FanFiction Fridays – Recs #’s 8 and 9

One of my all-time favorite Twilight FanFiction stories is Fridays at Noon by, the exceptionally talented author of 7 stories,  troublefollows1017 (aka Troublefollows Edward).  This Fic has it all; not only is it very well-written, but it includes – Bella and Edward romance and angst, mystery, intrigue, and even some great comic-relief, all rolled into an intricate plot/storyline that keeps you wanting to read, non-stop, from beginning to end.

CEO, Edward Mason, is a powerful force – both professionally and personally – to be reckoned with; that is until he meets his match in waitress/teacher Bella Swan, in a Private Dining Room, at the restaurant “Eclipse”, one Friday at Noon. Both of their lives are never the same, as they bring a whole new level of meaning to a lot of pennies and nickels. *smiles*  And as we journey, with them, through all the Fridays at Noon, we watch, in awe, as they learn, love, fight and experience  life in each other’s exciting and unique worlds, while building a complex relationship.

What also makes this Fic so near and dear to my heart, is that Pennyward has not only brought me an amazing story to read, but he has also connected me with some of the most wonderful women, from around the world, in the PennyWARD’s Fridays at Noon Support Group on Facebook –  you Pennyladies! If you are interested in joining our exciting group, where you will receive friendship, lots of laughs and teasers galore, you may “Send a Message” to Troublefollows Edward on Facebook.

Summary for Fridays at Noon by  troublefollows1017 : “Edward Masen’s life intersects with Bella’s at the restaurant he dines at for lunch every Friday. He’s handsome, arrogant, and is used to avoiding love. She isn’t impressed by the things that usually have women falling at his feet. ” AH/AU.Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 32 – Words: 265,279 – Reviews: 14474 – Updated: 5-20-11 – Published: 11-5-10 – Bella & Edward – Complete

*I know many of you may have already read Fridays at Noon, but I wanted to Rec it because it’s such a great read and also, we now have a Sequel! *read below*


I also want to mention that there are 10 chapters of Fridays at Noon Outtakes   that are a must read! They are in no particular story order, but delve into EPOV, in the form of  the camping trip and his journal entries, as well as Liam and Tyler’s POVs.  They are very informative and well worth the read! 🙂 Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 10 – Words: 42,058 – Reviews: 1573 – Updated: 6-30-11 – Published: 2-21-11 – Edward & Bella


So now onto the intriguing Sequel/futuretake of  Fridays at Noon. It is called Once Upon a Saturday by troublefollows1017. It’s a fascinating Drama to read, as we venture through Daddyward’s life as he raises his beautiful daughter Faith Elizabeth Masen (aka Penny).  We also experience a variety of Edward’s flashbacks of his memories of Bella. *And that is all I am going to say on this subject….. 🙂 *

We are only 2 chapters into this Sequel, but I know that it is going to be amazing adventure. The story/plotline is captivating and I believe we will experience some very well-written Pennyward angst! In an A/N, Troublefollows Edward said, “You all asked for a sequel and here it is. Don’t hate me. I said I wouldn’t do this unless there was a story to be told. This is going to be short – 6 to 8 chapters total. It is one day in Edward’s life with flashbacks thrown in each chapter.”

It is my understanding that there have been some expressions of anxiety, surrounding this Sequel, resulting in mixed feelings/reviews; and I completely understand that we are all entitled to our own opinions, BUT IMO, we, as the readers, need to trust this exceptional author, respect her writing capabilities and just enjoy the intense ride we have always loved and enjoyed with our Pennyward!

Summary for Once Upon a Saturday by troublefollows1017: “Sequel/futuretake of Fridays at Noon. Edward loves his daughter, but he must deal with the feelings of guilt he carries with him. Edward’s Penny brought with her all the drama you’d expect from a Masen.”  Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama – Chapters: 2 – Words: 6,002 – Reviews: 633 – Updated: 7-16-11 – Published: 7-13-11 – Edward & Bella
I hope you will all enjoy these readings as much as I do! 🙂 MC


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58 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Recs #’s 8 and 9

  1. Morning Ladies! Thanks for the Recs MC!!!

  2. Hi MC and All

    Thanks for the recs MC – I loved Fridays at Noon, it will always be “up there” for me in terms of my favourite stories.. I have read the first two chapters of Once Upon a Saturday, but I will hold off for a while to read more, the suspense is killing me!

