Rob being, well…thirsty!

Ah! Rob’s lovely, luscious lips cause our imaginations go wild…their
repose when he’s just quietly listening, their curve when he smiles, their
mobility when he’s talking, and especially their curl when he’s drinking!
The Pretty has been photographed drinking through straws…
from cups…
from cans…
and from bottles….
We all know he likes his Heinekin…
But, when asked in an interview what was in his fridge, his answer
(click on the bottle to watch the gif)
Perhaps it’s the accompanying finger porn, or maybe the neck porn, or the
eye porn…hell’n I guess it’s just all ROB!
We could count the number of photos of Rob eating on one hand, but that’s
OK.  We love to watch him drink!!
and another just for shizz and giggles…
Laters, darlin’s!


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53 responses to “Rob being, well…thirsty!

  1. Sus

    Oh, Rita…you are killing me here! His gorgeous lips sucking, drawing, sipping, tasting……OK…..I’m gone…..*DED*


    • smittenkitten

      You said Sus…all of it & the *tasting* part gave me the chills! Oh gawd, can you imagine HIM tasting…um…places! Oh my….

      • eyeonrob1

        IKR? Holy hell, smitten….those lips on ANY part of me is just a hoor fantasy of mine that keeps a goofy smile on my face pretty much all the time. *fans self*

  2. rita01tx

    IKR??? Oh hell, I just realized I missed blaming this whole idea on MC’s TIT ‘Luscious Lips’ post this week *face palm*

  3. i doubt there is anything this man can do that doesn’t make him look delicious? still just to be sure i’m off to drool over er, study yes study many other pics.

  4. absolutely. there is just something lovely about him that shines through.

  5. Gah I sit here trying to contemplate what affects me more..

    Him sucking – with a furrowed brow

    Or the pouty lips waiting in anticipation

    Well either way…those lips/mouth are memorizing

  6. somanywards

    Thank you Rita,
    xo for the lovely pics, vids, gifs this morning***
    It’s my birthday and I’m getting ready to leave for work*
    Happiness is, that I’ll be taking these images along to keep me smiling today 😉

    Love to all of you wonderful ladies (+ Rob) & many thanks for making this life more beautiful just by being in it*


  7. christa64c

    An ode to that man’s gorgeous lips is a perfect way to start a Sunday morning. Wonderful post rita!!!
    I NEVER thought watching a man drink water was sexy. But when that man is Rob… I swear I’d watch him clip his toenails and still have to keep myself from jumping him. I don’t know if it’s the actual act of him sucking in his refreshment of choice or the thoughts of all the other things he could do with those pouty puffs of perfection that gets me all riled up. I just know that he does it for me every time.

    • rita01tx

      *fist bump* Me too! I mean, how weird is it that I thought watching him pick a scab out of his ear in the How To Be extras was too fuckin’ cute for words. That’s GOT to be on YouTube somewhere…gonna have a little search LOL!
      “pouty puffs of perfection” bwahahahah! You nailed it Christa darlin’!

    • eyeonrob1

      *LOUD hoor moans* Sweet baby jeebus, mickey…haven’t seen these before…. WHEW!!! Is it hot in here, or is it just me?? Thanks for sharing from your priceless collection., bb!

    • eyeonrob1

      “pouty puffs of perfection” FLUV this description, christa! And couldn’t agree more with you, bb! I haven’t seen him do anything yet that didn’t get my hormones raging.

  8. jolori54

    oh god I think I am in Robheaven I love to watch him put anything up to that gorgeous mouth of his and when he takes those drinks and puckers those luscious lips *THUD*

    found this on tumblr gawd dayum he’s sexy

  9. Thanks Rita! For some reason this post is right up my alley! ———>
    That first vid nearly killed me! The music and the lip action: GAH!! But seeing as I’m a Pepsi girl, this is one of my faves

    And a thirsty post can’t be complete without this one!

    • rita01tx

      Absolutely, and it’s from one of my favorite photoshoots! VF09 was a classic!

    • eyeonrob1

      Those long pale legs are f*cking GORGEOUS! All I ask is that before I die, I get the chance to start with his toes and suck and lick my way
      north. GAH!!

      • rita01tx

        Yes, yes, yes! A thorough inspection is called for, Eyeonrob1 darlin’! Using, lips, tongues and fingers, you start with his toes…I’ll start with his ears and we’ll meet at the equator for a knock down drag out over who gets dibs on the holy peen before deciding that, since it was your idea, you get to *ahem* inspect it first…then me…then we exchange directions.
        It might take us an eternity to finish, mind you, cause for damn sure we won’t find ANY flaws.

  10. smittenkitten

    Jolori, there is something about the gif & pictures of HIM drinking from that green bottle that are so f*cking sexy to me…I haven’t seen RM but I love those & reblog them all!
    So now he does it again in BA, probably just for me! **
    Thanks bb!

    • rita01tx

      Aaargh! Bel Ami! Hurry up and get released already *sheesh* (think imma go watch that trailer again a time or two real quick LOL)

  11. jolori54

    oh yeah and I forgot to say those vids damn hot and mesmerizing!!

  12. More RM drinking.

    Pucker bb

    And a gif one for you Rita since it is your new fav thing

  13. Just thought I’d give you ladies Another reason to need a cooling drink LOL
    Love this Post Rita Darlin’!
    Happy Birthday Somanywards!!!

    • rita01tx

      ?!?!?!? Oh no you didn’t! WOW youz gonna make me cry BB!
      Thanks sweetie…MWAH!!

    • RF You are blowing me away with these amazing videos! God, you are so right, he is “Fucking Perfect”!! *sigh*

    • jolori54

      ohmygod RF *wipes tear* that was just beautiful!…no I don’t know why it brought a tear to my eye, I guess it was very moving! and yes he is F*cking PERFECT no doubt about that!!

      • rita01tx

        Jolori darlin’, it’s the combination of that F*cking Perfect song and our beautiful, beautiful Rob.
        Most of all, though, I lost it when I saw she had made it for ME!
        How sweet is that?

    • eyeonrob1

      *blows kisses at Robs Fan-tasy* I left you some love over on YouTube. This is one of the best collections of Rob photos in a viddie that I’ve ever seen. You made my day. Excuse me while I go watch it again (multiple times).

  14. D’awww *Blushing* You Ladies are wayyy to nice to me!
    @Rita of course I did BB! You gave me a few of the picks and Cared sent me the uncut version of the song ( Thanks girl) after i searched for weeks and weeks and you do so much for me too It was just my way of giving back a little.
    @eyeonrob that was you bb? Awww thanks so much!!! THAT WAS THE BEST REVIEW EVER! lol *returns the kisses* I can’t help myself when it comes to The Pretty!!!! he is mah muse 😉 *next up…S&M by Rhianna* *snickers & Rubs hands together* Are you all in the mood for some “Fifty” Hawtness???
    @Jolori, Aww thank you sweetums. Well if I made two of you cry so i guess i done good. That You ladies liked it is all that matters to me!
    ML to you all!!!

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