FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Sept 2/11

This week I mostly stuck to my many WIP updates, but I did haul out my e-reader and read a Completed rec that was sent to me some time ago, called Defying Gravity by Jenny0719 – author of 10 stories (I’ve read most of this talented author’s Fic writings). This Doctorward story was a pleasure to read and even at 36 chapters,  I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

The gorgeous Doctor of Emergency Medicine,  30-year-old Edward Cullen, moved to Seattle to work in the local hospital’s ER Department. During one of his evening/night shifts he gets more than just a new patient, when Librarian, Bella Swan comes into his ER, for treatment. Is it love at first sight? And what happens when Dr. Cullen decides he should offer his ER medical attention to those in need, in other parts of the world? You will discover the answers to these questions and more about their relationship journey, filled with lots of romance, some heart-wrenching angst, and hot lemons, if you read this lovely Doctorward Fic.

Summary for  Defying Gravity: “Edward Cullen moves to Seattle where he meets and falls in love with Bella Swan. He leaves all of it behind to travel the world, only to find himself lost without Bella. When he returns, he finds that his life is going to change forever. AH/AU/OOC/Lemons

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 38 – Words: 186,275 – Reviews: 1214 – Updated: 11-24-09 – Published: 5-21-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete”

Now for the Sequel to   Defying Gravity called Between the Sun and the Moon byJenny0719.  This story starts about a year after the first one ends. It is a detailed continuation of Edward and Bella’s romantic love story that started in Defying Gravity. Except here we experience what their lives are like while they try to deal with being parents, Bella’s successful new career, Edward’s demanding job as head of the ER Department and his family responsibilities to the Cullen Foundation. This story has an ever-changing plotline full of their life’s adventures.

I  am reading this Sequel right now and I am very impressed. I know it will hold my interest right to the end because it’s well-written, with lots of detail, and a pleasure to read. It’s definitely a nicely well-rounded addition to  Defying Gravity.

Summary for  Between the Sun and the Moon: “Edward and Bella are happily married and living in Seattle with their daughter, Claire. But their lives have changed dramatically in the last year. Can they handle the pressure of fame and demanding jobs? Sequel to Defying Gravity AU/AH/some OOC/Lemons

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 34 – Words: 200,057 – Reviews: 1960 – Updated: 8-8-10 – Published: 9-24-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete”


So, I had to rec this WIP this week because Bella and Edward, as Flasher girl and Flashlightward are so hilarious! It’s called When Bunnies Attack by Catastrophia. It’s only 3 chapters so far, and Catastrophia says that it’s just “A bit of fun here. I plan to have an ever-changing plot and short chapters. No update schedule  as those of you who are reading ‘Breach’ know I am terribly swamped at the moment. This tidbit just wouldn’t be denied.”  This story is going to be total romance and humor, light-hearted, lemony and a pleasurable read!

Bella meets Edward when he literally crashes into her on the steps of a Museum, and they take quite a unique tumble together. But, what they find out about each other at the end of their fall, could change each other’s pervy lives all together! *GIGGLES* You will have to read it to “get it”! 😉

Summary for When Bunnies Attack : “Clueless Bunny obsessed Bella and IT business owner Edward. A tale of plot bunnies, lust, and lol. Fate, silicone bunnies, naughty panties, and flashlights. Short chapters and laughs. Rated M E/B OOC A

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Humor/Romance – Chapters: 3 – Words: 5,480 – Reviews: 56 – Updated: 9-1-11 – Published: 8-30-11 – Bella & Edward”

And, with my fellow Cougars in mind, I’m going to give you’ll a quickie 😉 this week because I f*cking loved this O/S! It’s called Batteries Not Included by MizzezPattinson and it’s so hot! We have 36-year-old Cougarella who shows young Actorward just “…how us women do things Edward. Lay back and relax.” *fist pumps* I loved reading this, it was great! Their chemistry made this O/S so fun to read!

Summary for  Batteries Not Included:

The Cougar Revolution Anonymous One-Shot ContestStory Title: Batteries Not Included

Penname: MizzezPattinson

SummaryBella Swan is single, in her late 30’s and wishes she could turn back the hands of time to win over her much younger boss – big shot movie star, Edward Cullen. One night out leads Bella’s inner cougar to surface. Will she get the chance to take what she has always wanted?