    This week, thanks to the lovely Cared, I am immersed in georgialion’s Pure Revelations.

    So far (I am 35 chapters in) I am loving this story, there is so much mystery and it keeps you reading and reading .. It is exceptionally well written and thought out, such a credit to them both. I don’t want to give too much away about the plot, but if you love a good mystery that keeps you reading for answers – you’ll love this!

    Also the other story I would like to rec this week is Drizl’s Her One in a Million – Words can’t express how much I am loving this story.. seriously I am sure I feel this Bella’s pain – the way that Drizl writes I just feel like I am right alongside her there feeling everything. Summary: On the outside Bella Swan had everything. The perfect boyfriend, the perfect job, the perfect life…But on the inside, she was miserable. It had been ten years and he still haunted her. AU/AH

    Can’t wait to hear what is owning everyone this week! Hugs to all AV oxo

    • Fridays at Noon is in MHO is a fanfic Classic. It is up there with the greats. Pennyward makes such a great Daddyward in the sequel. I have faith in TF and I hope that it is justified.

      AllyVera, I am so happy that you are enjoying Pure Revelations. It is one of those fics that just draws you in and keeps you interested. I am actually scared of snakes, but I admit to thoroughly enjoy reading about the antics of Edward’s Python. The Python is a character in his own right. LOL The weekly updates are a bonus as there is never too long to wait for your next fix. I love it for the mystery, romance, friendship and humour.

      Since I found Words with Friends here recently I have been on a Nolebucgrl roll. Everything I have read so far has been a great read.

      One of my favourite ever stories completed this week. Secrets and Lies by BellaScotia. I cannot recommend this highly enough. This is another one of those fics that has it all. The characters are well drawn and believable and Edward and Bella’s relationship is developed slowly but perfectly. I was sorry to say goodbye to them.

      Bella once told a lie. A lie that cost her everything she ever wanted. 10yrs later, she returns to her hometown to an ailing father, an angry ex-best friend, and the man from whom she has kept a secret that threatens to unravel her existence. AH OOC M

      It has been a while since I read, Between Ordinary and Extraordinary and An Education by BellaScotia, so I plan to reread these hot fics soon.

      An Education
      21yr old Bella Swan has never been kissed. When her bff and room mate Jasper moves out, player Edward Cullen moves in. How far will he go when Bella asks him to teach her about dating and sex? OOC AH M for Lemons

      Between Ordinary and Extraordinary
      Bella takes a chance when she meets famous Edward and has a weekend of great sex but what happens when it turns into more and what will her boyfriend Jacob think? COMPLETE AU AH Graphic LEMONS OOC

    • Nicole

      Hi Ally…I totes you on Drizl’s works. She is a really good writer that so few have taken the time to read or know her work, and if truth be told I have always tried to read and support all the RAoR ladies and their writings, but I really love Drizl’s stuff.

      Her One In A Million is so interesting. Part Angst with Mystery and I’m sure when the lemons start and all…they will be hot! This Edward reminds me of TATTWARD in alot of ways.Drizl’s plot and backstories on each character are always so good. I adored her FF, “Game On Baby”…I laughed so hard at all the funny shiz in that one. GOB is what helped me while I was reading “Emancipation Proclaimation”. She also writes slash and is a major member of “TeamI’dBandTheBone”, so if you don’t know of Drizl’s writings you should check her out and her other stories.

      I have PR on faves and alerts, but haven’t read just yet. It looks good though.

    • newyorkkisses

      Hey Ally! For some reason I didn’t have “Her One in a Million” on my TBR-list, it went straight on there now. And if you’re loving it, I know I will, too. And @Nicole, he reminds you of Tattward?! Hell yes, even more reason to read this fic, can never have enough Tattward…I’m just itching to re-read CW&IA again. Yum… 😉

      • Nicole

        Hi NYK,

        Yes I loved TATTWARD…don’t eat cupcakes but when I see them…it is guilt by association!!! Anything to do with Tats is always sexy and fun to read!

        I read CWAIA 2x…I could still read it again, and TMoBS!! HunterHunter did some good stories. I was sorry to see all her stuff pulled. I don’t exactly know all of the story, but I did like the stuff of hers that I read. 🙂

        PS…I think I like many need to join an FF addiction Support Group!! I also pick up real books and read those too! I’m not much on TV.

