Rob being, well…Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

Triple whammy today, darlin’s!


Being the consumate actor that he is, Rob effortlessly convinces us that he is completely bewitched by his leading ladies.

However, you have to admit that Rob’s portrayal of Dali being bewitched by Lorca is quite compelling and just f*cking hawt!  Personally, I found this sinfully underrated film to be one of his best, so as a special treat for the slash h00rs among us, myself included, here’s their first kiss!

Beautiful, beautiful scene!  Hey, that full moon emerging from behind the clouds looks awfully familiar!?!?!


We’ve all seen how patient our Rob normally is; however, he does get bothered every now and then.  He certainly put Jimmy Fallon in his place…in the cutest way ever!

Yes, I realize it’s backwards, but believe me…it was the best quality clip I could lay my hands on!  Aw hell, who am I kidding.  This post is just an excuse to use this clip.  The way the wind gently ruffles his soft hair, the adorable expressions on his handsome face…and that lip twitch just kills me!  GAH!

Now, for a little cross culturization (we are nothing if not educational here on RA), let me introduce you to the UK’s Queen of Bothered, the fabulous Catherine Tate as irritatingly funny Lauren Cooper!


No one does bewildered better than Rob as Daniel Gale in The Bad Mother’s Handbook. As this was a made for TV movie, many of you may not have seen it.  This is one of my favorite Rob scenes.

Now THAT’s what I call bewildered!

From the photos we’ve seen from the set of Cosmopolis, I expect we will see a lot more of Rob being…



and Bewildered

I am soooo looking forward to Cosmopolis!

Have a great Sunday, ya’ll!




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28 responses to “Rob being, well…Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

  1. LOL another great post Mah Dear! (fist Bump)

  2. Ah Ya KNEW I HAD ta do it BB LOL….

  3. Hey ladies! I’m going to be crazy here and just say here’s a funny thing…Catherine Tate played Lauren Cooper in the ‘Am I bovvered?’ sketch….she ALSO played Karen Cooper in BMH. Just a couple letters away….weird?! I think maybe so. I must watch that ‘Robert is bothered’ sketch again though! *Rushes upstairs to get headphones before I resign myself to editing for the day* xoxo

    • rita01tx

      I absolutely adore Catherine Tate and all the different characters she plays. And, although I was disbelieving at first whether she could pull it off, the 4th series Doctor Who, in which she played Donna Noble, was the most brilliant series, evah!

      • christa64c

        Love Catherine Tate. Was so hoping she’d stay on as one of the regulars in The Office. She was brilliant in Doctor Who.

        • rita01tx

          Is there a UK version of The Office then? Haven’t followed much TV since I discovered FanFiction LMAO!!

          • The US version is based on the UK version and not quite as funny in MHO. All Hail Ricky Gervais. I don’t think Extras is made anymore, I could be wrong, but that is another show that a certain someone would be very funny in. Maybe some TV execs will read this and run with the idea!

            • LMAO Cared! Extras isn’y running any more, but if they did a new series, I would be falling off the couch laughing at Our Man in an episode! God, that would be genius! QUICK, SOMEONE CALL THE BBC! 😛

              • themissmod while you are talking to the BBC make a suggestion about who could be the next Dr. Who. You pay your TV license (I hope) so they should listen to you!

                • Oh Lord, I thought that the moment Matt Smith got cast (no offense, Matt)! I sat there going “Rob should be playing The Doctor!” I still hold onto the hope that in a few years’ time, Rob will be on Mad Men… ;P

                • rita01tx

                  Should Rob ever decide he’s had enough of LA and wants to come home, he would never be out of work…the possibilities are endless for our boy! I have a sneaky suspicion he’d prefer to raise his kids (whenever) in the UK, close to Mum and Dad.

