Rob being, well…goofalicious

You know Rob’s having a good time when you catching him getting his goof on.

Ain't I cute? hee hee hee

Rob! Gimme Back my scrunchie!!!

You know how he just likes to shock people.

Nuttin but Love for you Baby!

Did I Miss the gay Parade?

Sometimes, he doesn’t do it intentionally…the photo just looks goofy, don’t it?

M-I-C-K-E-Y- M-O-U-S-E!!!

Is this where I sign up for the Mickey Mouse Club?

He’s gloriously goofy even if you can’t see his face!…and even more fun to watch!

Wouldn’t you just love to hang out with him when he’s being all goofalicious?



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23 responses to “Rob being, well…goofalicious

  1. rita01tx

    Rob’sFan-tasy!!! What’s that on the bottom of my post???
    You little sneak – LMAO!

    • LMAO! Love it Rita! You know, I got an email notification saying that we’d done our 51st post yesterday – so I guess this is a belated HAPPY 51 POSTS TO US!!! Quite appropriate that it should be a post like this, I should say! Goofy Rob = WIN! It’s definitely one of his most endearing qualities. He would be so awesome to hang out with, go down the pub with…hell, all things would be awesome if Rob was involved! ;D

      • rita01tx

        Hey TMM darlin’! Guess we’ve been busier that I thought…daisy chain of back pattin’ ourselves – LOL! Hell’n it surely would be awesome to be a part of Rob’s close-knit circle of friends.
        Hope we don’t get lonesome today, what with everyone recovering from being in a Bel Ami coma!
        Rob just gets better and better, don’t he?

        • Haha I know! I myself was forgetting a few things in my post yesterday LOL! I’m sure we’ll all come round eventually! Oh Bel Ami, how I look forward to thee! XD I re-read bits of the book last night to see if the trailer matched the original scenes lol! Only trouble is, now I’m reading all of Georges’ lines in Rob’s voice and it’s very distracting! 😛

      • newyorkkisses

        Congratulations, ladies! Wow, 51 posts already! You’re doing an awesome job with this blog and though I don’t always manage to visit every day, I enjoy catching up on everything and commenting when I can. Thank you for putting up with all of us h00rz suddenly showing up on your blog and the additional work that came with it. You deserve much more than a pat on the back (as rita put it), hmmm, how ’bout HHH giving you all a back rub? 😉 Until then, please know that all your hard work is truly appreciated. Mwah! 🙂

        • rita01tx

          Aw shucks, NYK darlin’, thanks for all the encouragement, from you and everyone else. Us h00rs gotta stick together, right? And we are all having a great time perving over The Pretty with you!
          {elbowing my way to the head of the line for a back rub by HHH…squeeeee!!)

          • newyorkkisses

            *Pssst, try offering him one of the rooms, maybe he’ll stick around seen as he has some free time ahead of him now, hehe. 😉

            • rita01tx

              Hell’n we already assigned that man the penultimate penthouse floor of our fancy highrise! He’s welcome here any time he wants!!
              {Shhhh…we baited it with copious amounts of Heinekin and hot pockets…be vewy quiet! Don’t want to skeer him off!}

              I’m glad he’s having some time off. He sure deserves it, bless him. But I’m kinda hoping he’ll sign up to do a western, either classic or contemporary, cause I think he’d be all kinds of awesome straddling (*cough*) a horse.

              • newyorkkisses

                Bwahaha, that’s hilarious! I’m sure that ought to do the trick, maybe he’s already in there. 😉
                Yeah, I’m glad he’ll get to relax some. He’s been burning the candle at both ends for too long. I’m betting that he’ll head back to England with Kristen (filming of SWATH is beginning now) and will enjoy going into full hobo mode for a while.
                Like your idea of him in a western. abcoolie mentioned on the FF Friday post that Poughkeepsie and CW&IA should be made into a series. Could you imagine him as Tattward?! That would come close to him playing Fifity in my book. I said in my post that seen as he and Kristen always wanted to do another movie together, there we have the perfect script for them. 😉

                • rita01tx

                  OMG! Either one, or BOTH!!! Poughkeepsie first…I can just see him in that role so clearly! CW&IA…Tattward? Whoo {fans self}! Absofuckinglutely!!

              • Yes, he has the luxury suit with a King sized bed *snickers* and there’s a RRP if he wants it *TWSS*

                OoOoO…Cowboyward!!! FTW!! Rita knows just where my mind went ith that one! STtH!!!

    • Wha? I don’t see nuttin! LOL *BATS EYELASHES*

  2. somanywards

    Someone posted a pic on tumblr last night (jada?) and their network was so overloaded you couldn’t comment or reblog…
    “Hope Rob doesn’t lose his silly”
    That is my wish for him*

    • rita01tx

      Thanks SMW, that might explain things a bit. Good thing there’s email as an alternative. DH was wondering why there were 35 emails and counting in our inbox yesterday after Nicole sent us all the BA trailer link – LOL!!

  3. ilovealion

    I feel like I’ve been on a deserted island for a week… well, I have been on a deserted mountain. No internet or TV. I come back to comic con goodness and Bel Amit roaring rob. Purr

    I love goofy Rob. Goofy Rob made me like the actor, not just the character.

    I’m going to look back over the posts for the last week or so… cause I know I’ve missed a lot.



    • rita01tx

      Wow, Deanna! How did you survive without your RobFix? Get on in here and get some! Can’t have you suffering withdrawal on us LMAO!!
      Really, though. I hope you had a good vacation. Where was this deserted mountain?

  4. Sus

    He is so cute when he’s being dorky!!!

  5. Sus

    Yeah, I was thinking he might head out for London, too….but what would they do with Bear? The UK has a 4-mo. quarantine law, I believe! Robsten was so cute @ Comic-Con. Kristen looks fantastic right now, I think!


    • rita01tx

      I saw a poster (I think it was a poster) of Kristen wearing armor and holding a shield. Now imma thinking I might have to check out SW&TH when it comes out!
      Poor Bear, if he does go home for awhile. Surely, they have good friends, or Kristen’s family, to take care of him.
      Still, don’t see how they could bear to leave him behind for so long.

  6. haystackhair

    OMG I’ve missed everyone. Had my 15 yr old niece for the week so I was busy as all get out. LMAO at goofy Rob, he is so adorkable! Missed you ladies !! Finally caught up on all the comic con goodness and watched the BA trailer about 485938364 times. LOL. Also caught up on some FF- UC is hurting my heart big time. 😦

    • rita01tx

      Missed you too, Haystackhair, darlin’! Yeah, we’ve been all kinds of spoiled with Rob goodness this week. Imma wallowing in it as long as it lasts. Bound to be a Rob drought until it BD promotion time.

  7. Ah rita, great post! I flove goofy Rob, his humorous personality is one of the main things I love about him. His silly smile is so adorable!
    xo MC

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