FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Aug 26/11

So, first I have to tell you’ll this little story: Last week I took an Oath to myself, “Thou shalt not start any new WIPs this week.” because I already had close to 50 on the go *don’t judge* – so, anyways, I repeated this mantra, many times, over the weekend; my intentions were completely just and honest, and I tried so hard not to break my Oath, but the Recs just kept coming and coming, and now I must confess that I totally sent my Oath to Hell in a hand-basket, as I failed miserably and I started 6 new WIPs this week! *hangs head in shame* Oh well, I tried right? and on the bright side, they all look great and I am not taking any more Oaths – I’m just gonna read and drink my homemade wine! 🙂

Okay, now down to business…..first I am going to Rec an Actorward *yes, I know, you’re shocked* Not only is Edward an actor in this Fic, but he speaks sexy Italian *SWOON* This Complete story is called No way to say goodbye by the talented writer Rob’s hand monkey. I loved reading this story, it is short and sweet, but full of romance, a little angst and some smokin’-hot lemony goodness *fans self and vajayjay*!

Bella and Edward grew up next-door to each other, best-friends for 18 years, but now they are both leaving to pursue their dream jobs – Edward goes to Hollywood to be an actor, while Bella goes to New York to work on the Stock Exchange. But, before she leaves, the Cullens, her extended family, throw her a going away party, and as Edward watches the festivities, what does he realize? How does he feel about losing his best-friend? What will happen when Edward and Bella say goodbye, in private, after the party? And, how will these best-friends deal with living so far apart? All these questions and more, will be answered when you read this awesome 17 chapter Fic!

Summary for No way to say goodbye: “Two life long friends moving to opposite coasts to follow different career paths. How will they fair for the first time without each other? Edwards POV A/H angst and drama in the beginning but a HEA is guaranteed.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 17 – Words: 56,833 – Reviews: 99 – Updated: 3-5-11 – Published: 1-20-11 – Bella & Edward – Complete”


One of the WIPs I started this week is called Shine Your Light by belledejour84. In this Fic, we have FireFighterward *fans self* and when he eventually meets Bella, sparks will fly!

But, before this happens, I must give you a tissue warning, this story starts out with some serious angst (see Summary below for details.) I have never cried so hard, when reading a Fic, that I had to stop reading chapter 2 and take a breather. This all happens before Edward Masen makes his appearance, when the storyline and plot are being set, but W-O-W, it is so well-written that I was completely blown away by the powerful feelings this author evoked in me, so early in the storyline. Excellent start!

So, as of today, we have a Prologue and 3 chapters, with updates expected every other Sunday, although the last update was 25/07/11 (author is pregnant); but 3 days ago the author replied to my reviews saying a new chapter should be up any day now. Hopefully we will soon get an update because I really think this little gem has great potential and is going to turn out to be a fantastic read!

Summary for Shine Your Light: “When Bella Black loses her husband in a tragic accident, she loses her way. Can Edward Masen, a newcomer to Forks, help her find her way back? A/H – Contains firefighterward and a boatload of angst.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 4 – Words: 15,427 – Reviews: 55 – Updated: 7-25-11 – Published: 7-6-11 – Bella & Edward”


Another WIP I started this week is called Search and Rescue by kitkat681. I was immediately drawn into this interesting premise of a story, as Bella belongs to a special search and rescue team, with her dog Jake, who is her partner, and her best-friend Rose, as her Team Leader. When Rosalie convinces Bella to go home with her and spend Easter with Rose’s family, this is where she meets Rose’s brother, Edward (aka Lensward), and it appears he will be doing some of his own rescuing.

It appears this story will follow multiple plots/storylines, which are all in development. From what I have observed in these first 4 chapters, I believe Search and Rescue has great potential to be a complex and well-rounded FanFic; it’s well worth a read!

“A/N: So…what to expect with this one. Angst, action, drama, romance…more angst…lemons eventually…and more action. This will be AH/OOC/Bella and Edward pairing. I will be posting once a week…on Saturdays…… Cause I know you really want to get to know Bella. There will also be a big chance for you to direct where the story goes, not for Bella and Edward but for another pairing in the story. I’ll let you know when that happens.” –  kitkat681.

