More Robisms for the Robster’s Dicktionary

Hello Everybody *waves*


Ok my Pervy Sista’s I’m back with more Rob crack….err wait that’s not right!! THAT’s why we need a Robster’s DICKtionary!! Here are some more Robisms to add.
ok here we go….

RobQ – formerly known as GQ! This goes all the way back to 2009 but hell, who could ever forget this?

No wonder this made it into the dicktionary!!

Robnesia – the forgetting of family, food and work due to your Robsession

Robdication – dedication to Rob and only Rob!

Roberexia – unintentional weightloss triggered by lack of food due to refusal to leave PC and stop perving on the pretty! ( I’m guilty as sin!!!)

Robnoia – paranoia that causes you to *surreptitiously* stalk the internets for Rob info, I.e. Closing your computer whenever someone comes around, etc., so that others won’t think you’re crazy

Rob-a-licious  – no def necessary…yumm

AssCandy– yes, I mean Rob’s Backside!!

Ass Candy!! FTW!!!!


OH Yeah!!!

OH Yeah!!!*gets lost in fantasy about seeing Rob in some skinny jeans*

Robma – karma that helps you maybe meet Rob in the future. What dazzledbyRP and RFM had last night!!! Lucky lucky girls!

Robsterbation – Staring at this photo for too long will result it Robsterbation!

Robtastic – exclamation used when one spots a particularly hot, mouth watering shot of Rob

Cream-of-Cullen – once again if you need to ask, you need to get off this blog now, you are in the wrong place, go to the High School Musical website NOW!

RobJob – what you are going to give Rob when you reach the end of his Happy Trail, rhymes with Go-Bob & yes you’ll be bobbin a lot and then comes the Cream of Cullen.

Robsterbation – you know we’re all doing it, sometimes alone, sometimes with our significant others but it’s all about Rob & you need to do it several times a day (& you won’t go blind trust me ;P)

Robsomnia – inability to sleep because you are too busy lying awake, fantasizing about Rob, wondering what you’ll say when you meet him (cause you know you will), wondering Where he is at that very moment, hoping desperately that some skank (other than you of course) is not riding his Robnana, wondering what you’ll wear tomorrow…trying to pick out something you think Rob might like…you get the picture!

Robphernalia – absolutely anything with Rob on it, in it, around it…includes printed stuff, Internet pics anything that can provide you with your Robfix

RobQuest – venturing into the real world (which we avoid) in search of any Robphernalia

RobCat – women of a certain age who worship Rob are not cougars ( and they will kill you if you call them that, trust me) they are RobCats

RobPictureWhore – Pretty self explanitory and guessng by the way you all find the pick the pic pics then ya’ll are one too! LOL I AM!! I owns it!!

RobPorn – comes in many formats (video, animated GIF, pictures, literature) we ladies here at RA are dealers in RobPorn. Comes in soooo many different forms. Categories including…HandPorn, FingerPorn, JawPorn, Freckle Porn CrotchPorn Scruff porn, Hair porn…

ROBSTACLE? You know those images/articles anything Rob related that interrupt your day and cause you to neglect your daily life lol….

ThRob or RobThrob – what our girlbits (and some of your manbits, we know it’s true) do when we see some particularly hot pics, video of Rob…like Bump N Grind or NiN Closer Both are mandatory daily views for a dedicated PattinPerv (check out or video gallery too! more coming soon!)

Robwhore – if you’re on my website, then YOU ARE ONE! Own it, A’int no Shame in the Game!RobManKiss – Rob getting it on with a man in Little Ashes, the Ladies are LOVIN this. It is getting us so hot

Adorkable– see the photo & you’ll get it

"ADORKABLE" Sho nuff!!!

 He’s so adorkable ya just want to push him onto the bed and run your fingers down his happy-trail!

 Robward – Rob when he is playing Edward Cullen…ex check out this HOT picture of Robward

RobGutter – where your mind is if you are on my site, you are in good company though TRUST ME!

Darkward – how we refer to Robward in TwiPorn like Wide Awake. There are many wards, Tattward, Ruffward, Doctorward….etc. etc.

Robanoid – paranoia, like Rob, that we are alone in our Robsession…AS IF!

Robenefits – we just want to be friends with Rob, yea friends with Robenefits several times a day… and night and weekends….

RobMinds – as in Great Robminds think alike…usually Dirty & Pervy, but we own it!

Got something new to add? Lets hear it ladies! one final addition coming soon…

  Laters Ladies,

99.9% of all Robisms were Stolen snagged from RAoR archives. Thanks for the Links Nicole. .01% were changed or added to by me.



