Thank You Rob!

Dear Rob,

We don’t usually write you letters here, we save that for our friends at LTR, but there is something that has been on my mind for a while and this week most especially. I wanted to let you know that I owe you, big time. There is something that you’ve done for me (and a whole slew of others) and I don’t think you have any idea. No it’s not our renewed youthfulness, or our re-ignited passions, or even the fact that you single-handedly brought sexy back.  All those things are great and we are thankful for them but the thing I want to talk to you about today is FRIENDSHIP.

Roadtrip Brit Pack Style

I know how important friendship is to you. You are always supportive of your friends and they of you. You are with them whenever you can (which is probably not as much as you’d like). But do you know that YOU have inspired so many friendships? I have seen and experienced it first hand. Hundreds (probably more) have made friends with the only common bond originally being  their love for you, Robert Pattinson.

There are many types of friendships that come from being online friends. There are friends you comment with on a blog with witty banter back and forth. There are friends you swap emails with and talk about Real Life not just the man who brought you together (hey LTR gang!).  Some friends you find you have so many things in common with that even though you live on the opposite sides of the world you discover you are Kindred Spirits (yep MC, I mean you!). And finally there are friends that you find live only a few In-n-Outs away and that you can actually hang out with (Ros and Mags!).

Good Times

So, as you can see Rob,  I owe you a lot. I have made several friends all because I fell in love with you. And with the closing of RAoR, I have seen that this is the case all over the internet. You have inspired woman all over the world to become friends. Sure we don’t always agree or get along but we love each other through thick and thin. We even expand our homes when others have lost theirs. I am so thankful to get to know even more lovely ladies, who love YOU of course!

Thanks for bringing us all together,


What kind of friendship/relationships have you made because of Rob? Has anyone else had a RL meet up?


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29 responses to “Thank You Rob!

  1. Sus


    What a wonderful post! You brought up a point that I hadn’t given much thought to, and you are so, so right!

    I have made friends all over the world because of Rob, and my BFF and I are closer because of our love (and perving) of him.

    Thanks for writing this! I’m sure we all feel the same way!


  2. TeamRob

    This is all just so true – I’m from India but I feel so connected to you guys and the common factor is of coure an adorkable Brit and his irresistible fuckhawtness!

  3. dazzledbyrp

    Dear Rob:

    I can’t thank you enough for renewing my youth (check), reigniting my passions (check) and also reawakening my creative juices (check). You and your hotness have changed my life so much for the better and I wish I could give you a big hug and a kiss (and a lick and a rub and a….Oops!)

    But more than anything, I wish you knew about the freindships you’ve helped create by just being you. Women all over the world, of all different backgrounds and ages, have found soulmates through mutual love (and lust) for you. It’s a crazy, wonderful thing.

    RFM: I hope our friendship continues to grow. We’ve already had some fun times – and some REAL fun and craziness is just around the bend!!. I’ve loved getting to know you and feel like you’re a long lost soul sister. Here’s to pervin’ together on Rob for a long time to come.

    RF: Do you know that when I was having my health issues a while back, you were one of only a few people that I talked to about it? It was so wonderful to have you there – even though you’re many miles away and we’ve never met, you’re also like a soul sister (and Rob, – cause I know you’re listening, it’s all because of you, darlin’).

    Ros and Nat: You never fail to make me laugh. I’d love to get to know you better.

    Ok, Ok, I’m starting to get way too sentimental here, so I’m going to stop. Rob, if you only knew… I really hope you do and that it makes you smile.

    • I can’t wait Mags!!! It’s been wonderful to have someone to talk to about Rob that I can actually :”see” now and again!!

    • I missed this post and didn’t get a notification of it and i was totally confused as to why. I spent four hours pouring over everything in the “back room” to see if i could figure out why i missed it (and now that i see this post imma really mad cause my DEAR DEAR FRIENDS probs think i ignored them which I would never do!) and i could find nothing that would explain why i was not getting the notification. Then I learned my sister had called our cable company because she kept having probs with her TV and internet and wah-la the cable guy came and said our underground cable lines were damaged and needed to be replaced. sometimes they worked and somrimes they didn’t. cables were replaced and the Mystery solved!

