FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Aug 12/11

This week I read an oldie but goodie called Scotch, Gin and The New Girl by wtvoc and jandco. It is quite a raw teenager-based story and I lmao many times. Edward, Emmett, Rose, Alice and Jasper are all living very privileged lives in Forks, while attending the private school, Forks Academy, but their little circle of crazy high-school normalcy is thrown into a tailspin when Bella, the new girl, comes to town. Edward often acts like a complete teenaged ass and has a lot of growing up to do throughout this story, while  Bella is a strong-willed, take no shit kind of girl; I loved her portrayal in this Fic.

Summary for Scotch, Gin and The New Girl: “Les Liaisons Dangereuses, je croix. We were Cruel Intentions. We are Gossip Girls. We do not care. At all.” all-human.  Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Angst – Chapters: 21 – Words: 115,727 – Reviews: 3592 – Updated: 7-31-09 – Published: 9-27-08 – Complete”

There are 9 Chapters of Outtakes for Scotch, Gin and The New Girlcalled Tanqueray & Tonic and Other Assorted Cocktales: “side notes from Scotch, Gin, and the New Girl by jandco and withthevamps, of course. outtakes, if you will. starting with emmett. rated M for well… sexytimes.  Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 9 – Words: 24,248 – Reviews: 493 – Updated: 7-31-09 – Published: 11-6-08”


Another Complete FanFic I recently read is called Matchmaker by All you need is Moz. This is a cool story, a very different storyline; it not only involves Edward and Bella, but Bella’s 17-year-old daughter, Ness. The story is told from all three POVs, which I found very refreshing and informative. Ness is a mature 17 yr old teenager who just wants the best for her mother, Bella, who was only 17 when she had her and has dedicated her whole life to providing a good life for her daughter. When Forks High School gets a new Calculus teacher, named Mr. Cullen, Ness decides to play Matchmaker.  A great read, I really enjoyed this story.

Summary of  Matchmaker:  “Ness thinks her mom needs a man in her life, and she has the perfect candidate in mind – her new teacher, Mr Cullen.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 29 – Words: 64,504 – Reviews: 99 – Published: 5-17-11 – Bella & Edward – Complete”

There is also a great little Outtake for Matchmaker called Naked in Newtons – “An outtake from the story Matchmaker. A bit of fun! Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 1 – Words: 2,030 – Reviews: 3 – Published: 5-17-11 – Bella & Edward – Complete”


I’m going to add a One Shot I read last week because it was GOOD and we have CoastGuardward, which was a new kind of Edward for me. It’s called Anchor My Heart by TwoTwiMoms. Bella works at an Aquarium as a Marine Scientist and through her co-worker Angela and her boyfriend, she meets Coast Guard Edward! It’s a gentle romance and I think you’ll enjoy this sweet O/S.

Summary for  Anchor My Heart: “Our entry in For the Love of a Man in Uniform Contest-After a devastating end to a relationship, Bella vows to never date another man in the Military. Can a handsome U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant change her mind?  Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 1 – Words: 11,036 – Reviews: 13 – Published: 7-31-11 – Edward & Bella – Complete”


I am going to Rec a new WIP *ducks for cover* 🙂  I started yesterday, only 1 chapter so far. A new Actorward, which is my favorite Edward.  I was Rec’d it last night and I read it right away; I really think it has great potential.  It’s called Give A Little by The Little Wise Owl; whom I believe is a first time author. There is no set updating schedule, but the author informed me that she hopes for at least weekly updates.

It was a pleasure to read and I was captivated right from the get-go. The characters are a bit unique – Renee is a Prosecuting Attorney who is married to Phil, the kid’s step-father, as their father passed away. Bella is an uncertain 21 yr old College student, who grew up on their family farm, with her younger sister Alice and brother, Emmett – who is a “free-spirit” and now lives in LA.  While home from College for Thanksgiving, Bella meets Emmett’s LA friend, he brings home to the farm for the holiday,  English actor Edward Cullen. Will she allow herself the time to get to know Edward and if so, will her life ever be the same?

Summary for Give A Little: “Bella, oppressed by her family’s expectations of her, has spent her lifetime playing it safe. Edward, Hollywood actor, has never been afraid of taking a risk. This is a story of what happens when two people, with two different lifestyles, meet. Rated M.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 1 – Words: 5,080 – Reviews: 3 – Published: 8-11-11 – Edward & Bella” 


Okay, that’s it for me this week, I hope you have been enjoying some of my past FanFiction Recs. If any of these tickle your literary fancy, give them a try to see what you think. Please, let me know what’s owning you this week in the FanFiction world. 🙂 xx MC



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52 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Aug 12/11

  1. Read Scotch Gin and the New Girl some time back and loved it – thanks for the info about the outtakes! I adore FF Fridays and hats off to all the hard work U guys put in!

