven’t had a chance to post much as I ‘ve been traveling….first for pleasure (San Fransisco LOVE) and now St. Louis for a work conference…not so much fun…too fricking HOT…you guise are killing me with all the beautiful pics today! And I have to give another thanks to Robs-Fantasy for bringing us back together! I feel like I”m home again! Mwah ladies and laters!

  18. @ Jolori, Hey BB, I followed you link and browsed through your wall papers. You’ve got mad skills BB!! I always knew that but I licked clicked and saved bunches! if you haven’t checked out Jolori’s work, You REALLY Should!!! Just go, check it out Now! :)http://creationsbyjules.wordpress.com/2010/11/06/robert-pattinson-autumnfall-desktop/

    @ Roxie’s mom, Oh no, girl, Thank you all for filling up the “rooms” of My empty “house”.

    • jolori54

      hey dear uhhhh *confused* well I don’t think I ever posted a link to my work, the one you have is for Jules she is a great artist as well I love her stuff but nope it’s not mine….you all should totally check her work out though!!!!

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