Rob being, well…a man!

As we all know (and love), Rob is a consumate gentleman. But eeeevery now and again, he gets caught being, well, a man!

Eyes down...not gonna look...crap!

He tries really hard not to look, but he’s so tall. It’s not his fault that he sometimes gets an unobstructed view that no red-blooded man could resist!

Just a quick peek...she'll never know!

It’s even harder when fans get too up close and personal…

Help! Somebody...anybody!

But then…BUSTED!

What can I say...I'm a Man

Oh, yes he is!



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66 responses to “Rob being, well…a man!

  1. Rita what a perfect post to give us a laugh on our first lonely Sinday morning. My favourite picture is the “Busted” one. LMAO

    Do you remember when asked by a fan at a signing event, “what can I do to get your attention”, he replied “take off your clothes” and then he was terrified that she was going to do it, security swiftly moved her along!

  2. newyorkkisses

    LMAO, this post is awesome, Rita! Awww, we all know that Rob’s a true gentleman and that’s why I find it so cute when he’s caught sneaking a peek. Never comes off as sleazy with him. 😉
    @Cared: I remember the talkshow in which he talked about this. He seemed genuinely shocked at the consequences of his no-filter comment. 🙂
    But we all know that Rob’s an ass man, too. That stare and smirk from the Japan press conference for New Moon, when he walks on stage behind Kristen and his eyes are glued to her behind? Veeery subtle… 😉

  3. ROTFLMAO!!! No wonder I FLOVE You Hard BB!!! MMMWah!!! Oh I had to add this, I thought of it instantly!!!

  4. I love love love that Rob is such a man and that there’s nothing of the metrosexual male about him – remember that gif of him giving Kristen’s arse a good once over as they came out on stage in Japan? That always amuses me. And, as you quite rightly point out, because he’s so tall and most of his leading ladies are pretty diminutive, when he looks down at them in their posh frocks he usually gets a very nice eyeful – how can he resist?! We know how much he likes the ladies, it’s one of the things that makes him so lovable, attractive and sexy, the fact that he clearly loves women and enjoys their company, which is often the case with men who are brought up with older sisters and no brothers.

    • newyorkkisses

      LOL, Fluffy, great h00r-minds think alike! I mentioned the same gif in my post, not a moment one can forget easily! 😉

    • blackstar*

      Lol – Fluffy, that is exactly what I thought of!
      Now, do you reckon you could put a fellow PH out of her misery?? I know it’s not Sinday on RAOR, but I really need help with finding a fic and I thought you might be able to help??? Should I give you a rundown of what I can remember??
      Okay, Bella is found by Edward in the forest during a lion attack and she hits her head. He takes her back to his home and during the course of the story, discovers that this is not her first head injury, which puts her in even further danger. Basically, Bella has been searching for Edward (whom she has never met) and Alice informs him that it could go either way, that he will either kill her or save her. It ends with Bella cutting herself to force Edward to turn her.
      If you know this story and can put me out of my misery, I can finally sleep soundly again 😉

    • Sus

      *tee-hee*…Lizzie…you hit the nail right on the head! I love it!

  5. Oh rita this post is great. I am LMFAO – damn near spit my coffee at my computer screen. And, I totes agree, he is ALL man….. & it just makes me adore him even more! Thanks for the Sunday morning 🙂 ! xx

    • rita01tx

      LMAO! RF was in a tizzy this morning about a Sunday post and asked if I had any suggestions. Well, I had seen the “busted” photo recently and it kinda stuck in my head justa percolating away.
      Hell’n I couldn’t resist! Glad you all like it!

  6. Brilliant Rita! I adore the little smirk that goes with the sneaky peek….. it’s good to be appreciated for being a woman though, hey?

    • rita01tx

      Thanks Wiltshireglo! Very glad to be a woman, although wishing I still had the kind of goods Rob would be tempted to peek at {snicker}.
      (fellow Baby Boomer *waves at sista Melbie* if she shows up today)

  7. TeamRob

    Great post rita. Fluffy is so right – Rob respects women and it shows. Except for the times when its Kristen’s ass on the line and then he just can’t help himself 😉

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, TeamRob! Just goes to show he was raised right – don’t imagine his mom or sisters tolerated any disrepect just cause he was the baby and a boy!

