Rob being, well…a light in the darkness

“My life was an unending, unchanging midnight. It must, by necessity,
always be midnight for me. So how was it possible that the sun was rising now,
in the middle of my midnight?”
Midnight Sun
by Stephenie Meyer
That paragraph right there…where Edward finally realizes that Bella has changed his whole world…gets me every time I read it, and I’ve read it a lot!
In MY world, Rob is the sun, his light shining into the darkness.  That’s why I love finding photos of Rob on a black background, or Rob just coming out of the shadows…everything in the background faded away until there’s only Rob.
Although I enjoy the many wonderful edits we share amongst ourselves, I wonder if some of the photographers at his public appearances actually “saw” a particular shot at the time, or if they were happy accidents.
Either way, I can’t resist them!

Rome Rob

Rome Rob…always a good place to start.  I think this is an edit, but I don’t remember where I got it. Anybody recogize their work?

Twilight UK Premier ’08
  First time I saw Rob emerging from the shadows in this one, I saw FIFTY!!!
Cannes ’09…Inglorious Bastards Premier
 Do you see people in the background?  I guess…if you look close, but I only see Rob!
BAFTA’s 2010
 OMG!  Love how his suit disappears into the black background…well, I can wish for it to really disappear, can’t I?
New Moon UK Fan Event
 What I call a happy accident…he sure is lighting up THEIR world!
 I envy the hOOrs who have been this close to him!!
Last, but absolutely not least, a fabulous Creation by Jules I snagged after starting this post.  Another happy accident, if there ever was one.  Thanks, Jules!


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82 responses to “Rob being, well…a light in the darkness

  1. Well Rob certainly lights up my world : everytime I’m watching him I find myself with a goofy grin on my face and my mind in the gutter, hehe. And as a bonus his adorkableness is always bound to crack me up (teens are very dangerous), LMFAO!

  2. Rita, I particularly like the Cannes picture as that version is new to me.
    A touch of Edward Wallbanger in that look perhaps?

    Your post made me think of the song You Light Up My Life.
    That would be wonderful as background music for a video – MelbieToast, RobsFan-tasy or one of you other talented ladies – what do you say?

  3. rita01tx

    He does tend to brighten up our days, doesn’t he? What a sweetheart!
    And fuckHAWT awesome to boot…what more could we want?
    Duh, a close encounter of the seventh kind, of course!!

  4. rita01tx

    According to Wikipedia:
    The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project proposes a Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind as mating between a human being and extraterrestrial that produces a human-alien hybridisation, usually called a Star Child.[

    Rob’s not an extraterrestrial, but you get my drift!

  5. Cared, I would If I had the song on mp3!! Hell BB I thought West life Broke up! I Love Them. I stumbled onto some of their vids on You tube about a month and a half ago and (they were just teens in the videos) but Day~um! They were Hawt {for kids} and they can freakin Sing! Love their stuff but I dunno where or if I can get it here!

    As for our Robbie…
    In sunlight or in shade
    In Desert or glade,
    He shines like the sun
    And makes us all come undone,
    His smile is contageous,
    His mouth filter, outrageous!
    His hands are to die for,
    His voice is to cry for
    He’s Truly unique,
    From his head to his feet,

    • Good Morning RobsFan-tasy, youngest DD is a fan so I have seen Westlife a few times with her. That song is available on itunes on The Love Album for a whole €1.29. Let me know if it is not available to you and I will send it on to you. I would just love for you to make a video with it. Maybe you could include the great pictures above but I’m sure you wont be stuck for inspiration – just think of the title!

      • Good Evening Cared. Got your e-mail, unfortneately I cannot open it with win zip any more, :.( Is there another way to send it? I have tons of pics of The Precious bathed in light (or is that just his arua?) That would look so good with this song. I can’t get WestLife here right now so i’ll be grateful for any that you could send me. Were you able to hear the “Jericho Rain” song on mp3 that I sent you? Did you like it?

        And I’d also like to put out a request for anyone who has the UNEDITED version of Pink’s “F*CKING PERFECT” song on mp3. I have an entire video created however it is with the “F” word removed and try as i might i cannot get the un cut version. I’m more than willing to trade song for song but I must confess many of my songs on my play list are “oldies” and country songs.

    • what a perfect ode to Rob!

    • I totes love that little dedication to Rob RF! I was thinking of making a vid using “You Light Up My Life” but I didn’t even think about whehter or not I could find the MP3. Hopefully one of us finds it and is able to make a vid, or it would be even better if we both could beause you can never have enough RobVids as far as I’m concerned!

  6. newyorkkisses

    Those pics are amazing, Rita! He definitely lights up a room with his presence and that smile. He seems to be a person, who is genuinely happy at heart….sigh.