  4. sighs…Rob in “The bad mother’s handbook”…

  5. What a fun post Rita! I’m looking forward to seeing the lovely Holly Grainger, above in TBMH, with Georges in Bel Ami. I’m a fan of Catherine Tate, her Comic Relief specials with the likes of Daniel Craig and David Tennant are hilarious. I can think of someone else that would be wonderful in a sketch with her! Maybe we should start a campaign? LOL

    • rita01tx

      OMG! Rob and Catherine doing a Comic Relief special? What a f*ckin’ brilliant idea!!

      I heard somewhere Holly Grainger was going to be in Bel Ami, but she’s had nearly zero publicity about it. At least I only recall 1 article about it…where she was looking forward to working with Rob again.

      It’s a small world for British actors, sometimes appearing somewhat incestuous. I mean, that Talulah Riley from Summer House (with Rob) popped Tom Sturridge’s character’s cherry in The Boat That Rocked a.k.a. Pirate Radio. Damn funny film, BTW!!

  6. christa64c

    Ritao1tx, I couldn’t agree with you more about Little Ashes. It was a beautiful film and Rob was brilliant in it. I will admit that I wasn’t sure how I would react to the guy/guy action. But you know what? Love is love and this was a gorgeously shot film along with a very moving story. I’m delighted to say that this movie opened my eyes to not only the subject matter but to the fact that Rob can f*cking act! And all of those naysayers who only judge him by Twilight, can suck my big toe!

    Hands up if you were crying at the end of Little Ashes. *both hands way up!*

  7. Thank you Rita for bringing some of the UK for us Brit lovin US folks ( and I don’t just mean the Man we always talk about)!!That skit was hilarious and it’s great to see Catherine Tate play something other than the Bad Mother. It was hilarious!

    And I absolutely loved that Rob did the “Bothered” skit! Like I said the other day, I love a man who can laugh at himself. What a guy!!

  8. eyeonrob1

    Great post, Rita dear. The man certainly bewitches us all. LOVE the vids so much. They show the incredible range of our man’s acting skills. I’d never seen Catherine Tate in anything other than TBMH before. She is a HOOT!

    • rita01tx

      That he does, darlin’, That . He . Does!
      Glad you liked the clips. It’s always fun to throw a little somethin’ somethin’ into the mix…LOL!!
      And I agree, CT is the shizz!!

  9. LMAO…. Have just read the article by Robshandmonkey, ‘For The Long Sufferig Men In Our Lives’, I have often wondered how the husbands/boyfriends are fairing with their woman’s obsession. It’s gotta whack the ego. Poor devils. Don’t know much about TV land here in USA and even less about Brit TV or their actors. Loved BMHB. Rob was such a darling, cute and clutzy. Had to watch the DVD 3 times before I got in sync with the accent though, first time through, couldn’t understand a third of the dialog. Ah, two great nations divided by a common language. I agree about Bel Ami. Got the DVD. I really wanted to see Rob but wasn’t sure I wanted my sweet thing to act out that part (I sorta have Robsweetlips on a pedestal). But managed and found him to have done a fantastic job with the part. Yes, I agree, it hasn’t got the attention or honors he or the movie deserves. Really great performances all around. Bel Ami is goin to blow me away. He has been working a really tough schedule and in late spring of 2012 he will be back to start filming Unbound Captives. Rob in cowboy boots and hat, on a horse too?? Te he! His role is to play Hugh Jackson’s son. But I am glad to see him doing diverse roles. As much as I love him as Edward, to be sucessful he has to leave that role behind and move forward.

    • rita01tx

      Well, hey there Texasvirgomoon, darlin’! Don’t believe I’ve made your acquaintance. Welcome to our humble home. Always glad to see a new name pop up! Make yourself ta home…put your feet up and stay awhile!
      CowboyRob would be my fantasy come true, so I really hope Unbound Captives gets rollin’ come spring…hell’n he’s only been on a horse once in Ring of the Nieblungs (damn them for dubbing his lovely voice)!
      Looking forward to ANYTHING Rob does in the future…may he have a long and happy life / career!
      Thanks for droppin’ by – hope to see you again!

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