King Of…Rob Music!

Hello all, it’s TheMissMod again! I’m having to post this a day early as I’m off to a friend’s birthday do tomorrow! So, a little earlier than scheduled, it’s time for us to pour ourselves a Heineken and once again decide what is the undisputed King of all Rob things.
This week, we’re going to be looking at music. Now, you all know as well as I do that Rob has a voice that *clears throat and rustles papers* descended from the heavens, is a gift from the gods, is sexy yet sensitive, pained and powerful, gruff and gorgeous – the list goes on. So, when it comes to his music, the question is – which song is the definitive Rob Song?

HOWEVER, this week, we’re going to roll a little differently – not only will you be choosing the definitive song sung by the man himself, I will also be asking you to pick your own definitive song that reminds you of Rob in Part II of this week’s ‘King Of…’  here at Rob Attack!

So, let’s get to it, kittens!

Is the definitive Rob song the riveting, melancholy magic of ‘Never Think’?

Maybe it’s the raw sexiness of the SoFar Sounds session?

Or is it something else entirely?!


I’ll give you time to think about this, and we’ll return with part two of this post after these messages:

Aaaaaaaand we’re back! Welcome back to Part Two of this week’s ‘King Of…’ Saturday post with me, TheMissMod, Rob Attack’s resident Brit and fellow Rob-nut XD

This is the part where I throw you the rope and ask you, my lovelies, to pick your ultimate song from out there in the Cosmos that reminds you of Rob.

So what is your definitive Rob song from out there in the great wide musical universe? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll post mine there too, for fear of making the internet explode from too many video attachments 😛

See you next week – and remember – You’ll Never Perv Alone:

“When you walk through the storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
There’s a golden sky
And the sweet, lovely sight of Rob’s arse

Perv on, through the wind
Perv on, through the rain
Though your family might disown
Perv on, perv on, with Rob in your heart
And you’ll never perv alone
You’ll never perv alone

Perv on, perv on, with Rob in your heart
And you’ll never perv alone
You’ll never perv alone”

(Yes, I am a Liverpool fan. Sorry Rob!) Anyway, over to you!

P.S. If anyone can name the songs referenced in last week’s post, extra points for you! XD



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33 responses to “King Of…Rob Music!

  1. rita01tx

    OK, I suck at posting vids but RDMickey gave us a tip last week so here goes! My absolutely favorite Rob song is “I Was Broken.” I actually didn’t like it at first, but after listening a number of times, I found it the most passionate of all his live performances:

  2. Oh we don’t have many from him at all *chants WE WANT MORE* and I like all his work. It is hard to choose. Really. So I will pick my top 3, it is as close as I can come. I love the latest one you posted above It’s All on You.

    I also loved Never Think and I would really love to hear the rest of the song because it is my understanding there are more verses.

    But I also like this version of him at the Whiskey singing Stray Dog. I have the full version as well, but it is different than this one.

    • I would also like to have Sofar release the VID of him singing. You know they have it because of the preview they released long before. I wanna see his face, see his emotions when he singing. GAH !!!

    • jolori54

      Are you sure it’s that song and not Let Me Sign that has more verses?? I know that there is another version out there with more verses to that one but I didn’t know bout Never Think. And I love the vid you posted of Stray Dog great song! I would love to watch him play/sing and yes I wish with all my might that we get the full version from SoFar!

      • Oh yes honey you are correct. It is Let me sign with many more verses.

        I do like his live version so much better here. I dunno why. More tortured. No that is not the word. More emotional. There you go.

  3. jolori54

    how HOW can you do this to me?!?! It’s like worse than picking a favorite photo!! 👿 *ponders really really HARD…oooh shake thoughts away* uhh well I really absolutely LOVE when he gets all… just…. ugh I can’t describe it but in SoFar Sounds session(I guess it’s called All on You) when he gets all deep and louder and and *ugh mind drifting on wrong path* lets just say I love em all from the start of building up to it slow and mellow then finding the peak and hitting the climax and then coming down from that is just *le sigh* … so you choose for me! 😛

    oooh yes and the vid of Never Think *drools and whimpers* totally distracting!!! 🙂

    • Um…ok you have my mind all messed up honey. Are you talking about his singing or him having sex. Cause really….it described both.