  2. HI MC and girls

    How are you all this week? These recs sound fabulous to me, MC! I have not read any of them, but I have had Scotch, Gin and the New Girl on my TBR list for ages. This week I have been pretty much been getting up to date with all my new chapters, but I have started a new story and I am about halfway through called You Found Me by brighteyes87 I got this rec from and so far I am really loving it (I have a soft spot for a British Edward, I wonder why that is??) Summary: When her marriage started to fall apart, she ran into a beautiful stranger on the streets of London. Can he show her what love is supposed to be and help her move on? Edward x Bella A/H Warning: Dark, mature themes. Continuation of one-shot Dimes.

    Also this week, I re-read Ride by Kris Salvador. Holy crap, I forgot how hot that story is 🙂 I remember reading this as a WIP and getting so frustrated at the slow updates – it is great to be able to read it in full.. If you like a bit of heat – read it!! I particularly love Edward in this story – he is a bad bad boy 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what everyone is reading this week! oxo AV

    • newyorkkisses

      Hi Ally! Hope you’re doing well. “You found me” sounds right up my alley. Britward is also one of my favorites, he knows how to treat a woman right. 😉 I’m a sucker for a man with manners *sigh*…
      And “Ride” was definitely hot, this is an absolute must-read, ladies.

    • Britward!?!?! I need more reccs of those 🙂

      • newyorkkisses

        Hey Mate, I’m sure you’ve already read it, but just in case: If you’re looking for Britward, I can highly recommend “The Screamers”
        Living on the streets is hard for Bella Swan, but not as hard as putting up with Edward Cullen when he drags her into his lifestyle of sex, drugs and Rock and Roll. Will they be able to help each other before they kill eachother? Cursing/dark themes

        This fic is actually hilarious (the summary makes it sound a bit too angsty, IMO) and has Edward AND Rob in it, LMAO! If you haven’t read this one, run and do so! 😉
        Twilight – Rated: M – English – Humor/Romance – Chapters: 39 – Words: 377,486 – Reviews: 11470 – Updated: 6-2-10 – Published: 5-23-09 – Edward & Bella – Complete

        • rita01tx

          The Screamers was the first KiyaRaven fic I read and now I’m hooked on ALL her stuff! PDF’d that sucker the instant she hit the complete button and will do the same to Grasping Darkness and Diva Diaries.

          Sorta off topic, I heard (and went to look and it’s confirmed) that Bratty Vamp pulled all her stories from FF. No explanation! No notice! Just GONE!! Like you, I’m going to have to go through my TBR and pdf all the completes whether I’ve read them yet or not!!

          What the hell is going on?

          • newyorkkisses

            WTF?!?! Now BrattyVamp, too? Nooooo! I loved her style of writing. 😦
            If anybody needs In Vain, The Best Man, Click & Strum or Green, let me know. 😉
            I don’t know why so many authors are closing their accounts lately, it’s such a great loss.
            And I’ve found that pdf-ing in regular intervals is the only way to make sure one can still read the fics on one’s TBR-list at a later stage with all this pulling going on.

  3. Just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone! :)<3

  4. Thanks for the recs MC. I have read Scotch, Gin And The New Girl and while it was worth a read, it is not one of my favourites. Matchmaker looks interesting, I’d say Mr. Cullen could even make Calculus interesting to me! Please stop with the Actorwards, I can never resist reading them and I’m starting to confuse myself lol. I also have a thing for men in uniform and especially for an Edward in uniform so please don’t start recommending them or I may have to give up my job to become a stay at home reader!

    This week I read two Actorwards, When Fiction Becomes Reality by BITTENEV, and No Way To Say Goodbye by Robshandmonkey, both mentioned here last week.

    Suffice to say that rhm was accurate in her description “there is more sex than acting” – no complaints from me on that score. Check it out ladies.
    Two life long friends moving to opposite coasts to follow different career paths. How will they fair for the first time without each other? Edwards POV A/H angst and drama in the beginning but a HEA is guaranteed.

    This week I also read Your Voice Was All I Heard by twimamma, as rec’d by AllyVera last week. It was all she said it was going to be and more
    I am on the same page as AllyVera this week again, as I loved You Found Me by brighteyes87. She is a very talented author and this story is wonderfully written and one of my favourites. Should you decide to read it, you wont be disappointed.

