Mr. Best Dressed!?

As you know Rob has been at the top of many “best” lists. Best Male Actor, Best Kiss, Best Performance (can I try some of these out? hehe) and another common one is Best Dressed. I agree with all of these but I do have some issues with Best Dressed. Rob in his red carpet attire, definitely. Rob during Press Junkets, most of the time. But Rob in his normal clothes, I’m not so sure. Let’s take a look at Rob’s current street clothes while he was on and off the set of Cosmopolis, shall we.

Ahh, this one’s not too shabby. The sweatshirt actually looks like it fits him!

Next we have the beanie and the red pants…should be good, right? Seriously, how does he not trip with those shoes untied?!

Here we have Rob “the fan of all cities” with a once again, a too small sweatshirt.

And last but not least Rob’s wonky sleeve roll attire.

So what do you ladies think?  Is he Mr. Best Dressed? I don’t really care what he’s wearing, he always makes it look über smexy. Buuut I think I prefer him as Mr. Best UNDressed!


So let’s see some of Rob’s Best Dressed Moments, in everyday attire of course!! Gotta make it a little difficult for the Experts out there 😉



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33 responses to “Mr. Best Dressed!?

  1. rita01tx

    I do believe your opinion on his clothing is unanimous RFM darlin’, I too love him whatever he’s wearing, from hobo to red carpet, from clean shaven to Grizzly Adams, but I can’t wait to see him in his birthday suit!
    I’m trying to think of when he was his most bare. Probably in front of the mirror in Little Ashes, but he didn’t have the hot body he does now that he’s matured, plus his hand was covering HHP (dammit).

    • rita01tx

      Found a couple of photos from the mirror scene, ummmm – yummy!

      • Your right, Rita. I would love to sse this scene redone with the maturing and the working out. I don’t think I’d cringe as much that way!!

      • Nicole

        Little Ashes was really a good movie…especially with Rob being pretty young and all.

        I wish that shot had panned down a bit more…*LMAO*, but one thing I really miss out on those shots is the hair on his chest and neck…*YUM*…it would be nice to see some AssCandy too!

  2. Sus

    Welllll…..I think he could wear a paper bag, and still look f*ckHAWT!! But, I’m with you, bb…..I’d prefer best UNdressed….nekkid, for sure!!!


    • Sus

      P.S. I keep meaning to tell you…..I friggin’ love your banner(s)…..they are awesome!

    • Nicole

      LOL Sus…I’m so with you on this ONE bb!! Gah, I’m hoping we get to see some more RobSkin in BelAmi!!! The H00Rs will be dying in the movies, and there will NOT be a DRY SEAT in the house if this really comes to pass!!

  3. dazzledbyrp

    I FLOVE these jeans. My favorite jeans in the whole world. And he always looks great in his plaid shirts.

  4. Ahh, Rob and clothes. I’m still hoping that we get a pic someday of one of the piles of clothing he must have. His collection of sweatshirts, jackets, and printed t-shirts is impressive. I got some flack for this, but I still think the red pants are hilarious. But I love that.

    • I agree about the red pants unfortunately LOL! It’s like when Matt Bellamy wore red pants…just a bit hilarious, but that’s okay! I can’t quite believe nobody has honoured the recently deceased Stoli :’) That was a great shirt. I remember seeing a graph (possibly on GraphJam) about Men’s shirts and their wearability, and apparently a man will wear a shirt that women love on him until the damn thing falls apart – Stoli, anyone?! I think he knew how much love we had for that shirt so he kept wearing it for as long as possible to please us (yeah right, but we can dream, can’t we?)! :’) But all in all, I think he does deserve best dressed because in my opinion, ‘best dressed’ doesn’t mean he blows money on designer threads to look like the hippest cat in town, oh no – to me, ‘best dressed’ means Our Rob; the man who can wear some crazy threads but still make them sexy. If you can make looking like a Hobo (the Hobang trend, The Brit Pack being the Pioneers of Hobang, as Ilike to call them) sexy, if you can wear a suit and have women falling at your feet, if you can wear ball caps, sweaters that support all the different states, if you can look good at any given time but not realise it, or fail to acknowledge it, if you can keep your Ray-Ban attired head when those aound you are going blind and sunburnt, then you’ll be a ‘best dressed’ man, my son.
      …Sorry, don’t quite know where it all went towards the end there LOL!

      • Nicole

        I totes you TMM…he could wear a burlap sack and we’d still fall at HIS feet. His Sexuality has more to do with his Prowess and Confidence…add to that being so Sexy and Good-Looking, with Charm and Brains, and it is a combination that is LETHAL to Woman the World over.

        • eyeonrob1

          Totes agree, Nicole! For the most part, I love Rob’s hobo attire. He can just grab anything out of his duffel bag and put it together and it looks so damn good on that lanky, beautiful body. I will say, though, that the red pants, beanie, and shiteous untied shoes made me say “WTF?? Have you reached the bottom of the duffel bag?” That photo was taken near the end of the Cosmopolis shoot and you KNOW he doesn’t do his laundry on a regular basis. I giggle snorted at the thought of him digging through his piles of clothing lying all over the trailer floor trying to find the least dirty/smelly things to put on. He honestly doesn’t worry about what he wears because he knows we will be staring, drooling, and right clicking all the photos we can get our hands on anyway. His clothing really takes a back seat to that gorgeous face IMHO so he can wear Barney footy pajamas and it wouldn’t matter to me.

