Rob being, well…all wet

Nothing gets me wet like Rob being all wet!

I must not be the only one, seeing as how several directors and photographers managed to get one or more scenes or shots of his dripping wet (can’t say that word enough) body into their work.

Here’s our blushing WET boy as Cedric!

Cedric Diggory

I love this Dalicious scene from Little Ashes!

Who could forget the rain dripping down Edward’s face in Twilight?  Lickable!!!

Tyler in the shower anyone?  Gah!  So many beautiful shots of Rob in that film!!

Tyler Hawkins
What about one from our favorite Robtographers, the fabulous Theo Wenner?  Yeah, baby!
Theo Wenner Photoshoot
 And last, but certainly not least, the inspiration for my avi, from Mr. Jeff Riedel himself!
Jeff Reidel Photoshoot
Now that I’ve got you all hot and bothered, how about a cold shower?

(bet you paused at 1:40, right? and at 2:45?)

*GROAN* I wanna get naked and wet with ROB!!!!




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14 responses to “Rob being, well…all wet

  1. Rita, not that I don’t appreciate the above pictures, but my favourite wet Rob has to be as Daniel Gale in the Bad Mother’s Handbook. I love the scene where Daniel is just standing there with a wet crotch – the expression on his face is just priceless! I’m LMAO just thinking about it.

  2. Wet Rob = Wet Fluff! Love those pix from US Mag – here’s another, complete with Fuck-Me stare

    And I know this one’s a manip, but I cannot tell you what it does to my front bottom (although I imagine you can guess!)

    • rita01tx

      Ooooh Fluffy! I knew you wouldn’t let me down with more US Mag’s – didn’t have room to post all of them LOL.
      Goes without sayin’ I licked ‘n saved that manip – WOOOO HOOO!!

    • eyeonrob1

      Totes agree, Fluffy. A wet Rob = wet hoors worldwide. That pic with the Fuck me stare also contains some delicious finger porn and I FLUV the man fur on his lower arms. Woof!!

  3. Oh, and if anyone’s looking for a Sunday FF rec, check out Twi-Fic Picks, on Loving40s Twi-Fic Review site – I did a guest review, if anyone’s interested (and even if you’re not, she’s got a shedload of great completed fics to choose from).

  4. jolori54

    mm’m WetRob what great post Rita still drooling over here! think I have a few things to share with him

    • jolori54

      mm’m yesss gotta love wet Robward

      and yes a wet smiling Tyler

      • rita01tx

        Hot damn, Jolori darlin’ – those went straight to my “Jolori” folder!!
        I just love the US Mag shoot cause it gave us the Happy Trail AND Wet Rob!
        Speaking of photoshoots, when the hell are we gonna start getting outtakes from the Vanity Fair / Liebowitz shoot?

  5. Oooh WetRob….So yummy! I’d gladly lick every drop of water off of him! JS! 😉 I have several WetRob pics in my RobPorn collection, but instead of posting all of the links to them, I’ll just post this video that I made last year. It’s unlisted due to content and you can only view it with the link, so hopefully everyone can see it here. It contains several manips which are not mine and it’s also NSFW!

    • eyeonrob1

      Sweet baby Jeebus, SRL…..that is a mighty fine vid, bb! Wouldn’t you just love to help wet Rob peel those soggy clothes off then towel him dry?? *moans*

    • rita01tx

      WOW, SRL! Super hot vid – thanks for sharing with all your pervy sistas!

  6. Was that cold shower reference directed at me? lol

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