King Of…Rob Clothing!

Greetings groovsters! This post comes to you today from an untrustworthy canvas chair in the British sunshine!

This week, in honour of the recently deceased Stoli, the theme is Rob’s clothes. It’s a well-know fact that Rob can look good in just about anything, and an even more well-know fact that we, the loyal fandom, would take him any way he comes (make of that what you will, dirty mares!) – even dressed in a fluorescent pink tutu on a trampoline or stark naked riding a unicycle backwards into a swamp. Oh yes, Our Rob comes in many forms – we’ve seen him singlehandedly become the pioneer of HoBang:

The red horse shirt said so much whilst saying so little:

We’ve seen that Our Boy cleans up real snazzy:

And we’ve  seen that he doesn’t even need to be wearing all that much to grab our attention!

…all right, so maybe I just wanted an excuse to post wet, shirtless Rob – you’re forgetting that it’s quite warm here, so I need to cool down! With Rob! Don’t mind if I do!


We’ve all wanted to bump into this dreamy dog-walker:

….err….what was I saying??!! Oh yes! Or perhaps we’ve wanted to rev up this guy’s engine:

*Drools* Posh guy in a 1964 Chevy Impala (a.k.a the Don Draper Passion Wagon)…’s like my own personal dream!!! All I have to do is wait until I have enough money to buy my dream car (a 1957 Ford Thunderbird in teal), then I can move to LA and try to tailgate him….all in good spirit, of course – we don’t want restraining orders before dawn!

So there you have it, a nice little microcosm of the Rob fashion world! Which look floats your boat?? DISCUSS!

RIP, Stoli. Ye will be missed:

Stoli, now you’re gone, we’re all very sad,
Because you were the best gosh darn threads
Our Boy ever had.
May you rest in peace in the laundry basket up above,
And may Rob, and all, remember that, dear Stoli,
You were loved.

That’s all from me for this week, ladies! See you next week! xxx



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10 responses to “King Of…Rob Clothing!

  1. jolori54

    wow I am honored that you used one of my creations in the post(you probably didn’t even know it haha) *drooling at wetRob pic* uhhhh what was I gonna say…..oh yes I love this man in whatever attire he wants to be in. I love to drool over him in something like this….

    *wipes drool* where was I? ahh yes or even with more covering up

    I’ll take him any way I could have him! 🙂

    • jolori54

      and yes he does clean up rather great


    • Of course I knew it was one of yours! I nicked it off facebook when you tagged me in it a while ago and thought it would be fitting to use it ;D x
      As for those pics: #1) AY CARAMBA! I want to go swimming with that! #2) I want that sat next to me in another of these untrustworthy canvas chairs here in the garden! XD

      HOLY STOLI BATMAN!!! My brother just came back from Manchester with Pretzel M&M’s!!! NOM NOM NOM!!!

      • jolori54

        I was just messin with ya bb! 🙂 oh yes forgot to tell ya I loved the lil poem there too, maybe one day we’ll get to see all these lost articles of clothing on him again (hey I’m a positive thinker alright!!)

  2. Sus

    OH, NO!!! Did we get official word that the Stoli has ceased to exist? This is a sad, sad day in the StoliFandom!!!


    P.S. Rob could wear a paper bag, and look good…..I love him in anything he wears, or doesn’t wear…..Bel Ami anyone????

    • Nicole

      I totes you…very sad indeed! I also agree with you bb…Rob could wear anything and we’d still love him, but I’d prefer to see him wearing NOTHING!! **UNF** 😉

  3. haystackhair

    Well, after careful research involving hours of looking at these pics I have come (several times…wait, what was I talking about?) Oh, yea, …..)to the conclusion that I cannot choose. I love them all. LOL

  4. gemmajean

    *sigh* RIP Stoli, RIP. loved all those pics. & yes I would not allow my bf to wear the crap Rob does because he could never pull it off….only Rob!!!

  5. Is it just me or are this getting harder to choose from?!

    That first pic makes me want to take him camping and sing around the campfire roasting marshmallows.

    I’ve never been scuba diving before but sign me up!!! And walking the dog looks so much better now too.

    Rob wearing anything (and of course nothing) always brightens my day to no end. Thanks again for suppling some extra visuals!

  6. WHAT? NO GRAY HELMUT LANG????????? *Sobs*

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