          • LMAO!! Barny footy pajamas!!! Someone needs to manip that!

            • eyeonrob1

              BWAHAHAHAHA! Good idea! I’d do it if I wasn’t such a techtard. Have you ladies seen the pics and video coming out of Comic Con? When I first looked at them I couldn’t figure out what was up with Rob’s hair. I thought he was losing some of it. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *grabs at heart and gasps for air* But upon closer inspection, I realized it was a result of the Cosmopolis filming. He had to do the scene where his character Eric finally makes it to the barber shop for the haircut but leaves when the job is only half done. Only Rob would show up at something as big as Comic Con with his hair like that and not give it a second thought. Whatcha wanna bet that this will now become the latest in dude haircuts? He’ll probably make it to the top of the “Most Admired Hair” list with that style. LMAO!

    • That’s the thing drsaka!! He can be ridiculously dressed and I’d STILL wanna take him home! How does one do that?!

    • Nicole

      Hi drsaka…I agree with you on the Red pants! I love when he wears Red Tops, but it is a bit different to see red pants on Rob, or any guy.

      I kinda had this same sentiment with the burgundy Gucci Suit. I loved the tailoring of the Suit and all, but I truly wasn’t crazy for the color of it. I’m a GREY H00R, followed by Black, and Blue.

      Rob was able to wear the burgundy cause frankly…we’d swoon over him in ANYTHING, but it would not have been my choice to put him in that color.

      • I was not a fan of the (I call it) Cranberry suit- not good IMO. I’ll even take the plaid suit (EW WFE shoot) over the Cranberry suit (I secretly love that plaid suit- more hilarity).

  5. Nicole

    Nice Post RFM. I think Rob would look good in anything he puts on, or TAKES OFF bb!!! *I’d prefer the later….go figure huh!*

    I love Hobo Rob dearly, but I have to say bb…when he puts on
    GREY…I’m over the frigging MOON. I adore all his premiers and press from 2009….*NM NYC, RomeRob, Cannes, NM LA*…I don’t know, but it is like that year he really started coming into his own…so to speak. In NYC that GREY shirt with the Black Gucci suit and SexHAIR….*UNF <333*, and in Rome with the GREY Helmut Lang Shirt, Dark Navy Blazer, Black Jeans, and SexBoots and SexHair with Scuff….**Panties going POOF** 😉

    Here are some prime example of HHH FuckHawtness!!

  6. Nicole

    Here are some HOBO-Licious Examples…

    The Holy Grail of Hobo chic…*The Stoli, Beanie, and Sexboots*..

  7. Nicole

    I would be remiss if I didn’t throw in the SexPenders and some AssCandy….*THUD*…the first one is one of my faves.

    Here is that lovely, tight GREY suit…*HUGS in all the Right PLACES…LE SWOON*….


      • Nicole

        LMAO…Hi TMM….*Nicole picking fellow PattinAngelz-H00R up off the floor*….You and DebbieCDC go Nuts on is also her Kryptonite!

        MIne is NM NYC and RomeRob or seeing him in GREY…I loose my damn Mind when I seed any of those.

        Rob def can ROCK a Suit bb, but there is something so Frigging Masculine and SEXY when He is HOBO..GAH, just makes us want to roll around behind the Dumpster with HHH!!! **snickers…or any other place we could have HIM**… 😉

        Lest we forget HOW FUCKhaWT HHH was On the NM LA red carpet!! Case in point TMM….

        • Any more and he’ll start aggravating my heart condition! Watching Dinner Date and I’ll be honest, NM LA premiere Rob, I’d like that for dinner! *Ahem* I mean, I’d like to *take* that for dinner…..*shifty eyes*

          • Nicole

            I know what you mean bb….*ROFLMMFAO*…Oooooo, I’d love to EAT DINNER OFF OF HHH!!! Hmmm, I have Visions of Eating Spaghetti and Meatballs off of him, followed by some Tiramisu, and I must not forget I’d love to indulge in a fine Barola poured onto him too…*Licking Lips*…Sounds like a Yummy Meal to me, and then I can get to the real MAIN Course…HIM!!! *Mind is in The RobGUTTAH*.

            • *Salivates* DAMMIT NICOLE! DON’T GIVE ME IDEAS! Just about to have dinner myself, unfortunately it’s not *that* exciting 😥 If I drop my food or spill my drink, I’ll blame that vision you planted in my head LOL! Also, has anyone else’s comment notification email changed into a smaller box thing? Weird…

              • Nicole

                Okay bb…but you know that vision sounds really good! LOL…

                Yes Your post came in with a different format, but Jolori, who posted some pics below with fan pics came it the usual format????? Who knows, but at least it is still working fine!

  8. Nicole

    Here is Where I like Red on Rob…SS plaid shirt and the Red *Horse shirt*…**nice HHP shot in the red pants though….** 😉

    And for PURE, RAW, SEX….Rob in a Wifebeater…GAH…Just Kill me NOW!

  9. jolori54

    I don’t really go for pap pics(unless they are on set) so I am gonna go with some fan pics
    this right here sooo UNF

    and some ♥beardyRob♥ with some great #BLD

  10. Hmm…while I’m sure nobody can rock a suit like our man, I fluv casual Rob , with the tight tees(there should be an ode to the stoli), and the button flies, with the manties playing peekaboo on top *sighs dreamily*

  11. Great post RFM! 🙂 While I like Rob in most things he wears, I have to be honest … my favorite attire is Rob in a suit!!! SUPER YUMMY!!!

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