He’s Not Edward

This summer I had the privilege of seeing Matthew Morrison live in concert. Who is that, you may be wondering, and isn’t this a Rob blog? Yes, yes it is a Rob blog and we’ll get to that. But Matthew Morrison is what they call in the industry as a “triple threat”. You know, talented actor, wonderful singer and an amazing dancer. He is better known as Mr. Schuester, from Glee.

Before the show started I was so excited to see “Mr. Schue.” I told all my friends I was seeing him and even yelled out “Mr. Schue” a couple of times at the beginning. I then remembered that I was there to see Matthew Morrison and should call him as such. Ironically, about halfway through his set Matthew started to introduce a song he wrote called “My Name.” Matthew explained that this song was about the duality of being Mr. Schue, a character he loves but who is NOT him. Well, of course that got me thinking of another man who suffers from the same issue on a MUCH grander scale. (I told you we’d get to the Rob part!)

Definitely not the same!!

Listening to this amazing song I got to thinking. This would make a wonderful Rob video!! And, what do I do when a video idea strikes me? Call up my talented and faithful Robfriend dazzledbyrp (aka Maggie), of course!  I told her my idea and some thoughts on the video and let her have at it. Well, you ladies have already seen some of her great work (last week’s ABC vid) and you know that this will be just as good.

Maggie did an amazing job and  went above and beyond my dreams for this video, and that is saying something. This is such a heartfelt video that I even got teary-eyed. So be prepared to be “dazzled”…

See? I told you it was an amazing video!! But now my question is this: How do we get Rob to comprehend that it IS him we love? I think he’s growing on the idea but isn’t quite there yet. What do you ladies want to tell Rob to help him understand a little better? Leave a comment and let him know. Let’s hope it’s on a day like this that Rob decides to read RA!




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30 responses to “He’s Not Edward

  1. rita01tx

    Absolutely beautiful video, Maggie darlin’! Yes, we love Edward, the character Rob plays so well that we will never forget him. But you only have to check our spank banks to see that 99% of the photos we cherish and swoon (drool) over are of Rob…the man!

  2. Ok Ladies I really feel like crap, can’t hardly walk or stand for any length of time can’t stand to look at anything that moves IE gifs Vids Internet ads I get nauseated and dizzy. I’m only on line long enough to respond to urgent/important e-mails. Though I’m hoping I’ll get better soon ANY HOODLE My point was this: This post gets THREE F’s! Yes I said F’s and an A.

    FANTASTIC post
    FABULOUS Video
    F*cking Awesome Idea

    I’ve never herd of this singer before but you can bet your bippy I will be searching you tube for him now!
    No one knows better than TMM and Maggie how I feel about ROB and EDWARD! Adore them both as Seperate Individuals! <3<33<333

    Maggie, You Rock GF!! {fist bump} You gotta tell me how you do that with the movie clips!!! I can only use stills and I SO SO SO want to do more in my videos! PLEASE!!! (ps. that videoo link you sent me the other night doesn't/didn't work so i didn't get to see it. 😦
    Ihave to be one of the luckiest ppl i know to have such great friends to jump in here and help me keep this blog going, post such wonderful, funny loving devoted posts and vids! and then hve all you ladies come in here to call this place home and post your comments!!! Imma sending you all {{{HUGE HUGS}}}each and every one of you!!!! MWAHHHH!!!

  3. Great vid and post, RFM and Maggie!

  4. Great Video honey. RFM you are correct. It was a good song choice.

    Here is my comment on YT and my immediate thoughts. I have never claimed to be articulate.

    Rob is an amazing man. One I adore. I never read the books until I knew Rob. He is a man that is so much more than a teenybopping heartthrob. He is passionate about his acting and music. A man that has caused me to read more than I ever have in my life. A man that will make me watch anything that he broadcasts. A man that has a follower for the rest of whatever career he graces us with.

    From his smile, to his mannerisms, to the man he has become.

    It has always been Rob…..just Rob.

  5. dazzledbyrp

    Awwww! I’m so touched RFM!! I’ve said this many times before, but I wish Rob could know about thewonderful freindships he’s helped create (just by merely existing – not like he had to do too much!). You made my day! You can be my pimp….I mean agent …anytime.

    It was fun making this video. I got to spend a lot of time pouring through my spank bank trying to find pictures of HHH that would match up with pictures of Edward. I loved Edward first, but I love him now mostly because he led me to Rob. It’s a shame that Rob has had to suffer through the crazies that still mix him up with Edward. I mean, Rob is neither a sparkly vampire nor a brooding lovesick immortal. We don’t know him, but what we do know is that, aside from being the hottest, sexiest man to walk the planet, he is talented, introspecrtive, sweet, funny, intelligent, and so much more that draws us to him. And I truly believe there is something magical about him . He is the Muse to so many of us. Look at all the eloquent writing and blogs, videos, wallpapers, photo enhancements – all done out of love for the man.