Summary for Search and Rescue: “Bella is in an elite search and rescue team, trying to forget the one person she could not save. Edward is trying to forget his past by being a photographer in the middle of a war zone. Can they forgive themselves before everything comes crashing down?

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Adventure – Chapters: 4 – Words: 5,974 – Reviews: 77 – Updated: 8-25-11 – Published: 8-20-11 – Bella & Edward”


Alrighty then, 3 Recs for you this week, I hope you’ll are reading well with my past Recs and I would love to know what’s owning you in the FanFiction world this week. Until next Friday……happy FanFic reading! 🙂 MC

PLEASE NOTE: I will be changing the “FFF Library” Page to an alphabetized list of all the FanFics I rec, so please bear with me, for a short time, while I make these improvements! Thanks for your understanding. 



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58 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Aug 26/11

  1. jolori54

    well you sold me on the completed one with EPOV hehe!!! as for the WIPs I will not ever start a new one(a promise I have kept for a looong time now) but they will be added to the list so thank you!

    this week I was able to read a couple short ones… Skeezon
    –Isabella Swan is on the run, a nameless bounty hunter in pursuit. She wants freedom, he wants her. Will they each get what they so desperately wish for? There’s so much in store for these two on their road trip misadventure.
    I really really enjoyed it so much as well as a couple of her other stories in the past!

    another I read was by cosmogirl7481 –A boy meets girl story with sweltering heat, iced coffee and lots of sex… ExB, AH and OOC because no one is a virgin. Romance and humor with a touch of drama.

    • jolori54

      couple others I read this past weekend by jaxon22
      –Edward is warring with himself about moving his and Bella’s relationship on. A little Lemony goodness for my first effort. May be the first of many? Vinyl by 107yearoldvirgin
      Its just another day at Vinyl Records Store: Fun. Uncomplicated. Just like having sex with your best friend, and coworker, should be. At least, that’s what Bella and Edward are hoping. The rest of the employees, on the other hand..

      enjoyed them all, otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned them 😆
      okay I’m off to bed now so have a good one ladies! xoxo

      • Sus

        I loved the characters in “Vinyl.” Even tho’ they are our canon couples, they are all so funny! It’s a crazy place to work, eh?

    • newyorkkisses

      Ohhh Bounty sounds great, Jolori! Road Trip action FTW! 😉 Haven’t heard of the others yet, so they’re also going on the list. Thanks, bb!

  2. rita01tx

    You can blame this rec on Haystackhair. She mentioned it on Tonguing It Tuesday this week and several of us have already started reading non-stop!
    Loner by Nilla79
    All Human. Edward Cullen was a loner, an outcast. He clearly hated everybody, including himself. He was not a nice person. So, why was I so drawn to him? And why did I get the crazy feeling he felt the same way?
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 115 – Words: 378,420 – Reviews: 9474 – Updated: 7-6-11 – Published: 1-31-10 – Bella & Edward – Complete

    • haystackhair

      OMG I finished it last week, pdf’d it and I’m reading it again. Sooooo so good. I cried many times. Glad you are liking it bb!!!

      • rita01tx

        Pdf’d it BEFORE I started reading…taking no chances!

      • roxiesmom2009

        Haystackhair!! Whoo hoo girlie! Where you been? I’ve been asking around about you! Please come join the gang on Facebook – RAoR Refugees! We are having so much fun. Newyorkkisses, we need you too. Matter of fact anyone that is not there yet, please come. If your not on FB, join up just to be part of the group! Pretty please!
        Mwah, Roxie (aka Pam)

        • newyorkkisses

          Aww, you’re so sweet Pam. The only reason I haven’t joined that group is that I’m terrified of it being made public with the people I have added on Facebook. I’m totally in the closet regarding that part of my life and try to keep it separate. Hmm, maybe a fake separate account would work?

