Saturday Special: Rob Attack 100th Post!

Hello all! This post comes to you on a very special day for us all here at Rob Attack – it’s our 100th post, so expect to be spammed with all kinds of Rob goodness today! It’s a little hard to believe we’ve got to one hundred posts already, it all seems to have happened so quickly! I guess time flies when you’re having fun, eh?!
It means so much that you ladies have come here to join us, and the RA community is most definitely a strong one. I hope, as do we all, that the RA community continues to grow and get stronger as the years go by – and I have no doubts whatsoever that it will. Why? Because of Rob. Some day, somewhere out there, Rob will be wandering, and it will take just one of our ladies to pick him out of a crowd, or one  of our ladies to simply think of him…and then we post.

Rob has such a profound effect on our lives that when we’re in the cinema, we’re like this:

When he’s at a premiere, we’re like this:

When we’re cast as one of Rob’s extras, we’re like this:  

BUT perhaps most importantly, because of Rob, we’re like this:

Yes, not only is there a hysteria among us never seen since the heady days of Beatlemania, but there is friendship, too. Because of Rob, we talk, and that’s perhaps the most important thing of all – simple human interaction brought about by another human being. Because of Rob, we stir up coffees and chat while our shampoo-and-set does its thing, we log onto our computers and trade email addresses with women in other countries because of one common interest – Rob. Not only that, but our fascination (some may say obsession!) with Rob does a lot for us. It brings us together, and often gives us the chance to do things we would never have thought of doing – we make fan art, write fan fiction and even start blogs (as you can tell)!

Why do we do these things, you ask?

Well, I guess I’ll let Chicago do the talking:


Well, it looks like we’ve got the Rob Seal of Approval! Thanks, Rob! You may not know it, but we love you more and more each day. But you know, Rob, there are some people who don’t. Did you know that?

WE KNOW! So, Rob, what do you have to say to those people?


We agree Rob, we agree.



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129 responses to “Saturday Special: Rob Attack 100th Post!

  1. smittenkitten

    CONGRATS on the 100th post R A gang…ya’ll are doing fantastic!!! Thank you all for making this a fun place to perv, be with our friends, laugh, get great ff recs & drool over ROB!


  2. Happy 100th Post Day ladies!!! Hope you are all enjoying it as much as we are 😀 We are so honored to have such a wonderful RA family. Love to you all ❤

    And I would soo be like Phoebes if I ever had the pleasure of working so close to Rob. Love it TMM!

  3. There we are, have a new avi to avoid confusion! Rob on a Vespa *fans self* all right, it’s a manip I made but a girl can dream LOL!

  4. dazzledbyrp

    Congrats ladies on doing such a great job and creating such a fun place to visit everyday to share out mutual “interests” (or more correctly, “interest”). Keep up the good work. You know I love you all!!

  5. Hey girls, I’m just happy to have had this place up good enough to give you all a home to come (TWSS) to. And I am Proud to have such good friends who were kind enough to come (TWSS) along and help out when they did. I Love you all authors and commentors! They say everything happens for a reason and well maybe this was why I fell for Rob in the first place, so that when the time came We would have RA to provide a safe haven for all those “Homeless” hOOrs and AngelZ. And never forget, the “Pent House” suit is (mine &) ROBS!! 😀

    I just happened to notice that since RA moved to WP and opened up to all the refugees we have since had over 32,000 Hits on this site. That tells me we have ALOT of lurkers out there!

    Dear Lurkers,

    Come out, Come out wherever you are!! You are welcome here whether you are 18 or 81 we don’t care!! If you Love/lust Rob we have a “room” for YOU!! You’re among sista’s so poke your head out and say Hello!!! You will be welcomed with open arms!

    Dear Rob,

    Your Pent house is ready and waiting! It has deluxe accomodations with a giant Garden Tub, (Private) a Huge,Kingsized four poster bed.(for our KING of course) your very own refridge stocked full of Heineken, Hot Pockets, Cob Salad and Pretzel M&M’s and 69 (yeah, that’s right, I said it, 69) all female (i hope) members ready, willing and able to be at your beck and call to get you ANYTHING YOU DESIRE!! All you have to do is stop by and ask! We know you’re a lurker too! So c’mere and say Hello!!! (plz?)*bats eyelashes*

    Much Love<3<3<3 to You all
    and more to Rob! 🙂
    RobsFan~tasy <—yeah That's right! *giggles* 😛

    • Oh no you didn’t just start the Name War again!!!! I’m not even going there cause he’ll be mine in the end! 😉

      And yes Lurkers, we do see you out there! MC and I were just discussing you. And watch out cause we’re coming after you, hehe. But really, we have more than enough room here for everyone and love to answer all the Newbie Q andA’s. So don’t be shy, come and play with us!!