Word Count: 5068

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 1 – Words: 5,647 – Reviews: 33 – Published: 3-31-10 – Bella & Edward – Complete”


WIP update noteOffside by Savage7289 is now Complete!!

I hope everyone is well, as we head into the long Labour Day weekend. Please let me know what has been owning you in the FanFiction world this week. 🙂 MC 

Note: I am working on re-doing FFF Library into an alphabetized list of all the FanFics I have rec’d. So, please bear with me as I make, what I hope will be, some improvements!


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  1. rita01tx

    Great rec’s MC darlin’! I’ve been following Catastrophia’s “When Bunnies Attack” and it’s hilarious!
    The fic that’s totally owning me this week is one that completed nearly a year ago…how did I miss it???

    This is Not My Life by isakassees
    Follow Bella as she tries to survive a madman’s abduction and keep a stranger’s child from succumbing to his wild fantasies, and follow Edward as he tries to stay sane searching for his daughter taken right before his eyes.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 38 – Words: 330,590 – Reviews: 16372 – Updated: 9-24-10 – Published: 11-27-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete

    I don’t think I’ve ever read such a heroic Bella and you will absolutely fall in love with 4 year old Lily Autumn Cullen!!

    • newyorkkisses

      I know what you mean. I read this about a year ago and absolutely loved every page of this fic, a must-read.

      • Rita – yes This is Not My LIfe will always be on my absolute faves list – anyone new to our little world, I always recommend it! And you are right – Lily is one of the best children I have ever read about (ooh and Charlie in Unplanned Perfection of course.. hehe)

  2. For those of you Who do NOT know Our Dear Rita Up there ^_^ has written her own little short 3 Chapter Companion Piece to my story “Waiting in the Twilight” That she has Called, “Another Fine Mess” It is listed under My Name as our Dear girl was too Shy to post her own FF page. It only has seven reviews and yet has already Been Nominated for “An Emerging Swan award!!! *yeah you Rawk girl and you know it!* I Would Highly recommend reading “Another Fine Mess” and reading WIT is Not required to Throughly Enjoy “AFM” here’s The deets ladies,

    Title: Another Fine Mess Chapter 1 Pinapple Pussy and Pot

    Category: Twilight
    Character(s): Edward & Emmett

    Words: 4,169
    Genre(s): Humor/Fantasy
    Rating: Rated: M
    Summary: Edward Cullen has been isolated on the Breaking Dawn compound for fartoo long; at least that’s what two of his fans think. These two friends decide to take a “Road Trip” to “Free The Pretty” and Hilarity ensues!


    Please Go Read it Now It is a Freaking RIOT!!! Even Rob Would Love this one!!!! Show Our girl some Love and Leave a comment!!!

    • Another Fine Mess is a great fun and perfect to read for a pick-me-up.
      You will find yourself laughing out loud at their antics and at the same time wishing you were there with the girls.

      • rita01tx

        Cared darlin’!
        I have been heineously remiss in thanking you for nominating Another Fine Mess for 2 categories in the Emerging Swan Awards: Best Humor short story category & Best Family / Friendship short story category.
        All the hairs on my arms stood up when I read the email notice RFT sent me! Thank you, sweet thang! Mwah!!

    • Nicole

      Hi RF…I haven’t started Rita’s story yet, but plan to read it. Is it just the three chapters? If so I can tackle that this weekend and leave some love for you and Rita.

      Can’t wait for more on your stuff too bb. Hope you are feeling better now.

      • rita01tx

        I’d admire to have your opinion, Nicole darlin’ *blushing*
        It was just a silly little thing that popped into my head full grown while RFT and I were chatting one morning. We were discussing part of a chat from Waiting in the Twilight about kidnapping Edward and I said “We could write that, couldn’t we?” and she said “What do you mean WE?”
        Anyway, I hope you like it…it was fun to write!

    • squealssssssssssssss! I can’t wait to read this!!!

  3. Hello MC and ladies!

    How are you all? I hope you have all had wonderful weeks!

    MC – I just added Defying Gravity to my favourites this week from a rec from an author whose story I was reading – I will have to move it up the list now! Thanks for the Catastrophia rec, I love her work 🙂

    This week I have a Geekward and Assward…

    Computer Repair by Jayliewood
    *complete* All EPOV I can’t tell you how cute I found this one – it is a sweet lemony little nugget of gold. It is only 12 chapters and is a beautifully rounded read.

