Tonguing It Tuesday Robporn: Eyebrow Edition

Happy Tuesday RA ladies!! Here I am once again with more of the unusual Robporn, not that any Robporn could be bad, right?! (some of you were drooling over Rob picking his scabs the other day. ewww!) I learned on Robsessed that some have a thing for Rob’s eyebrows. And I too find them particularly interesting. I mean, how does he get them to do those crazy manuevers?! So let’s take a look, shall we…

First we have the very common, double eyebrow raise. Most of us can do that.

I spy a tongue!!

Followed by the one eyebrow raise. Getting a little trickier!

Oh baby!

And this one just screams talent!

Suit + Eyebrow Action = Super Smexy

And since  it seems that we all have a thing for moving Rob, I’ll leave you with this:

So let’s see some eyebrow action, ladies!

Robs Fan~tasy


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86 responses to “Tonguing It Tuesday Robporn: Eyebrow Edition

  1. Sus

    He’s defs got a lot of eyebrowporn going on! Sometimes, they are really bushy…LOL! I noticed in the original Twilight movie, his eyebrows were penciled in very darkly! I love all of our Rob, but honestly, his eyebrows aren’t my #1 think on his precious body! But I enjoyed your pics!!!

    • Sus

      Oooops…..I meant “THING,” not think…..LOL!

    • Haha, true. Not my number one either, but we’re gonna start running low on body parts soon! Gotta appreciate it all. Cause the eyebrows are so expressive, they practically are begging for it!

      • miniaturemom12

        Umm have you guys done the blonde stubble yet? You know, keeping with the hair theme. What about his thighs? No worries if you did, just point me to the links.

        • No, we haven’t covered those yet. We just gotta throw in the random ones so we’re not overloaded with Robporn in the beginning. Don’t worry though, we will get to ALL of Rob’s wonderful body parts 🙂

  2. dazzledbyrp

    Well, any good discussion of Robporn should always start with RomeRob IMHO:

    RomeRob sexstare combined with the eyebrow porm move = UNF!!!

  3. dazzledbyrp

    One more RomeRob – this time with raised eyebrows…..He kills me……

    As swoon worthy as RomeRob’s eyebrow’s are, Dorky Rob’s eyebrows also drive me insane:

  4. Rob really does has some expressive eyebrows going on! Some can’t fully appreciate the fullness of his eyebrows (I do), but I remind them that the hair-eyebrow-eyelash combo comes as one unit- you can’t have two without the third!

  5. Oh until recently I had no idea my fascination with his eyebrows. I mean we have seen them trimmed and we have seen them bushy. I was like Sus…….ummyea not my favorite part.

    But then, I have learned what they do to me. There are two things he does with them that make me wiggle in my seat.

    1. Eyebrow cock. One or both. It doesn’t matter

  6. 2. The furrowed brow. DED ___________________

    Another Man 2009 Edit of mine, You know I like color

  7. And moving Robporn…yes we MUST have that

  8. jolori54

    ooooooh I love his eyebrows(then again what part of him don’t I love) great post m’dear RDM damn girl you killed me with all you posted I couldn’t stop watching those gifs and staring at the pics!!! Thanks to everyone else who has shared so far as well love em all and I am always in Robheaven no matter the subject….yes I was one of those who were enjoyin the vid of the scab picking 😆

    okay so I f*cking love when he plays with his eyebrows
    it’s not the best quality but I couldn’t find a better vid of it so I made it anyway

    yeah see… the eyebrow pinch I call it….

