Pick the Pic 4


"Hello Everybody! *Waves*

 Well, It’s that time again. No, I didn’t forget. I’m just trying to post these completely at random so that everyone has a fair shot at it. But this time I have a toughy for you thanks to rdmickey! (Thanks Girl!) She sent me this picture and I have to say I have never ever seen this pic of the Precious before and I’m willinng to bet ya’ll wont find it in 15 minutes this time! *LOL* Of course I could be wrong! (I often am! 🙂 )You Ladies really know your Rob porn!

The results so far are

Pic #1 goes to dazzledbyRP

Pic #2 goes to deanshoneybear

Pic #3 goes to rdmickey

Remember the first one to pick 10 pics correctly wins! Ok ready?

Have you seen this pic before?

Enjoy the search girls!

Much Love to you all,
Spunkransomlover wins round 4!!!

Cop a feel much? *LOL*



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16 responses to “Pick the Pic 4

  1. Whoo Hoo! I know exactly which picture it is!

  2. Congrats SLR ! Us ole robhoors know this old pic. I figured it would be a good one to get the younger ones riled up. Lol

    • I like how you call me young! lol. I’ve been a Rob fan since Twi but never did the online thing until about a year and a half ago. What an amazing world it opened up for me!

  3. RF, just letting you know I fixed your typo on SRL’s name!! Although, Apunkransomelover woudl be a cool name 😉

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