    • roxiesmom2009

      RHM has another story going? I’m reading Shhhhh, but I didn’t realize she was writing another one. I’ll check that out right away, sounds good and I love her writing.

      Caution on When Fiction Becomes Reality. She just recently started updating again and at one point there was a year between updates. Though I love the story, I’m not reading any more until she’s finished. Updates now are a couple of months apart, which is too far apart for me. My memory is not that good, especially with all the FF I read.

    • aww I am so glad you liked it CARED!!!

      I know its just a lemon filled italian speaking swoony love story that is just sickening sweet…what was I thinking…lol….And roxie…its complete…short and sweet…too sweet….toothachey sweet…lol

  5. newyorkkisses

    Hi ladies! Thank you for these recs, MC. I’ve had “Scotch, Gin and the New Girl” on my TBR-list for a while, but I haven’t heard of the other ones. And you never have to duck for cover for rec’ing a WIP. If a new story pops up, I love hearing about it and if it sounds good it goes onto the list and then I download the whole thing once it’s completed. So rec away! 😉
    So, I didn’t have much time for reading this week, so I picked something short and funny and read “Died and gone to Heaven” by DoUTrustMe, which I’m sure most, if not all of you, have read by now. I’m quite late with that one. 😉
    Accidents happen. Sometimes you die and meet God. Sometimes you live and meet SexGod. B&E. AH. AU.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 9 – Words: 36,411 – Reviews: 2115 – Updated: 6-9-10 – Published: 5-9-10 – Bella & Edward – Complete

    The author has taken down all of her stories, so if anyone hasn’t read this fic and would like to, I’ve got the pdf. Just leave an e-mail address and I’ll send it to you.
    Starting “The Red Line” tonight and really looking forward to this one….
    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  6. rita01tx

    As for what I’ve been reading this week (aside from keeping up with all the updates), I basically threw a dart at my TBR and hit Eternally Damned by TwiXlite (from Jadalulu’s favorites list).
    Edward is THE ultimate vampire. The original. What happens when a visit to the Volturi causes him to pay the Cullens’ a visit? Will he find them a threat to the world he’s spent an eternity shaping or will he leave them be and let them live in peace?
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Supernatural/Romance – Chapters: 34 – Words: 173,091 – Reviews: 3781 – Updated: 11-7-10 – Published: 4-27-09 – Edward & Bella – Complete
    Gotta say I enjoyed the hell out the concept of a of bad-ass, take no shit from anyone, including the Volturi, Edward. The author would have benefited from a good beta but, all in all, a pretty darned good read.

  7. miniaturemom12

    These recs sound great. Added ALL of ’em. Thanks, ladies!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  8. Howdy ladies. I didn’t get quite half way through Help Wanted on vacation, but hey…it is a very very long fic and she is always wordy so each chp is long. I am enjoying it, however, this has more issues so I am not sure she even had a beta for her first fic. I am able to keep going, but if I am catching issues, then Fluffy this one drove you bonkers !! mwah

    Speaking of her, I have gotten two teasers for Pound of Flesh, so I am sure that a new chp is coming soon !

    • roxiesmom2009

      Whoo hoo! Love PoF. And I loved Help Wanted too. Yes she was wordy in that one and really could have tightened it up a bit, but still a satisffying smexy read!

  9. caligirl513

    Thanks MC for the great rec’s. I will add all to my never ending list. This week I read I LOVE LA by feathers_mmmm and I am almost done with Clipped wings and Inked Armor by hunterhunting. Oh my Tattward. He is just to hot to handle. Thanks ladies for all your rec’s I am so behind on all these great stories. I wish I start reading FF a long time ago. I am still a newbie. Have a great weekend

    • newyorkkisses

      Tattward is the best! *fans self* Right up there with Fifty and Wide Awake-ward, LOL. Many of us re-read CWIA at regular intervals, it’s definitely a classic.

  10. Gosh darn you guys by the time I get done between here and the twi fic page I have right clicked and saved and right clicked and saved till my bookmark thingy goes past viewing and I have to scroll….jeebus….lol

    I too am reading Eternally Damned….LOVE IT! needs a beta no doubt but its good….great plot..and i sort of got a crush on this edward…oh wait….i sort of have a crush on almost EVERY EDWARD!
    I am such a hOOr…

  11. koolkatkitty

    Hi! would anyone have a PDF of tides by lambcullen???…loved that story!!! I would really appreciate it. 🙂

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