    Pride and Professionalism by LeahtheWeary *complete* Summary: Bella Swan lands her first “real” job at Masen and Cullen Law Firm as a legal assistant. Edward Cullen is her “HOT” tempered boss. How will she handle her unwanted, lust-filled attraction to him? Political Correctness? Not so much! As usual Edward is an ass at the beginning, but soon becomes pretty lovable in his own special way.

    As always love hearing what you are all reading this week!! AV xoxoxo

    • Here we go ladies more recs – Doctorward and Crackfic!

      Just Forever by slambrini *complete* All human, Edward and Bella. Edward Cullen is a workaholic doctor, Bella’s an insecure high school teacher. One night without thinking leads to unexpected consequences but can they get their act together in time? This story only has 600 reviews, but it really deserves so many more – it is a well written lovely read. It has a sequel too, but I have not read that yet – in my opinion this story really stands well on its own anyway… This Edward is a Doctorward and a Dadward YUM!

      Next rec I have may not be for everyone – just a warning, but honestly I laughed my friggin ass off with this one – definintely a *crackfic* Welcome Home Bella Swan by realityshowjunkie *complete* Summary:Bella Swan was the object of the Cullen and Hale’s bullying from fifth-eighth grade. She’s now nineteen and completely okay with the fact that her brain will never work like everyone else’s. Once she meets her old ‘friends’ again what will happen? AH&OOC This Bella is certifiably insane (but in the funniest ways) She gets into the most ridiculous situations! The only criticism I have of the story is that the author seems to “lose the plot” as it were in the last couple of chapters and it is a bit all over the place, but is wasn’t enough to put me off..

      As you can tell, I had a busy week.. my son was sick all week with incredibly high temps, so a lot of time was sitting watching him at night reading fics 🙂 AV

      • Hi Ally, I hope your son is better now. The only ones of your recs that I have read is Computer Repair, I do so love a Geekward. I always love to hear what you are reading and as all the others sound good they will have to go on the list. One of these years the list will get shorter not longer!

        • Cared, my love, I hope all is well? I am sure you will love P&P and Just Forever.. Welcome Home BS is another story, I would suggest trying it for a couple of chapters and if haven’t had a giggle..its probably not going to “float your boat” 🙂

      • newyorkkisses

        Hi Ally, I have Computer Repair and Pride and Professionalism on my list, will move it up now. Will add Just Forever to it.
        LOL, this crazy Bella sounds awesome! Looks like lots of fun.
        Sorry to hear about your son being so sick, hope he is feeling better again.
        I also wanted to ask you, wouldn’t you like to join the RAoR refugees group on FB? I joined last Sunday and we’re having so much fun there! I thought you were already in it, but couldn’t find you.
        Have a great weekend, bb!

        • Hey NYK! How are you bb? Yes, my litte man is better now, thanks.. I haven’t joined the FB group, as I am not on Facebook (I think I am the only person in the known universe not to have an account) but I have been considering joining just for this group, I gotta say!

          • newyorkkisses

            Good to hear that, Ally. I’m great, thanks, hope you too now that your son’s better again.
            I set up a separate account on FB just to join the group. It’s really not a lot of work and I would say, take 5 minutes to set up the account and join the fun! It’s so interactive and someone’s always posting something. I have laughed my add off so many times in the last few days reading what was posted and there’s fic recs and awesome pics, too. 😉 You can use ‘Ally’ as first name and ‘Vera’ as last name, as FB requires you to use a ‘RL’ name. Even then, the group is secret and posts won’t show up to anybody else looking at your page. Also you can block being seen by anyone but your friends on FB in the security settings. Would love to see you there, if you decíde to join. 🙂

  4. All the recs sound good ladies, thank you!

  5. Currently, I’m reading “Animate me” and loving it!
    and if you ladies want to, you can also take a look at my little story “Homework” and leave a review to let me know what you think ;)!

