Rob being, well…maybe a bit Broken

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to remember what happened on this date in 2001.  Like we could ever forget! Has it already been 10 years? *sign*  On that day, the whole world was maybe a bit broken, or a lot broken, depending on how close it affected you personally. Lost a former family member when that plane went into the Pentagon. God, I still can’t believe it all happened.

Robsessed has posted a beautiful tribute to 9/11…don’t miss it!

But life goes on, and so do we!

Ya’ll know how one thing leads to another, right? Cause Rob’s response to  Jimmy Fallon in the tree from the “Bothered” clip I posted last week kept  runnin’ around my bwainz, so here I am again…still stuck on the B’s! *face  palm*

Last time, I PROMISE! (twss)

How is it that most of Rob’s characters are broken in one way or another,  either physically, like Tyler in Remember Me…

and Jacob Jankowski in Water for Elephants…

Oooh, I hated to see The Pretty’s face get all bloodied up!

or mentally, like Art in How to Be…

Okay, Art was just a little bit broken.  Well, who hasn’t questioned their place in the world at that age? Didn’t help none that he had a broke ass family!

or BOTH, like Rob’s portrayal of the crippled and tortured Toby in The Haunted Airman!

Only Rob could make murder so hawt. DAMN, that man can kiss like no other!

Being as eccentric as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes didn’t necessarily mean he was broken.  He just got his heart broken and went slightly mad when Lorca was murdered…

Pretty convincing, right?

In Bel Ami, his view of the world is broken…Gorges DuRoy thinks  it’s perfectly natural to use people, especially women, to climb the ladder of  success in Paris society…

GAH!  *fanning frantically!*  “They” need to hurry up and release Bel Ami already…the wait is killing me!

Poor Eric Packer in Cosmopolis, already a successful businessman, sees his whole world  crumble around his ears and it’s his own damn fault. Trouble piles up on him until he breaks….big time!

Can you spell Oscar performance?!

Now, backtracking to the very begging of Rob’s career, he wasn’t broken as Giselher in  Ring of the Nieblungs…he was just young.  Ain’t no shame in it…

Wouldn’t you know he’d be sportin’ the beloved scruff in his first role *snicker!*

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Cedric Diggory wasn’t broken!  Hell no…he was f*cking perfect!  Well,  until he was f*cking DEAD!

Oh Lordy!  I cry like a little baby every damn time *sob*!

Daniel Gale wasn’t broken!  He just come from a dysfunctional family…

No wonder he “adopts” another family for his own!

Hmmm, who am I overlookin’?  Aaaaah, yes!  The unforgettable and immortal  EDWARD!!  No, not broken…at all.  He just worries about breaking Bella…

Yeah, better the headboard than his woman, right?  That and we just can’t get enough of that awesome headboard gif…so shoot me!

With all this being broken going on, you KNOW there’s a song  about it.  Have you seen the new Marcus Foster vid?  Miss Kristen makes an  appearance in it, too!

Seein’ as how we are all COMPLETELY prejudiced, Rob’s version is just all  kinds of impressive.  Our boy pours his heart and soul out in this song, don’t  ya think?

This vid was posted on YouTube by Waytoobossy on 26Feb09. She not only gives us the official lyrics, but some nice RobPorn to look at (at least in the beginning) since the vid of Rob’s live performance was such poor quality you wouldn’t know it was him if you didn’t now it was him…uh, you know what I mean!

I’ll shut up now LMAO!!

Have a great Sunday, ya’ll…




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12 responses to “Rob being, well…maybe a bit Broken

  1. Rita, interesting and well put together post as always.
    You could say he was broken in The Ring Of The Nibelungs as he was robbed of his voice in that one. You are right about the scruff lol.

    • rita01tx

      Bet they’s kicking they own ass about that …a lot!
      Thanks, Cared darlin’…I kinda got carried away, as we tend to do when perving on The Pretty LOL! Need to get back to simpler posts, like my first one…Rob being, well…Rob. Just need to replace the vid cause it got blocked. But, hey! It’s still out there!

  2. somanywards

    Loved seeing all of these characters this morning*
    Thank you for the great post BB!!!

    Love and hugs to all*

    • rita01tx

      And the list of characters just keeps growing! Can you imagine trying to do it again 10 years down the road? GAH! But I would in a heartbeat!!

  3. newyorkkisses

    Awww, don’t we all love to fix a broken man? *Sigh* and especially a broken Rob. He played those roles so amazingly, my heart ached for every broken character he portrayed. When an actor can make you suffer along with the fictional characters he plays, that’s what I call talent.
    I can see why Rob would pick these roles, complicated/ broken characters must surely make for challenging acting. And he can portray emotions so perfectly just with his facial expressions, WFE killed me with that. So, here’s to hoping that Rob will never go for the simple characters and keep doing what he’s been doing so far.

    • rita01tx

      I got DH to watch WFE with me without letting on why I wanted to see it so badly. He was blown away by “that young fella” {snickers}! So was I…again.

  4. Thank you!! That took a lot of guts for Marcus to do a video like that. Kristen looked haunting and amazing.

    Rob’s voice is incredible. His version brought tears to my eyes.

    My thoughts go out everyone here who’s lives were sadly affected by the 9/11 attacks ten years ago. I don’t plan on watching too much TV coverage today, but I think I’ll watch Remember Me instead.

    • rita01tx

      Wish I could say I was a fan of Rob’s friends…I DO like some of their music, just not all of it. Fourteen Times is my favorite Marcu song.
      Rob’s version of I Was Broken still leaves me gasping! Such passion!

      I’m with you Katiebirdie darlin’! Good day to watch Remember Me instead of wallowing in the total immersion of what’s on TV today.

    • smittenkitten

      katiebird! SQUEEEEE, you made it…so glad to see you bb! You are gonna love it here! 🙂

      *hides* I still haven’t watched Remember Me…don’t think I can handle it.

      @ Rita…great post! Love the vids & that damn gif…GAH! I hope you find a way to work it into every post! j/s

      Hope everyone has a wonderful day…remembering & prayers!


      • rita01tx

        LMAO!! That gif is sure making the rounds. Hmmm, wonder if a gif can be an avi? Then we’d see it everywhere…awwwwlll the time LOL!

  5. Love the post, Love the man, Love The movies, Love the gifs, Love the vids, Love Rita. MWAH!! Keep em coming (TWSS) Girlfriend.

    Gotta say it: 9/11 changed my life dramatically. That day, that week was a nightmare for me that continued for more than a year before the dust settled in my world. I had Never seen any of Rob’s Movies except Twilight until I found LTR and RAoR and Maggie. She told me I had to watch Remember ME. She would not tell me anything about it. So after a few weeks of searching I found it and bawled like a baby when i realized how it would end. I begged, “oh no! Not Tyler, not like that, not now.” Sitting in my bed, rocking back and forth with my hands over my mouth, “no, not like that, not like that,” Rob felt so strongly about this movie he insisted he have a say in the production. I’d like to think he had a hand in this part, it says so much with out words. sorry Rita, this clip just speaks to me…

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