          • roxiesmom2009

            HSH, the group is secret, so although posts show on your wall, they have a “lock” on the side which means you are the only person that can see them. Or just do a fake FB account with your RAoR name! A lot of girls have done that. You can stay hidden in your closet!! You do have to be invited by a member, so just email me if interested. That goes to all you lovelies not on our FB group!

            • newyorkkisses

              Pam, I set everything up and sent you an e-mail regarding being invited into the group. Thanks for convincing me and I’m looking forward to even more fun with you ladies! Mwah!

    • Hey Rita, I was completely addicted to Loner when it was a WiP. It’s definitely time to revisit and read it right through.

    • christa64c

      I can’t say enough about Loner. Definitely one of the all time best fics I’ve ever read. I read it as an WIP and was flat out addicted. If you can handle the angst (ten tissue warning for this fic) you really need to check this story out.

    • newyorkkisses

      Hmmm, I’ve had Loner on my Kindle for a while now. Seems like I should move it way up the list since you’re all loving it so much. I can handle angst, so this sounds right up my alley.

      • rita01tx

        BB, if you survived The Red Line without any hand holding, you can survive anything!

        • newyorkkisses

          Rita, I still wanted to ask you about that. Which part was the ‘hand holding part’ you and then rdm mentioned? When they were together in the dungeon? I finished reading and then thought about that this morning and thought I’d missed something.

          • rita01tx

            Every time Edward was forced to do things he didn’t want to do…the emotional blackmail. Every time he got hurt (and he got hurt a lot), but mostly when Edward was trapped in the dungeon with Sir Kevin and broke his connection to Charlie so he (and Bella) would never know what actually happened. It’s only in the sequel that we get to know that, plus more on how Victoria “trained” him. GAH! Brutal!!

            • somanywards

              I had to skip the rest of that Chapter and certain parts with Raven.

            • newyorkkisses

              *headdesk* *facepalm* LOL, I’m such a dumbhead, I thought there was an ‘actual’ part where B & E held hands! LMAO! Sorry, Rita, I obviously completely misunderstood, but I get it now. I was on the edge of my seat when reading those scenes, the mental torture of Edward was the hardest to take for me, and that poor guy was being tortured whenever he wasn’t in B’ vicinity. My heart broke for him so many times, and the Sir Kevin part? I had tears in my eyes reading that and tried not to think about it too much. Yeah, brutal is definitely the right word. I’m glad I read this fic, if only to know what everyone’s talking about, but it will not be one of my favs and I won’t be re-reading it. I need some fluff now, stat! 🙂

      • Hey NYK, I really think you’ll like Loner, it’s such a good read. I guest reviewed it on Loving40s Twi-Fic Picks a few weeks ago and you can check out my rec if you want to know a little more about the story.

        • newyorkkisses

          Hey Liz, It totally slipped my mind that Loving40s site has a Sinday rec now, too. I had a look at it when you first mentioned it and it said something like ‘coming soon’ and then I was on the road the last few Sundays and didn’t remember to look it up. I’ll definitely do that now, Thanks for the reminder, bb!

  3. Hello Ladies!

    Great recs as always MC, I have not read any of these recs (and I am very ashamed to admit there is a Robshandmonkey story I have not read). On the list they go!!

    I have read quite a few stories this week, but I will only rec the ones I think are worthy of my lovelies..

    First up is a complete story I Hate You with an Insurmountable Passion by Crittab this is a relatively short story (about 56k words) Summary: Bella Swan would like to think she truly hates Edward Cullen. Of course, that’s what makes sex with him so damn fun. E/B, All Human, AU. Rated a hard M for Lemons. This was a such a fun read – it is not fluff per se, but just juicy fun!