    • Omg Mydenofsin, you r soo right about this fic, Abbie is the shiznit, she gives just as much love and laughter as she does Toonward and Emoward. I started with her other fic Work Of Art, some how I got over to AM and fell hard for this chick. I always love the quotes from various cartoons and movies before you start the ch. This story is being pdf’ed the moment she hits the complete button.
      The story that just got me is Illegal Contact by Jengreen03…

      Sportsward is an ex-pro football player turned high school coach who with the help of Bella and her brother Seth and his amazing family returns to what he loves. It’s a great story and Jen never misses a chance to talk about the amazing body our Edward has.

      Check it out…..

    • Nicole

      Hi bb…Glad you came on the board to Self Pimp! I was going to rec’d your story out.

      I highly rec’d reading this one. The UST with minor angst just drips off the pages and drives me nuts wanting to read more.

      MDS updates alot since starting her story, so that is really good, as I constantly want more and she leaves you drooling at the end of each chapter with the anticipation of what is to come!

      • I heart you big time Nicole! Thank you!

        • Nicole

          LOL…Your story is shaping up to be very good bb! Just saying what is true! Glad you included the link and all.

          I think Rita is also reading this one, and can say that she likes your story as well! I also love supporting my fellow PattinHooRs from RAoR.

          Also ladies another one of our H00rs has written another story as well that has tons of promise and I love her writing style too. She is RuinedbyRob on FFn, but we know her from RAoR as Christa…she also is the writer of “Tailspin” and that story is really good too. Check out her new story. I really do like to support and help out our fellow RAoR H00Rs and Anglez. 😉

          Mirrors don’t always tell the truth. That’s what Edward would have Bella believe. But when an overheard comment leads her to believe he’s been lying, she runs. Will perceptions change when she’s forced back to Forks and her supposed best friend, Edward?
          Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 1 – Words: 4,834 – Reviews: 4 – Published: 8-26-11 – Edward & Bella

          Here is the Link for Tailspin too!


          He’s gorgeous, sexy, foulmouthed and tired of women throwing themselves at him. He’s not looking for company, but when a little brunette coed catches his eye in a crowded bar, he’s inexplicably drawn to her. Edward’s POV from Loss of Control
          Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 7 – Words: 31,053 – Reviews: 116 – Updated: 8-18-11 – Published: 5-3-11 – Bella & Edward

          Oh I just have to add that TheMIssMod another one of our lovely RAoR ladies is getting her story “Chances” published. I got word on that and was so happy for her! She has such eloquence and style and I was reading this story and just loved it. Way to go TMM!! I hope all the RA0R ladies get published at some point if that is their desire. With Rob as their muse and all this talent it is a wonderful thing to behold!!

          Also have to add that RF our host and another lovely RAoR Hoor also writes lovely stories and poetry.

          So many talented ladies on here, either Writers or Photoshop Diva’s or both. Just another thing to love about being a part of this group of ladies. So cheers to all the lovely ladies who add so much to our enjoyment and help to keep us entertained and SANE!!!

          • newyorkkisses

            Reflections and Tailspin are new to me. They sound great and have been added to the list. Thanks for the recs, Nicole!

          • rita01tx

            Oh hell yeah, I’m reading Homework and lovin’ it!

            Been totally owned by Ruinedbyrob (Christa) since her first one-shot, Loss of Control, which is Tailspin from BPOV. This is where it all started and it’s so f*ckin’ HAWT!
            So, if you want just a little taste of what our girl has in store for you, read this!

            • Thank you, I’m blushing from compliments on my little story. I put yours in my favourites and gonna start it right away ;)!

              • rita01tx

                LMAO…Thanks BB! I guess if we hadn’t wanted anyone to read our stories, we wouldn’t have written them, but it’s kinda skeery putting ourselves out there, ain’t it?

          • Hey Nicole – it is ages since I have read one of your recs.. I will have to give these ones a go… Now tell me my love, I heard mutterings on twitter that “The Elusive Mr Cullen” completed and it is not E/B HEA? I know you were reading this, can you confirm/deny?

            • Nicole

              OMG Ally…I love Daria’s writing, and this story is so damn HAWT and exciting, and then about 2/3 into it or around chapter 25 it takes a totally different approach. Edward turns into Jack The Ripper…meets Silence of the Lambs. It gets strange and exciting all at the same time. It isn’t a traditional HEA like they get married and live HEA, but it doesn’t turn out badly either. It is very mysterious at the end there. Def a very unique story, and totally different from her other stuff I’ve read. She tends to be one of the authors like Savage, CaraNo, Sheviking, Luvrofink, Drizl, Sadtomato, RobHandMonkey, HunterHunting, SnowQueens Ice Dragon, Magnolia and lots of others that I will read most all of their stuff…cause I like their writing style.

