We Need Your Help Please comment

Hello Everybody *waves*


Ladies, Please read this!!! We at RA have just been notified that some of you are NOT getting notified of our Posts! I have been trying to fix the problem! As you all know I am a self admitted tech tard so I am going to ask for your help. IF you received an e-mail notification of THIS Post PLEASE leave me a comment so I can tell if it is multiple people having this issue or just a few. I don’t know if I have fixed the issue or not and it will really help me out to know how many of you received this.
Thank You so much and I do apologize for the inconvienience.


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30 responses to “We Need Your Help Please comment

  1. christa64c

    I received an email notification. Thank you!!

  2. Me too!! 🙂 (but you already knew that)

  3. dazzledbyrp

    I got an email, bb!

  4. roxiesmom2009

    Hey bb. Yes I’m getting emails for the posts. What I hate is that my username does not ‘stay’ and I have to reenter it every time I post. I then have to go searching for my frigging password and then I give up. I’m sorry. I’ve turned into a lurker! On RAoR, I never had to re-enter my name or password, on my home puter or the iPad. Don’t know why it’s different here. ? You’re doing a great job ladies, I’ll try to post more!

    • dazzledbyrp

      I’ve been having the same problem (about having to log in every time) – but just in the last few days.

    • Hi roxiesmom! I’m not sure why your name doesn’t stay. I haven’t heard of anyone else having that issue but we’ll look into it and see if we can see anything you might be able to try.

      Thanks for stopping by and searching for your password! hehe

    • smittenkitten

      Hey gang!
      Ditto with Roxie about the username issue, me too bb…I never had to re-enter to comment at RAoR either but I’m having to here. R A girlz, I have *not* been getting the new post emails, I did get an email from RF about the issue though. So here’s the thing…I don’t remember how I registered. *sorry*
      Ditto with Roxie again…ya’ll are doing a great job!

  5. Ladies If you have commented I’d like to say thank you! I do Not know what is causing these problems! (but i have my suspicions) I have attempted to contact WP support and was greeted with a message that they are all at a confrence to learn new things to improve WP!!! (talk about your irony!) and that they will not be back until aug 15th!!! WTF??? I dont believe the problems have anything to do with what I or the RA staff have done!! The comment box is now WHITE for me where it has always been black before this moment. I do hope you will spread the word and tell everyone that we are posting daily and that I and the RA Staff are working to resolve these problems. (though they may be out of our hands until the 15th **grumbling**) I believe it has something to do with the difference of whether you are subscribed through a WP account or an e-mail account. It appears to me that the ones who are not getting notified are those who are subscribed through WP which is another reason why I think it might be a WP issue! at any rate i am emailing every Rob hOOr and angel i know (and that’s alot!!LOL) and asking them for their username e-mail and to let me know whether or not they are subbed through WP or e-mail. it’s the only way I can think of to figure out if I am right or not. I have been working on this since 5:30 and it’s nearly one in the morning! so imma send out the e-mail and give it up tonight. I don’t know what else I can do!!!

  6. Nicole

    Got the message, but I couldn’t post much at all last week. I would enter text into the block and my name and all text would disappear???This happend at TCS blog too, but then WordPress would work fine on other sites.

  7. sklovedy

    I got it…Thanks for a new home…

  8. hello everyone. i’m getting my posts.

  9. Hi bb, I’m getting my RA mails.

  10. I’m getting email for every post 🙂

  11. Hi – I have been getting the emails and I haven’t had any other issues… Chat soon ox AV

  12. I got it!!!!!!!!!! you;re not gettin rid of me THAT easily…LOL

  13. somanywards

    Got it*

  14. kalaekalae

    I received an email notification. Thank you!

  15. eyeonrob1

    I’m getting notification of all the posts but I do have to log in to reply which I don’t think I had to do at RAoR. Maybe it’s a Word Press issue?? Don’t know cuz imma techtardextraordinaire!

  16. Yes I did receive an alert in my email about this post! I have a wordpress account so I don’t need to log in every time either.

  17. A GIANT THANK YOU to Everyone who replied via this comment post and via E-mail that I sent out from what i can figure 98 % of the ladies who have subbed through word press are not getting the post alerts so it has to be a word press issue. I will continue to attempt to contact word press and get this straightened out ASAP!!! untill then just let ur friends hOOrs and co angels know WE ARE HERE DAILY posting RobPorn and Rob Giggles!!!
    Much Love to you all

  18. I subscribed, but I don’t get an email. But that is MY fault. I don’t have new posts setup to come to my emails for anything on wordpress. I use Google Reader and anything new that posts, I see it there. I get so many emails, that Reader is easier for me.

    Once in awhile I have to log back in, even though I have it set to remember me. Yet, I also have to report, that is a wordpress thing, not this site.

    Hope that helps.

    • I have had to do that myself twice now so It has to be a WP issue. Just hang tight ladies I am sure they will get it straightened out eventually!!!!

      Tomorrow is FF FRIDAY!!!! Yay!!!!everybody get ur TBR’s out and warmd up LOL

  19. tessanz

    no, i did not get an email
    so that was a major system fail
    but managed to log in just today
    so can come in future and play!

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