Pick The Pick 12

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies, The special Project I was working on has been delayed due to some RL issues but “HOPEFULLY” will be posted this Monday.

So anyways, Here’s a new pick the pic. for you to search for. No clues this time. Hoping this one will take you all a bit of time since there are No facial expressions to go by and no additional clue either!

Oh! dontcha just want to curl your finger around that strand of hair?

I will add the list of all the previous winners later today with the winner of this post.

Happy Hunting Ladies!!!

Can I come (TWHS) in your den of sin?

                                  Mydenofsin Wins!!!





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8 responses to “Pick The Pick 12

  1. OH! OH! This is either a black and white GQ shot or something from Hackett??! That’s my initial thought anywiddlywoo….I really need to do some more work today, I’m two days behind LOL! I’ll pop back again later though xoxo

  2. haystackhair

    Good morning ladies! Awesome picture! YUM! Can I just say I am sooooo done with rain?? It has been pouring out for 3 days here. Ugh.

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