Laugh Attack! Just for shizz and giggles

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hello Ladies, RFM had some RL stuff to deal with so I’m going to fill in for her today. Rather than do 2 days worth of “Pick the Pics”, I thought I’d try for a giggle or two. I thought since we are edging closer to Breaking dawn but still have a ways to go yet we could start out with a few Twilight giggles from the past..

It’s so true!!! Why else would I have things like this stored in my Computer…

*snickers* I actually know people like this LOL

Oh but I haven’t even Begun yet…

I was ROTFLMAO first time I saw this!


Yes I was smiling when I finished reading this one too.


Yes, I know having Jake on RA is a problem but I ca fix that… 
See? All better LOL

And then, there is Rob himself, not just his Twilight Saga giggles but ROB….

Whenever I’m feeling down all I have to do is jump into my giggle folders

And before you know it,


Just like you are now….

And suddenly I feel a whole lot better.

So the next time your feeling down Do what Rob Does…

   Laters Ladies,

I was thinking about adding a tab for “Funnies” If you would like to see more then give this post a like and if i get 10 likes I’ll create one.



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25 responses to “Laugh Attack! Just for shizz and giggles

  1. You must create a tab of funnies.

    I don’t have much in my PB acct of the funnies. But let me see what I can find.

  2. A lil more funny gifs of Rob

    Another gif like the one you posted above.

  3. Rob has THE best giggle and laugh, ever.
    RF- thanks for the funnies!

  4. Thanks for helping a girl out, RF!! And the funnies are perfect for today! Love the ff one, Mick 🙂

    (hey, the box is finally white for me, yay!)

  5. dazzledbyrp

    The Funny:

  6. dazzledbyrp

    This gif always cracks me up. Such a goofball. I hope it posts ok.

  7. Oh I cannot remember whom…but they asked when I colored this to please post.

    I have attempted this about 10 different times, starting all over each time and I am never satisfied with it. My PS skills are just not that good. Maybe the pro’s around here can do this justice.

  8. A collage gif of funnies……

  9. Great post RF! 🙂 Rob has the BEST giggle ever! Hearing/seeing him giggle/smile makes me happy. #normal ❤

  10. christa64c

    Thanks RF! LOVED the giggles! One of Rob’s best characteristics is his sense of humor. Couple that with his no-filter mouth and you have a winning combination. The smile, the giggle, the jokes that no one but him gets… perfection!

  11. smittenkitten

    *giggles* FTMFW! 🙂

  12. Sorry The “OMG i just got attacked” gif isn’t working, it will if you click it. It was working “back stage” If you haven’t seen it check it out! If i remember correctly it was made by uber vamp (may she rest in peace) and is still one of my favorite “funnies”

  13. RobsFan-tasy, you have to do a tab for Funnies. His sense of humour and adorkableness are some of his best features and what drew many of us to him.

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