King Of…Rob Appearances!

Hello and welcome once again to ‘King…Of’, the post which asks you, my fellow Robsessors, to pick the cream of Rob’s crop! This week, in light of news about Rob putting in an appearance at the TCAs, we’ll be deciding just what is the definitive Rob Appearance! So kittens, let’s kick this thing off!

Who could forget the infamous VPP incident??!!

Then of course, there’s the matter of the NM premiere in London:

…and the WFE photo call in Barcelona:


I’ll be honest, I could go on and on posting pics and making suggestions but 1) I’m afraid the sheer volume of photos could wipe us all out 2) That would be a real long-ass post, and nobody wants that and 3) I’m hungry and need to go eat.

SO I shall hand it over to you (you decide what ‘it’ is…) and ask you, dear ladies – what is the definitive King Of…Rob Appearances?? DISCUSS!

See you all next week! xxx



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57 responses to “King Of…Rob Appearances!

  1. rita01tx

    Just spent a looooong time going through ALL my personal appearance RobPorn and, hard as it is to make a choice, one springs out for me and that’s the ’08 Sex Drive premier in LA. BEST sex hair ever – just like he’d gotten out of bed from a night of wild sex (with me LOL)!! CHEST HAIR to die for! SMOLDERING looks that had me changing my knickers!

    Oh BABY!!!

  2. Okay, I thought I’d have a think on this and come back with some great anwser. NOPE, I’n too busy thinking aobut his NEXT appearance at the TCA’s in which I will also be in attendance, hehe. (Not trying to rub it in, I’m just really excited. I hope each and every one of you have your day as well!)

    • dazzledbyrp

      Woot woot. Starting to get excited over here. About to go get my manicure!!!

    • eyeonrob1

      You LUCKY hoor! It will be worth putting up with all the young-uns screaming and such to just breathe the air that The Pretty is in. I hope you get close enough for an ass grope, bb! We’ve got bail money stashed away for just such an occasion. GO. FOR. IT.

    • smittenkitten

      OMG bb, we won’t think you’re rubbing it in…just h00r excitement! I hope you have a fantastic time & get lots of perv time on the pretty! SQUEEE!

      • Thanks! I got my camera and binocs ready!!!

        • smittenkitten

          Ok bb, I want deets as soon as you can…can’t wait to hear EVERYTHING!
          Wishing you *h00rluck & magic Rob mojo*

        • Nicole

          YES RFM…We want all the details when your are able to get back home, and put your eyes and tongue back in your mouth bb!! LMAO…Hell if we hear that he has been attacked while entering or leaving the awards show there…”We’ll know who it was”!

          Have a great time and do some extreme PERVING for all of us!

          • dazzledbyrp

            Yeay! Bail money is ready. OK Mate, we’ve been given the green light. I think we’ll be able to jump those bushes after alll!!!

  3. JenUK

    Every appearance has been great, RomeRob, Cannes, Eclipse premiere, I could go on all night.
    However, the best, for me, New Moon premiere in London, for no other reason than I was there. For just a few precious seconds whilst Rob was signing my book, we breathed the same air (possibly not technically correct, as I don’t think I breathed at all).

  4. jolori54

    I can’t come up with a favorite time they are all great in my book at bring something special to that day! So I’ll just picspam ya with some lovely creations with those certain days shall I?!…….

    HFF Rob is my kryptonite!!!

    the f*ckhotness of the GG’s

    • dazzledbyrp

      @jolori: “Rob is my kryptonite”. I FLOVE IT!!!

    • Nicole

      Jolori bb…I did one for you yesterday on tumblr. While I was working on this edit I thought of you…seriously. Certain pics make me think of certain RAoR H00Rs/Angelz…HFF I always think of you when I see them.

      It’s the SEXhair bb…I’m telling you. That and in this HFF pic that downward glare. Gah, I’d like to know what is going through his mind right there, cause it looks like he is saying to us…*Come on Ladies…you know you all want me; come and get me*. Rob is a tease. He knows exactly how much we desire him and he uses his Eyes, his tongue, his lips, those hands and all manner of suggestion to drive us frigging CRAZY with wanton LUST over him!

      Another HAWT ASSED STARE…WFE London premier.

      What do you think he is saying to us here?????

      • eyeonrob1

        God Almighty, Nicole……*fans self and moans* That last pic just……*remembers to breathe* makes me think he is saying “How fast can you get those clothes off, baby?”