        • newyorkkisses

          Hey Nicole, then you’re one step further than me, I’m aware of my addiction (Step 1 of 12?), but I haven’t managed to step away from fic and pick up real books in 2 years. I’ve got all the BDB books on my Kindle now, though, and am planning to squeeze them in between fics, so I’m getting there. 😉 Don’t really want to fully recover from this addiction though…

          • roxiesmom2009

            Me too NYK. I recognize the addiction, but I have NO desire to stop….2 years reading FF, and I’ve read one book-at the pool (didn’t want to take the iPad out there) and I was sadly disappointed because the book (Koontz) had no smut! I can’t even read the last two Stephanie Plum novels because I want SEX between her and Ranger or her and Morelli! Argh! Ima smut hoor! And a very happy one, I might add!

            • newyorkkisses

              LMAO! That is EXACTLY my line of thought when I try to read books. I’m always thinking “ok, so when does this get to the good stuff?”, bwahaha! Guess we’re spoiled for life… 😉

        • Good mornin’ fellow h00rs, my name is Glo and I’m proud of my addiction! 😉 my drug of choice is FF- any flavour….Robward, Tattward, Nerdward, Mobward, Domward and Assward is a real treat.. In fact I’ll try any variety. Sprinkle in some smut, humour or even fluff and I’m high for days….

    • roxiesmom2009

      I FLUV both of these AllyVera! Pure Revealations is such a mystery, and Drizl’s story is total angst! Love it! Can’t wait to see what Edward does next!

    • caligirl513

      allyvera, OMG I love Drizl’s Her One in a Million. I feel bella’s pain. I think about this story all the time and I can’t wait for updates.

  3. kalaekalae

    Thank you MC… great recs 😉

  4. I loved F@N!!! And the sequel pulled me in from the very first chapter. Yes, the suspense is killing me but I HAVE to read to see what happened.

    Also, I recently joined the Pennyward Support group, What a great bunch of ladies!! They were so welcoming, I reccommend it 🙂

  5. newyorkkisses

    Hey ladies! Thank you for this post, MC. I loved “Fridays at Noon” and just read the 2 chapters of the sequel. Awww, this is bittersweet, Edward putting up a brave front for his sweet daughter, but you can tell he’s so lonely and sad inside. 😥
    This week, I finished reading all the available chapters of “Shhhhh” by RHM.
    Also read the update for “Edroar the Angry Lion” ( and wish she would update more often, I fluv this fic!
    Oh, and I read the available chapters of “All I want”, which caligirl513 rec’d here last week and I am really enjoying the plot and where this is going.
    And now I have to go find those vids from ComicCon, was only able to catch a few things last night due to time difference. And OMG, the hair?! Only Rob…. 😉 He seemed to genuinely enjoy shocking people a bit, hehe…

    • roxiesmom2009

      Thanks NYK! Added both to the never ending list. Edroar sounds good, but I will NOT read that one until it’s complete! Like 10 chapters in a year? I’ve got enough of those stories right now that are so far apart in updating, I’ve totally forgotten the story line!

      • newyorkkisses

        Hi roxiesmom! Yeah, unfortunately you’re pretty much spot-on with your estimate of 10 chapters a year. At the moment it’s 4-6 weeks between updates. I’ll make sure to let you know once it’s complete. And this one is soo worth it; one of my favorite fics at the moment.

    • Hi NYK! How are you? I think i am still breathing after seeing that Bel Ami Trailer.. God. Anyhoo, I didn’t have All I Want on my TBR list, so on it goes, if you like it, must be good! AV oxoxo

      • newyorkkisses

        It’s got a really sweet Edward in it, won’t tell you much more as I’ll give the plot away, but the 7 chapters that are up are awesome already.

  6. Nicole

    Hi MC, Great rec’s. I have read FaN and its sequel…which I’m hoping will go much better than it appears right now, but I loved FaN, so I will not assume I know what is going on with OUaS just yet.

    I’m reading so many stories right now…just a few that I’m waiting for updates on are.

