Ode to the Teen Choice Awards

Yes, it’s that time of year again, time for the Teen Choice Awards. No, this is not really an “Ode”, mainly because I don’t really know what an ode is except that it’s poetic and I’m not. This is just another good old-fashioned excuse to look back at what Rob has given us at the past TCA’s. And why, may you ask am I so interested in them? Well, they will be aired this Sunday and that’s always entertaining to watch. Buuuut, I’m actually going to be in attendance this year and wanted to help get me in the mood! (Okay, I don’t really need help with that. I am über excited to see Rob in the flesh for the first time ever!!!!)

I think Megan Fox said it right with this quote: “I’m gonna shut up now so you can all look at Robert Pattinson.” (2:15 ish)

And what better way to do that than with a video that is entitled Robert Pattinson Focus?!

What I really love about the 2010 TCA’s is that Rob won for Remember Me. Let’s hope that happens again this year with Water for Elephants!  Because who doesn’t want to see more of these manly type roles?

And even more to come!

I can’t wait to fill you all in on my TCA adventure next week!


What are your favorite Rob award moments? What would like to see him wear on Sunday? What would like to see me wear? hehe



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28 responses to “Ode to the Teen Choice Awards

  1. dazzledbyrp

    How did I miss this post????? I want to see more hair. Mostly, I WANT HIM TO BE THERE and for our seats to afford us a great view!!

    • You get to go to the TCA too? you and RFM?? and I don’t??? one word: WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I don’t get to go either, so I second that WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • dazzledbyrp

        @RF: Get out here and come with us. Get that thumb out, wiggle a little leg and hitch a ride, if you must!!!

        The TCA is such a load of “yawn” but, if we’re lucky, we’ll have some kind of a view of The Pretty and just stare at the back of his head and watch his sexy hands fiddle with his hair (which hopefully has grown and evened out some) for 3 otherwise boring hours while waiting for him to get up and spout nonsense for his acceptance speeches.

        I’m so loving that there are thumbs now!!! You ladies rock!

  2. Haha! It’s band new 🙂 Just posted it 24 minutes ago!! LOL

    And YES, to all!

  3. That last pic is supposed to be gif. Click it to see Duroy in all his glory!!

  4. dazzledbyrp

    Oh…duh. I thought it came before the wonky post and I missed it when I was in Colorado. Loved the DuRob gif!

    I hope he makes some great word vomit acceptance speeches like he did last year. I FLOVE when he acts like a goofball. And the TCA is the perfect place for that.

  5. You lucky hoor you – enjoy Rob in all his adorkable glory!

  6. Pouts….I will be on Vacation starting Friday. Out of town. No internet. A week of no ROB (except hubs). All I will have is my trusty kindle to read and devour ff. We maybe to act out a few too scenes too. *giggles*

    I am sure I will have tons and tons and tons to go through when I get back. My drools will be just a week behind everyone else!

    • You’ll be okay Mickey!! I went through that a week or so ago. And at least you can still read FF, I couldn’t even do that! And we’ll be here reading any comments you want to leave after the fact. Have fun and enjoy your re-enactments!!

    • Oh RDM I totes feel your pain! Well most of it anyway because I’m gong away on Friday too and I’ll also be without internet, but it will only be for 5 days instead of a week so it’s not as long as you have to go for! Hope you have a good vacay anyway!

    • Nicole

      Have a great time…I’m just getting back in and have tons to do at home and biz.

      Yes the Kindle is a great thing when you don’t have the internet.
      “Do lots of Everything….and what you like, do it TWICE OR MORE”…*Wink, wink, concerning those Scenes*.

  7. haystackhair

    OMG tots jealous you get to see HHH in person! Have fun (as if you wouldn’t). I can wait to hear the word vomit that always ensues when Rob gets to award shows! I hope he made both sides of his head match too! LOL

  8. Hey! We have “thumbs” now!! Let the drama begin, hehe

  9. GAH! Friggin RL constantly taking over all of time! Well before it takes over again, I just want to say that I am totes looking forward to seeing Rob at the TCA’s, and regardless of what he is wearing, or how he has his hair, I hope he is his usual mind filter free, adorkable self!

  10. shoegal2547

    Enjoy your weekend…hope Rob wins all categories he’s up for! 🙂

    As for best awards show, I am very partial to Golden Globes and Oscars, even though there are no memorable awkward pauses, the Pretty is in full bloom!

    Golden Globes


  11. I’m super happy and excited for you RFM & dazzledbyrp! 🙂 <3s

  12. Thanks ladies!!! We will have a blast I’m sure, as long as Rob shows up that is! Wish you all could come (twss) but we will be sure to let you in on all the behind the scenes goodies.

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