    The next story I LOVED this week was a one shot I stumbled across in an authors favourites list.. I am sure quite a few of you have probably already read this – Love Song by elusivetwilight – seriously, I had tears rolling down my cheeks reading this .. but I am a wuss – but this is the sort of story I just love so much.. Summary: She was his, and when he left, he took more than himself away from her. She never moved on, and lived a quiet anonymity; until one afternoon she turned on the radio, and heard her very own love song. FGB auction win. AHAU E&B

    I have more recs – but I will do a second post, so I don’t go over my link quota 🙂

    I hope everyone is having a great week – looking forward to seeing what is owning you all this week! oxox AV

  4. Blushes fiercely….Thank you MC you are so sweet bb and I am so glad you enjoyed the story! I loved every review you sent…and am COMPLETELY HONORED for you pimping me out like the hOOr that I am.

    I am finding each time I write anymore I love sharing what my head conjures up with all of you.

    I have bookmarked all the recs to this endless growing list and have been reading a couple of stories while on breaks at work….Thank God for my Kindle!

    I am still reading Eternally Damned…The writer has a great imagination and her ideas are awesome! The ultimate vampire….Jesus that just kills me alone! It’s finished so check it out if you love vampwards!

    The second one I am reading is another work in progress and OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS STORY!!!

    Animate Me » by abstract way reviews
    Professional animator Edward worships cartoon exec Bella from afar by day and draws her in his comic book late at night. When this Daffy Duck-loving geek comes face to face with his dream girl, will his fantasy world come to life?
    Twilight – Fiction Rated: M – English – Romance/General – Chapters: 16 – Words: 82,711 – Reviews: 3179 – Updated: 8-20-11 – Published: 5-14-11 – – Edward/Bella

    If you love Geekward…this one reminds me so much of an older Swirl from Swirl and Daisy! He is adorkable and the fact that she uses cartoon references is awesome because we all can relate to so many cartoons!

    I also started Offside…Jesus that one sucked me right in….I want to kick myself for starting these unfinished ones cause I HATE WAITING!! As we all do…

    Other than that just reading updates to the already long list of my WIP fics and writing…

    Have a great day! And thanks again!!

  5. haystackhair

    I will not start another WIP, I will not start another WIP, I will not………
    I’m trying to be strong here. I just can’t take waiting for updates, I have too many I am waiting on. But the completed one sounds good, so that is added to the list! I started Eternally Damned and I’m loving it. Hawt! Caught up on Offside, Color of Loneliness and An Angry man updates too. All sooo good., but ugh I hate waiting. I haven’t ventured back to Unexpected Circumstances yet. I’ll wait a few chappies. Hurts my heart. LOL. I know. Wuss.

  6. Thanks for the great recs MC,
    I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks but very glad to see some ff that I’ve never heard of before. 

    Not sire where I found this, buy it had me sobbing (often on a good way!) it’s based on a true story and beauifully written. The author reassures that’s it has a HEA so it’s not spoiling anything sharing that with you! The Epi is a must read – so so beautiful! Hope you enjoy. 

    A Compendium of Thoughts by itIsRaining 
    After Edward is struck with a serious illness, Bella offers to give him a ride to school every day. His musings on life are priceless and unique. Based in its entirety on a true story.
    Twilight, M, English, c10, w30k , u8/18 p4/4, Edward & Bella

    ..and even though I also swore off any more WiPs, I just can’t resist… This one I quite different and has potential, really well written….

    Green Light Rising by Pingvingirl  » They didn’t know who he was. Only he knew what- or who- he was searching for. Gatsbyward. AH/AU
    Twilight, M, English, Romance & Angst, c3, w9k , u8/9 p7/18, Edward & Bella

    Have a good weekend ladies! 
    Glo xx

  7. newyorkkisses

    Hi ladies! Great recs, MC, thank you. Squeee! I had Robshandmonkey’s fic bookmarked, but didn’t know it was complete. Going straight to my Kindle as I love anything RHM writes, very talented h00r hehe. 😉
    I finished “The Red Line” last night. Whew, what a fic, I think I need a break from the angst now. (I could’ve killed Charlie in that hospital room, by the way, my heart was breaking for the two).
    I’ve also been totally pwned by another fic I came across while browsing. I first wanted to bookmark it, as it is a WIP, but then started reading the first chapter and it sucked me right in. Before I knew it, it was 2.30 am and I had read the 20 chapters that are up so far. I love it! (20 chapters in 4 months indicates that it has been updated regularly and I think that the story could be about 70% done now judging by the events). It’s called “Beautiful Savage”.
    After getting lost in the woods on a camping trip, Bella finds a man who is living a different life. Can two such different worlds mesh when communication is nearly impossible?
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 20 – Words: 51,281 – Reviews: 2307 – Updated: 8-18-11 – Published: 4-1-11 – Bella & Edward

    Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

    • Oh crap, NYK, I see what you mean about Beautiful Savage – just read the first two chapters and I really need to keep reading, but it’s 3:30am here and I’ve gotta go to bed! Definitely going to have to pick up with this one tomorrow (or later today!) Thanks for the rec bb.

    • roxiesmom2009

      Beautiful Savage sounds awesome! Added to the neverending list!

    • I’m a few chapters in to BS, but I’m now waiting till it’s completed, I got so sad when I imagined him being left.. He brings out the momma bear in me…!

      • newyorkkisses

        I feel the same way. You just want to cuddle and protect him. My heart aches every time the author describes the hurt look on his face when he tries so hard to do what Bella says, but since he doesn’t speak her language, ends up doing something wrong with nothing but good intentions. *sniff* poor bb…

  8. christa64c

    Awesome recs ladies. MC, I’ve made that same vow so many times only to get sucked in by a WIP. RL hasn’t left me much time to read this past week. *gives RL the evil eye* I’m still totally hooked on:
    The Inheritance- by imabeagle
    Offside by Savage7289
    Meet the Masens-by FictionFreak95
    And last but certainly not least, I’m desperately trying to caught up with Shhhhhh by Robshandmonkey.
    Oh, and about 30 others. This stuff is more addicting than Blue Bunny Wedding Cake ice cream. YUM!

  9. rita01tx

    Threw another dart at my TBR this week and hit:

    In Dreams by WithAplomb
    Separated by 1800 miles Bella Swan and Edward Cullen dream of each other every night. When Cullen moves to Forks can they fight the fact that they are each others dream lover? Rated M for a bit of sweariness, dreaming and just in case. Edward & Bella. AH.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 33 – Words: 132,940 – Reviews: 809 – Updated: 6-20-09 – Published: 1-22-09 – Edward & Bella – Complete

    Smexy as hell…some angst but has HEA so it’s all good.

    Have to say it was a nice change from all he uberAngst of reading Just Wait by InstantkarmaGirl, another author whose stories are MIA on FF (I have it on pdf). In this story, both Bella and Edward are damaged beyond recognition. Edward suffered child abuse or the worst kind and stutters badly. Bella ditto but copes with drugs and sex. The ending is different from any story I’ve read. Is there such a thing as a semi-HEA?

    Warning to AllyVera! DO NOT READ Saving Edward or the sequel, Alive Again, by twiXlite (wrote Eternally Damned)! Especially the sequel will break your heart and leave you a blubbering mess!

    Right now, I’m reading
    Created Just for Me by Rob’sHandMonkey! I got an alert for chapter 14 this morning and was nearly late for work…
    Edward’s friend Alice convinces him to let her utilize her white magic to grant him the one wish he truly longs for. He and several of his friends are about to create something so fragile and volatile and it all started wishing to find his one true love.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Supernatural/Romance – Chapters: 14 – Words: 47,063 – Reviews: 146 – Updated: 8-23-11 – Published: 2-24-11 – Edward & Bella
    Super different RHM goodness!!!

  10. kalaekalae

    Great post MC, thank you

  11. Sus

    @newyorkkisses: you know there’s a sequel to “The Red Line,” don’t you? It’s called “Coloring Outside the Lines.” More angst, but lots of love, too.

    I’m reading a cute little WIP called “All Nighters” by CaraNo. She writes a short chapter at least once a day. Edward is a 38-y.o. exec who needs an assistant, and Charlie suggests a recently graduated 21-y.o. Bella, who may just be keeping a little secret. No lemons yet, but lots of sexual tension! Fun read!