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28 responses to “More Robisms for the Robster’s Dicktionary

  1. Nicole

    LMAO…Your WELCUM bb! Love all the Robisms.

    Here is one I made up last year…*RobRotica* (This is that erotic turn on you feel when you are reading an FF with Rob featured in it).

  2. Nicole

    There are tons of Robisms out there and the usual that we use nearly every day, like “HHH”, “HHP”…here are a few others.

    *RobUlance- the emergency response vehicle used to cart your ass off in after staring at too much RobPorn.

    *Rob-A-Tose-The state of your mind and body going into a self inflicted Coma…or RobComa.

    *RobSexation-The state of mind you get into when all you can think about clearly, is about having Sex with Rob.

    *RobGasm- Kinda self explanatory…*Snickering Loudly*.

    *RobTacular-The state or moment when Rob either by shear FuckHawt Sex Appeal, or his comical nature, or unfiltered mouth…literally take over and steal the show. (ie…MTVA’s 2011 for instance when he is jumping off the stage to kiss Taylor, or when he tells Reese…”I didn’t kick you out, but I did Fuck You”!…that is RobTacular)

    JaPEEN- Refers to the Holy Grail of HHP pics that happend in the Japan Airport.

    • Besides Robisms I am also going to do one on common phrases. It surprises me on how few bloggers and FF readers know these terms. But I’s gonna share!!! That’s what we do!!!

  3. Love these additions to my vocabulary . . .they’re on my most-used-words list, hehe!

    • hee hee I use many of them on a daily basis myself!!! Snickers!!! and when the list is complete…i got sumpin up my sleeve for theRA site and it’s ladies! (If I can make it work! LOL)

  4. I’m not sure it was Robma that night, since he was sheduled to appear, buuuut I’m hoping I have good Robma at the next Bobby Long show!!

    Great job RF!!!

  5. christa64c

    Robtastic post!

    My co -workers use the term ‘Robbing’ to describe the moments I’m so caught up in Rob vids, interviews, pics… I don’t pay attention to my surroundings. Use- “Forget trying to talk to Christa, she’s Robbing again.”

    The term ‘Robbed’ is used when you’re engaged in a normal activity completely devoid of Rob. When suddenly you blush, your girly bits begin to tingle and your eyes glaze over. Your mind has slipped a Robporn mental image in on you and you’ve been ‘Robbed’. Use- “Might as well deal Christa out of the game. She’s been Robbed.”

    Robdar- The term used to describe the ability to pick out the use of Rob’s name or his image from anywhere. Stores like Target will cause your Robdar to go crazy.

  6. jolori54

    I can’t stop smiling from the pics all the way down to that gif he is utterly adorable and no matter how I feel he always seems to bring a smile to my face!!
    yep I remember a lot of these robisms probably all of them but I’m too busy staring at the gif, makes me wanna go and watch that interview again!! …
    you know when he says in that interview something along the lines of I’m gonna ruin you well that always brings me back to the line in Bel Ami *whimpers* he’s also said a couple other things that have been repeated by him that are just HARD to miss!! 🙂

    • Oh Jolori!!! That is my most favorite video of him of alllllll time. (not the gif but the video it was taken from) Why? no, he’s not overtly sexy in it the way he is in the “OH MY GOD” Video and he’s not “Glad to see us” like he was in Japan *snickers* iykwimaityd! But this video is my favorite cause it is classic Rob, the Real Deal Just him as his adorkable, fuck hawt, no mind or brain filter, grungy Lovable Sexy self effacing SELF. Its Just Rob in a one on one (TWSS) and it is IMHO the only video out there that kinda gives you a glimpse at what it would be like just to spend a little time with him.

  7. dazzledbyrp

    LOL! Great post, RF. Is it totally normal that I can relate to so many (if not all) of these Robisms in my life? I hope you’re right about the “Robma”. And I love the word “ThRob”, as in “Why can’t I stop throbbing over those white bird legs in those red adidas shorts?” I’d like to add a Robism: “Robfriend”. It’s not too sexy, but it’s something I’m so thankful for. – and that includes all you Robtastic Robwhores reading this post right now!!

  8. Let’s not forget all the wonderfully inspired user names out there such as

    Great post RobsFan-tasy and I loved all the additions to the list, especially christa64c, hilarious.

  9. Sus

    RobWhore and proud of it! Thanks for a great, hysterical post! And I resemble that! LOL!

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