      PS- Rob’s not available to come out and play. He made a stop in my room and will be very busy for a while! 🙂

  6. Wow 100 awesome posts, well done ladies! I definitely appreciate all that you have done, especially being a RAoR refugee I’m so glad to have somewhere else to go where there are ladies who share the same fondness of the same beautiful man that I do, and appreciate(perv on) everything about him!
    I also made a little something in honour of the occasion. I’m posting it a little later than planned because RL ended up getting in the way, but anyway here it is

  7. I’s coming back to pick on you s’more RFM but right now I’s Busy posting the purdy SRL made for Us!!!

  8. dazzledbyrp

    Maggie: “Oh Rob, you should see what these two delusional ladies are saying on RA. What? Oh, sorry, baby. I’ll shut off my laptop right now and hop right back into your lovin’ arms.”

  9. I’s usually a Pattin Angel but since it was our 100th post i thought it would be appropriate to bring the perv on!!

    Rita made me do it!!! did you see her first post today?? She told me to!!!

  10. HEY!!!!! How’s come (TWSS) Nobody is on MY SIDE?????

    What’s that Rob? Oh YOU Love all my sides? tee hee! Right back at ya Babe!

  11. yes You Run from RFM right into my open waiting loving arms!!!!!

  12. RE: Pfffft! I’m working through “The List” with him, so there!

    Yeah but BB, we all KNOW fifty shades was is and always will be THE BEST that’s why he LIVED it with ME!!!!!!

  13. Good Night Ladies!!! I’m off to have a wonderful nights sleep. It’s been fun playing with you all 🙂

  14. here’s the original vrsion I saw BB!!! LOVE EM BOF!!!

  15. Morvning Cared BB! Thanks for the great reminder of this awesome song. I think this needs to be the RA THEME SONG!!!! Whatcha all think??

  16. *Runs in laughing like Sid James at all you laydeez* Sorry I didn’t come back sooner! I heard Reet Petite’s klaxon call and came running (even if I am a day late LOL)! Looks like we have a perv party going on here at Chateau Rob Attack – good on ya, girls! 😛 Although I do have one thing to say about that…pish-posh to you all! You can fight over Rob all you want – it’s entertaining -but we all know that I have Rob hiding in my loft! Wait…only RF knows about that. And my lawyer says I’m not supposed to discuss it. Oh God I can smell the court case from here! You guys, this will be the last time you ever see me. Just promise me you won’t do anything wreckless…aww who am I kidding?! It’s YOU GUYS! Be dears and get me out on bail, will you?!

    • rita01tx

      I TOLD RFT you was gonna look at your email inbox and wonder what the f*ck was had been goin’ on while you was sleepin’ LMAO!!

      • LMAO Rita! Ain’t no shame in having a shindig! Just wish you guys hadn’t let the hostess get comatose! You’z sposed to keep me up and ready to par-tay! Rob’s all in a huff up in the loft now because I fell asleep! LOL :’)

        • Dear Miss Mod,

          I regret to inform you that NO ONE will be coming (TWSS) to bail you out of Jail for failure to keep your trap shut! You forget i was not only the only person to know you had RP smuggled away in your loft, I am also the only person who KNOWS where said loft is located! (snickers) The PRETTY’s ALL MINE NOW! bwahahaha You can think about US 2gether while you serve time!!!

          Rob’s Truly *tee hee*
          Mrs. R.Pattz!

          • Dear RF,
            I am going to let it be known that I do not like the tone you’re taking with me, Mrs. Lady! Yes you DO know where the loft is located and all that, but you ALSO know something else. Something else which I suspect has made you like this. You were even there for it, remember? August 12th of this year?! I have plenty of other friends who could vouch for that! So if you don’t mind, I think I’ll make a call to the DH for help, maybe he’ll bring the whole gang along on a Steve McQueen style mission!
            Yours sincerely,
            Mrs. L E Pattinson 😉 xoxo

            • ERRrr Aug 12? I can honestly say my Dear Friend at this moment (since i have not slept at all) That i have no as to WTF You are referring to LOL!!!

