Rob being, well…fierce!

The phrase “Man of A Thousand Faces” crossed my mind this morning when thinking of Rob (when are we not?) because he has so many different expressions.

We sigh when he smolders from under his loooong eyelashes; we swoon when he turns that panty smelting smile on us; we soar when he outright laughs…every photo and vid brings a different side of Rob.

The side that gets me the most, however, is his fierce side – yeah, he has one!  Gimme that scrunchy fightin’ face and I’m DIED!

First glimpse was in Ring of the Nieblungs…

Cedric was scared but wasn’t backing down!

Edward taking out James…that scene deserved a truly spectacular EdRoar!

That beautiful face got really scrunchy when Tyler confronted Daddy Hawkins in the boardroom!

In Eclipse, Edward wanted a piece of Jacob’s ass, but Bella and Charlie just had to butt in!

It’s too bad most of the best shots were screen caps of poor quality.  Couldn’t find any good scrunchy faces of his fight with Victoria! Maybe someday a savy promo team will get the message that we like fierce Rob too!




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31 responses to “Rob being, well…fierce!

  1. Oh the boardroom scene in Remember Me :’) Angry Rob is just hot, okay?!! I get the feeling I don’t have to defend myself here, and that’s a good feeling :’) Great post Rita! xoxo

    • rita01tx

      It’s the folds between his glaring, beautiful eyes! The flaring nostrils! Those precious lips (THUD) pulled back from his gritted, perfect teeth!!
      Aw crap…no defending, wez on the same page BB *fist bump*!!

  2. Great post Rita! 🙂 I loved the RM boardroom scene too … and Angry Robward … *THUD* I have one to add to the list! The BA scene when he says “I’m going to ruin you!”

    Why is a guy … esp. Rob … looking pissed off sofa king hawt??!!

    Oh wait … it’s the h00r in me that can’t help but imagine the smexy time that would follow an outburst. 😉 Like that’s ever going to happen. #wishful.thinking LOL

    • rita01tx

      Oh God YES! Taming the beast! Stroking his clinched fists until they relax…leaning your head against his heaving chest, listening to his pounding heart slowly return to normal…and then…and then …

  3. jolori54

    ooooh how bout some of this….

    or even this

    hope those work

  4. jolori54

    oooh this movie is gonna die me(the trailer already has plenty times!!) I made this after the trailer came out GAH

    that last one *falls off chair and whimpers*

    • Ditto! BTW Jolori I saw the CannesRob on pier wallpaper you made … saved! It’s super yummy!

    • rita01tx

      I kid you not, Jolori darlin’, the theatres where we go to see Bel Ami best have the AC cranked up to the max or they’ll be scooping up a buncha melted h00rs afterwards!!

    • Damn Girl!! I I flove that!! I’m having a hell of a time making my gifs look right and even when they do I cant figure out how to post them. 😦

      • jolori54

        I have a hard time sometimes too I just stick with it til I get it right or throw a fit and forget about it for a couple days then try it again! Well I don’t know how to get them to work in a post(I’m not a blogger so I wouldn’t have a clue) sorry can’t help you there, you can always post the link to the gif if you wanna share it though until you figure it out!

  5. miniaturemom12

    Panty Killer:

    • miniaturemom12

      No link….
      trying again


    • miniaturemom12

      😦 can’t post my pic. It’s a really good one too! Trying to use webshots. Are there issues with them?

  6. miniaturemom12

    Last try. This pic absolutely does it for me:

  7. eyeonrob1

    Well hoors, how many of you (like myself) sat through almost the entire two hours of torture that was the Teen Choice Awards waiting on a glimpse of The Pretty? Yes, I admit when he FINALLY won and came on stage, it was worth the wait but DAMN……I’m not getting any younger and I even went so far as to watch the even more painful “blue carpet” live streaming pre-show thingy for nothing. I guess Rob snuck in through the back door. (twss) But who am I kidding? I’d walk through a field of tarantulas barefoot to see, touch, hear, taste or smell him so I guess I’ll just shut up now. FLUV you ladies!

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