              The last chapter isn’t a real chapter, but a Q&A about the story. It was very informative and creepy.

              But I have to say the story is still very good!

              Nothing like her BDSM story “Heartbreak Remedy”, but still very good. The ending is very angsty, but it really turns out okay. The ending is not like Savage’s “Surviving Bella”…j/s.

              Speaking of Savage…I can’t wait for her to release her new story of VampWard to us. I still adore “Hide and Drink” and with Halloween around the corner bb…this is when I start reading Vamp stories to put me in the mood.


  6. Thanks for the recs MC. I’m starting to think that you employ people to scour the internet for Actorwards. Keep them coming! As a lady of a certain age myself, I will certainly be interested to read Batteries Not Included.

    This morning I read another great One Shot, written by no less than our own Robshandmonkey. Cry Me A River is an Edward and Jasper story. Is Edward the man to help Jasper recover from his heartbreak? Yes he is!
    I don’t read slash very often but this was interesting and hot. I loved Robshandmonkeys A/N about where she found the inspiration for the fic.

  7. Nicole

    Hi MC and Ladies,
    Great Rec’s. I’m reading “When Bunnies Attack” too. The others have been on my TBR list; GAH it is so huge, but I keep trying to widdle it down a bit!

    So besides MDS’s “Homework”…there were a few other works in progress that I started. I’m also reading tons of updates each evening as well.

    One that I read last week that is complete and also has a complete sequel…cause I was really digging some AmishWard is..

    My world your world –

    the cullens are amish. bella is a regular teenager. a school project brings them together but religion keeps them apart. what happens when edward goes on rumspringa? rated m for later. please read and review! NOW COMPLETE!
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 28 – Words: 101,569 – Reviews: 546 – Updated: 2-10-11 – Published: 1-15-10 – Edward & Bella – Complete

    Then the sequel…

    Our World –

    Sequel to My World Your World! This will show the ups and downs of Edward and Bella as they learn to live in the Amish and outside world. Is their love for each other enough to make it last? must read mwyw first! M for foul mouth an lemons. R&R!
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 11 – Words: 31,117 – Reviews: 228 – Updated: 8-14-11 – Published: 8-19-10 – Edward & Bella – Complete

    After reading the AmishWard we all know and love I went looking for some other AmishWard stories, and these are also good.

  8. Nicole

    Also last week into this week I picked up some more WIP. (I have tons of them right now, but have stories that have ended like “Offside”, and several others, so I do what all crazy ficH00rs like myself do…add more WIP to my ever growing list…LOL 🙂 )

    One such story is by a talented Writer/Manip Maker….who goes by the name SoapyMayhem. If you aren’t familar with her work on either account, then check her out. She does lots of really hawt and sexy manips and banners and has a blog for all her stuff as well.

    The first story of hers I read this week was…”A Taste of Honey”…

    A Taste of Honey –

    Ex-Senator Edward Cullen has denied himself the pleasure of living the BDSM lifestyle for years now. Shortly after deciding to seek a new sub, he meets artist Isabella Swan in the most unexpected place – her high school graduation! Lemons/DirtyWords/BDSM
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 4 – Words: 17,484 – Reviews: 310 – Updated: 8-29-11 – Published: 8-9-11 – Edward & Bella

    Only 4 chapters in, so you can read this quickly, but I just had to add some more BDSM to my reading…*snickering…those who know me know this is my fave genre to read, (MOTU is my #1), and then I mix it up with MafiaWard and Dominant Edward types like “The Office”, or angst stuff like “Clipped Wings and Inked Armor”, to humor like “Game On Baby”, or “Eight Days A Week”, “Broken Headboards, Power Panties, and Penis Charms”, TMoBS!!! I still always head back to BDSM like above or RobsHandMonkeys BDSM with VampWARD.

    Another story by SoapyMayhem that she just started is “Sex Machine”…a SciFi type that is shaping up to be really cool.

