RFM’s TCA Adventure

Well, as promised here is the recount of my adventure at the Teen Choice Awards 2011 with my good friend, dazzledbyrp.

The afternoon started off with the growing excitement of seeing Robert Pattinson in person! Which for me was a first and for DbyRP a third sighting (lucky), both of us were so excited. It’s always more fun when you get to share that experience with a true Rob H00R!! We nonchalantly made our way to the theater, browsing stalls and chatting. When we got near the entrance they started hustling us along and herding the cattle towards the metal detectors. We’re still not sure what the hurry was all about.

Well, we got in the theater,  found our seats and took a look around. The set was amazing! We seemed close to

No Rob, but I spy someone else!!

the stage but were oh so far away! The first thing we did was grab our binoculars and start scouring the front seats. They were pretty empty! Eventually the screaming began but the people (teens) that were coming in were not any we recognized. Then I spotted Taylor Lautner and started to get excited. Because who would be coming soon after him but Rob, right? WRONG!!!!  After hours (lit ‘rally) of looking at the seats and watching the celebs play musical chairs we started to give up. There was no Rob in sight and Justin Bieber had just one Choice Hottie (WTForks?!) It was starting to look bleak. Maybe Rob was only going to be with the entire Twilight cast?

Awww! There he is!!

Shortly after that we heard Choice Vampire was coming up. Dazzledbyrp thought Ian Somerhalder was going to win but I told her to get her camera ready, just in case. As most of you know already, we were ecstatically surprised to see the winner announced and strut on stage. ThePretty, HHH himself… Robert Freakin Pattinson!!!!

Rob surfboard wrestling

To be able to watch him with “my real eyes” (as I like to say) was surreal. When you are there in the audience it is so difficult to hear what the celebs are saying. There is so much screaming and talking it’s really crazy. I heard Rob’s voice. (Awwww) But we had no idea what he was saying! We finally realized he was talking about something serious!! CANCER. After rewatching later at home (a must to reallysee/hear properly) we saw what a terrific job he did! We’re not really sure what happened next. The second watching, showed we missed a really great band. How did we miss that? We were sitting right there! Ummm, I did mention we saw Rob with our real eyes, right? Does that cover it for you?

So serious

Next up, who knows really, but I saw Rob in his seat again. I watched him for a few moments through my binoculars before I started to get a little creeped out by the stalker-ness of it all. We snapped some pics and just enjoyed the view.  He was quickly up again for Choice Actor in WFE (yay!!) and we got to hear some Classic Rob: “I’m really nervous. This is scary, teenagers are scary.” Yep, perfect thing to say to an auditorium of teenagers, Rob. But that’s why we love you! Do you know how hard it is to decide if you should watch him with your real eyes, with binoculars or take pics with your camera?! Well, we settled for a little of both! The pics in this post were taken by both dazzledbyrp and myself. Hope you enjoy “our”view and our story!


Click the pics for a larger view!



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22 responses to “RFM’s TCA Adventure

  1. You lucks hoors! There’s no way I’ll be seeing HHH with my ‘real eyes’, seeing that I live in India *sad panda*, so it’s great to hear an account of a Rob sighting by people who get the Robsession. Thanks Ladies!

  2. smittenkitten

    OMFG!!! So happy for ya’ll, I didn’t realize that dazzledbyrp was going or I would have wished her h00rluck also…seems like ya’ll had a blast! Love your story bb & the pics! I lol when I heard the “teens are scary” comment, too funny…that’s our Rob, fluv HIM! I totes agree with ya RFM, it’s very hard to decide *how* you want to *see* HIM, he is so GORGEOUS with real eyes and the best part of this is I think he is genuinely a really great person too! *sigh* What a fantastic adventure, way to go girlz!

  3. Hey, you two, that’s GREAT! I’m so glad that you got to go and see him yourself! And you got a little bit of wonky foot in the surfboard wrestling pic!!! hahahahahahaha

  4. somanywards

    So exciting ladies 🙂
    Happy you got to see him* Funny how it all becomes a blur once you’re sucked into “the Vortex” and the bliss just goes on and on and on….
    Thank you for sharing your story*

  5. kristensbestie

    Soooo awesome! You saw The Pretty! I only have one question. What is wrong with the girl in the yellow dress in the second picture? How is it that she does not notice HHH right in front of her? She looks bored to be there! Someone would be restraining me if I was that close to him! LOL!

  6. In terms of missing what was actually being said during the TCA award show…you didn’t miss anything. I watched nearly all of it sitting by myself, and it was all pretty mindless. Not enough Rob. Not enough anything. Wish I had a fellow Robsessor in the room with me (hubs abandoned me after 10 minutes of the TCAs, and 6 year old who is in love with Taylor Swift fell asleep before “mommy’s boyfriend” came on stage). I’m a little envious that you probably inhaled a few air molecules Rob exhaled (I sound like a teenager). And more envious that you got to see dazzledbyRP/maggie in person & vice versa! – nat/nyr

    • Yep, we made sure to take some very deep breaths during that time!! The air around us became oh so glorious! 😉

      More names to figure out, lol!! And we need to get to work on our conventions so that we can ALL meet in person!

  7. shoegal2547

    Thanks for sharing ladies…surprised you’re able to form coherent thoughts after such a sighting! ;0 I actually just watched the streams of Rob…didn’t care to watch the whole show…too much screaming and real nonsense.

    Glad you ladies were able to wade through the craziness and behold HHH! 😉

  8. dazzledbyrp

    Excellent write-up, Rfm. It really was fun and so surreal. I still keep wondering what happened. One minute we were resigning ourselves to the fact that Rob might not show up and the next minute we were fumbling all over ourselves and each other with our cameras and binoculars! After hours of screaming teens (how many times can one stand having “I love you Justin Bieber” yelled into one’s ear?), once The Pretty finally appeared it all seemed to go too quickly. We weren’t very close, but close enough to see him fairly well with our “real eyes”. We were able to get a few decent pictures and breathe the same air (that somehow turned into lilacs and wintergreen with sparkling little stars) as HHH was breathing. And, yes, Rfm, I totes agree – sharing the experience with a sister Robsessor makes it a lot more fun.

  9. roxiesmom2009

    Way to go ladies! I was watching on TV and wondering why the cameras never showed him…and then I found out via twitter he wouldn’t be there until right before his award. Well fuck me. I had to watch all that crap! Yep. I truly hope some day to see him in person, but I don’t know how that would happen. I don’t have it in me to stand outside for hours – ala Breaking Dawn premiere….but maybe something smaller like Bel Ami or Cosmopolis. We’ll see! Mwah!

    • There was no standing outside for hours for this one! Just had to spend a little money. I’m not sure how I feel about camping out either. A small premiere would be awesome! (does Rob have small premieres anymore?)

  10. Thanks everyone!! We had a blast and have loved passing on our story to you all. I count this as my first Rob experience and am hoping for more! Maybe something a little more intimate?! twss

    • dazzledbyrp

      It’s always best to start out a relationship slowly. Leave him (Rob) wanting more next time…. I mean, I’m SURE he spotted us and that we’ve been on his mind ever since. He’ll be all primed up to take the relationship to the next level at the next sighting.

      I know…..delusional. But totallly NORMAL!!!!

  11. Hey, we need a little representation on the East Coast too!!!

    Really- it is so great that you got to see him!

  12. What a great account. Yes, yes, seeing him with your own eyes–I get that. I was stunned by the WFE premier, I got no pics because I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I didn’t want to see him through the lens.
    WTForks? You kill me! Yes this is only the first of many sitings.

    Much love,
    Liz x

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