These Shoes are Made for Walking…

Rob has left the country! Well mine at least, not his. (And that fact does make me a little sad, I had big plans for us!) So with Rob traveling around the world yet again I thought it was time to focus on something that he takes with him everywhere he goes. Nope, not the hideous yellow duffel bag, or his beloved guitar, or even his toothbrush. Today we’re talking about his SHOES!! Rob’s shoes have traveled all over the place and today we are going to let them take us on their journey.

Ready shoes!? Start walkin…

On the streets of Toronto:

Wonky knees AND feet

And on the red carpet:

Lookin Good baby!

Taking  Bear out for a walk in Los Angeles:

There's a good boy (you too, Bear)!

On National television:

Those are some shoes!

Spending time with his mates in London:

Who's shoes are whose?!

And finally at the airport:

He's one magical creature

One of these days these shoes are gonna walk all over you! (a girl can dream, right?!)

Whew! Are you exhausted yet from all that traveling? No! I bet you were too busy looking at the SIZE of the shoe to notice anything else. Not that I can blame you!  One thing I did notice though, is Rob has an awful lot of shoes for a guy with multiple storage units!! What’s your favorite pair? Or do you prefer bare feet (not me, ew)? Come on ladies, show the shoes some love!


A special thanks to drsaka for the inspiration and pic help! Love ya 🙂



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27 responses to “These Shoes are Made for Walking…

    Those are my favorite. I’d like Rob to JUST wear the sex boots with nothing else. 😉

  2. dazzledbyrp

    Good topic. His feet fascinate me. I was surprised to see him wearing these, but I love his toes. Like the rest of him, they’re long and lean….yum.

  3. haystackhair

    I’d love any of his shoes as long as he is in them!! Love the wonky legs and feet! Morning ladies!

  4. Morning everyone! I love the feet because they’re part of the man. I stumbled on this pic and I just love it, you’ll see why…Nobody’s immune to our boy’s charm.

  5. And because YOU went there. Sorry. I cannot let this post go and not talk about what his “big” feet say. For those that are PattinAngelz… might skip this one.

    First – I cannot believe someone actually made a chart for this. If memory serves – our delicious man wears 10.5UK? Well – that ought to make you start drooling right there!

    and since me and a lot of the older lot already did this. I will just post the link of the “class” I helped to teach. LMFAO !!!

    • Hahaha! The “chart” cracks me up!! Someone went to a lot of effort fot that. And I’ll come back later to take your “course” Mick. Any class with Rob as the subject is one I need an A on!

  6. No…I am totally going off the subject. Well not totally off since the subject is still Rob.

    Look at this bicep ! ! ! ! ! Goes right along with those back muscles he worked out with too. GAH ! !

  7. Thanks, RFM- the scuffy shoe pic is too funny!

  8. Oh RFM, this was a great post, you write the most original stuff, I FLOVE it! 🙂 Even wonky-shoe Rob put a smile on my face. He is adorable no matter what he wears.

    But, this WFE picture kills me – look how damn LONG his shoe is…… 😉 *le sigh*

    xo MC

  9. eyeonrob1

    Wonky feet fun! Thanks for the great post, RFM. Just looking at those LONG (twss) pigeon toed feet make me smile and think all kinds of pervy thoughts, especially after mickey posted her feet/penis conversion chart *wiggles eyebrows*.

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