              • LMAO I only just noticed that the thumbs up, thumbs down things said ‘Rob Giggles’ and ‘Efron Laughs’ respectively! BRILLIANT! Now, back to business…RF, that can only mean one thing, then – that’s for me (and Rob) to know, and you TO NEVER FIND OUT!!! *Sticks out tongue* LOL

                • Really? LOL I thought it were rather cute mahself! Oh c’mon! tell me other wise I’ll just look it up! You know I will! LOL

                  • *Giggle* you can’t look it up! I had to remove information surrounding August 12th on request :/ so you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that was our wedding day. I’m not afraid to put that out there, you can all know. I was so sure you knew RF! Maybe you didn’t know after all LOL!

                    • Somehow I knew calling theMissMod on this would NOT help our cause!! It’s all for one and one for all around here!

                      Congrats on your delusional wedding Emma or whatever name your going by now! I need to see the certificate to believe any nonsense about weddings. (hear that OK magazine, that means you too)

                    • LOL well this is what happens when I’m dehydrated! I’m gonna get a drink and then hopefully I’ll be sane again…PS am I okay to post my little tale on here today? RF, I’m lookin’ at you, kid! I know you have a post ready so I don’t want to intrude on that, but I figured with the time difference we could get both our posts on today if we wanted to? xoxo

                    • OOOOOOHHHHH YEAH…..I thought you were talking about RL events *giggles* Throws imaginary rice too~

  17. newyorkkisses

    Congratulations, ladies, on your 100th post! *throws confetti in the air and Rob at you*. I’ve been enjoying every second I could spend here and am looking forward to many more years of perving over the Pretty with all of you. You have filled the void that RAoR left and gave us a new happy place to party at. Can never thank you enough for that. You’re doing an amazing job, thank you for all the time you’re putting into this.
    Love all of you so friggin much! Mwah!

    And I agree: Lurkers, you are missing out on many laughs, great conversations and new friendships. The more, the better and we don’t bite, unless you want us to. 😉 So come join the party….

    • believe me NYK it has been and will continue to be an absolute pleasure and a joy to have you all here and to be here for you all! Every moment I spend here whether it be working, commenting or helping out with a problem is a privelege!

    *doing the running man happy dance*

  19. dazzledbyrp

    Maggie: “Rob, Rob! Wake up sweetheart. You won’t believe it! Those delusional ladies are still at it! I do believe one of them never even went to sleep. And there’s even more of them! One of them even thinks you’re up in her loft! So funny, isn’t it, baby? What? You think you better go check this out. Ummm. I Don’t THINK So.!! Now get right back into my bed where you belong. I’ll go whip us up some hot pockets and diet coke for a quick breakfast and we can get right back at it!!”

    (G’morning, ladies!)

  20. Got to thinkin:
    What’s worse? A delusional past event? A few delusional present”s”? Or a delusional future?

    I think I’m opting for the Slumber Party again. After all sharing is caring!!

  21. Happy 100th Post Rob Attack!! I know I missed out on all the fun on Saturday, but as the Boss (RF) knew, I was away with my daughter at her Provincial Soccer Tournament, where her team won the Bronze metal! It was a long-ass weekend, & while I was so glad to be there to support her, I was also sad that I missed out here on the RA celebration. I did read the comments & want to thank everyone for the love, Rob for being….well Rob, TheMissMod for this amazing post, TMM, RFM, Rita & RF for being the most wonderful RA friends & team-mates, & spunkrandsomlover for the incredible 100th post banner! 🙂

    And, also I want to thank our RA boss & one of the most lovely women I know, RobsFan-tasy, for putting up with me & letting me a part of her RA team. I Flove you bb!!

    xo MC

  22. D’awww BB! *blushing* You are so sweet and Floved Hard in return. And we missed you too! So glad your daughter won! “Putting up with You” as you put it, is one of the easiest and most enjoyable things I have ever done!

    I’m the one that is greatful BB! You and RFM saved RA when i was drawing blanks on what to post and having RL family issues. Were it not for you two stepping in when you did RA would still be on webs and going no where (if not deleted already) and the refugees would have no where to unpack their bags and call home.

    I Like to think of Ra as a Huge Mansion where Rob and all his hOOrs and AngelZ (aka. Mah sistas) can “have a room of their own” and a huge house full of all the amenities you could ask for.

    So thanks to you, to all the RA authors and commentors and lurkers alike! MMWWAAHHHH!!!!!!

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