Rob’s Summer/Fall Vacation 2011

I’m back ladies!! Just wanted to mix it up for you all, keep you on your toes. But I think the Robdrought is upon us and I don’t have much to say. So I’m going to turn it over to some friends of mine, Cath and drsaka. Enjoy!

This is a Must Click!!

 Hello ladies, it seems like Rob has free time this summer/fall, for the first time in a number of years. Since we have no idea what his agenda is or even if he has one, or any aspects of Rob’s plans, we’d like to suggest activities for him. Vacations are generally either for leisure, activity-filled or staycations (staying close to home).

Leisure vacations

Napping/Beach Ball

We are reminded of the (totally cute) picture of Rob on the beach during the filming of Remember Me. Perhaps a vacation activity could consist of: naps on various beaches of the world, playing beach ball with Bear and TomStu? Drinking beer under a palm tree? (No sugary cocktail for Rob!)

Activity-filled vacations

Road Trip- America

The epic Britpack road trip must happen again! Rob has spent so much time flying from place to place (hence his thought that everything in the US is near Detroit), it’s time for another road trip. We’d like to suggest one where they can take in some true Americana. Ladies, did your parents ever subject you to a road trip to the biggest ball of string ( I would have happily gone if I knew Rob (in the plaid suit) was going to be there!!!! How about the world’s largest pheasant ( Just think of the fun the Britpack could have (

Road Trip- Europe

We realize Rob has travelled a bit in Europe, but we’d like to suggest a tour that would include fountain diving. In Rome. Because…well, because he can! And who would mind Rob in swimming trunks?

Bike Touring

Perhaps Rob enjoyed the recent Tour de France and would enjoy following part of the route (pssst- I think there are enough French little cafés on the way). Or maybe, boating on famous waterways? Forget Venice though Rob, that’s old, come boating on the Amsterdam channels!


Staycations are very popular these days. Here are some activities for Rob, if he decides to hang around at home.

  •  Not shave- remember how quickly he turned into Mountain Man before!!!??
  • Watch TV
  • Watch ALL the DVD’s in the Criterion collection, again
  • Read comics
  • Listen to music (of course!)
  • Play songs on a mandolin and a cello
  • Go into Heineken induced semi-comas
  • Hang out with mates and act like monkeys for hours
  • Experiment with cooking (with mates): Linguini with a Heineken reduction sauce, sautéed beef jerky and microwave carrots
  •  Search through piles of clothes
  • Shop for underwear (can any of the Ellen underwear still exist?)
  • Wash the charred plastic off your car’s flamed dashboard

Staycation with Bear

Rob now has a new companion to take care of….Bear!

As seen by the recent walk on which Bear took Rob (and TomStu) for a trip down the street, perhaps some quality time with Bear is the best idea for this free time. Enriching activities for Rob and Bear could be:

Yoga with his own (Yogi) Bear. Rob must keep in shape, all that Heineken, you know – and Bear must too, he has to pull Rob along on walks!

Bath time for Bear (this will probably turn into a bath for both)

Teach Bear how to walk properly…although we’re not sure Rob mastered this himself as he is Mr. Wonky!

 All in all, there’s plenty for Rob to do in his time off. We wish him a good time and we ask him to hurry back, we already miss him!

 We wish we were in vacation mode (with you).

 drsaka and Cath

(super manips by Cath)

So what do you ladies think? What else  would you like to see Rob do in his spare time? And if you have something you want to share drop us a line at


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26 responses to “Rob’s Summer/Fall Vacation 2011

  1. Sus

    Go to London, and give Kristen some love!

  2. roslynselene

    Great post, girls! 🙂 I think a Roadtrip Bus Tour 2011 should happen. And they should get a huge bus (a la Sarah Palin’s crazy ass) with their faces and American monuments plastered all over it.
    Dooooo eeeeeet.

  3. Thanks, Ros! I hope it made you smile!

  4. Hilarious Ros (i can’t reply directly to you w/out a WP account, and I’m too lazy to sign up for one – it is NYR here). Not sure I could concentrate on the road if Rob’s face was on a 6 foot moving billboard in front of me, though. Would be a giant liability. Plus, can you imagine how many cars would follow? Traffic nightmares.

  5. I really do think he’s taking the summer off to work on his new clothing line (thanks Google News Alerts, for that laugh!). Just in time for back to school. I plan to make both my kids into mini Rob Pattinsons. If I can’t have him, hell, my kids and husband can all look like him. Red pants, white tees, recycled t-shirts, trucker caps.
    Funny letter Cath and Dr. Saka, as always.

  6. cathcat

    Hi, glad you guys like it, apart from the lovely ladies of the British Tourist Board, I still had to make up a Word Press login name, so I’m tardy to the party!!! Hey, we can’t blame Rob for not going on a vacation in the UK, he’s from around there! 😉 I think he’s having a staycation righ now, hahahaha, and you can’t move around all over the globe when you have a stay at home cation, hahahaha. Can’t blame the Rob, blame the temptations of a staycation! 🙂

  7. roxiesmom2009

    He he great post ladies! I suggest Rob come visit the ball of twine in Kansas….um road fucking trip for ME! That would probably be as close to him as I’ll ever get! Dammit!

    • The site (linked there) is quite funny- there are all sorts of odd roadside attractions in each state. I’m kinda partial to the ball of twine, for no other reason than it’s a really random thing to suggest Rob travel to go see! 🙂
      Maybe he will chose the one close to you!

  8. Dear Cath and Draska, I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your post. WP is having some problems (which I have contacted them about) and not all of our members are getting notified of new posts so many of our members may not have seen this at all. I do hope if the inspiration strikes you again that you will come back to post again someday! you are always welcome!

  9. I really think Rob should go to as many of his mate’s shows as possible this break. May I suggest Lee MacDougall at Hotel Cafe perhaps followed by Bobby Long at McCabes?! Not that I have tickets to those or anything, hehe.
    And then follow it up with another epic RoadTrip!!!

    Great work ladies!! I love all the new manips and I think your spot on with Bear. Phone call to Cesar Milan (dog whisperer) in the near future?

  10. Wonderful post Cath and drsaka! I’m so happy to see you both here at RA! I want to see Rob pursue his music in his spare time, and maybe he could even visit Disney World in Florida when I go next Spring! *giggles* 🙂

    xo MC

  11. kristensbestie

    Yes! Rob in Disney World, that would be awesome! I once saw David Archuleta there…. if you know who that is (AI fans). I even got my picture with him!

    I just have to say, I love Drsaka and Cath’s Robcollages. Enjoy them thoroughly, keep them coming!

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