    Sex Machine-

    Words: 10,089
    Genre(s): Sci-Fi/Romance
    Rating: Rated: M
    Summary: In the year 2029, bio-mechanical engineer, Bella Swan, has created
    the perfect machine for Whitlock Robotics. Masen can be anyone or anything you
    desire… but who does Bella want her Masen to be? B/E M for Lemons/Language


    And while you are at it…check out her blog and her Manips! I love to be visually stimulated while I’m reading. It is one of the other things I love about RobsHandMonkey’s work. Drea adds pics in every chapter to enhance her story that much more. That is why I love when an author puts their story(s) on TWCS, cause they can add pics to go with the words!

    • OMG – a new BDSM? Nicole, I am there! I always trust you to come through with the recs for those!! ox AV

      • Nicole

        I’m always digging around all over looking for good BDSM stories bb…I have another that I started today for you to look at too at TWCS..

        The Journey of the Swan –

        Bella Swan’s life changed the day she found her husband in bed with another woman. A chance meeting at the gym changes her life forever. This is the journey of how Bella ugly duckling became a Swan. BDSM story. AH

        I love Lurvofink, Sadtomato, SoapyMahem and RobshandMonkey, and a few others that love to write BDSM stories, and always looking for new ones. You will like SM stuff bb, adn this other is shaping up to be cool too.

  9. newyorkkisses

    Hi ladies! Thank you for these recs, MC. I haven’t heard of Defying Gravity and its sequel or When Bunnies attack yet, so they are going straight to the list.
    This week, I’ve been having loads of fun in the RAoR refugees group on FB and didn’t find much time for reading because of that.
    I finished reading “Once upon a Saturday” , the sequel to “Fridays at Noon”, and was soo glad we got a HEA. I honestly didn’t expect it.
    Then, I started reading the sequel to The Red Line and will move on to EP next. I started EP when it was still a WIP and got up to chapter 65. I’ve wanted to finish it for ages and will do so now, starting again from the beginning. Can’t wait! The classics will always have a special place in my fic-loving-heart. 😉

    Have a great weekend, ladies!

    • Nicole

      LOL NYK…Yep for awhile there things looked bleak. So glad it was a HEA. I loved that story and FAN!

      The Red Line and the Sequel…*Coloring Outside the Lines* are awesome! Def a FF classic…you simply have to read those two and EP!! OMFG…I wanted more on EP and MafiaWard…EP and MoTU are tied for Number 1 in my book of FF’s to read! EP is long bb…there will be angst at times and you will be pissed and upset to the max, but it is so worth it. Same with TRL & COTL…hang in there and enjoy!

      • newyorkkisses

        I loved the 65 chapters I had read of EP back then and it being such a ‘monster’ of a fic lengthwise is the only reason why I haven’t gone back to finish reading it. There were so many great new fics out back then and I got thoroughly distracted, lol. I loved that EP made you feel so many different emotions, that’s what makes me really love a fic, if you get so emotionally invested that it sticks with you for years. Poughkeepsie, Wide Awake, CW&IA, MotU and TB&TC have all done that to me and will probably be re-read by me for years to come. 😉 And the fact that I can read EP on my Kindle now, makes it sooo much easier to read whenever I have a spare minute.

    • Oh NYK, thanks for telling me this… I read the first two chapters and it looked so bleak I dropped it like a hot rock (that was when I was going through my UC depression and decided I couldn’t handle the angst) Now that I know all is well it is full speed ahead to Pennyward, cause I love him 🙂

  10. kristensbestie

    Advice Please! Would love to get into FF. My problem is I do not love reading on my laptop, it’s too big! It seems that I have seen comments about using a Kindle or Nook. Is this really possible? How does it work? Thanks ladies! Enjoy your site, I try to check in most days. I just don’t always have time to comment. I do enjoy the LOLs, oohs, ahhhs and Gahs!

    • Nicole

      Hi ya KB…I’ve had a Kindle for over two years now, and Love it!! I can’t say enough about it. I have the two, but love my newer model that has everything on it…*cause I’m a gadget geek to say the least*. I’ve never owned a Nook, but some friends have those. I also read off of my IPad, but still love my Kindle so much.

      My Kindle has wireless and 3G, and I can surf the net with it, but I can even turn on the voice commands and have it read the story to me. You can plug in a headset and have it read M-rated FF to you if you have little ears around that you don’t want to hear it…*it may sound funny to hear, but when you get used to hearing the Android type voice you will be able to understand it much more.

