Bel Ami gets a Book Review…and a TRAILER!!

Wow, when it Rob rains it Rob pours!! So much yummy goodness to choose from this week I had a hard time deciding what to write about. But ultimately, as you can see, Bel Ami was the clear winner. My thought is this: the more we put Bel Ami out there, the more likely we’ll see it in our local theaters!! (fingers crossed)

I read the novel by Guy de Maupassant when I heard that Rob had the role of Georges Duroy. That my friends was a loooooong time ago! But now that we’ve seen the trailer I find it fitting to discuss the novel. Without giving away everything for those of you who have not read it (and I highly recommend you do), I bring review of the novel! (Hopefully, I remember enough to do it justice)

Bel Ami is a novel set in 19th century Paris and follows the rise of Georges Duroy in his quest for fame and fortune. Duroy uses the woman in society to help him speed along the process. I found this storyline to be very similar to the novel Vanity Fair (ironically). Both main characters use sex and power to help them gain money and to rise up society’s ladder. Fortunately, Bel Ami is a condensed version that gives you all the basics and leaves you wanting more! More after the fade to black, that is! Duroy is an amoral character that is willing to do anything to help him survive. And who doesn’t want to see Rob playing that character?!

So without further to do, here is the Bel Ami Trailer!!

Longingly awaiting the release of Bel Ami to theaters,



So ladies, have you read the novel? What are you looking forward to seeing? How scrumptious is that ACCENT?!



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20 responses to “Bel Ami gets a Book Review…and a TRAILER!!

  1. dazzledbyrp

    I feel like I’ve been waiting for Bel Ami for most of my life! I loved the book and the character of Georges DuRoy. The thought of seeing Rob play this bad guy/ladykiller and of all the possible sex scenes makes my girlie parts quiver. He looked so great in that teaser trailer. I think playing a bad boy suits him. This movie can’t come out soon enough for me. I wish we’d get a firm release date already for an American release. In the mean time, I guess I can just keep watching that trailer over and over. I’ve probably watched it 1,000 times already. I even have it on my Blackberry!

    Looking through my “DuRob” file, here’s one of my favorite set pictures.

  2. What you both said! LOVE this post! I read the book too, and found there’s a strange sort of magnetism that comes with this amoral character – you know he’s eeeevil but you just LOVE HIM! All right, it may have altered my perception a little when, on occasion, I imagined Rob when I was reading 😉 I think this is definitely one of his most challenging roles as he’s required to break down all of those barriers, all of those overblown ideals that the saga set up, which is why the production company were so afraid to put this trailer out there, because, and I quote “Rob played a bad guy too well, and we were afraid of losing that majority of the fanbase” (i.e. the tweens, because he’s not ‘beautiful, sparkly Edward!’) *sigh* I have absolutely every faith in him, even more so after watching the amazing trailer, and I think, hope, that Bel Ami will do for Rob what Pride and Prejudice did for Colin Firth.

    • Imagining Rob while reading always brings the book up a notch or two. I may or may not picture him as the male lead in ALL the reading I do, whether or not he’s doing a film, whether or not it’s fanfiction or real fiction!!

  3. I’m looking forward to this, too. The production looks really good. I love the look Rob has on his face as his character is gazing in the restaurant window early in the movie- it’s a place where he doesn’t belong, but he wants it. It will be really interesting to watch how he charms everyone in order to get in that world. I read a version of the screen play ages ago and the script was very sparse in these scenes (maybe I wanted more?), but that leaves Rob a lot of license to act. This should be good!

  4. ilovealion

    I bought Bel Ami.. I haven’t read it yet.It sounds like i need to get on the ball and read it before the movie comes out.

    I love angry Rob… he’s sexy with a capital Do Me.

    I think the studios underestimate the loyalty of RPattz fans. They think that an angry manwhore Rob will turn us off??? They are so clueless. He’s the star of my fantasies… and yours, too, right?

    One thing is for sure… this trailer makes me want to don a bodice – and have it ripped off. lol

    Thanks for posting!!

    • eyeonrob1

      Oh hell yes, ILoveaLion! Angry Rob is certainly a capital DO ME. If you’ve got the book, you will certainly enjoy it. I read it immediately after hearing that Rob was going to play the part of Georges. That’s been a while ago so when the trailer came out, I couldn’t stop watching it. You are SO right about the studios being clueless about Rob’s TRUE fan base. We are READY for some bodice ripping, angry , manwhore Rob/George. I say “yes,please and make mine a DOUBLE!”

    • Bodice ripping Rob FTW!!! Read Bel Ami, you won’t be disappointed, Lion 🙂

  5. haystackhair

    LMAO ilovealion!! sexy with a capital Do Me FTMFW!!!! And yes, I want to don a bodice and have Rob rip it off! I can’t wait to see this movie, if it ever finally comes out! I want to see him have pretend sex with women my age!!! It’s as close as I will ever get, but just the thought sets my girlie parts on fire! LOL
    p.s. did everyone see The Color of Loneliness updated?

  6. jolori54

    well now if I could just have a coherent thought after watching that trailer and listening to him talk, oh I don’t know how many times, I could probably give you my opinion! As it were I did in fact read the book which seems like forever and a day ago but when reading it I loved the storyline and how it plays out and imagining Rob in that role just did me in! I think he’s gonna do an amazing job with this role and people will hopefully see him for a great actor and not just “Edward that vampire guy” anymore same with Cosmopolis!! I was so glad to have come home from a weekend away and have the trailer waiting for me, that was a great treat 🙂 and I think I died DED on my return home!

    Now I think I may have some audioRobs to share from DuRob so enjoy!!
    “I’m going to ruin you!” *whimpers*

    “what do you enjoy?” oooooh

  7. jolori54

    and some oldie creations from way back when of Bel Ami I did!

  8. dazzledbyrp

    Mate: Check your email!!!

  9. robsfuturemate I agree with your comment about the similarities between Bel Ami and Vanity Fair, at least we know that Rob’s part will not be cut out of this film lol.

    I really hope that the production company have not changed the essence of the book to pander to the likes of Scummit. Hopefully anyone that is old enough to see this film, will be able to differentiate between an actor and the various roles he plays.

    The trailer looks teasingly good and I think Georges is going to be a very good ‘bad boy’ that is going to set our heart a flutter and have us wishing we were living in Paris in the 1890’s.

  10. Great post, RFM..
    I agree with you all. The trailer…. Definitely DO ME with caps lock on! It definitely feeds my allready overactive imagination….

    I also read the book and have to say I was alot more sympathetic towards him
    when I imagined Rob in the role – if it was an ugly dude, not so much!

    Anyone else really thrilled that Rob is allowed to look like a man in this role? All hawt & bothered & raw & crazy & angry and just a little dishevelled…..mmmmmm. Let’s hope the distributors get their asses in gear – this PattinH00r may be gray by the time it’s released!

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