    • rita01tx

      Yes he does and I’ve yet to catch him out throwing any kind of temper tantrum…righteously pissed off, yeah! Doin’ a diva…hell to the NO!!

  7. Hum. I wake up….and immediately start searching my spankbank. Well nothing like a lil Rob with some coffee eh?

    I wish I had this one in HQ – Another Rome Rob

    This one I have searched for HQ as well. NM London Rob is full of the lighted ones like you like honey.

  8. While I am in my London Rob, Let’s go ahead and get them out of the way

    The lighting on this one..and pure Jawporn and lipbite. ughhhhhhhhh

  9. Sigh – NM Munich.

    My fav is this one. *warning* tingles………..

    And one more Munich

    • rita01tx

      Major tongue porn alert in the first one…I a DIED!!
      The blue lighting at Munich must have been a challange to photograph…not all I’ve seen were focussed very well, but the ones that were were awesome!

  10. Now I cannot go and post a bunch of NM without at least picking a pic or two of my fav – NYC !!! I will be nice and try and find some good lighting.

  11. Let’s go back to the beginning.

    Twilight – LA

  12. And WFE which was my death…………………


  13. WFE Berlin – this one is hard cause it was mostly in the daytime.

    Chocolate delight

  14. WFE Paris – this may take awhile. Be patient ladies

    The furrowed brow……@$#%@!!

  15. More Paris – the one that turned me into a puddle of GOOOOOOOOO

    A dimple or two??

  16. SEX Drive Premier – yea he caused the drive

    Can someone help a hoor out and provide this HQ?

  17. Oh Bafta’s have a lot too. I will post two



    and a smirk

  18. ok…..These are my last ones…someone else can take over. I have some updates to read…..

    NM Paris

  19. christa64c

    Great post! Rob is most certainly my sun.
    I’m convinced that you have to try to take a bad pic of him. All he has to do is stand there and the camera captures his true essence. He’s all light and beauty. If Michelangelo was alive today Rob would be his favorite subject.

    Like rita01tx said, the man is achingly beautiful.

    • rita01tx

      Can you imagine a Michelangelo of Rob? Or a marble statue (totally nude…and anatomically correct of course)?!!
      *sigh* we can only hope a new Michelangelo appears on the scene someday (sooooon) to make our dreams come true!

  20. Cums running back in…I forgot a few


    Runs back out

  21. OMG Rita a totes love this post! I love any reason(like I really need one) to look through my RobPorn collection, and now thanks to you I have one! LOL! Between you and RDM, there have already been several fuckhawt pics posted, but I have a few in my collection that have yet to be shared. I decided to go way back to the days before Twilight.

    Yummy lip bite at the GoF Press Conference in Tokyo

    and some yummy LipPorn at the GoF Tokyo Premiere

  22. Oh for pete sake. Did I forget OscarRob?

  23. They just keep on a comin!!! Thnaks Mick for all these great pics.

    This man is truly amazing. I’ve heard from people who have seen him in person (much closer than I) that he has a glow, a light if you will, around him. Seems like you might be onto something here Rita.!

  24. I also loved the lighting in these from Remember me

  25. OK seeing as Rome Rob is so fuckhawt, and you can never get enough of him, here are a couple more pics that weren’t posted yet

  26. OK RL is taking over now, but before I go I have a couple more pics to share

    Young Hollywood Awards

    2009 MTV VMA’s

    OK that’s all I have time for, hopefully I’ll be able to come back later and post some more, that’s unless somebody else beats me to it! LOL!
    Have a great day everybody!

  27. Sus

    Yes, Rob certainly lights up my life! Thanks, ladies, for all the lovely pics and your comments about our gorgeous man!

    What a nice way to spend a Sunday! Lovin’ Rob with all you special PattinAngels!


    • rita01tx

      Hi Sus! We are having the best time pervin on The Pretty today! Glad you could join us…put up your feet and stay awhile!
      Oh yeah, check out the new tabs RobsFan-tasy added to the top today:
      Wallpaper and Edits Gallery
      Photo Gallery
      Boy, she’s got some great RobPorn on there and she ain’t near done yet!

  28. I wanted to send a Special Thank You to rdmickey1989 for filling in all the “Unknown” blanks in the “wallpaper & edits gallery” Thanks GF!!! You were a HUGE help!!! Mwah!!!

  29. somanywards

    I love this post!!!!!!!
    He is truly a beautiful, brilliant, heart warming Light*

  30. Oh Rita, thank you for this post…yes, Rob certainly does light up our world, he brings me such joy and has been doing so for almost 3 years… he is the most lovable man on the planet.

    Here’s an enhanced closeup of one of your favorites you posted… he is utterly magical…
    xoxo from Melbie

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