Pick The Pick 7

Hello Everybody *waves*


 Hello Again My Lovlies!!
Ready For a quickie? (TWSS) Cause I’m Baaaaaaccckkkk!!! LOL

This Pic came from RFM! Thanks Girl! 

RayBans Anyone???

Ready? Set? GO!!!
Laters BBez! Happy Hunting!!!
June 19th 2009

"Hey Mick, How YOU doin?"

 That was Great Fun Ladies!!! Hope to see you next  time!!!
 rdmickey1989 Wins!!!! (again giggles)


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55 responses to “Pick The Pick 7

  1. I’m currently sitting in bed with DH so I cannot open my Portfolio to search myself lol. But I thought this might be of some inspiration for the ladies.

  2. jolori54

    Wow I have no freakin idea, my mind is all over the place first I thought maybe Remember Me days then I was like maybe the press for it then I went to Cannes and now I have no clue. I’m not much for the sunglasses they hide his eyes from me(but they do protect em so I don’t mind!)
    @Cared great vid hun lots of goodies in there(was the pic in there I didn’t see it LOL)
    well back on the prowl til someone beats me to it!

  3. jolori54

    is he wearing a blue and red and I think gray stripped shirt?!?! hahaha

  4. *whistles* *hands behind back* *looks at ceiling innocently*

    Looking for some thing? *snickers*

  5. Not Cannes….Those raybans had a gold frame. I have looked all through Remember Me cause I really think it is him at the beach. Maybe I didn’t lick and save that one. Off to hunt

    • jolori54

      that’s what I thought too but I couldn’t find the exact pic…yes I canned Cannes haha right after I thought bout it! I’m still in the Remember Me mind frame!

  6. jolori54

    since prowling for this pic…and haven’t found it yet(still drooling err I mean looking for it) I found this gem….

    that open mouth and scruff and everything is just UNF

  7. Okay, I’ll give a hint! There’s a version of this pic in the vid cared posted!! hehe Does that help?

  8. Thinking of Rob…and remembering….

  9. jolori54

    darn don’t have much more time to play but I’ll be back in a bit to see if anyone else has played……
    is it from this day?

    or this day?


  10. Um…I still think we are on the right track Jolori. It is remember me. Maybe even that stripe shirt ?

  11. jolori54

    I know it’s gotta be Remember Me that was my gut….but that thing could be so wrong sometimes 🙂

  12. Great team work ladies!!! It’s time for me to get to work on tomorrow’s post!

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