    *My Viking
    *The Education of Professor Cullen
    *Quite Storm (Mafia)
    *Dear Mr. Mason
    *Unexpected Circumstances
    *Trash & Darlin’s (humor)
    *Coincidental Major
    *Shhhh (D/S)
    *Master of My Heart (D/S)
    *A May To December Romance
    *My Greatest Masterpiece (D/S)
    *My Dear Mr. Masen (Humor)
    *This Life (Mafia)
    *Switches and Subs (D/S)
    *There Will be Freedom (Mafia)
    *People Like Us (D/S)
    *In Your World (Amishward)
    *Isle de Cullen (D/S)
    *Her One In A Million
    *Dead Confederates
    *Guardian (I sure hope she continues this story!! I fluv it).
    *Outside In
    *An Acquired Taste
    *Confessions of an overworked, unpaid Peen
    *Open For Interpretation
    *The Grass Is Always Greener
    *Club Elite (D/S)
    *Waiting In The Twilight
    *Human Sexuality (ProfessorWard meets BDSM)

    I know I’m forgetting 4-5 stories, but I’m typing rather fast.

    My rec today will be…

    For The Love of Domination….*BDSM* (Same author wrote The Grass is Always Greener…brand new).

    For the Love of Domination
    Dr. Edward Cullen a 32 yr old Pediatric Neurologist, also a Dom living in Seattle. Bella Swan a 23yr old Corporate Attorney living in NYC.. Edward s in need of more.. and Bella s just in need..can a meddling Pixie bring these two together..BDSM & lemons
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Angst – Chapters: 18 – Words: 226,825 – Reviews: 555 – Updated: 6-19-11 – Published: 11-20-10 – Bella & Edward

    MC I may jump over to read that other Mafia story you rec’d to me too, but I do have a few updates to catch up on first…damn Internet has been off and on for a week or so, and is really cutting into my reading and Robporn time!! ROFL 😉

    • roxiesmom2009

      Thanks Nicole! For the Love of Domination went right on the neverending TBR list! You have so many on your list I’ve not heard of. And like you, I pray to the FF gods that The Guardian is completed someday! An update would be awesome. I’ve given up on so many stories, it’s sad…Always and Never, A Woman Scorned, Frontline, Americas Sweethearts, Hydraulic Level 5, Through the Oak Door, Company Loves Misery (I don’t think Angstgoddess will ever finish that one)…you just invest so much time reading and then nothing. I can see why some only read complete fics!

      • Nicole

        Hi RoxiesMom…Oh I had forgot about HL5…yet another I loved.

        I saw a post in April that ChampagneAnyone..aka..Ali was going to start posting again on Guardian. She said she was working on iit again..I still hope that it happens. Such a good story…it is always sad when one goes away like that one. I knew she was ill and all, so I’ve been patient. Maybe one day we’ll have a nice surprise in out inbox letting us know she is updated and plans on more.

  7. miniaturemom12

    Oh wow! Thank you!!! These sound good. Adding them to the list. And *gasp* I think I’m going to have to read the F@N sequel as a wip! I read the two posted chapters and I just have to know what’s going on.

  8. roxiesmom2009

    *waves* at the RAoR hoors! I guess we’re RA hoors now…great recs MC. I totally loved FaN, and the sequel has me in knots! I think Bella’s just on a business trip…or in the hospital after having the second bb.?? I trust her! I’m also reading one of her early stories, Pictures of You. It’s good too, but she def has improved as a writer since writing this one..

    I have to rec this story that just OWNS me right now. There is a Light by Belladonnacullen. Omfg. Edward is a 30 something fucked up rock star when he meets 18 yr old Bella. Each chapter is told in present day and the flashbacks. Kinda confusing but cool too. Something happened between her and Edward and they are no longer together…but what? We don’t know yet. And she has a 6 yr old daughter. Is it Edward’s? We don’t know, yet! Part of the time she is telling the story of how she met Edward and his band The Masens to her daughter. Reminds me of the Ryan Reynolds movie with Isla Fisher and Elizabeth Banks(?) but I can’t remember the name! You know, where he’s telling his daughter a story about how he and her mother met?? Anyway, you guys HAVE to read this story! It’s a WIP, but you won’t be sorry! I drop everything (work, lol) to read updates!

    So happy to see familiar faces here! I hope to see you guys on Twi-fic reviews oh Sinday too!

    Oh and is Rob’s hair fucked up or what?? I can’t wait to see Cosmopolis to see why the haircut was stopped! And the funny thing is, he doesn’t appear to give a shit! Love that about him!

    Mwah ladies!