    Anyway, thanks again RFM for the great post and for the song suggestion and for being my pimp! And thanks RF for this blog and for YOU!! I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself. Watch Rob videos! It’s the best medicine!!!

    Love you all.

    • You are more than welcome my friend!!! Your work is amazing and I will be your pimp any time! Keep on creating and I promise next time I will be more helpful in the actual process. Not that you need it, obviously.

    • I totes agree, Rob is definitely my Muse! I had never made a video or wallpaper before I discovered him 2 1/2 yrs ago, but since then I have made 28 videos, and over 300 collages, wallpapers, and enhanced pics all in honour of this amazing man!

  6. Nicole

    Nice post and love the viddie RFM. Yes bb…You are so right that Rob is NOT Edward.

    I hate it when friends or family tease me and say…”Oh you like that Vampire guy…Edward”. (Don’t mind them teasing me for perving, but hate the reference as Vampire guy). Edward was a character and while I enjoyed Twilight and loved him in Harry Potter where he first caught my eye…His name is Rob, or Robert Pattinson…not Vampire Guy or Vampire dude.

    Rob is so much more than the Character(s) he portrays. He is not just a pretty face; he is Intelligent, Kind, Funny, Musically inclined…and sings and writes songs. I’m sure there is so much more to him than we even know. In any case I think we got a real dose of his acting chops from WFE, and I so look forward to seeing him in Bel Ami!!!!! **Bring on NEKKID Rob** 😉 Gah I can’t wait for that movie…*The H00Rs will be dropping like Flies*.

  7. rita01tx

    Rob Attack – not Ed Attack
    Robsessed – not Edsessed
    Thinking of Rob – not Thinking of Edward
    Letters to Rob – not Letters to Edward

    I could go on, but need I say more?

  8. eyeonrob1

    FLUV this post, RFM..the viddie was beautiful so big hoor hugs to dazzledbyrp. While I certainly credit Twilight for being the “gateway drug” to my Rob addiction, as soon as I saw his beautiful face and heard that beautiful voice both speaking and singing, it was 100% Rob from that point on. I have always been drawn to anything or anyone that is unique and Rob is definitely that. He is just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. It is why he has the enormous “secret” following of women who are older (some of us considerably) than he is. Girls (or women if you want to call them that) his age or younger have NO appreciation of who he really is. So Rob, sweetie, if you’re reading this, I think I can speak for all of my fellow hoors when I say “Come to mama, baby…..”

    • dazzledbyrp

      You are SO right, EOR. (And thanks for the big hoor hugs!!) Did you see the poll on Robsessed asking the age of their readers? So far, they got 5,019 responses. Here’s the breakdown:

      19 & under 497 9.94%
      20-30 1186 23.63%
      31-40 1318 26.26%
      41-50 1038 20.68%
      51-60 647 12.89%
      61-70 298 5.94%
      71-80 27 .54%
      over 80 6 . 12%

      If my math is correct, that would be 66.13% over age 30 and a whopping 40.17% over age 41! So much for the big “teen fan base” that Scummit is always yakking about. And how about those 6 hot ladies over 80!!! You go girls!! Perv away on the pretty. I’ve always said – Rob’s sex appeal is universal.

  9. Thank you guys for all the thoughtful words! I too, fell in love with Edward first. But dumped him quickly when I got to hear and see some of Robert Pattinson in the Twi DVD extras.

    Here’s some of my favorite Rob qualities (are you reading, Rob?):
    His humbleness
    His beauty in and out
    His adorkableness
    His sexy accent
    Talented musician
    Wonderful friend
    Family lovin guy
    The ability to laugh at oneself
    Sense of humour
    and the list could go on!

  10. Team Rob here always and not Team Edward, and I totes agree with robsfuturemate about Rob’s lovable qualities. Oh Rob, how do I love thee . . .Let me count the ways!

  11. OMG I can’t believe I almost missed this post because just yesterday I had to deal with my beloved family members calling Rob, Edward! I was babysitting my Cousin’s 8 yr old Daughter(we’ll call her Amy), and when she saw my Rob calendar on the wall she asked me why I have a picture of Edward in the kitchen. I told her that it’s not Edward, it’s Robert Pattinson, only for her to say that it’s the same thing! Even my Daughter corrected her saying that no it’s not, but she was still adamant, and when my Cousin came to pick her up later, Amy asked her “Mommy is that Edward?”, only for my Cousin to say “Of course it is Honey!”

    • (Cont.) I of course just about lost it, but instead kept my cool and explained that the calendar was a Robert Pattinson calendar, not an Edward Cullen one, and that he is only Edward in the Twilight Saga movies, and not anywhere else! My Cousin just shrugged and said “Oh well, who really cares anyway?” Needless to say, I was happy when she left and I’ll probably be busy the next time she wants me to babysit!LOL!

  12. I keep sending out invites for him to come and enjoy his penthouse suit here at RA but no reply yet… 😦

    I was feeling really bad when this post came out and I had lots more to say on the subject but couldn’t at the time, BUT i will be back Laters!!!

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