Pick the Pick 6

Hello Everybody *waves*


I’m back again as promised! And yet again I’m using a crop sent to me by Cared. Sorry BB, I’ll let you play next time. I promise!! Now, I think this one is easy but that’s ok, I have a ton more for ya’ll to hunt for. 
                        Happy Hunting!!

I'm waiting....


Jolori! You found me!! *wink* wanna hide something else? hee hee hee

 Does anyone know WHEN and aWhere this was taken cause I don’t I have a bunch of them and I’m thinking it miht have been during a radio show with Seacrest (?? maybe??) Just Curious.

I’ll post another pic Later today!! (or 2 or 3) “It’s all on You” Ladies! 

                    Jolori Winns!!!


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58 responses to “Pick the Pick 6

  1. Oh God, I know this! It’s coming to me……aw screw it, someone will probably have already won the game before it’s had chance to ping into my head – damn my slow, hard (uh….what was I saying?!) thought processes! I’ll have lunch and try to think it over….sweet baby Jesus it’s RIGHT THERE! (Twss) It’s running round my head like a bloody leccy metre! Oh I’ll come back later……

  2. Okay I really am not sure…I’ll probably kick myself when I find out. My current guess lies at something somewhere in Twilight time (either Twilight or NM), one of the premieres/press events. BUT it’s probably wrong *sigh*

  3. AHHH YA BEAT MEH!!! I’ll have to be really honest and say I have not the faintest collywobbling idea!!! I’m going to be booting myself in the head when the pic gets revealed, aren’t I?!! It’s going to bug me all day LOL!

  4. Okay, next guess….WFE Premiere, Paris??! *Anticipates failure*


  6. miniaturemom12

    I have no clue, but this is fun fun fun!

  7. No,…no….and……….NO! LOL

  8. Oh! Wait! LOL Yes it is Fun *gigglesnort* You kill me girl!! LMAO!!

  9. *Slams hand on table* DAMMIT KIM! *Sigh* back to the porn stash….err…I mean pics folder….on the laptop!

  10. Okay, another shot in the dark – Cannes?? Bear in mind, this is completely off the top of my head.

  11. Nope! I Know that you KNOW THIS Lauren!!! *Whispers* *There are hints in the picture*

    • That’s the worst part, I know that I know this too! I just can’t for the life of me get it to come out!!! Maybe feeling ill is playing up with my Patty Senses LMAO! :’P

  12. You MUST be SICK if you can’t remember this picture! Hope you get feeling better soon! (heart?) (hope not!) I’m sure cared is getting a kick out of this!

  13. Haha nah just feeling a little off is all, *Sister Grant voice* nothing to worry about, nothing at all!
    Don’t worry, I’ll find this pic come hell or high water!!! 😛

  14. That’s good. *looks around* well toots, it doesn’t appear that you have any comp-e-tish-un! LOL (where is every one?) So have a go through all those Past Public Appearances and look for that gorgeous smile!

  15. Hmmm…..curiouser and curiouser! Hang on, lemme see….

  16. Okay no, it’s gone! *Sigh* But I was getting warmer with the beanie guess…..hmmmmm and it definitely involves him wearing either a black jacket or black shirt…..at one point I thought it could have been REALLY auld CC from like 2009, but no, clearly it’s something else!

  17. gemmajean

    I was thinking Twilight premiere LA?

  18. themissmod I may or may not be open to bribery, just sayin.

    • LMAO well just gimme three more tries and if I got nothing, then I’ll consider it 😉 haha!

      • Since we are the only ones here Ladies click on the art tab up at the top and tell me what you think. Click on the pics for a full size view!!! I think some of these are just gorgeous!!! I’m going to add a post as well to announce it properly but I’d like to get your opinion. Do you think I need to add a slide show ay the bottom?

    • LMAO Cared! No Cheatin! *gigglesnort* the only Bribery that is acceptable is Robert Pattinson in the flesh!! (TWSS) *who could resist that?*

  19. gemmajean

    This is sooooo hard (TWSS)!
    You cover up the hair and I’m at a loss. Can’t wait to find out!