  8. I agree. I like seeing him take a peak. In my mind it makes him ALL MAN.
    Wonder if he has seen anything to make him to this?

    here is another good one.

  9. Love it Rita!! So true and so glad he shows his manhood (twss) every now and then. Here’s a couple more:

    Poor guy, they’re right there sayin hello!

    And this one where he tries so hard not to look

    • rita01tx

      Hi RFM!! I was looking for that first one! Poor Rob…Reese had the “girls” very prominently displayed at every premier. He was having a real hard (twss) time – LMAO.
      Dont know who that is on the second one but that’s just rude of her!

    • Sus

      Good Lord, how could he not look at those (in pic #2)! LOL!!!

  10. Sus

    I think this is really cute! There was a better one of him looking down Reese’s dress when she was wearing a blue dress! What man doesn’t look, if given the opportunity! I’m sure there’s been worse…..

  11. Hello RF & Rita … and hi to MC who I don’t know yet. Saw on RAoR that some ladies were moving in here so *drops bags* where’s my room? LOL 🙂

    Great post Rita! That’s one of the many, many things I love about Rob. He can be so shy, adorable and sweet but we know he’s all man. 😉

    When I saw the pic. of Rob & Reese in front of photographers where he’s peeking I literally LOL and said to myself “Oh Rob … you perv! Don’t ever change!”

    • rita01tx

      OMFG! Welcome RCC darlin’! Ain’t see you in a coon’s age. Come on in and make yourself right at home. You’ve missed some crazy perving this week. Check out some of the other posts – I think you’ll see a LOT of familiar h00rs! Rob will escort you to your new room as soon as the other “ladies” are done with him – which might be awhile *sigh*!

      • Hey Rita! It sure is nice to be back in the Rob world! After commenting on RAoR last week, I lost my Internet. Could only log one a few minutes here & there. It finally got fixed yesterday. I’m sure you can imagine all the Rob news waiting for me in my in box. LOL And before that RL and my “secret” Rob life collided … was on the down low for a while until it was safe. I’ll def. look around. This place looks pretty cool though. Looking forward to lots of laughter and perving. 😉 {smooches} ❤

        • rita01tx

          Awww, did you get outed BB? Honestly? If I didn’t have all you lovely h00rs and angelz to perv with, I think I’d bust a gut trying to hold all my feelings for this amazing man inside.

          • Worse Rita. I had to go on Blogger (at home an evening) to see a partner’s Web page in development (he gave me access as an “Admin” but had to give him a Gmail account). When I clicked on the Web link (e.g. activate my access) I hadn’t realized I was in my personal Gmail (I never logout) and was still logged in as RobCatCdn … clicking on profile would show all the Rob sites I follow. So I was appearing on this very professional Web site as RCC. I had to unsubscribe everywhere! The next morning had to ask him to remove me ASAP. It was the most embarrassing thing ever!

            @ Liz … it’s ok sweety. I wouldn’t have been shy to send off a few e-mails to ask around. Nice to see you! 🙂 ❤

    • Yayy, RCC, you found us. I meant to email you to let you know where we’d all gone, but I guess it doesn’t take long to sniff out all the h00rs and angelz …. this site has certainly got our juices flowing LOL!

    • Hello RCC, no I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure to “meet” you before, but we obviously share some of the same “passions” & I would like to welcome you to RA! Very pleased to have you luv & I’m sure we’ll get to know each other better.
      🙂 xx MC

    • Throws confetti – Another sista found us. Wow RCC been a long time and it’s great to see you perving again. Pull up a chair. We are here for awhile.

    • Nicole

      RCC…so great to see one of the RAoR Fictionista’s here!

      Isn’t he too adorable taking peaks at the ladies!! Just shows how manly and normal he is! 🙂

      Hope to see you on when time permits.

  12. Nicole

    Nice posting Rita…I love seeing Rob being playful and doing stuff like this…LOL.

    Let us not forget that he was also caught at a Burlesque show in London looking at the ladies swinging their tassels!!

    He is ALL Man, and we wouldn’t want him to be any other way!

    • rita01tx

      Hey there Nicole darlin’! Maybe he was *ahem* researching for the clown scene in WFE *snicker*. OMFG – Rob wearing tassles was priceless.

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