Pick the Pic 11

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hello Ladies! We’ve made it to 11 and when we get to 12 I will post a list of who has won what up to date and will do so for every dozen posts until we get one winner with 10 correct answers.
I’m Posting the Pick the Pic a little late but you ladies are so good at it I’m sure you’ll get it in no time. I’ve left you no litte clues this time though! So good luck to you all…

What lucious lips you have My dear...

 Once you’re all don drooling and picking yourselves up off the floor… (LOL) try to find the exact photo to be this weeks winner.
Good Luck!
   spunkransomlover Wins!!!

Damn You're Good Spunkransomlover...(TWHS)



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13 responses to “Pick the Pic 11

  1. smittenkitten

    Way to go spunk!!! 🙂 I thought I knew the pic, but couldn’t find it in all my mess…that’s the one I was looking for! HOT damn, those lips!

  2. WOW You got that one fast LOL And here I thought it was going to be difficult. hmmm….I’m going to stump you girls yet LOL

  3. The post has been updated *snickers*

  4. I can see why you fixate on them BB but hell I can’t even begin to find just one thing about him to fixate on! I see those lips and think Dayum!!!! and then I see my wall paper and i have to catch my breath and say, “Hello Beautiful!” (when my heart staps shuddering that is)The eyes on my WP are just stunning! and then i see a great profile and after I pick myself up off the floor …. you get the idea LOL

    • I know exactly what you mean RF! Where I do tend to spend the most time imagining what his lips, or even his teeth and tongue, would taste like, I do get lost in his eyes to the point of losing all other coherent thought, not to mention his happy trail, and where that sends my mind….GAH, and those are just a few of his body parts!

  5. Thanks for this fun post RF, and thanks for that pic in HQ! It’s way better than the one that I have! I’m off now to read some FF before bed, so have a good night!

  6. You’re welcome BB! I enjoyed it! have a good Night! Mwah!

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