    • newyorkkisses

      Hey Sus, yes thank you I have the sequel on my Kindle. I wanted to take a break from the heavy stuff described in TRL, but if it has lots of love like you described I will start it tonight. Thanks, bb!

  12. Those wips are irresistable aren’t they? But hey, even MotU was a wip at one time! Great Post MC as always! You girls rawk!

  13. roxiesmom2009

    *waves*. Dammit, here I am again, late to the partee. Great recs MC. Some new ones for me that’s for sure. I know what everyone means about WIPs! I have about 80 going, but only about 50 are active. Those other 30 are why I should only read completed stories, but I just can’t!! I have such an addictive personality about FF. Ok , so I’ve got a couple of recs today for you guise. One am from an author, the other from the RAoR Refugees group on FB. And just one more plug….IF YOU’RE NOT THERE ALREADY PLEASE COME JOIN US! If you need info just email me at Ok, off my little soap box….I just the whole family there, ya know? Ok, I gotta go to the computer for my recs. Be right back.

    • roxiesmom2009

      Me again…pardon my French but GDI, and motherfuck! My husband updated IE to version 9 and everything is different! I couldn’t find my MF favorites list….Sorry I curse like a sailor when I get mad!
      Anywhoozle here are my recs. Hope you enjoy:
      Bella’s only release comes in the form of distantly orbiting the life of Edward Cullen. As with any addiction, however, she’s always left wanting more. “Mad is a term we use to describe a man who is obsessed with one idea and nothing else.” Ugo Betti
      Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 12 – Words: 23,866 – Reviews: 186 – Updated: 8-26-11 – Published: 8-8-11 – Bella & Edward
      I read all of this today! It’s a WIP,but so different than anything I’ve read before . Very OOC for Bella. She’s pretty fucked up and the last chapter gives us a big clue. Really good!
      The second one I can’t say enough about. OMG. IF you are reading A May to December Romance, you may have noticed that the author rec’d this story. Well I just read the first couple of chapters and I was blown away! The chapters are not real long, so it’s a quick read. It is a WIP though and I haven’t quite caught up with her writing yet. But lemme tell ya the first few chapters are smokin!
      1. Captive »reviews
      Bella is kidnapped only to find herself in an unground Empire of Vampires. Her only chance to survive is to be chosen by the Dark Prince as his offerring, submiting herself to an unknown future against her will, the only other option is death.
      Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 24 – Words: 67,118 – Reviews: 2646 – Updated: 8-25-11 – Published: 5-7-11 – Edward & Bella

      Off to bed ladies! Mwah!

  14. Hi girls! You used to know me as hisdenofsin on RAOR but I had to change my username because I couldn’t retrieve my lost password…Anyway, I’m so glad to read fic recs again and participate as well. 2 recs for today, one you already might know, “Color of loneliness” by ExquisiteEdward, one of the best and most intriguing I’ve ever read. Here’s the link:
    and the other is, I shamefully admit, an attempt at self-pimping. Try my little story, “Homework” and let me know what you think!

    • newyorkkisses

      Yay, welcome to the h00r-party, bb! So good to see you here, too! 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Squeeeee! {running jump hug!} You’re here! You’re here! You finally found us! I’ve been waiting MONTHS for you to pop up on RA, darlin’!!
      But you’ve been busy, I see. Just read your story and left you a comment. I also put you on Author Alert so I don’t miss a thing!
      So glad you dropped in…don’t be a stranger!!

  15. I just wanted to thank you for recommending my story. You have no idea how touched and honoured I am.
    I am about two thirds of the way through the next chapter and I will post it as soon as possible. My pregnancy fatigue is killing me, so I’m working on this story as much as possible.
    Thank you again. I really appreciate it.

  16. Yes Rita, I’m here! Sorry it took me so long, but I’m back (evil smile)…I missed you too and thanks again for your encouragements!

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