Pic The Pick 9

Hello Everybody *waves*


Here I am back with more,
A brand new pick for the hOOrs
You know his face but how well do you know the hands?
Come on Ladies, find the rest of this man!
Give me a hand?

Find me!

 Happy Hunting!!!

Since Jolori was the only one who played and got so very very close to the actual picture (lets face it she was just one snapshot away!) And she couldn’t have been any closer if she tried, I am officially declaring Jolori the winner of Pick the pic 9! Congratulations Jolori! Thank You for Playing!

Jolori you were on fire!

    Jolori Wins!!!
  Laters Ladies,


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18 responses to “Pic The Pick 9

  1. jolori54

    I think I think I can…….is it this one?! 🙂

  2. Just dropping in before tea to have a guess! It’s not an airport pic is it??!

  3. jolori54

    I am so not good with pap pics(I avoid em LOL) and I can’t find the exact one *grumbles and stalks off to look again*

  4. I actually didn’t know it was a Pap pic. I thought it was a Remember me pic. But you have it down pat except for that one little thing with the hand open instead of closed.

    @TMM as if I knew! LOL I’m still learning what pic was taken when and trying to name them. My niece sent me tons an rename them all so i have no clues as to where they were taken. taking a trip or picking up?

    • *face palm* Imma not awake yet. too much meds I think! LOL I totally mis-read your comment TMM and thought you said you were going to the air port LMAO! *embarrassed*

    • jolori54

      oh well it’s on set I think(arriving or leaving) so that’s alright with me I don’t mind those(it’s when he’s on his down time I don’t look at all…or try not to!)
      haha yeah that’s my problem trying to find it all the ones I do his hand is open!!

  5. LOL I thought it was RM at first too! I tend to stay away from pap pics also *grumbles* I’m afraid that, as the tree said to the woodcutter – I’m stumped! Sorry ladies! 😥

    • jolori54

      well I gave a clue as to what it was…first post bb, I just need to find the exact one and I am stumped at doin that!!!

  6. RobsFan-tasy, did you use a pic I sent you but showing the hand not the elbow? I can’t enter this time so, but Jolori54 is so close she is scorching!

    • Cared, Yes Gf I did! I have several versions of the same pic and since he is on the phone the elbow is always the same so I recropped it to show the hand.

      IKR? I want to give it to her so much but i’m afraid everyone else will be upset if I do!

  7. jolori54

    LOL you made me a winner even though I was one snapshot away that’s sooo sweet….I didn’t give up either I just got lost in reading for a couple hours haha! But I never did find THAT ONE, still can’t believe I didn’t find it I was so close but yet so far…that’s what happens when I need to search for pics that aren’t in my OWN archive 😆 thanks dear for making me a winner!!! xoxo

  8. You’ve ALWAYS been a winner in our eyes Jolori!!! Mwah!!!

  9. jeeze i missed this…..and i am the handmonkey! damn it all…lol….
    great job jolori

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