      You can upload PDF’s to the Kindle, but can’t use the voice function or other features, as the file isn’t recognized by Kindle, so you can either use MobiPocket and convert the PDF to a file the Kindle handles, or you can download completed Mobi files using FLAGFic to do it for you. You also have the option of using your Amazon Email address and they can convert a PDF to the Mobi file that Kindle recognizes. What I love best is that it holds so many books, and also you can be sitting on the beach or on the top of a mountain with the Sun beating down on you and you can still see the screen perfectly. I can’t do that with my IPad.

      You could go to a Barnes and Noble store and check out a Nook in person and I understand that AT&T wireless stores in the USA are going to start selling the Kindles there along side the Apple Iphones, so if you have one close by, you can go and check it out. I love the Kindles size and it is so light and portable.

      With my Ipad or Macbook/Laptops you can use Adobe Reader 9 and turn on the Voice feature on there as well. I do that sometimes when I’m cooking or doing chores at home, so that I can multitask and keep up on stuff.

      You just have to try them out and see what you like bb. Hopefully, I given you some ideas on what you can do with these great gadgets!

      This is the utility for PDFing or using Mobi or Ebook that Nook see’s online. It is so easy to use and free, but I do make donations to it as I use it alot! Enjoy and have fun.

      • newyorkkisses

        LMAO, Nicole, I see your post is about as long as mine. 😉 I don’t feel so bad about talking so much about my Kindle now anymore. 😉 You have some great points in your post that I didn’t even know about until now. So they’re selling the Kindles in AT&T stores soon, too? That’s interesting and a good opportunity for people to try out the Kindle before buying it.

        • Nicole

          Yep…I got notice from AT&T wireless a couple of weeks ago on this as they are my IPhone provider and where I purchased my IPhone4 from. I found this info to be amusing, cause Amazon is a seperate company and still doing very well, and AT&T is a big multi-national Corp that is now trying to buy out TMobile…*as if they need to be any bigger and they want to swallow up more companies…LOL*.

          LMAO…Oh bb…I can be such a Wordy H00R at times. Just depends on how busy I am and my mood. You should see me typing replies or stuff when I’m tipsy…LOL…that is funny now! And Wordy…oh hells bells…you can ask AllyVera about this one or Melbie. *Sometimes I’m very Entertaining and go crazy on Tumblr or our Old RAoR board*.

          “In Vino Veritas”….In Wine Truth…How true this Latin phrase is! 🙂

          The information you gave on the Kindle was also very good bb. You mentioned some good points that I didn’t even think about. For someone who isn’t familar with the Kindle now she has lots of things to think about.

          • newyorkkisses

            LOL, yeah I heard about AT&T wanting to buy T-Mobile, totally understand why antitrust would block that. T-Mobile is a German company (the first to introduce the iPhone to Germany a few years ago) and their stock price dropped immensely after that prohibition was announced.

            I love your wordy posts, keep them coming. 😉

      • kristensbestie

        Oh Wow! Thanks ladies for all the info on the Kindle. I have been considering one for awhile, my only hesitation has been that I get most of my reading (books) at the library. Just worried I’ll spend more money on books than I normally do! But, I’ve been hearing so many of the girls talk about FF and I’ve tried to read some, I think Dark Side of the Moon, or something along those lines, but I don’t like sitting at the PC or holding my laptop!! The only book I’ve read online was Midnight Sun, and I think I’ve even read it more than once! I’ll have to see if we have an AT&T store in our area and if they are even selling them yet. I’m sure I will have lots of questions!

        • newyorkkisses

          kb, if you’re worried about costs, let me tell you that I’ve had my Kindle for almost a year now and have spent 95% of my time reading the 200 free fics I have downloaded to it and the books that I bought from Amazon were either regularly priced (if they were popular books like the Black Dagger Brotherhood, about $7.00) or far below that (bought about 15 books for anything between $0.99 and $2.99). And those are still sitting there waiting to be read ’cause I can’t seem to put my fic away. 😉

          • kristensbestie

            What is this Black Dagger Brotherhood? Those look good! I have not heard of them before, but I just looked them up on Amazon. Thank you NYK!! I’m sold on the Kindle, I’m getting one this weekend. I may have to buy through Amazon and wait but that’s ok!