      * Fans Self*. Nevermind me. I have read 7 chp straight of Breach. WHEWWWWWWWWW

      • jolori54

        LMAO ohh RDM I think it’s one in the same I mean I feel sooooo f*cking good after I have heard him sing and I imagine(quite often) that’s what it would be like to erm never mind…..
        ooooh and what you said about it being so emotional I totally agree with you on that it’s like he bears his soul and just lets it out through his voice and it’s downright raw and just GAH *shivers of delight*

  4. I agree that this is so hard to choose from! Rob with a guitar, singing is my biggest weakness. So instead of picking my fave I decided to post another one for you to choose from. All songs must be given their due!
    (let’s see if this works!)

    Never mind, I will keep working on the embedding. I think I missed that lesson.

  5. The MissMod – why don’t you ask me something easy, like pick which one of my four children is my favourite! If I had to, in order to save Rob’s life, then I would pick I’ll Be Your Lover Too.

  6. JenUK

    I love listening to Rob sing, always sends shivers down my spine.
    I guess, if I had to choose a favourite song, I’ll pick I Was Broken.

  7. Let Me Sign has always been my favourite – and a song that makes me think of Rob : Superstar by Jamilia. Wish somebody’d make a video to go along with it!

  8. newyorkkisses

    The first song I ever heard of him was “Never think” and I fell in love with his voice and the lyrics instantly, so I would have to go with that one as my favorite. I then starting listening to his other songs and loved those, too. I wish he’d someday record an album, but I can see why he’d be hesitant about it if he believes that people would judge him for being ‘that guy from Twilight making music now, too’ (something he said in an interview when asked about a potential album release). He also said something about not wanting to ‘sell’ it, that he makes music for himself, so as much as I’m hoping for it, I think the most were gonna get is someone’s recording of him playing in bars again sometime in the distant future, when the whole Twilight hysteria has calmed down again.

  9. jolori54

    I think this post deserves some creations…..oldies but always goodies

    wow I think I need to make a new music one 🙂

  10. eyeonrob1

    *raises cocktail glass to TMM* Cheers and thanks to you, bb, for another installment of “King of…” I must say that Let Me Sign is my favorite of the TOO FEW Rob songs out there. While I love them all, that one causes a hoorgasm every freakin time I hear it. That voice, whether he is speaking or singing, creates uncontrollable responses from me. I am such an auditory/voice/music hoor anyway and the man has me wrapped around his long (twss) gorgeous pinkie every time he opens that beautiful mouth. GAH!!!

  11. OMG this post is awesome, I can’t believe I almost missed it! Rob’s music is my life! I listen to him every day, sometimes several times a day. His voice is like a balm for the soul. It’s like it’s reaching in and caressing you from the inside, I don’t think I could ever grow tirerd of listening to him! I don’t really have a fave Rob song but if I hard to pick one it would be Let Me Sign, because I’ve liked it since before I was Robsessed. As for songs that remind me of Rob, there’s quite a few, but I would have to say NIN Closer is the main one!

  12. I’m gonna follow Jolori’s lead and also share some musical creations,
    I made these a while ago

  13. dazzledbyrp

    Songs that remind me of Rob are: Sex on Fire (Kings of Leon) and Closer (NIN). Also Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) because early in my Robsession I saw an awesome video that someone made to that song. As to favorite song sung by Rob, that’s a tough one as I love them all. I love the softness in his voice in Never Think. I could (and often do) listen to it over and over. But if I have to pick one favorite, I guess it would be I Was Broken. I love how he completely loses himself in the song and lets us peek at his soul. God I hope he makes some recordings some day.

  14. Thanks everyone! As promised, I’ll join in and give my penny’s worth ;P My vote goes to SoFar sounds because….well, I don’t know why, actually. There’s just something magnetic about his performance. The sheer power of his voice is amazing! As for songs that remind me of Rob, like a lot of you, there are many, but if I had to pick one, I would probably go with a toss up between Sam Cooke “You Send Me”, Tracey Ullmann “They Don’t Know” “All I See Is You” by Dusty Springfield (reminds me of when I tried to cool the Robsession last summer). But straight off the top of my head is a song called “Dreamin’ About You” by Annette Funicello:

    I think the song just sums us all up LOL! xxx

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