      MAGGIE: My dear dear GF, We hit it off from the first time I ever posted on LTR (wish i had more time to still go there) you and RFM were the very first ones to reply to me and had you two not done that I proably would have eventually walked away from this wonderful world of ROB and hoors and angels that i stumbled into several months ago. I will ALWAYS have a big ol soft spot in my heart for you! And Big ears to listen and a shoulder to cry on and a pervy mind to laugh with you!!! You helped me make videos and helped convince me to write FF and we shared many thoughts about our 50 and so so much more!!! You have helped me with so many “private RL things” and i cannot thank you enough! I Flove you GF and yes, had it not been for Rob himself we would have never “Met.”

      MC: you were my very first follower on Twitter and you make me giggle so much. I don’t comment much there but i do lurk and get the biggest kick out of you most of all! When I thought i woulld lose Rob Attack all together YOU and RFM stepped in and helped save it and now, we have Provided a “home” for all of our fellow SISTAS/hOOrs/Angels. What more could a friend ask for?

      RFM: What can I say? you were there when I met Maggie and joined in the giggles, you stepped in just as i was beginning to loose hope for Rob Attack and offered to help me out. And every day I get to learn more about you and i think you are a living Doll! one of the sweetest women I know and I am so glad to have you and MC as a friend on OUR site!!

      Cared: You started out as a reader for WIT made one comment that i replied to and have become a dear dear friend in RL! I love hearing from youThough we have never met and don’t even live in the same country! You are the best pr agent a girl ever had!!!! I Love seeing all the wonderful things you send me in your e-mails and talking to you about “things” Thanks for teaching me a new language! 🙂

      TMM: Oh Chicka!! You make me giggle so much and it was your gentle nudging along with Maggie that got me addicted to writing FF and constanly encouraging me all the time until I finally built up enough Courage to hit that submit button and post ch 1 of WIT! now I have so many ideas i can’t write fast enough!! Your e-mails are one of the highliughts of my days! (All the e-mails from all you girls are!) Thanks for all the quickies BB LOL!!

      Nicole: BB, You know me well and you know how I feel without me having to say it so you probably already know imma close to tears right now so…you know….*sniffle sniffle* Your long and caring E-mails were so wonderful and I thank you for every one of them! You Knew when RAoR shut down I would be devastated to lose all those wonderful wonderful ladies who mean so much to me. I have no doubt in my mind it was your influence that helped to bring them all here! and yes damn it imma crying!! LOL and so very grateful. I Look around this “house” and see them all here and I smile a smile that doesn’t just go from ear to ear but all the way to the depths of my heart!

      And Rita…OMG…Gurrrlll…What would I do without you as my editor and friend?? we may be techtards for the rest of our lives but the great part is, we will be techtards together! LOL

      There is alot more i could have said, alot i did not say and each and everyone of you know how very special and precious your friendship has been and always will be to me. you are not just online friends you are my RL, one of a kind, none bettter, best friends and I FLOVE YOU ALL HARD!!! {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}

      Thank you! Thank You all for Everything and of course Thank YOU Rob!!!

      • What can I add Kim, you have said it all. It’s thanks to Rob and let’s not forget Edward, that I have made so many wonderful like minded friends of all ages, spread all over the globe.

        Not to split hairs but it was SofA, when I was slagging Carlisle’s Irish accent LOL. I can’t wait to hear him again.

      • *Hugs Kim and raises glass* Here, here! Sorry to keep that short but if I go on then I’ll ramble, and nobody wants that LOL! It’s been great meeting new people through Rob, and emailing you has been (and still is) EPIC! XD LONG LIVE THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELLING PATTZ! *Snicker*

      • RF, you are so sweet and no need to apologize my friend!! Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to write what’s on my mind about this wonderful man (even when no one read them)! It has been so great getting to know you and I am glad that we have RA to help us become even better friends. Love ya too ❤

      • rita01tx

        Well hell, darlin’! It’s half past time to go to bed but I was looking for inspiration for AFM and here you are gettin’ all warm and fuzzy on us!
        (Can’t believe I’m only seeing this now). You caught me up just like you did Cared. I commented on something in WIT and you replied and the rest is history (in the making) LOL.
        I’m so pleased be part of the Sistahood of RobH00rs (I ain’t no angel) and it’s all on you darlin’!!