            • newyorkkisses

              Glad we could help you, kb. Would love to know what you think of your Kindle after using it a bit. And as I said, just leave a comment in the posts here on RA, if you have any questions about it. I don’t think you’ll have to wait long for your Kindle when ordering it from Amazon. From what I’ve read on discussion boards shipment only takes a few days max..

            • Nicole

              OMG…The BDB Vamps are the HAWTess! I like Twilight because of Rob bb…*I’ve been perving on him since HP GOF* and that is why I went to see Twilight. I had already read the book a long time before Twilight came out, and was so happy to see Rob was in it.

              I have to say though the BDB books are much more true to how Vampires would be, and they are really sexy to say the least. If they ever make movies out of that series…”LOOK OUT”!

              • Welcome Back Nicole and Cared Too!! We have missed your company and your Comments Very Much! So glad You’re back!

                • Nicole

                  Hola bb…yes traveling is fun, but it is always great to come HOME! Internet was up and down there, so I could only come on here adn there, and then came home to a biz conference in Destin, FL then just trying to get caught up with my yard and vegetable gardens and house. I’m just now feeling like a H00R again…LMAO.

                  I missed all my H00RS and perving. I have to catch up on stuff. Thank Goodness for my Kindle and IPad that I preloaded a ton of stories on, just updates were a problem on some stories.

                  How are you feeling? You sounded quite sick, so I hope you are doing better.

    • newyorkkisses

      Hey kristensbestie. I have a Kindle and I can say only the best things about it (I can’t tell you anything about the Nook unfortunately, haven’t had any experience with it, maybe someone else will be able to). It’s so much easier on the eyes to read fic on the Kindle compared to the laptop screen. You have no glare as the Kindle is not backlit and it has been designed to mimick the look of ink on paper. I even prefer reading on a Kindle compared to a real book that’s how great the pages look on it.
      You have the choice of buying a Kindle with only Wi-Fi or with Wi-Fi and 3G access. You need the internet access (which is completely free with the Kindle, whether it’s Wi-Fi or 3G it’s all included) to download books from the Amazon Kindle store. If you have Wi-Fi near you, it might be enough to buy the Wi-Fi version for 139$. However, having 3G access is great as you can download books even when you’re on the road or on vacation, the Kindle uses the same connection as your cellphone. I think AT & T is the provider. The 3G version costs 189$.
      Now, if you want to read fic on it, you do the following: Use FLAG webservice ( to download fics from and other sites using the Story IDs in the upper right corner on, for example. FLAG can download it in pdf or mobi-format (which is what the Kindle also uses). Then you have the files on your desktop, connect the Kindle via USB and drag-and-drop the file into the ‘documents’ folder of the Kindle. Done!
      It’s really very easy and all of us here can help you, if you have any questions.
      A Kindle is sooo worth the investment, if you ask me. I’ve been an avid fic reader for 3 years now and have loved every minute of reading on my Kindle. It’s a world of an improvement to the laptop. 😉
      Sorry for the long post, ladies, I hope this helps you Kristensbestie!

  11. newyorkkisses

    I have wanted to mention this last week already, but forgot. Just in case one of you Kindle owners hasn’t heard of this yet: there’s a new feature on Amazon called the “Kindle Daily Deal”, where you’ll find a popular book for a greatly reduced price every day. They had Water for Elephants and The Lincoln Lawyer this past week (don’t take today’s book to be the standard) for $2,99.

  12. miniaturemom12

    Adddddddddding. Thanks ladies. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. rita01tx

    Just one more before I give up for the night:
    Tired of being invisible, Bella will do anything to be one of the “in” crowd, even becoming a cheerleader. But she’s torn between her attraction to bad boy Cullen and her hard won popularity. Something’s got to give, but what?

    The Slowest Burn by Typokween
    He took my underwear, hung them from his back pocket, then said, “These are mine.” – AH, E/B, Lemons.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 12 – Words: 76,333 – Reviews: 870 – Updated: 8-26-11 – Published: 6-12-11 – Bella & Edward

  14. Thanks everyone for commenting today & for your praise on my FF Friday posts. I really appreciate all of your support! I hope that I am doing an okay job for you’ll & if anyone ever has any suggestions for recs, or anything else the want to contribute on FF Fridays, please feel contact me at!

    Thanks xo MC

  15. kalaekalae

    Great recs ladies…
    thank you

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