  20. Okay, this is completely bloody irrelevant but……beanie, Stoli, sexpenders, sexboots….HOLD MY CALLS!!! http://wouldyoutapthat.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/8528437.jpg
    Oh Stoli, may you rest in peace :’)

  21. Helmut Lang times??! Possibly??! Probably not…..*sigh* I WILL FIND OUT!!!

  22. Other guesses include: Cosmopolis set, Red Pants and Beanie Day, VMAs (all the years….I don’t know LOL!) Golden Globes………*breathes heavily* I MUST KNOW! I MUUUUST! LOL

  23. OMG another pick the pic and I’m unfortunately already running late for work! I’m totes stumped, but I do have time for one quick attempt at guessing. Is it this pic?

    • Nope! Sorry Darlin Wrong Pic! OMG! I can’t believe ya’ll are stumped!!! Good Pic Cared! I would have known it any where!!! And Im pretty positive TMM knows this one! I’m going to have to leave in a bit but the guesses will be time stamped and dated so the first one to get it right will be the winner!

  24. jolori54

    I am so gonna kick myself if I don’t figure this out, it looks too familiar to me but I can’t for the life of me find the pic it goes to I know I’m gonna be wrong but……I was thinking either Twilight LA premiere or a fan pic(I think it’s a fan pic) with him wearing the beanie and hoodie *shrugs* ahh I’ll come back when I get more time and rack my brain some more if nobody has figured it out! xoxo

  25. *Sigh* I wish there was some kind of body part detector software we could use to find this pic! Hell, imagine the havoc we could cause with a portable BPD! Fake airport security much?! LOL! PattinH00r Security team, re-assemble! :’D

  26. Hmm……..something circa Harry P?! I’m losing it now, just saying the first thing that comes into my head LOL!

  27. jolori54

    I think I got I hope I got it is this it??!

    well I was dead on bout the hoodie and beanie!

    • *Loud banging sound* Hear that? That’s the sound of me booting myself in the head. OF COURSE I KNEW IT!!! Damn my mental blocks! I didn’t even have that pic saved – I am such a lamo LOL! Needless to say, it’s saved now!

    • YES! Jolori WINS!!! LOL *Running man happy dance* I’ll B back soon to update the post!!

      TMM, Didn’t YOU once tell me these were your favorite photos of him because he is all curled up in the chair with his bendy wonky legs??? Or am I wrong? (could be)

      • jolori54

        woohooo I got it right I knew it *jumps up and does happy dance* now what’s my prize?! 😉 wow that was kinda HARD until I put my mind to it and actually thought bout it! and well don’t know bout TMM but I also love them wonky bendy legs love how he was so relaxed and sat the way he wanted to!!! can’t wait for the next one!
        and it’s from the Apple Store in Nov 2008

        • You win the round LOL You have to get 10 right to win and this is the FIRST one that wasn’t guessed in 20 minutes or less!! (that’s why it has to be ten) And I don’t know what the prize will be!! (i gotta go beg someone to make something for me!)

          • jolori54

            10 of them *mouth agape* okay I’ll try gotta get my game face on LOL *nudges TMM and whispers ..ready to help each other out?* hope I have time to see em when you post em!

            • *Nudges Jolori back and whispers* ma’am yes ma’am! Oh poo, my brother wants the laptop in a few minutes, just when things are going to get interesting! 😦 Guess I’ll have to drop in later!

              • jolori54

                ah well that sucks(and not in a good way!) not sure when the next one will be up but I hope you’re able to get here later….if we put our heads together I’m sure we could do it! 🙂

  28. Hmm don’t think that was me I’m afraid! That’s not to say that I don’t like those pics though! Who wouldn’t love staring into that lap?!! Wait….what?!! *Sigh* he brings out the worst in me LMAO!

    • I thought it was *sigh* I’m getting old timers I guess!! I’d like to do more with his lap than stare at it!!! *Gasp* Did I say that OUT LOUD?!!! Hee hee hee You Bet Ur Bippy I did!!! I Owns It!!!

  29. jolori54

    I’ll let him hide somethin alright, oooh what a great prize that would be!

  30. haystackhair

    Great job Jolori! I never would have gotten that. But the fun I had just trying to find it…….

  31. I could be wrong but I think the picture is from an interview at the Apple Store in Soho NYC, on 3rd November 2008.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4wvu668mr0http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av_Vy7Ab1nI&feature=related

    Do you agree ladies?

  32. Congrats Jolori!!!

    PS- you guys are crackin me up with this convo!! (collywobbling! heehee)

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