King Of…Rob Roles!

*Shines torch and scans the internet* HELLO?? IS THERE ANYONE ALIVE OUT THERE?!!

Oh good, you’re all here! *Wipes brow* For a moment there, I thought I’d lost you!

Hello again and welcome to another edition of ‘King Of…’ with me, TheMissMod, where we discuss and decide what is the undisputed King of all Rob things. What with Rob unexpectedly thrusting himself in our faces (oo-err) via the Bel Ami trailer yesterday, I thought it would be quite apropos to set this week’s theme as Rob’s movie roles.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Rob’s filmography, so all I ask of you this week is to delve into that filmography and pick your definitive Rob role – sounds simple enough, right? Well, you’d be wrong there, kittens! There are so many good things about Rob’s movie roles that even I must admit this is a very hard one (twss) to pick!

Although the world may not have been allowed to see the true glory of Rawdy Crawley, that did not matter, as instead, what did we get? That’s right – Brave, brave Sir Robin! *Ahem* I mean, brave Cedric Diggory! He was so brave and smart and…well….gorgeous, of course.

Look how pretty he is! I think I'm going to cry :')

But of course, I’m sure many of you were drawn into the Rob Vortex by the elusive, mysterious Edward Cullen:

Never has brooding been so sexy...well, since Jimmy Dean anyway 😉

Or perhaps it was dirty, sexy Vet Jacob Jankowski that got your pulse racing?

Blimey! That's all I can say...

Other honourable mentions include; Toby Jugg (1940s Airman uniform….RAWR!), The adorably socially awkward Art, Daniel Gale (rainbow jumpers and Buddy Holly glasses never looked sexier ;P), Tyler Hawkins *sniff*,  Salvador Dali (that was one hell of a brave move, but my damn did he pull it off!) and of course, the man of the hour himself, Gorgeous Georges!

So, what do we think chickadees?? Who is the King of Rob roles? DISCUSS!!!

P.S. Feel free to ramble, shout, scream, babble and chatter on about Bel Ami in the comments too – how many of you have read the book en dehors de moi? Are you ready for the sexy, evil, sexy ways of Georges Duroy?? If you ask me (which you didn’t), this film will well and truly blow the roofs off our Uterusesessseses……Uteri? Oh hell, it’ll be HOT HOT HOT!

That’s all from me for this week folks, see you next week! xxx



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12 responses to “King Of…Rob Roles!

  1. you mean i can only pick ONE. oh that’s just not fair. um let me see… cedric was so adorable, than edward *drools*, viking edward is always good. hmmm i think i need to study more pics of him to decide. yes, lots of study required. it shouldn’t take more than or week or two or three… maybe by christmas 😉

  2. You forgot the cutest nerd ever…DANIEL GALE!!! But he’s not my favorite, so let me continue.

    I think my favorite role so far (that we’ve actually seen in it’s entirety) is Tyler Hawkins. Mainly because he was the first role that looked the most like ROB!! But I love the range of emotions Robler portrayed. And of course the sexiness, sign me up to get thrown up against the wall with that man!

    Robwoski is my next fave. Love that character, the kindness, the strength and yes, he’s not that bad too look at either!

    Can’t wait for Cosmopolis and BA to really make this competition hard!

  3. JenUK

    This is hard. I love them all for different reasons.
    Twilight was where I discovered Rob and I’ll always love Robward.
    Then there’s Daniel Gale, I have a thing for nerds and boys in glasses do strange things to me.
    Tyler Hawkins is probably the closest we’ll get to the real Rob on the big screen.
    At the moment, for obvious reasons, my mind is on Georges Duroy, but I’ll need to see the whole film to really decide.
    So, after all that rambling, I think my favourite will have to be Jacob Jankowski, mainly because he’s hot and dirty.

  4. The BA trailer looks FANTASTIC!!!!
    Congratulations, Rob!

  5. eyeonrob1

    TMM…this is just TOO hard (twss) and therefore I can’t, in all honesty, pick just one “King of all Roles” for Rob. So humor an old hoor and give me a moment to sing the praises of my 3 favorite Rob roles. Thanks! *clears throat* First, I have to give it up for the original Twilight film because that was the first time I laid eyes on that stunning face and heard that velvet voice. Life as I knew it was over and the Robsession had begun. I don’t think any of the Twilight films so far have really showcased what he is capable of doing as an actor, but the first one will always be special to me. Second, I loved him in Remember Me because he brought some of the real Rob to the role of Tyler and I loved the NYC setting and the storyline. *sniff* My third favorite has to be Jacob Jankowski in WFE. I loved the book, I loved him with the shorter hair, the suspenders, the sweat, the dirt, and Rosie. Plus, I visited the locations when he filmed in North Georgia and Tennessee. I squealed when I saw those scenes in the film. But I must say that I can’t wait to see Cosmopolis and Bel Ami. I read both of those books and can’t wait to see Rob taking on the cunning, callous, manwhore characters of Eric Parker and Georges DuRoy. It’s time for some sexy, badass Rob. Bring it on!!

  6. Let’s see . . .
    2.Rob as Tyler
    4.Rob as Daniel Gale
    5.Rob as Georges(but he may soon climb to the top if the trailer is a preview of the hawtness to comeI!

    I think Rob’s irresistible charms, coupled with the bad boy persona of duRoy

  7. Let’s see . . .
    2.Rob as Tyler
    4.Rob as Daniel Gale
    5.Rob as Georges(but he may soon climb to the top if the trailer is a preview of the hawtness to comeI!

    I think Rob’s irresistible charms, coupled with the bad boy persona of duRoy is going to be lethal, and he’s gonna have all us hoors and angels swooning at his feet and thanking the movie gods for the combination…h

  8. i know this was going around a while ago but does anyone know if rob was actually considered for one of the jeff buckely biopics? i’m asking cause i just listened buckley’s hallelujah and i couldn’t help think of our lovely rob crooning away those lyrics.

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