  9. jolori54

    here’s another creation dedicated to that eyebrow pinch

    I spot him doin it quite a bit and it gets me every time!!! I mean come on he’s even done that in his movies! I will have to come back later so I could share more though enjoy your day/evening ladies xoxo

  10. Hey hey! Just dropping by before I try and stave off writers’ block for another day to say that I LOVE that black and white photo of him doing the fishhook eyebrow…it’s all kinds of amazing, and there’s a vintage look to it – YES! Double score LOL! xoxo

  11. jolori54

    oooh sorry one more before I go

    oh yeah and gotta love this pic

  12. OMG I can’t believe that I’m finally back! I had my In-Laws staying at my house for the past 4 days, and my computer use was limited, but now that they’re gone I have a lot of catching up to do! Before I comment on today’s post, I want to share my “You Light Up My Life” video, which I uploaded on Friday but haven’t had the chance to share here until now. It’s different from RobsFan-tasy’s version, which I think is awesome, so I hope everyone likes my version too!

  13. OK MC. Now you have me looking at the Twilight films.

    Oh yes, he definitely does them.

  14. jolori54

    okay this isn’t one I was lookin for but hey he’s playin with it again so it’s a WIN!

    hmm another

  15. rita01tx

    I love Rob’s eyebrows au naturel as in How To Be!

  16. jolori54

    can I just say damn!

    gawd I adore him

  17. jolori54

    gah fingerporn always a win with him touchin it!

  18. jolori54

    holy hell

    have we done this one yet?! *shrugs* ahh well I know there was a gif posted of it I think up in the post somewhere hehe

  19. jolori54

    I could watch him and those eyebrows forever

    ah hell here’s another gif of that one stroking the eyebrow

  20. jolori54

    this is way too cute and adorable

    reminds me of this one

    okay I could stay here all day and keep posting but I really should go get my laundry put away xoxo

  21. haystackhair

    OMFG, finally! I haven’t been able to log in ANYWHERE to comment in so long! And I get here only to be killed off in the first 5 minutes by looking at all this beauty! GAH!
    OT, I just finished reading Loner last night and it is one of my absolute favorites. It will be read again by me for sure! I think it was fluffyliz that rec’d it. THNAKYOU!!!!

  22. haystackhair

    yeah….that would be THANKYOU…..jizztyping after stunning my brain with all the eyebrow beauty…..

  23. eyeonrob1

    *regains consciousness* OMG, mickey and jolori….you caused me to overdose on Rob hotness…I’ll need to keep the defibrillator nearby when you ladies get on a roll sharing from your spank bank. You are my Robcrack (giggles) dealers.
    While, in isolation, the eyebrows won’t cause my heart to stop, the overall framing effect of the eyebrows and lashes around the most breathtaking set of eyes I’ve ever seen on any man just draw my eyes to his face like a magnet. I swear to God, I forget to breathe when I’m staring into those eyes.

  24. LOL!! Those of us who are Robexperts (pretty much all of us here!) could have told them that a looong time ago! Any study of the eyes leads you to the various growth on Rob’s eyebrows. It’s funny to see them growing back thru the pics!

  25. Once again you ladies astound me!! Even when I throw random Robporn out there, you ladies BRING IT! Not that I should be surprised with your brimming spank banks.

    Thanks for all your great links!! The eyebrows sure wouldn’t be as wonderful with those eyes, eyelashes and the personality behind it all! (thanks Rob, hehe)

    • Oh we told you when we took up residency, all we needed was a starting point and we could take it from there. giggles. The summer will be over soon and maybe things will get back to normal and all the others will come out of hiding soon !

  26. OK I’m back! I had to work for a few hours, and then I wanted(needed) to finish reading a fic that’s been pwning me called Fuggiasco. Here’s the link if anyone else wants to read it, but be warned, it’s very angsty!
    Summary: Edward, homeless since age twelve is used to the gritty, hard life. Now twenty, his main goal is to make it in the world, and off the streets. What happens when a girl who seems to be broken beyond repair becomes his new shadow?
    OK now back to our regularly scheduled programming!LOL! I know I probably have some eyebrow porn that hasn’t been shared yet, but i’m gonna have to go back and look at what else has been shared so I don’t share the same pic that someone else has already!

  27. OMG I can’t believe all of the eyebrow porn that has already been shared, you ladies are totes killing me! I amazingly have a few that haven’t been shared yet, well at least I don’t think so, but sorry if I’m wrong!

  28. smittenkitten


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