        • Nicole

          EOR…Oh bb…I fluv it! That is a good one!! I think we could all strip faster than he could blink…Poor man would be running for his life if all the PattinH00Rs started running after him naked…*or better yet, NEKKID…cause that implies your without clothing and UP TO SOMETHING…ROFL* 😉

          • eyeonrob1

            BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You’re DAMN RIGHT, NEKKID! And definitely UP (twss) to something BIG (twss again).

            • Nicole

              Well cool…that is a Jeff Foxworthy line.You know Girlfriend…in keeping with the southern terms and all. I always loved when he said that. He is one funny assed man!

      • smittenkitten

        F*ck me, those are both smoke’n HOT bb! WoW!

        • Nicole

          HFF Gala was very FuckHAWT bb, and thank you. I love to do soft edits if you will, or better known as Orton-izing. Oh hell…I just do what I think looks good to my eyes. Honestly I’m using Photoshop CS5 pro suite and there is so many programs attached to this one….Media players, PDF creators and such, but I still have so much to learn with CS5. I’m telling you that using it is pretty damned complicated, and I’m a geek. I still have a time with the brushes and stuff. Sometimes I admit I get ticked off and edit stuff so quickly just to get something done and I don’t always take the time I should, but I love soft edits like that.

          So many talented ladies on Tumblr…Jolori and Melbie being the first two that come to mind…I just dabble when the mood strikes me.

      • jolori54

        oh yeah Nicole seen that one reblogged it and added a message that asked if you were purposely trying to kill me 🙂 I floved it bb!! and the rest of em GAH!!!!!

        • Nicole

          I just saw a bunch of your comments bb…LOL. I love reading them.

          I tend to reblog all the edits of all the RAoR ladies and I have been liking your closeups your doing bb…and the damn fingerPORN…GAH, your trying to Kill us All!

          • jolori54

            oh yeah I like to throw a lil something special in there if I don’t put up any creations and I think people are actually liking them so I’ll continue with those. I’ve done a lot of Robowski if you haven’t seen em they are in the archive. And no of course not trying to kill ya all just want to take you all with me on that ride!! 😀

  5. jolori54

    even on talk shows

  6. jolori54

    and interviews

  7. jolori54

    even his gorgeousness at a premiere

    okay I’ll stop for now 🙂 can’t wait to see what he looks like and says tomorrow(if he is actually there, I’ve been hearing different things so)

  8. eyeonrob1

    King of Rob appearances???? That’s just too hard to pick. Of course, any time he is in a suit (dark blue or grey preferably) on a red carpet, it usually causes my heart to stop. My favorite interviews so far have been his appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres show and Jay Leno, especially when his parents were there. He was at his adorkable best, IMO.

  9. jolori54

    oh yeah robsfuturemate he IS gonna be there and he’s gonna show up wearing some form of black and tight jeans with a button down shirt with the top buttons undone and his hair is gonna be a lil longer than what it was at SDCC but the same style and he’ll have some scruff on that gorgeous face of his and a smile or f*ckMe stare(or combination on both)!!!!!!! #daydreamingabitmuchbutitsoundsgreattome

  10. smittenkitten

    Hey gang!
    Just read ‘Edward in the Afternoon’…it was one of the recs from yesterday, OMG! j/s *grins*
    Go read it…so HOT & so GOOD!

  11. eyeonrob1

    O.K. hoors……this is a little off topic but it’s sort of funny. I just got out of the shower this morning and was completely nekkid when I heard a familiar voice singing on my TV downstairs. I immediately screamed “BOBBY LONG” and ran down the stairs, almost tripping over my three cats on the way down. He was SOOOO good and is such a cutie. If you’re interested, here is one of the two songs he sang on the CBS Early Show.


    • How exciting for Bobby!! I love that song! He’s amazing live as well. The night we saw him it was like he had a major case of the Rob Word Vomit!

    • jolori54

      aww that was cute he seems really shy too, I mean even when I seen him live but man he is amazing to watch/listen to and funny!! I love his music and can’t wait for more! thanks for sharing hun

  12. I know I’m late to the party but … Great post TMM! 🙂

    Rob on the red carpet does something to my girly bits. The air of confidence not to mention all the smexy, smouldering stares are panty poofing.

    My absolute fave Rob red carpet moment is at the Rome Festival because his sex appeal oozes out of every single pore! And to think he was only 22 back then. D*mn!

  13. My 3rd fave is Rob at the Cannes IB premiere. He looked absolutely yummy!

    From my faves can you tell I’m an “old school” h00r? LOL 🙂

    But I have to admit that he looked soooo fine on every single WFE red carpet!

    @ ladies … thanks for all the RobPorn you shared! <3s

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