    • newyorkkisses

      LOL, know what? Rob’s hair is slowly growing on me. Something completely different (even though I love his hair a bit longer) and he seems to be getting a kick out of it at the moment. 😉
      But that man grows hair like a chia pet, it will be back to its old length in no time…

    • Hey roxiesmom! Oooh – I had not heard of There is a Light – that sounds like just my sorta thing! Thanks for the rec! AV oxo

    • *waves back at Roxiesmom* mornin’ bb! I love you theory about Bella in OUaS…keepin everything crossed here too.

      TiaL sounds right up my street – haven’t heard about it before, thanks for the rec.

  9. miniaturemom12

    Hi roxiesmom! I’m gonna trust the author too…. but I like your ideas about where Bella is. I hope since the author plans on it being under 10 chapters that I can do it. I’m such an HEA snob!

  10. dazzledbyrp

    Al I have to say right now is click on this:

    The end. And goodbye, because I just died and went to heaven.

  11. Hey MC, *waves to all the happy h00rs who enjoyed the BA trailer* I’m gonna be smiling for days. YUM 😉 

    MC, great, great recs –  I floved F@N – Reading the sequel now but I am one of those holding my breath and hoping….but the writing is so damn good I can’t resist! 

    I’ve had a yearning for MobWard this week so revisited TWBB before starting the sequel, There will be Freedom..a little violent in places, but very hot! 

    There Will Be Blood by johnnyboy7 
    Edward Cullen,25,the son of a Chicago mob boss. He is second-in-command, cold and dangerous. Bella Swan,18,small town girl who has just enrolled as a freshman at Northwestern. A story about how love can survive in the cruelest of worlds.Very OCC.Rated M.
    Twilight, M, English, Romance & Crime, c49, w392k , u2/21 p7/6/10, Bella & Edward

    Also, yet again, RHM delivered some sizzlin melty goodness in Shhhh this week and Gemgirl65 owns my add with Massage Therapy! 

    Ok, I’m off to listen to Rob say Porn Star on repeat…. *DED*  

  12. caligirl513

    Does anyone have a copy of CW&IA. Half way through it it was taken down. I never got to finish it. If so my e-mail is

  13. ilovealion

    Hello to you all. I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I wanted to say THANKS to you all for talking about and sending out recs for my fic Pure Revelations. We’re 41 chapters in… and it’s about to get really really fast paced. The entire rest of the story takes place over two weeks as everything unravels around our characters.

    I can’t wait for you guys to read it as the secrets of LaVerrot are revealed.

    I have a TBR list that is epic. I can’t let myself read much while i’m writing, though. Trying to keep up a weekly posting of two chapters is time consuming. lol

    Thanks again!

    Loving RA… good to see you all again. Missing RAoR and Dee today. And I’m pretty sure it’s D’s bday. So- Happy bday, Dee.


  14. abcoolie

    Hi ladies,
    I’m late again, but here I am at work on a Sunday. What else am I going to do except catch up on fic recs?

    I loved Fridays at Noon and will get to the sequel soon. Although it sounds like a difficult read.

    This week I (finally) finished The Office. When I started it, I couldn’t handle AH. I needed my Edward to sparkle. So I went back to it and it was worth the wait!

    I then moved on to Poughkeepsie (rec’ed to me by @newyorkkisses). It was so good! The whole time I was reading I was thinking about how it would make an awesome HBO series. It wasn’t strictly ExB. There was a storyline for all of them. I always thought the same thing about CW&IA. That would be so good as a long-running show. Who can we talk to about getting that done?

    I also started Hedone Ranch and all I can say is WOW! Talk about well-written smut! There might be a story in there somewhere, but so far there are 4 chapters of hotness. The author, JenJadeEyes, also has a Tumblr for the story where she posts relevant pictures and videos.

    Am also still loving Savage’s Offiside. Something about a HSjerkward gets my heart racing.

    And Amishward…oh Amishward. I just want to put you in my pocket so I can squeeze you without my husband seeing. 🙂

    • newyorkkisses

      Wow, Pougkeepsie or CW&IA as a series would be so awesome. At Comic Con Rob again stated that he would love to film another movie with Kristen, can you imagine those two covered in tats and all?! *Ded h00rz around the world* They would make a fortune on it and it’s edgy enough for R & K to be interested in. Geez, someone needs to make this happen! 😉

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