  4. I will resist the urge to burst into Dionne Warwick here, and will instead ask The Rembrandts to say what I would like to say to all the friends I have made over this ‘ere mystical electric box thanks to Rob:

    So Rob, if we ever meet – 1) If we get a picture, it’s going to take pride of place in my room in a nice frame 2) I’d like to say thank you for just being YOU (although I suspect I would ramble a bit before we get there) and 3) If only for a laugh…..”How you doin’?”


  5. Dear RFM, so true, so true! And these friendships have helped us in so many ways. So thanks to you, Rob!

  6. *sniff sniff & wipes tears from my eyes* My kindred RFM, this is the most heart-felt, amazing post – wow!

    I thank Rob everyday for all that he has brought to my life – many wonderful online friends, great Blogs to read, RA & my family here, but most importantly YOU! It is very true that because of Rob, I have found the most amazing kindred friend in you! Despite living so far away from each other, we have still shared so much & I flove you hard! One day (hopefully soon) we will “meet” in person & then our special friendship will be perfectly complete! 🙂 xoxo MC

  7. somanywards

    Love this post* Love you ladies* Love Rob*

  8. christa64c

    *Sigh* What can I say? Rob has brought more to my life than I thought possible. Robsfuturemate, everything you’ve so eloquently stated is true. The friendships I’ve made because of a shared admiration and devotion for Rob mean so much to me. We communicate on a daily basis and share all aspects of our lives with each other. They’re more than friends. They’re sisters. They’re members of my family whom I love and cherish.

    Thank you Rob. Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life by just being you. And thank you for bringing my new family to me when I needed them the most.

  9. Nicole

    Nice post RFM, I hadn’t had access to the Internet for a day and 1/2 or so here…*felt like pugatory not to see RobPorn and read any FF…unless I had it preloaded on my Kindle or Iphone*.

    Yes Rob is responsible for several good friendships for myself. I count that as the cherry on top of the Ice Cream! And also for RAOR where I met those friends I’m referring to.

    So yes a big thank you to Rob, for being such a kind and generous, caring soul that has put so many smiles on my face and others. What I love best about Rob is that he is genuine…not phony like so many in Hollywood are! I hope he always stays just the way he is…true to himself and for himself, first and foremost.

    “To Thine Ownself be True”…William Shakespeare (another wonderful Brit).

    • NO access to Rob!!! Yikes, glad your still alive 😉

      And now there you go again with Ice Cream and Rob…yummmm!

      Loves Rob’s humbleness from the beginning and it’s still there. He is one of a kind!!

  10. haystackhair

    This post is all kinds of win!!! So true, I found some kindred pervy spirits here for sure! So Rob, thankyou for your hotness that knows no bounds, and the friends here who have no boundries when it comes to you!!

  11. eyeonrob1

    RFM….thanks for this lovely post,bb! It’s so true….being a slightly older hoor, I’m still blown away when I stop to think about the technology behind e-mails and blogging. I’m actually having conversations with women ALL AROUND THE WORLD who are so much like me in so many ways with all of us sharing one common obsession. Sooooo cool! The strength of our friendship became so clear when RAoR ended and everyone reached out and shared contact info so we could keep the hoor pack intact. We all know how loyal Rob is to his true friends and I’m so honored to be included in this sisterhood of Robsessed ladies. FLUV YOU ALL!

    • rita01tx

      Eyeonrob1 darlin’, *fist bump*
      I too am a “slightly older hoor.” And, you know what? The amazing thing is that it matters not at all how old you are here! Women of ALL ages make up the worldwide “sisterhood of Robsessed ladies”.
      Indeed, the 5 of us here at RobAttack span several generations!
      Remember the photo of Rob in Baton Rouge holding that newborn baby girl? Her little eyes are absolutely glued to his face!

      He charms us all – from cradle to grave!

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